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Jennifer Ellen Crossland '86 

Being a leader does not 

mean that you have to 

be in the position at the 

top rung of the ladder; 

it can be as easy as 

setting an example by 

the manner in which 

you do something or 

agreeing to accept a 

task nobody else will. 

When I was a high school student looking at colleges, I was dragged kicking and 
screaming to look at Sweet Briar. Sweet Briar touted the refrain that women's 
colleges offered far more opportunities than coeducational schools did for 
women to become leaders. I was one of those students who matriculated despite the fact, not 
because it offered single-sex education, and I took the leadership mantra with a grain of salt. 
After all, I attended a small Catholic high school where everyone seemed to be involved in 
everything and I could not imagine that women, especially me, needed help with anything. 
(This was the early 1980s, and I was only 17!) Not until 1 attended law school did I really 
begin to recognize what Sweet Briar had given me. 

Then, as now, College leaders led by example and provided ample opportunities for the 
students to take a lead somewhere, somehow. I was involved in all sorts of campus activities 
as a student and remained involved with Sweet Briar in some capacity since my graduation 
because I believe so strongly in the Sweet Briar Promise. In my years on the Alumnae 
Association Board, I have served under the leadership of two fabulous presidents, each of 
whom I admire for her wisdom, diplomacy, and dedication to our alma mater. I feel privileged 
to have been given the opportunity to follow in their footsteps. Although I have served on 
several boards in my professional and residential communities. Sweet Briar's Alumnae Board 
is special to me in the way that Sweet Briar is special to each of us, but for reasons we cannot 
always articulate. 

Right now is a particularly exciting time on campus as Ken Huus, the dean of admissions, 
and his staff helped Sweet Briar enroll her largest class since 1983! Louise Swiecki Zingaro 
'80, executive director of alumnae affairs, and all the ladies in the alumnae office planned 
our third annual Homecoming Weekend, which was so successful that we had over 1,000 
participants from the alumnae and campus communities. Of particular interest at Convocation 
were our Keynote speaker. Prudence Bushnell, former Ambassador to Kenya and Guatemala, 
and our Distinguished Alumna Award recipient. Gay Hart Gaines '59, both of whom are 
worthy role models. 

As you read on, you will get a glimpse into the lives of several Sweet Briar alumnae who 
are leading the way in their varied career fields. Being a leader does not mean that you have 
to be in the position at the top rung of the ladder: it can be as easy as setting an example 
by the manner in which you do something or agreeing to accept a task nobody else will. 
Opportunities for leadership present themselves to us each day and throughout our lives. After 
reading this issue I hope that each of you will be inspired to recognize the opportunities in 
your lives and to rise to the challenge. I am certain most of you already have. 

One of [he objectives of the magazine is to 
present interesting, ihoughl-provoking material. 
Publication of material does not indicate 
endorsement of the author's viewpoint by the 
magazine, the Alumnae Association, or Sweet 
Briar College. The Sweet Briar Alumnae 
Magazine reserves the right to edit and, when 
necessary, revise all material that it accepts for 
publication. Contact us any timel 

Boxwood Alumnae House, Box E, Sweet Briar, VA 
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Louise Swiecki Zingoro '80 

Executive Director of Alumnae Affairs; 

Managing Editor, Alumnae Magazine 
Melissa Coffey '98 

Associate Director; Tour Coordinator; 

Advisory Councils 
Melissa Gentry Witherow '80 

Associate Director; 

Homecoming Coordinator; Advisory 

Colleen Karaffa Murray '06 

Assistant Director; 

Reunion Program; Editor, Alumnae 

Bonnie Seitz '01 

Assistant Director; 

Alumnae Computer Services 
Nancy Kleinhans '06 

Assistant Director; 

Reunion Program; AAR Program 
Donna Dodd 

Assistant to the Executive Director 

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Leadership at Sweet Briar 




INSIDE FRONT COVER: Note from the Alumnae Association President 
2 Homecoming 2007 

4 The Pink and Green Team Competition Continues! 

5 Scholarship Recipients Express Gratitude 

6 Gay Hart Gaines '59 Receives the 2007 Distinguished Alumna Award 
8 Wanted: Women Leaders for the 21st Century 

Bee and Bradley Thayer Inducted into the Keystone Society 

Life at Tusculum during the Nineteenth Century 

Cardboard Boat Regatta 

Homecoming Horse Show 

Face-to-Face Homecoming Event tops Facebook Web site 

1 5 Homecoming Sports Feed 

16 Athletics Hall of Fame 

1 8 Samanfha Brodlieb Platner '98: From Pink Bubble to Big Apple 

20 Katherine Polevitzky '93: The Story of a Sweet Briar Marine 

21 Frances G. Laserson '70: First President of The Moody's Foundation 

22 Nicole File '95: Senior Editor for CNN 

23 Nicole Streeter '94: A Director at Heart 

24 Cathy Packard '73: Serving Her Community 

25 SBC Development VP Wins ATHENA Award 

26 Sweet Briar College: Leadership Certificate Program 
28 Leadership at Sweet Briar Today 

30 Excerpt from "Learning Leadership Discipline by Discipline: Cultivating Metaphors for Leadership 
through the Study of the Liberal Arts" 

Teaching Leadership through Outdoor Adventure 

3 1 Leading through Philanthropy 

33 Transitions 

Nancy Douthaf Goss '55 

34 Bulletin Board 

35 In Memoriam 

36 Recent Deaths 

37 Class Notes 

INSIDE BACK COVER: "In the Sweet Briar Tradition" 

COVER: Laura Jett '1 1 at the Founders' Day Ceremony. Major; Mathematics. Minors: Statistics and Business Management 
Photo © Aaron Mahler 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Winter 2007/2008 • 1 


am reminded each year 
during Homecoming Weekend 
that, as a community, we 
continue to weave relationships 
while bonding to a common 
experience, born long ago by the 
school's founders. This is the 
Sweet Briar College experience 
and it is our Homecoming 
Weekend experience. 

Now in its third year. 
Homecoming 2007 celebrated 
with more than 1,000 registered 
participants including students, 
alumnae, faculty and staff, and 
friends of the College. Final 
registration counts included 195 
alumnae, 122 faculty and staff, 
471 students, and 305 guests. 
Alongside the many social, 
athletic, and academic events 
shared with students, faculty 
and staff, the weekend opened 
with a panel discussion led by 
the College's senior staff on the 
Sweet Briar of today. 

"It was great to see the 
camaraderie and sense of team 
among the senior administrative 
staff. As usual, it was too short. 
It is always nice to learn about 
the College's new initiatives," 
commented an alumna returning 
with classmates to plan for their 
35th reunion. 

Throughout the weekend, 
updates, training, and annual 
meetings were offered by 
the Alumnae Association 
Board, Annual Fund. Visiting 
Committee on the Riding 
Program, Friends of Athletics 
Steering Committee, and 
Advisory Councils. 

Advisory Councils, now in 
their third year, are comprised 

Alumnae Magazine • 

Members of the Class of 1958 met during Homecoming to plan for their 50th Reunion in May 2008. 

Mary Frances Ballard '49 announces the winners of 
the Cardboard Boat Regatta during Saturday night's 
Cocktails and Dinner. 

Seniors place flowers on Daisy's grave at the 
Founders' Day Memorial Ceremony. 

of alumnae faculty and ;tal i 
parents, and friends ol the 
College. As one of the guarantees 
outlined in the Sweel Briar 
Promise, Advisory < ouncils 
offer students ad\ ising beyond 
the traditional academic borders. 
A young alumna who serves as 
an Advisory Council member 
responded, "I Ins meeting was 
excellent. I hope more alumnae 
will attend in the future. H was 
good to hear from all appropriate 
facult) and student majors 
and minors. I look forward to 
becoming more involved." Once 
a year, these off-campus ad\ isors 
meet with students to share 
career experiences, participate 
in one-on-one meetings, and 
hear student presentations on 
recent internships and research 
opportunities. Faculty also share 
department updates. Currently, 
there are five disciplines with 
advisory councils including: 
business; classics, philosophy 
and religion; English and creative 
writing; modern languages; and 

There are a number of ways to 
engage in the life of the College, 
and we hope you will consider 
attending Homecoming 2008 
if you have not visited campus 
recently. You will leave w it h 
renewed knowledge and interest, 
knowing that Sweet Briar 
continues to shape and fulfill 
the goals and aspirations of its 

Next year"s Homecoming 
Weekend will be held on 
September 25-28, 2008. 

Laura Glover '86 opens the 
Gold Star Reunion Giving Panel 
for questions and discussion. 
Reunion Giving Chairs offered 
wonderful tips about keeping the 
classes connected to each other 
and to Sweet Briar. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Winter 2007/2008 • 3 



!r ticks' (sb 




In late summer, members of the Classes 
of 201 1 and 2009 came in droves, clad 
in greens of all sorts, to the Farm House 
challenged by the Classes of 2010 and 
2008 who were dressed thoroughly in pink. 
The gathering on a balmy August evening 
ignited the friendly competition for the 
third year in Sweet Briar history. This 
end-of-summer fling was the perfect chance 
for the teams to come together and relax 
before the true competition began during 
Homecoming Weekend 2007. 

During Homecoming, alumnae and 
students attend events donning their color, 
and the class years with the most color 
support win a victory party at the Farm 
House, home of Louise Swiecki Zingaro 
'80, executive director of alumnae affairs. 
Class years ending in an even number 
flaunt their "pinkest" outfit, while those 
with odd years sport their greens. The 

Alumnae Association counts on you and the 
students to keep the spirit alive! 

The competition is always close; 
however, the Green Team was victorious 
this year! The Class of 2011, the largest 
class to enter Sweet Briar College since 
1983, attended events throughout the 
weekend with good cheer and clothed 
in their greens. The Pink Team remains 
a force, but the large and enthusiastic 
incoming class tipped the scales for the 
odd year classes. More than 88% of the 
first year class registered for Homecoming 

The annual victory party honored the 
Green Team (First Years and Juniors, Classes 
of 201 1 and 2009) this year on Tuesday, 
December 4, 2007 at the Farm House. 

As plans for next year's Homecoming 
are already underway, both students and 
alumnae know the competition continues! 

Alumnae and students enjoy the Saturday picnic before the boat race. 

Scholarship Recipients Express Gratitude 



On Friday of Homecoming Weekend, a 
special luncheon honored Indiana Fletcher 
Williams Associates and Silver Rose Society 
members. Williams Associates provide for 
Sweet Briar in their estate plans, and Silver 
Rose Society members have consistently 
made gifts for 25 years or longer. This year's 
honorees were joined by another group of 
very special guests: donors who generously 
give to scholarships and endowed funds. 
Nannette McBurney Crowdus '57, alumnae 
board and planned giving chair, gave the 
opening remarks to hearty applause. "We 
had founders with a dream of making young 
women the equals of men in society; early 
faculty who believed in women's education; 
students who believed in going after what 
they wanted, even if the world wasn't ready 
for them. You are in this room today because 
you share those early visions and believe that 
women's education knows no bounds!" 

Michelle Sanchez '08, a philosophy 
major and Sweet Spirit, gave the invocation. 
While dessert was served, eight slightly 
ner\ ous students stood to speak about how 
scholarships help make their dreams come 
true, a theme that surfaced repeatedly. Their 
words were heartfelt, and the audience was 
overwhelmed by the sincerity with which 
they spoke. 

"... I am incredibly thankful for being 
awarded a scholarship to study at Sweet Briar. 
I have probably never been happier in my 
life than I am now, because I am constantly 
reminded that dreams can be reached every 
day. 1 wouldn't have been able to make this 
dream come true without my scholarship." 
So spoke Tania Salas-Platt "11 from Ecuador. 
Her mother, Deirdre Piatt '83. studied at 
Sweet Briar 20 years ago. Ms. Piatt has not 

been able to visit Sweet Briar again, but her 
dreams live on through her daughter. 

In her remarks. President Muhlenfeld 
said, "the game isn't over with the end of 
the campaign; it is vital that our vision and 
our giving continue every year, faithfully, so 
that new generations of young women can 
live out their dreams of success as educators, 
scientists, athletes, writers, mothers, 
volunteers — whatever their dreams, our 
goal is to help them live out those dreams 

The president's introduction of the student 
speech portion of the program made clear the 
value placed on these donors and honorees: 

"Today you will hear from some of our 
students whose dreams you are helping 

Students shared remarks and thanks with 
alumnae for their generous support at the 
Silver Rose Society and Williams Associates 

L-R: Kristin Barnes '08, Tania Salas-Platt '1 1, 
Kate Lydin '09, Erin Rogers '08, Anne Lojek '08, 
Kathryn Brock '09, Katherine "KC" Ellis '08, and 
Michelle Sanchez '08. 

to fulfill. I hese students, and all oi oui 

students, are learning their \ ision of 
philanthropy from all of you. and they have 
wonderful role models. Their comments will 
give all of us some insight into how your 

philanthropy has 
changed 1 hen- 
lives and made 
their Sweet 
Briar education 

KC Ellis '08 
4 ... explained that 

her scholarship 
allowed her to 
take an internship 
in Washington, 
D.C., one of 
the most expensive internship locations. 
"With my scholarship, I was able to afford a 
semester-long internship, where I worked at 
a firm dealing with humanitarian aid issues 
for Catholic Relief Services in addition 
to working for Congressman Joe Baca. 
I also volunteered with Bethany House 
for battered women and children and in 
Hope's Kitchen with the Women's Dinner 
program." Scholarships allow students to 
accept internships that match their goals most 
closely, even if they are unpaid. 

Each year the cost to educate every Sweet 
Briar student grows. We rely on scholarships 
to help bring the best and brightest to Sweet 
Briar to realize their dreams, no matter what 
their financial circumstances. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


Winter 2007/2008 • 5 

Recipients of the 

The Distinguished Alumna Award, 
established in 1988. recognizes 
alumnae who have brought distinction 
to themselves and to Sweet Briar 
College through their outstanding 
accomplishments in a volunteer or 
professional capacity. 

/ 986 Dorothy Rouse-Bottom '49 
Diana Muldaur Dozier '60 
Karin Lawson '74 

1989 Hallam Hurt '67 

1990 Virginia Upchurch Collier '72 
Katherine Upchurch Takvorian 72 

1991 Ann Henderson Bannard '49 
Sadie Gwin Alien Blackburn '45 

1993, Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp '68 

1993 Molly Haskell Sarris '61 

1994 Anna Chao Pai '57 

1995 Joan Vail Thorne '5 1 

1996 Beryl Bergquist Farris '71 

1997 Georgene M. Vairo '72 

1998 Katharine Crommelin Milton '62 
199 Patricia Traugott Rouse '48 

OAV Connie Burwel/ White '34 

, Joanne Holbrook Patton '52 
2003, Nella Gray Barkley '55 
2003 Elizabeth Morton Forsyth '36* 
- nne Lille Poulet '64 

Jo Ann Soderquist Kramer '64 
Flizabeth Perkins Prothro '39 
ay Hart Gaines '59 

* Deceased 

t Gaines r 

2007 Distinguished Alumna Award 


It is with great pleasure that I introduce Gay 
Hart Gaines of the Class of 1959, recipient 
of the 2007 Distinguished Alumna Award, a 
special honor that recognizes extraordinary 
accomplishment within a career field. Gay 
has shown outstanding leadership in the 
fields of education and politics. We are 
recognizing her today with one of the most 
esteemed honors the College can bestow 
because of the laudable action she has taken 
regarding her beliefs in bettering our nation. 

Gay was born in Toronto. Canada, and 
lived much of her young life overseas in 
Bombay and Sydney. Independence was 
instilled in her at a young age when she 

began boarding school in the United States in 
1951. The rest of her family crossed the seas 
in 1954. That was the year that Gay began her 
"marvelous Sweet Briar experience." as she 
calls it. She earned her B.A. in psychology 
and graduated with honors in 1959. A 
glowing May Queen, she was truly one of the 
shining stars in her class. "Beauty Blessed 
with Wisdom," is how she is described 
forever in the -1959 yearbook. Although she 
was also known as the "Queen of Diamonds," 
it was said of Gay that she had a "sparkle on 
more than just her finger." Her dedication to 
the field of education and related projects has 
proved this phrase true time and time again. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine 


Ever the actix ist, yet also the lovelj 
lady we remember from her four years .it 
sue, another quote reads from her senior 
yearbook: "mans men came, but only one 
conquered." Stanlej Noyes Gaines won 
Gay's hand and the) were married in 1959. 
together w ith their lour children they lived 
in 13 differenl places throughout the United 
States. After studying interior design for two 
years at the University oi' Minnesota. Gay 
worked for Robert I enox Associates anil 
then opened her o\\ n company. Gay Hart 
Ciaines. Inc., of which she was president 
for ten years. Gaj was involved w ith the 
educational climate of nearly every city in 
which she lived. She served on the Board of 
The Guthrie Theater and American Diabetes 
Association in Minnesota: The Auxiliary 
Board of The Chicago Art Institute and The 
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation in Illinois; The 
MeCarter Theater in Princeton; The Juvenile 
Diabetes Foundation in Palm Beach, Florida; 
The Best Friends Foundation, and the Hudson 
institute in Washington, D.C. She has been 
a member of the Madison Council of the 
Library of Congress since 1994. 

Gay is a strong supporter of conservative 
\ alues and politics. She has upheld her 
com ictions not only for herself and her 
family, but also in the greater scope of the 
political realm. She has gone out and made a 
difference in the most admirable ways. With 
unwavering consistency, she has supported 
Republican candidates for local, state, and 
national offices. She served as Republican 
County Committee person in Mercer County, 
New Jersey, and became the first elected 
Chairman of the National Review Institute, 
an organization founded by William F. 
Buckley, Jr. and John O'Sullivan "to promote 
conservative ideas and causes." 

In 1993, Congressman Newt Gingrich 
recruited Mrs. Gaines to be the new 
Chairman of GOPAC. the Republican 
Political Action Committee. She held this 
position for four years, during which time 
she helped to elect Republican majorities 
in state and local offices across the United 
States. She played a vital role in helping to 
achieve a Republican majority in the House 
of Representatives in 1994. 

Through her active lifestyle involving 
family and friends, politics and other 
volunteer obligations. Gay was admired as a 
leader in each and every role she was granted, 
and this led to leadership in other areas of her 
field. In 2000 she was elected Vice Regent 
for Florida of the Mount Vernon Ladies" 
Association, the oldest preservation board 
in the country. In October of 2004, she was 
elected the 18th Resent of the Mount Vernon 

I ailies' Association for a term ol three years. 

Her mission as regent has been to restore 
and preserve George Washington's estate 
for future generations. Since she has been 
involved w ith Mount Vernon, the ( lay I lart 
( Klines Distinguished Visiting I ellou ship was 
established as well as the Legacy Theater, 
also known as the Gay Hart Gaines Theater. 

In 2002. Gay was elected President of the 
Palm Beach Republican Club for a two-year 
term. The PBRC is one of the oldest clubs in 
the nation. Under Gay's leadership, it became 
one of the largest. 

In 2003, Gay was appointed to the board 
of Corporation for Public Broadcasting by 
President George W. Bush. In November 
2004 she was confirmed by the United 
States Senate for a term of six years. She is 
currently vice chairman and, to use her own 
words, she is "totally committed to public 
broadcasting's role of providing excellence 
in learning, not only for children but for 
Americans of every age." Gay also said 
as she was confirmed to the board of the 
CPB, "Although we live in dangerous times, 
Americans have the freedom to be risk- 
taking, creative, and bold." We recognize her 
accomplishments today specifically because 
of this attitude that she has ascribed to not 
only in theory, but also in action. 

Gay is a member of the Oak and Silver 
Rose Societies at Sweet Briar College. Silver 
Rose Society members are those friends 
of Sweet Briar who have made gifts to the 
College for 25 years or more. We thank her 
for her continued generous support. 

1 speak on behalf of all of us when I say 
that we are honored to share a common 
history with Gay. 

Read Gay's acceptance speech 
at: www.sbc. edu/alunmae/awards/ 
distinguished, html 

Gay Hart Gaines '59 speaks at Founders' Day 



Mildred Lewis Adkins '29* 

Ann Rilchey Baruch '62 

Florence Woeltel Elston-Beemer '21* 

Gordon G. Beemer H '21* 

Audrey T. Belts '45* 

Betty Bean Black '49* 

Ann Young Bloom '59 

J. Bruce Bredin* 

Octavia M. DuPonl Bredin* 

Catherine Bamett Brown 49 

Walter H. Brown H '49 

Ruth Simpson Carrington '21* 

Nancy Hancock Coe '31 * 

Flora Cameron Crichton '46 

The Charles A. Dana Foundation 

The Jessie Ball DuPont Foundation 

Charlotte Heuer de Serio '57 

Frances Johnson Finley '37* 

James D. Finley II 

Carol McMurtry Fowler '57 

The Charles A. Frueauff Foundation 

Nancy Hall Green '64 

Evelyn Lorraine Haire Greer '91 

Margaret Bell Hare '32* 

George W. Jackson* 

Donna Pearson Josey '64 

Helen Murchison Lane '46 

Alice F. Laubach '35* 

Richard E. & Eleanor C. Leslie 

Helen Martin '33* 

Mary Lee McGinnis McClain '54 

Norma Patteson Mills '60 

J. Wilson Newman* 

The Perkins-Prothro Foundation 

C. Wrede Petersmeyer* 

Frances Gregg Petersmeyer '43 

Kitty Corbett Powell '38 

John Lee Pratt* 

Charles N. Prothro* 

Elizabeth Perkins Prothro '39 

Sally Reahard '30* 

Bettie Katherine Arnold Reed '64 

Anne Wilson Rowe '57 

Josiah P. Rowe III 

Bradley R. & Mildred "Bee" Newman 

Thayer 61 
Ann Samford Upchurch '48* 
The Virginia Foundation for Independent 

Cornelia Wailes '26* 
Edward T. Wailes* 
Margaret Jones Wyllie '45 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine 


Winter 2007/2008 • 7 

■hi mi 


Convocation Keynote Address 

Wanted: Women 
Leaders for the 
21st Century 



My husband. Dick Buckley, and I have been on campus less than 24 hours, 
but it did not take us that long to be filled with admiration for the shared 
commitment to Sweet Briar's mission we noticed all around. 

In my view, this mission was appropriately refined in 2004 to prepare 
women to be productive and responsible members of a world community. 
This resonates with me because I have spent many years in that "world 
community." 1 have been exposed to different ways to be productive and 
responsible, and. for the 24 years I was in the Foreign Service. 1 promoted 
American concepts and values of productivity and responsibility. 1 have also 
been exposed to the shackles that limit the productivity of women, who make 
up 50% of the world population. 

In our busy American lives, it is easy to be persuaded that this is not our 
issue, or that we lack the power to make a difference. But if we recognize, as 
Sweet Briar does, that we are members of a world community, we will also 
recognize that these assumptions are wrong. 

Women currently make up 60-70% of the world's poor. We know that 
lifting a woman out of poverty is lifting an entire family out of poverty. We 
know how to do so. but have yet to act on a global scale. We understand 
how wars and conflict impact women. Studies show how critical their 
participation is to lasting peace, but we have yet to include them in 
meaningful ways of peacemaking. 

In this country, working families lose $200 billion annually because of 
the wage gap between men and women. At the current rate of change it will 
take another 50 years to close that gap. Where is the talk of urgency? In 
the corporate world, studies show that businesses with greater numbers of 
women in senior positions can point to a return on equity up to 35% higher 
than others. Never mind the fact that women make up 50% of managerial 
and professional ranks, the rate of women corporate leaders still hovers at 
around six percent. Balancing work and family life remains an enormous 
burden on all working women, but continues to be considered a personal 
issue. Two-thirds to three-fourths of business leaders recently surveyed do 
not believe discrimination against women exists. 

These are the realities of the world for which Sweet Briar is preparing 
young women. We used to consider these gender issues, but I see them as 
political, economic, and social challenges that responsible members of a 
world community will embrace. To do so each one of us must develop and 
use our leadership capabilities. 

When I was growing up, leadership was a guy thing. Leaders were born, 
not made, and they were male — preferably tall and handsome. Leaders 
held positions at the top of the hierarchies of our governments, workplaces, 
religious establishments, schools, and homes. If women did exercise 
leadership, it was of the personal kind and often very subtle. 

Raised in those environments, it never dawned on me that as a female 1 
could be a leader. Fortunately, leadership has been redefined. It is not the role 
you are in. but the way you think and behave. Leaders think strategically and 
behave intentionally and with integrity. 

Look at what Indiana Fletcher Williams did. Profoundly affected 
by the death of her young daughter, Daisy, she created a vision and 
acted intentionally and strategically by leaving her legacy to create this 
college and an endowment for scholarships. Miss Indie may not have had 
opportunities in her day to fill many formal leadership roles, but nothing 
stopped her from exercising personal leadership. Doing so changed 
thousands of lives for the better. 

My last assignment in the Foreign Service was as dean of the Leadership 
and Management School of the Foreign Service Institute during Colin 
Powell's tenure. He had a passion for leadership and wanted it practiced at 
all levels of the Department of State. He mandated leadership training for 
all employees. My colleagues and I were tasked to implement that mandate. 
We addressed leadership from the inside-out. We helped people develop an 
awareness of themselves, their values, their behaviors, and their impact on 
others. After all. leadership is not about you. it's about others. We did a lot 
of work on skills like active listening, giving feedback, building teams, and 
strategic thinking. 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

We found no difference in the aptitude or 
skills between men and women. \t all levels, 
we found a reverence for Colin Powell, .1 huge 
relict' 10 final Is gel the training needed, and 
an equall) great sense ofpowerlessness to use 
these beha\ iors at work because "the) won't let 
me." Even people w it h the power of positional 
leadership felt constrained from using personal 
leadership. As a result, the changes in culture 
Powell sought have been a long nine coming. 

I was luck) because I learned in earl) 
adulthood that I had to use personal leadership 
ill was ever to reach positional leadership. 
I practiced the behaviors intentionall) in 
positions from secretary to ambassador. 

When I received the formal leadership 
position of ambassador to Kenya, I was very 
intentional to develop teamwork and trust as 
we enthusiastically addressed policy interests. 
To develop trust. I had to listen to what people 
were saying. What community and staff 
conveyed were concerns about their security 
and the placement of the embassy chancery 
building on a busy corner in downtown Nairobi. 
As a leader. I had the responsibility to do 
something and for two years 1 banged on doors 
in Washington to get attention. Attention did 
come, but not in the way of security relief. In 
the spring of 1998, my annual performance 
evaluation for the first time ever had a coded 
reprimand. That evaluation prompted me to 
w rite a letter to the Secretary of State. 

On August 7. 1998. we were blown up by 
a truck bomb sent by Osama bin Laden. It 
detonated in our small rear parking lot and 
instant!) killed 213 people, injuring around 5.000. 
About half of the occupants of our building were 
either killed or severely wounded. It was left to 
the other half to go back in. with the help of other 
members of our community, to bring out our dead 
and rescue others. The leadership and courage I 
saw displayed that day was extraordinary — and 
had nothing to do with position. 

Although they did not have to. members 
of our mission chose to stay in Kenya to 
reconstruct our organization, assist the Kenyan 
community at large, and help begin healing 
from a tragic and traumatic event. Leadership 
at every level, regardless of formal position or 
role, got us back on our feet. We had no time 
to learn about leadership, we had to act. It was 
through action that I learned the most important 
leadership imperative of them all, taking care 
of your people. I also learned how rough, tough, 
and nasty that can be. 

About six weeks after the bombing, 
we crowded into another vulnerable U.S. 
government building. I was told that there was 
not sufficient funding for the marines providing 
our security to stay. I went head-to-head 
with senior people in Washington more than 
once, telling them that the day they withdrew 
the combat marines they would see me on 

international television waving good-bye with 

tears coming down my face. Ill jusl shows that 
.1 woman threatening to cr> can still work in .ill 
soils of situations.) It was neither pleasant nor 
career-enhancing, but it was mj responsibility 
\s a woman, a loft) title u ill onl) get you 
a place at the table. It is no guarantee you will 
be heard. I had to adapt a variety of behaviors 
and gimmicks for that, for example, in the 
Washington policy arena, where information is 
power. I cultivated people "in the know." and 
found that women colleagues were particularly 
helpful. In presenting myself. I learned to use a 
particular lone and demeanor: always assertive: 
always confident; and, in anger, very focused, 
calm, and low in pitch. 1 learned never to end a 
declarative sentence as if it were a question and 
to avoid at all costs self-diminishing statements 
like "you may disagree but ..." or "I'm not 
an expert ..." I learned to dress for my next 
position and always wear comfortable shoes; 
it is hard to do what is necessary to be heard 
when your feet hurt. 

No one told me about the cultural mores 
of alpha male organizations, which abound 
in Washington, and I was initially hesitant 
to adopt some of them. After some internal 
debate as to whether it would 
taint my pure soul. 1 decided 
I had to start interrupting 
if I was ever to get a word 
in and to intentionally keep 
people from interrupting me. 
As ambassador. I advised 
my senior staff in our first 
meeting that I was to be called 
Ambassador in public because 
I was a short woman and 
didn't need to be diminished 
even further. At the suggestion 
of one of my male colleagues. 
I asked whoever accompanied 
me as note-taker in meetings 
with foreign government 
officials to keep eyes focused 
on me so that my interlocutor, 
usually a man. would not 
engage my male note-taker 
instead. I learned a leader 
never carries anything (my 
husband was particularly good 
about carrying my purse). 

Most important of all. 1 
learned what I brought to my 
job as a woman. In private, 
I found, women can say 
things to men in power that 
would likely get the male 
of the species thrown out of 
the room. I was perceived as 
less of a threat. I also found 
out that, as a woman. I could 
adapt a tone of voice that 


conjured important archetypes, specificall) 
mothers 01 teachers. Remember the tone 
thai weni w uli: "( hiidren, you've got i" do 
something about the mess in youi loom'.' I have 
used that lone to saj All. President, you've got 
10 do something about official corruption in 
yourcountry" and get awa) with it. 

I his is im challenge to you: use ever) 
opportunit) to think strategically, act 
intentionally, and behave with integrity no 
matter what role you play. If we want a different 
world for ourselves, if we want more women 
to hold positions of leadership or have greater 
opportunities to be productive and responsible 
on an equal footing, we need to develop and 
practice personal leadership now. 

What an incredible place Sweet liriar is 
to do just that. Think about the lessons you, 
alumnae, can pass on. Consider the culture 
of leadership that you. faculty and staff, can 
create, and look at the opportunities you. 
the students, have. Sweet Briar is a premier 
women's college in the most powerful nation of 
the world. What a gift! My hope is that you use 
it intentionally. 

I w ish all of you gentle adventures. 

President Muhlenfeld introduces Keynote Speaker Prudence 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Winter 2007/2008 • 9 

Bee and Bradley Thayer 
Inducted into the 
Keystone Society 



"We have accomplished much at Sweet Briar College in the past ten 
years and we are on the brink of achieving another goal: constructing 
the updated Fitness and Athletics Center," says Mildred "Bee" 
Newman Thayer '61. 

Bee and Bradley Thayer share enthusiasm for Sweet Briar athletics 
Their recent gift of S400,000 to help fund the new Fitness and 
Athletics Center is one of many generous donations provided by those 
who share a vision for Sweet Briar's future in the twenty-first century. 

"In helping to shape the lives of young women, it is imperative 
that we support the national mandate to improve physical fitness 
by providing modern facilities. It is important to cultivate holistic 
wellness habits in our students for their lifetimes and future 
generations as well." 

Bee and Bradley have always supported Sweet Briar. They are the 
newest members of the Keystone Society, those valued donors who 
have made lifetime commitments to the College totaling $1 million or 
more. "We are proud to be part of a College that responds to the needs 
of its students as times change, and focuses on the future while still 
being grounded in and respectful of its rich cultural history," says Bee. 



Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


Homecoming Alumnae College: 

Life at Tusculum during the Nineteenth Century 


Below: Celery vase 
owned by the 


Tusculum at its original location. 

When visiting old houses, people 
often muse; "Oh. if these walls 
could talk, the stories they'd 
tell." Without a doubt. Tusculum 
would ha\e a lot to say about our 
College's heritage. Sweet Briar's 
family tree starts with Daisy, the 
only child of Indiana and James 
Henry Williams. To get to the 
Tusculum connection, we have 
to go back to Indiana's mother, 
Maria Antoinette Crawford, who 
grew up at Tusculum. She married 
Elijah Fletcher in 1813, and their 
marriage endured for 40 years, 
until Maria's death in 1853. 

Elijah Fletcher came from a 
respectable but cash-poor family 
in Ludlow, Vermont. As one of 15 
children, he was the only one his 
parents could send to college. In 
return, he was expected to help 
support the rest of the family. 
Soon after he graduated from the 
University of Vermont, Elijah 
Fletcher set out on a journey. 
In April 1810, he left the family 
farmstead on a little bay mare 
with S50 in his pocket to pursue 

a teaching position in North 

In late July Elijah finally 
reached Alexandria, Virginia. By 
that time his mare was exhausted, 
as were Fletcher's funds. He wrote 
to his father that he was "as poor 
as Job's cats," having only four 
dollars left and had eaten only 
five full meals since leaving New 
York. With his pockets empty, he 
was forced to take on a temporary 
tutoring position with the Mason 
family of Northern Virginia. 
That winter, Elijah made an 
important connection with David 
Shepherd Garland, a member of 
Congress who was also a lawyer, 
a landowner with extensive 
holdings, and a leading citizen 
of Amherst County, Virginia. 
Known as "King David" for his 
wealth and influence. Garland 
resided at Brick House, now the 
home of Sweet Briar alumna 
Mary Smith Brugh '57. who has 
kindly welcomed my students on 
more than one occasion. Garland 
convinced Elijah to give up his 

plans to go to North Carolina by 
offering him the more prestigious, 
and presumably more lucrative, 
position as the president of 
the New Glasgow Academy in 

After only one month, a letter 
arrived from home containing a 
plea for $150.00. Realizing that 
such a request would soon come 
again, Fletcher offered lessons 
in French and music for young 
ladies to supplement his income. 
These lessons were held at Brick 
House, and one of the students 
was the younger daughter of 
William S. Crawford, a trustee 
of New Glasgow Academy who 
resided nearby at Tusculum. 
At Christmas, Elijah joined the 
Crawfords for the holidays and 
by the following fall, he wrote to 
his father that "I have long been 
intimate with a most amiable, 
accomplished, sensible, lady, of 
one of the most rich, extensive, 
respectable families in the state." 

This was Maria Antoinette 
Craw ford, who grew up in the 


company of seven sisters and 
three brothers at Tusculum. In 
his letter. Elijah described what 
life was like there, relating that: 
"They live in a two story, upright 
house, painted white. Mr. C. 
is ... quite grey headed, was 
educated at Princeton, formerly 
a distinguished lawyer. Mrs. 
C. is most amiable ... and the 
young Ladies distinguished for 
their sense and accomplishments. 
They dress in their silks daily but 
have too much good sense to be 
proud. The young lady 1 anticipate 
making my future companion ... 
is sincere, candid, intelligent, and 

Elijah and Maria were married 
in 1813. and he became the 
estate manager in 1815 when 
his father-in-law died and left 
his considerable plantations to 
Fletcher's stewardship. In true 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Winter 2007/2008 • 1 1 


Cinderella style, going from 
penniless schoolteacher to 
prominent landowner in four 
years, Elijah was able to parlay 
his w ife's connections into two 
terms as Lynchburg's mayor and 
became a powerful force in that 
city. His marriage connected 
Elijah to two of the oldest and 
most active families in central 
Virginia: the Penns and the 
Craw fords. I am indebted to Judy 
Evans-Grubbs, former professor 
of classics at Sweet Briar 
College, and now at Washington 
University, for disentangling the 
lines of our founding family, 
which were set forth in a privately 
published genealogy of 1883. 

Several pages of this imposing 
tome are devoted to Maria's 
grandfather Gabriel Penn. who 
was born in 1741 and died in 
1798. He fought in the French and 
Indian Wars as a sergeant in a 
regiment under Colonel William 
Byrd. and in the American 
Revolution he was the captain 
of one of two companies of 
recruits from Amherst County. 
He had a successful mercantile 
business here and served as 
magistrate both before and after 
the Revolution; he was also 
the Amherst delegate to the 
revolutionary committee that 
crafted Virginia's "Declaration 
of Rights" in 1776. Gabriel Penn 
was clearly a man of note in 
Amherst County, but he had much 
more famous relatives: his cousin 
John Penn was a signer of the 
Declaration of Independence and 
another relation was the Quaker 
leader William Penn. In 1761 
Penn married Sarah Callaway, 
the daughter of a well-known 
Bedford county family, and the 
couple had ten children. In 1779 
Penn purchased a house worthy of 
his status, "The Glebe." another 
Amherst County treasure. One of 
their daughters, Sophia, married 
William S. Crawford, who had 
established a successful legal 
practice in Amherst County, 
and they made their home at 

Tusculum was named after an 
ancient town, an Italian center of 
villa culture located not far from 

Rome, a place where senators 
and philosophers would retire 
to the countryside to relax and 
attend entertainments at the 
theatre. It was a place so suited 
to the cultivation of civilization 
that Cicero wrote one of his 
greatest works, the Disputations, 
there. These writings became 
one of the foundations for 
a classical education in the 
eighteenth century, and that 
is how Crawford's Tusculum 
plantation got its name: it was 
a conscious linking on the part 
of the Crawfords, who drew a 
clear parallel between an ancient 
Roman location of pastoral idyll 
and learned civilization, and their 
own home. 

When we try to piece together 
the contents of houses of the past, 
we turn to the written record for 
historical accuracy. For records 
on Tusculum, we need go no 
further than the Amherst County 
Courthouse, where inventories tell 
us how the house was furnished 
at the time of Elijah and Maria's 
marriage. They have provided a 
rich resource for faculty at Sweet 
Briar who have been studying our 
nineteenth-century history, and 
my colleagues Kate Chavigny, 
associate professor of history, and 
Lynn Rainville, visiting assistant 
professor of anthropology and 
archeology, have contributed to 
our understanding of this period 
in the family's history. 

When Crawford died. Elijah 
and widowed Sophia Craw ford 

were named administrators of 
the Crawford's estate. Along 
with the contents of Tusculum. 
described as "The Mansion 
House," were items from two 
other plantations belonging to 
Crawford: Tye River and Indian 
Creek. In the nineteenth-century 
usage, a plantation denoted any 
tract of acreage that could be 
planted, and it was unusual to 
find a substantial dwelling on 
more than one of them. Listed 
along with grubbing hoes, a large 
black cow, and sets of harnesses, 
there are more elegant items for 
the household listed that would 
have been used exclusively at 

In the long lists of these 
luxury items, one piece stands 
out to the historian of material 
culture: the celery vase. In the era 
of hand production, specialized 
items for the table were rare, 
and most Americans were eating 
with spoons from a communal 
trencher. Yet the Crawfords 
had a celery vase: a piece of 
expensive handcut glass reserved 
for one vegetable, an almost 
unimaginable extravagance. 

The new location for 
Tusculum is just outside the edge 
of the outer circle of boxwoods 
surrounding Sweet Briar House, 
and its orientation near the Upper 
Lake is sympathetic to the house's 
original location. This placement 
allows Tusculum to retain its 
listing on the National Register 
of Historic Places even after it 

is rebuilt here on our campus, 
a singular distinction shared 
by only a handful of relocated 

There is another key reason 
why Tusculum will be right at 
home at Sweet Briar. We are 
fortunate to have an incredibly 
diverse range of collections here, 
many of which belonged to our 
founding family. We have a 
history of taking our stewardship 
of these collections very seriously, 
and we consider buildings to be 
a part of those collections — our 
largest artifacts, if you will. 
Architecture is an element well- 
represented on campus, and when 
it is rebuilt, Tusculum will be 
erected in near proximity to other 
historic buildings. It will stand 
adjacent to Sweet Briar House, 
which shares its eighteenth- 
century roots, and our slave 
cabin, a significant structure 
dating from the early nineteenth 
century. These buildings rest 
against the buildings of our 
campus historic district, designed 
for Sweet Briar by architect 
Ralph Adams Cram. Adding 
Tusculum to this collection will 
allow us to present the history 
of regional architecture from the 
eighteenth through the twentieth 
centuries. These buildings 
comprise a remarkable resource 
and are studied and used for the 
benefit of our students, our local 
community, and visitors to our 

Interestingly, Elijah Fletcher 
remarked in 1845 that his 
daughters, upon their return from 
their European travels, might be 
useful to society by establishing 
"a sort of a nunnery or a school 
at Tusculum." We know how 
important education was to our 
founding family. Indiana attended 
Georgetown Visitation Convent 
in Washington, which her father 
referred to as a "nunnery." 
Perhaps it was Elijah's remark 
that inspired Indiana to found 
a women's college in memory 
of her daughter Daisy, which 
makes Tusculum an even more 
significant part of our Sweet Briar 

12 • Winter 2007/2008 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Cardboard Boat Regatta 



As a member of the Student 
Relations Committee, this is m\ 
favorite time of year: all of our 
ideas and preparations come to 
rruition through the laughter ^\ 
old friends catching up and new 
acquaintances becoming fast 
Friends. The Cardboard Beat 
Regatta and picnic at the lower 
lake makes Saturday during 
Homecoming one of the most 
exciting days of the weekend. 
Engineering students design and 
build streamlined, sturdy boats 
to brave the waters through an 
obstacle course w liile everyone 
cheers them on. 

Atop the sea of pink and green 
decor and picnic ware, a group 
o\' friends shouted my name. 
Wiggling between them to watch 
the boats. 1 continually scanned 
the scene, waving and shouting 
greetings to many passers-by. 
One person asked, "Do you 
know every single person 
here?" 1 smiled and laughed, but 
something about her question 
struck me while watching the 
competitors paddle and splash 
around the course. I realized that 
this is the unique beauty of Sweet 
Briar. All of us share a similar 
devoted spirit for a school that 
has shaped our view of the world 
and created unbreakable bonds 
between Sweet Briar women past 
or present. Friendships that form 
at every Homecoming are no 
coincidence, but the result of our 
strong foundation at Sweet Briar. 

After the Cardboard Boat 
Regatta, afternoon activities 
were just beginning. I returned 
briefly to my room and found 
my roommate deep in study. "Oh 
you can't stay locked up in the 
room for Homecoming, come join 
me for the field hockey game!" 
I shouted. She finally conceded 
to come on the condition that 
her work could accompany us 
to the game. Finding a shaded 
patch of grass on the hillside, we 
took in our surroundings. The 
\ ibrant areen hues of the trees 

contrasted spectacularly against 
the clear blue sk\. but those in 
attendance certainly came color 
coordinated in then own way. 
Dr. John F. Morrissey of the 
Biology Department and Donna 
McLaughlin, although new to 
the campus, were in lull Vixen 
regalia to support the players. 

My roommate and 1 noticed 
an alumna watching the game 
intensely, voicing technical 
phrases of support to our girls. 
As neither my roommate nor I 
knew the rules of field hockey, 
we struck up a conversation on 
what makes a good pass, and 
the best way to navigate the 
ball across the field. It was then 
that she noticed my roommate's 
course book resting on the 
grass. By the end of the first 
half, they were discussing the 
author, his work, and their own 
understanding of the material, 
with occasional interrupting 
shouts of "Go Sweet!" The 
second half was just as thrilling; 
each team proved their worth and 
prowess on the field, and Sweet 
Briar won the game. The flush 
of victory evident on the players' 
faces was exciting to us all as we 
cheered in celebration of a job 
well done. The exhilaration 1 felt 
at the game and the conversation 
1 participated in with an 
enthusiastic alumna left a lasting 
impression on me. I'm looking 
forward to Homecoming 2008, 
to the fantastic events, and to the 
friendships I will make. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Winter 2007/2008 • 1 3 

Homecoming Horse Show 


On the warm, sunny Homecoming Saturday, Sweet Briar 
riders wore wool hunt coats and black helmets. They led 
shiny horses from their stalls, saddled them, and mounted. 
\\ itli the outdoor arena drug, the jumps set, and the course 
maps posted. SBC equestrians were ready to ride in the first 
in-house show of the year. 

This intramural event was the first opportunity for 
qualified first-year students to compete on campus, 
riding either their own horse or a Sweet Briar horse. The 
sophomores, juniors, and seniors did not let the first-years 
ha\ e all the fun though, as they were also eager to gain more 
experience riding in a supportive, learning-emphasized 
show atmosphere. Equestrians of all levels were encouraged 
to attend the show to watch and learn, even if they did not 
compete. From the sidelines. Kimberly Rosenberg '11 rooted 
for her friends and said "it's really interesting to see all 
kinds of people compete at different levels." She also noted, 
"I like to watch because it helps me learn about my own 
position and riding skills." 

Riders entered equitation classes, in which a rider's 
position and effectiveness are judged, and in jumper classes, 
in which the horse's speed and agility are paramount. 
Former Associate Director of the SBC Riding Program Jill 
Randies served as judge for the day. 

Diana Simpson, who will graduate this spring, rode in 
the show. She commented, "It was a beautiful day to ride, 
and it was great fun to see some alumnae come and watch 
the show. There were quite a few people there, even some 
alumnae that didn't ride. It was very bittersweet to see my 
friends who had moved past Sweet Briar; I miss them, and it 
was a stark reminder of how quickly May is looming. It was 
also a sad realization that this was the last homecoming at 
which I would be a student and not alumna." 

Rider participation in the event was comparable to 
previous years, while spectator attendance rose slightly. 
Holding the show on Saturday gave families and alumnae 
a chance to get settled on 
campus beforehand. Chairs 
were set up in the shade beside 
the arena, yet some spectators 
still preferred the soft grass. 
Many horse shows on campus 
are only attended by students. 
so it was nice to have some 
additional crowd support for 
this one. The Alumnae Office 
generously provided adorable 
horse-head carabineers as 
souvenirs, which were set out 
in the Bailey room and at the 

R^L^ 1 Lydia Winants '1 1 is mounted 
1h and ready to ride! 

Face-to-Face Homecoming Event 
tops Facebook Web site 


On Friday evening of 
Homecoming Weekend, 
current students and alumnae 
met at the Elston Inn and 
Conference Center for a night 
of networking and dancing. 
This is the first year that 
the "Who Needs Facebook 
When You Have Face-to- 
Face Time?" event has taken 
place, but with a catchy name 
and plenty of publicity, it was 
well attended and enjoyed. 

At the beginning, alumnae 
office personnel and Student 
Relations Committee members 
greeted attendees with enthusiasm 
and pointed out tables staffed by 
SBC Alumnae Club Regional 
Chairs. These alumnae board 
members graciously and happily 
volunteered their time to meet 
with current students who were 
either from one of the states of 
their region or had an interest 
in interning or working there 
in the future. Connections were 
made based on fields of interest 
and career industries, which are 
invaluable to students hoping to 
gain insight into potential job 

After students grabbed snack 
plates full of chocolate fondue, 
nachos, and other munchies, they 
chatted with their new alumnae 
acquaintances while meeting other 
current students from their home 
region. The casual, yet focused 
environment was conducive to 
both informative discussion as 
well as the light-hearted sharing 
of stories about the Sweet Briar 
experience. Associate Director of 

Diane Dale Reiling '73 and Kate Lyndin '09 
meet at the Facebook event. 

Career Services Kristin Ewing 
introduced me to Kelly Meredith 
Iacobelli '88, and we talked 
about her experiences working 
in advertising. As an English 
and creative writing major and 
business minor, I'm always 
looking for ways to find out more 
about fields in which my specific 
skill set could be applicable. 
Kelly shared specifics about the 
industry with me from a first-hand 

Julia Pittman '11 also had a 
positive experience at this party. 
She stated that she met friendly 
alumnae that "were very interested 
in what I planned to do." Julia also 
explained, "I had fun and would 
like to see this event repeated next 

About an hour after the event 
began, the lights dimmed and 
DJ Mix Master Mike got the 
dance party started. Students 
and alumnae rocked out to a mix 
of modern hits and oldies-but- 
goodies. Those that still wanted to 
chat either yelled over the music 
or moved out into the foyer and 
huddled around the food tables. 
Some suggested that next year, we 
should have two separate rooms, 
one for dancing and one 
for networking, allowing 
people to participate in the 
activity of their choice. 
All-in-all. I heard many 
positive comments, and 
this event is definitely 
worth a repeat. 

Sweet Brior College Alumnae Magazine • 


Homecoming Sports Feed 


Homecoming 2007 was packed w itli athletic 
events. Saturday, five varsity athletic games 
were played on our campus fields and courts 
followed by a busy "Alumnae Sunday." The 
Sunday schedule, featuring the 2007 Class 
of the Athletics Hall of Fame inductees 
at breakfast, was filled to the brim with 
alumnae-student competitions in field hockey, 
swimming, and volleyball. 

On Saturday the SBC Varsity Field 
Hockey team faced non-conference 
Shenandoah University's players, Varsity 
Soccer took on conference-foe Emory and 
Henry College, and Varsity Volleyball hosted 
a tri-match with Lynchburg College and 
Mountain State University. 

Vixen hockey treated the Homecoming 
crowd to a win. defeating Shenandoah 3-2. 
Amey Landreth '1 1 gave Sweet Briar an early 
1-0 lead with an unassisted goal 15 minutes 
into the game. Shenandoah answered with its 
first goal 20 minutes later. 

Sweet Briar came out strong as Lindsay 
Eneguess "11 and sophomore Molly 
McGonegle each sent a ball to the back of the 
cage, giving Vixens a 3-1 lead. A late goal by 
Shenandoah made the game close, but Vixens 
held on for the win. 

The crowd then flocked to the soccer field 
where Vixens did not fare as well. Down 2-0 
after the first 45 minutes. Sweet Briar tried to 
make a comeback. First-year Kat Alexander 
put Sweet Briar on the board in the 60th 
minute with an unassisted goal. 

Alexander's goal brought us w ithin 
one point of tying the game in the final 30 

minutes, but the one-goal differential was 
as close as the team could come. The Wasps 
won with an insurance goal in the 68th 

"I was really nervous playing in front of 
former students because athletics are the front 
porch of a college, and how we represent 
our school affects how people see it." said 
Alexander. '"In the end. 1 think we worked as 
hard as we could, we showed good progress 
within the program and offered a glimpse of 
what's to come. I was proud to be a first-year 
athlete representing Sweet Briar." 

While field hockey and soccer were 
competing outside, volleyball took on 
Lynchburg College and Mountain State in 
the gym. The Vixens faced Lynchburg in the 

ning, kicking oil the ti i-match Hornets 
unfortunatel) took the match in three games. 

Alter Lynchburg and Mountain State 
laced off. the Vixens took on Mountain State 
to round out the action. ( >ur ladies won w uh 
a close score of 30 2s before dropping the 
tri-match 3 I. Vixens compiled 66 digs as a 

( )n "Alumnae Sunday" the Hall nl I anie 

Breakfast honored inductees oi the 21111" 
Class of the Athletics Hall of I ame I 
( iascoigne, director of physical education 
from 1912 1923; riding champion Jamie 
Plain h Martin '81; and SW miming star 
Jennifer Ellen (rossland 'S6 reeeised high 
honors for their sporting accomplishments at 
Sweet Briar and beyond. 

Members of senior staff, the Athletics 
department, the Riding Department, current 
student athletes, and family and friends of 
the inductees gathered for the induction 
ceremony. Each inductee was presented for 
induction and those who were able to attend 
the ceremony were given the chance to 
respond. Current student athletes served as 
hosts for each inductee and introduced their 

"The Hall of Fame Breakfast was 
inspiring. We were able to hear the inductees 
speak of their accomplishments and how 
Sweet Briar sports have forever changed 
them." commented junior field hockey 
student-athlete Blair Sutton. 

Alexander added. "Being in that room, 
surrounded by my fellow student athletes and 
seeing what those who have come before us 
have accomplished was beyond inspiring. 
What amazing women!" 

The athletics portion of Homecoming 
Weekend concluded w ith alumnae players 
challenging the current student athletes in 
field hockey, volleyball, and sw i mining. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Winter 2007/2008 • 15 

Cora Gascoigne 


Cara Gascoigne "arrived at the 
College in 1912 to start an unusually 
well-directed program of physical 
education" wrote Martha Lou 
Stohlman '34 in her book, The 
Story of Sweet Briar College. Cara 
remained at Sweet Briar for 1 1 
years, and during her tenure the 
students played Virginia's first 
women's intercollegiate field hockey 
game in 1919, as well as the first 
intercollegiate basketball game in 
1920. The hockey game was the first 
women's intercollegiate contest of 
any kind in the state of Virginia. 
In one of her student assignments. 
Jennifer Frost '86 wrote, quoting 
Gascoigne: "Although the game had 
been played on campus since 1909, 
it was Miss Gascoigne's hope that, 
someday, 'the gentle art of knocking 
a rubber ball down the field without 
being massacred on the way' would 
be mastered." 

In 1914, Gascoigne also started 
club lacrosse at the College. 
Lacrosse is now a very popular 
varsity sport at Sweet Briar. She 
returned to England in 1923 and was followed by Harriet Rogers. 

Gascoigne was a favorite amongst her students as evidenced 
by a remark written in the 1920 Briar Patch. "We are fortunate in 
having Miss Gascoigne again as athletic instructor after her absence 
abroad. We should now be able to advance steadily towards our 
ideal, and perhaps, some day, to reach it." 

In an earlier yearbook, a student remarked, "Aesthetic dancing 
[is] the desire and ambition of every awkward student in college. 
Miss Gascoigne does really, at times, turn some of them into 
Graces, but some others-ye gods!" 

Long-time field hockey coach Jennifer Crispen says, "You 
cannot underestimate the influence of the early physical educators 
at Sweet Briar. They valued athletics and competition not only as 
necessary, but as good for their students. Much of the early progress 
in women's competition was due to the competitive philosophy 
of women's college athletics, particularly the Mid-Atlantic and 
Southern women's colleges. Cara Gascoigne left a legacy that still 
benefits Sweet Briar student-athletes today." 

The hockey game was the first 
women's intercollegiate contest of 
any kind in the state of Virginia. 

Jamie Planck Martin '81 


Jamie Planck Martin & Paul Cronin at Sweet Briar. 

Jamie Planck Martin was the epitome of SBC's recruiting slogan 
"Riders and Scholars." She graduated Magna Cum Laude with 
honors in 1981. As a student, she was a member of Phi Beta Kappa 
and received the Sweet Briar Presidential Medal given to an 
outstanding athlete and scholar as well as the Lawrence G. Nelson 
Award for excellence in English. She entered Sweet Briar shortly 
after the Harriet Howell Rogers Riding Center moved from the 
17-stall shed. A new 60-stal! facility and larger arena looked "real 
good" to riders, trainers, and prospective students at SBC. As 
training and competitive programs developed, Jamie helped lead 
the way with her talent, experience, work ethic, and sportsmanship. 
Always a keen and interested riding student, she was open to 
new ideas and approaches and was refreshingly comfortable both 
questioning and encouraging fellow students and faculty. As one of 
these faculty members, I dedicated my book. Schooling and Riding 
The Sport Horse, to "The horses and students who have taught 
me all I know, especially those at Sweet Briar College." Jamie is 
certainly one of those students, and I will always be grateful to her. 

Before coming to SBC, Jamie competed successfully in the 
southeast, as well as on the Florida circuit and at the northeast indoor 
horse shows. She rode a range of horses at SBC and competed with 
consistent quality performances and good sportsmanship. Jamie was 
the ANRC National Collegiate Equitation Champion each year of her 
college career with the exception of her junior year abroad. 

After Sweet Briar. Jamie received her J.D. from Vanderbilt 
School of Law. Careers as an attorney and as a mother have filled 
her life, yet now Jamie is returning to riding in a big way. She has 
been involved with the government of the sport through serving on 
committees for the USHJA, USEF, The American Hunter Jumper 
Foundation, and The Mississippi Hunter Association. Recently, she 
built Providence Hill Farm, a quality equestrian facility. We expect 
to hear great things from her as she continues riding and sharing 
her passion for horses. 

16 • V. 

About Providence Hill Farm... 

"By chance we ended up w nli this facility," Jamie said about her 
form, Pro\ idence Hill. " I Ik- other barn in our area decided to 
stop going to horse shows, so we designed and built Pro\ idence 
Hill Farm." On the Web site,, you 
w ill find the farm's mission statement: "Our trainers and staff 
are committed to pro\ iding the highest quality training and 
care available for our horses and riders in a nurturing and warm 
em ironment. Honesty, integrity, and a commitment to Christian 
principles I'orm the basis lor all of our programs." 

Aside from other activ ities al the farm that include raising 
eattle. grow ing crops and trees lor timber. Pro\ idence I Mil is 
also the base for the Mississippi College Equestrian Team. The 
venture began last spring when a group of girls from the college 
asked Jamie if she would help them start an equestrian team. 
"As God would have it, I happened to be there that day. Having 
such wonderful memories of Sweet Briar riding, I was excited 
about trying to help them. I met with the girls and we submitted 
a proposal to the college president. Now, riding is a varsity 
women's sport at Mississippi College." 

Jamie attributes much of her success to experiences that 
have taken place throughout her life. One such experience was 
her college career. "Sweet Briar prepared me to do all of these 
things. I wasn't trained to own and manage a farm; I was trained 
as a lawyer. SBC taught us to give back to our community and 
to think critically, so it was easy to take skills from another 
profession and use them in different areas." In helping to start the 
Mississippi College program, Jamie is able to give back to her 
community. She also organizes a summer camp at Providence Hill 
for inner-city children. 

"The name Providence means divine intervention. This farm 
is God's intervention. There is nothing I have given or done that 
could have earned this farm." Providence was the name of a Baptist 
church where Jamie's great-grandfather-in-law was a music minister, 
and using the church's name for her farm is her and her husband's 
way of recognizing God's hand in their life. 

As owner and activities manager of the farm, Jamie has 
a full schedule. "My daughter, Tinsley, who is 12, also rides 
and travels to horse shows with me." Jamie says. "You will 
often see my mother, Jacquie. cheering for us at the shows and 
helping at the barn. It's a family affair." Jamie participates in 
approximately 15 shows each year and considers it "a great 
blessing" to have taken home Champion of the amateur-owner- 
over-36 division at the Harrisburg, PA, indoor horse show, and 
Reserve Champion at the Devon, PA, outdoor horse show, for 
two years in a row. These are two of the most prestigious shows 
in the nation. — C. Murray 

Jennifer Ellen Crossland '86 


Jennifer Crossland and Bonnie Kestner at the Hall of Fame induction 

Jen, Jenny, Jennifer — she goes 
by all three, and I'm never sure 
what to call her, except FAST. 
Jenny showed us her speed as 
recently as last year during the 
first alumnae swim meet, when 
she beat every swimmer past 
and present in the 50-meter 
breaststroke and helped our 
alumnae team tie the current 

In 1981, Jennifer Ellen 
Crossland applied early decision 
to Sweet Briar and was accepted. 
She began swimming with us 
in the fall of 1982. In March 
of her freshman year, she 
represented Sweet Briar in five 
events at the National Collegiate 
Athletics Association Division 
III Nationals. In the 50-yard 
breaststroke. Jenny entered 
the meet seeded 28th. In the 
preliminaries, she dropped 1.6 
seconds and moved into third. 
With that determined look in 
her eye, Jenny told us she was 
going to win the event. She came 
very close! In the final heat, she 
dropped another three tenths of a 
second, capturing second place. 
Her time qualified her as an 
NCAA Division III All-American 
and put Sweet Briar on the map 
nationally that year. 

Jenny consistently set records. 

She still holds the school and 
pool record for the 100-meter 
breaststroke, and her 50-yard and 
50-meter breaststroke records 
will probably never be broken. 
Her 100-yard breaststroke record 
stood for 16 years, and her 
200-yard lasted for 17 years. 

Jenny is a member of four of 
the Sweet Briar record-holding 
relays in yards and three in 
meters. She was the breaststroker 
on all of our medley relays and 
swam on the 200- and 400-yard 
freestyle relays as well. She 
was a member of the 200-meter 
freestyle relay team that still 
holds our pool record. 

Teammate Linda Mae Visocan 
Gabriel '87 reminded me of 
the team dinner at the close of 
Jenny's freshman year when 
we teased her for trying to miss 
practice. It seemed she constantly 
complained that something was 
hurt, and she could not exercise. 
But when meet time came, she 
would blow away the competition 
and set records left and right! 
Linda Mae remembers a gift we 
gave to Jenny: a doctor's kit with 
band aids, ace w raps, aspirin, 
and Pepto Bismol. 

During her sophomore year, 
Jen was quite sick. To quote 
her mother. Linda Crossland. 

Winter 2007/2008 • 17 

"The scenario of one event made me laugh, and I am sure the swimmers 
from other schools thought it was an act. Jenny would dive in, swim, pull 
herself halfway out of the water, lean on the edge of the pool, squirt her 
inhaler into her mouth, and finally drag herself from the pool. What was 
truly funny was that she had won!" At the end of that season Jen helped 
our 200-yard freestyle relay team capture 13th place at NCAA Division III 

Healthy and in good shape, Jen was stellar during her junior year. 
Sweet Briar defeated Division 1 Georgetown University in our own pool. 
We had tied them at Georgetown the previous year. In a newspaper article 
written at the conclusion of the dual meet season, I am quoted as saying 
about Jenny, "She is having the best year of her life!" 

Jenny finished her Sweet Briar swimming career on a strong note. 
During her senior year she was ODAC Champion in the 100-yard 
breaststroke and part of two Sweet Briar and ODAC record-setting relays. 
These school records stand today. She also was the breaststroker on our 
400-yard medley relay that placed 12th at NCAA Nationals, giving her 
All-American Honorable Mention recognition in her last race representing 
Sweet Briar. 

Jenny excelled in the classroom as well as in the pool. A political 
economics major at Sweet Briar, she made the Dean's list, was a member 
of Phi Gamma Mu, the International Honor Society, and was the recipient 
of the Whiteman Scholar-Athlete Award. After Sweet Briar, she attended 
the University of Richmond's School of Law where she was president of 
Phi Delta Phi, the nation's oldest legal fraternity. 

Today, Jennifer 
is President of the 
Sweet Briar Alumnae 
Association and a former 
Alumnae Club President 
for the Richmond. 
Virginia Club. Confident, 
mentally focused, a 
fierce competitor, 4-year 
varsity athlete, Division 
III All-American, a high 
achiever in the classroom, 
outstanding in her 
service and devotion to 
Sweet Briar , fun-loving, 
generous, and loyal 
friend, I can think of no 
one more deserving of 
being the first swimmer 
inducted to the Sweet 
Briar College Athletics 
Hall of Fame. 

Jenny's good-luck 
swimming bear and 
other memorabilia 
commemorate her 
swimming success. 

Please email your nominations to the Sweet Briar Athletics 
Hall of Fame to: Kelly Morrison. Athletic Director and 
Assistant Professor of Physical Education. morrison@sbc. 

lu. or Jennifer Crispen, Associate Professor of Physical 

Samantha Brod 
From Pink Bubb 

ieb Platner '98 
to Big Apple 


It seemed to take an eternity, 
but this past July at Saint- 
Germain-fAuxerrois Church in 
Paris, Desperate Housewives 
star Eva Longoria finally wed 
San Antonio Spurs player Tony 
Parker ... in an Angel Sanchez 

"It took me a year to get 
that placement!" said Samantha 
Brodlieb Platner '98, public 
relations manager for the 
Venezuelan designer whose 
evening and bridal gowns grace 
the covers of magazines and 
frames of the Hollywood elite. 
"Angel designed her Emmy 
gown in 2005 and also her 
dresses for the Alma awards the 
past two years. I was always in 
contact with her stylist. Once I 
heard that Eva and Tony were 
engaged I contacted her stylist to see if he wanted Angel to 
submit sketches." 

Several months — and many sketches, meetings, swatches 
and fittings — later, the celebrity wedding went swimmingly 
with Longoria in an Angel Sanchez mermaid dress and Platner 
breathing a sigh of relief. 

"Normally a custom couture gown comparable to hers 
takes many months to make but this dress was completed in 
three months," she said. "It took a full year of follow up and 
persistence to secure Angel designing the gown." 

But that's what Platner does as the PR professional of a small 
design house in New York City's fashion district. She spends 
her days "running back and forth." working with celebrity 
stylists and magazine editors, producing fashion shows and 
photo shoots, updating the company Web site, and even writing 
a few press releases here and there. 

When she graduated from Sweet Briar College with an 
Italian studies degree and a year in Florence under her belt, 
Platner planned to work in the fashion industry. 

"I had always really, really been interested 
in [the industry]," she said. "My sister 
[Jennifer Brodlieb Cacioppo ' c '-| actually 
worked in the industry as well, so I remember 
during college coming home on break and 
\ isiiing her and going to her office. I really 
liked the em ironment and pace of the 

Ten sears later, the 30-year-old New 
Yorker is li\ ing her dream, working for Angel 
Sanchez and li\ ing on the Upper blast Side 
with husband. John. Occasionally, she even 
shows up on the Big Applets society pages. 

When she arrived in New York fresh out 
of the Pink Bubble, the young Samantha 
Brodlieb worked as a receptionist at Prada. 
Being fluent in Italian helped, she said, 
crediting ad\ isor and Italian professor Rosalia 
Ascari with teaching her the language and 
encouraging her to study abroad. 

"She was really amazing," Platner said. 
"Obviously in my first job my Italian skills 
helped me tremendously. It's probably part of 
the reason I got the job because I was fluent 
in Italian, and she ... really influenced me to 
go away for a year, which was life-changing. 
It's really eye-opening." 

Platner says the exposure she got through 
her junior year abroad and the confidence she 
gained at Sweet Briar have positively affected 
her career. She also says the intimate setting 
at the College has correlations in the fashion 
world, which she describes as a "very small 
community, and similar to Sweet Briar in that 

After six months at Prada, Platner went 
back to Italy, where she worked for a short 
time as an assistant booker for a modeling 
agency. Homesick for New York, though, she 
soon returned to the states and Prada, where 
she served as executive assistant to the vice 
president of advertising. 

Thai's when she decided her future was in 
public relations. After working her waj up to 

assistant of the Prada Men's and Spoil lines. 

Plainer accepted a position al I he ( lap as 
public relations coordinator for Old Navy. 

She stayed there for two years, working in 
the children's and maternity markets. Il was 
"very large, very corporate." she said, bul also 
"really good exposure." 

After leaving Old Navy, Platner did 
production for photo shoots, securing 
locations and photographers, and coordinating 
hair and makeup for the models. "I wanted to 
try something different because 1 had been in 
PR for a little while," she said. 

But two years ago, she found herself 
missing public relations and saw an ad for PR 
manager at Angel Sanchez. "I read the job 
description in a trade Web site and it was my 
exact experience so I applied and got the job," 
she said. 

Before she was hired. Angel Sanchez 
didn't have a PR person, let alone a PR 
department, so Platner has built the office 
from the ground up. With no assistants — the 
designer employs only about 20 people — she 
has had to rely on interns to take the edge off 
the workload. 

That's where Sweet Briar re-enters the 
picture. "I actually contacted the career 
services center to say if any Sweet Briar 
students are interested, and they're going to 
be around New York during the summer. I'd 
definitely be looking for interns, and they can 
just forward me their resume," she said. 

Lucy Knaus '08 contacted Platner and 
spent four weeks last summer working with 
her at Angel Sanchez. Knaus worked on photo 
shoots and "lookbooks." did editorial analysis 
and sent gowns to celebrities and magazines. 

"1 really appreciate that Sam ... gave me 
a lot of daily responsibilities and asked for 

my opinions and help on a lol ol important 
projects," Knaus wrote in an essa) following 

her internship "I do believe that her interns 
... do a lot of the day-to-day duties. 

"I learned a lot about what it's like to work 
in New York City and how competitive the 

industry is. Completing this internship made 
me realize how much I enjoy working with 
other people and also that the majority of the 
people working in the fashion industry started 
at the bottom and had to work their way up. 

"It is a very elastic industry there is 
always the expectation of promotion as long 
as one is a responsible and hardworking 
individual. I couldn't have had a belter 
internship experience." 

Platner appreciated the assistance and the 
opportunity to mentor a future Sweet Briar 
alumna. "[Lucy] was a great help," she said. 
"It was nice to have a Sweet Briar student. 
I have interns from FIT and Parsons, but it 
was special to have a Sweet Briar student. We 
have a connection." 

When asked if she'd like to have more 
Sweet Briar interns, Platner was quick to 
answer: "Definitely. I would love to have 
another one this summer." 

In the meantime, though. Platner presses 
on as the PR department for Angel Sanchez. 
The hours are long, the days are crazy, but she 
loves her job and the responsibilities that 
come with it. 

"I'm responsible for a ton." she said. 
"That includes advertising, and 1 also work 
extremely close with the designer, and his 
schedule is super busy w ith meetings and 

"The design studio is on the sixth floor 
and I'm on the ninth floor, so it really 
involves leadership every day because often I 
just have to make decisions for him on his 
behalf, and lead." 


Katherine Polevitzky '93: The Story of a Sweet Briar Marine 


Katherine Irene 
Polevitzky "93 
became a Marine on 
Aug. 13. 1994. the 
day she graduated 
from Officer 
Candidate School at 
Marine Corps Base 
Quantico in Virginia. 

Her parents, 
Serge and Gege 
Polevitzky, were 
there. As they 
watched their 
smartly uniformed 
daughter receive her 
commission, Gege Polevitzky let go of long- 
held reservations about Katherine's military 
vocation — a path she had stuck to since she 
was about 10 years old. 

"This really fits you," Mrs. Polevitzky told 
the brand-new second lieutenant as soon as 
she had the chance. 

"My mother was telling me I found my 
calling, not just a job to clock in to from 
nine to five," Polevitzky said, recalling the 

"1 always hope that young women going 
through college — especially at Sweet Briar — 
pursue a career that gives them a sense of 
accomplishment. Their career choice should 
be a positive contribution to society, not just 
earning a paycheck." 

As a leader, Polevitzky stresses being true 
to oneself. At Sweet Briar, an environment rife 
with opportunities to lead, she saw classmates 
who took charge Monday through Thursday 
"adjusting themselves to socially interact, to 
hang out with guys," on the weekend. 

"It wasn't true across the board, but I did 
see that," she said. "There's just no reason 
to change the woman who is an incredible 
leader in the classroom and on campus during 
the week to somebody else on the weekend to 
impress the guys." 

Trying to be someone you're not wouldn't 
fly in her job. "Marines can smell a facade 
a hundred miles away," said Polevitzky, who 
has risen to the rank of major. 

She spoke by cell phone from her office 
in Baghdad, where she arrived in June for 
a one-year deployment. She works in the 
International Zone as the executive officer 
to the commanding general of the Civilian 
Police Assistance Training Team. U.S. 

Army Maj. Gen. Michael D. Jones. CPATT's 
mission is to advise and assist Iraq's Ministry 
of the Interior in building its police forces. 

Polevitzky's military occupation 
specialty — her MOS — is communications 
officer. Ordinarily her job is setting up radio, 
satellite, and wire communications systems to 
enable field units and their commands to talk 
or send data in any environment. 

Her home base is 1st Marine Division. 
I Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp 
Pendleton. California, where last year she 
commanded the nearly 300 troops of 1st 
Marine Division Communications Company. 
She considers the post one of the best 
assignments of her career. 

When she was given the command, 
it had a "particular reputation," she said, 
diplomatically. But within a year, the Corps' 
communications headquarters had hand-picked 
her company to develop new instruction and to 
be the "test bed" for new equipment slated for 
use by all Marine communications units. They 
also were tapped to train the units based in 
Southern California. 

She and Sgt. Maj. Peter A. Hall, who was 
her first sergeant at the time, achieved that 
recognition through "elbow grease," she said. 
"The first three months were focused on 
reinforcing discipline and communications 
training. The company needed to be 
reminded that they were a team, not a group 
of individuals." 

They went for field training for a week 
at a time, "setting up communications 
architecture, making sure it works, taking it 
down, moving it, setting it up again. For an 
Infantry Division Headquarters, this is no 
small job," Polevitzky said. 

During that time, she drew on her own six 
months at The Basic School, the next step for 
all USMC lieutenants after Officer Candidate 
School. At TBS, every officer — regardless of 
future specialty — is trained to be an infantry 
platoon commander. 

Because the Corps emphasizes unit 
cohesion, Polevitzky makes no allowance 
for gender. "If I tried to separate myself as 
something other than a Marine and say, well 
I'm a female and here's what I do as a female, 
then I separate myself from the team." 

To lead Marines, be competent in your 
specialty, be confident, train them well 
and make sure they understand the mission 
objective, she said. "Marines respect a leader 

who is true to their word, leads by example, 
and always remembers: Accomplish the 
mission and take care of your Marines." 

During her career, Polevitzky has traveled 
abroad, serving six months in support of 
the U.S. mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 
1996 — a post that allowed her to explore 
Europe when she was on leave. In 1998 she 
deployed to Kuwait with the 31st Marine 
Expeditionary Unit during Operation Desert 
Fox. She also earned a master's in business 
administration from Boston University. 

Her decorations include a Meritorious 
Service Medal with gold star, Joint Service 
Commendation Medal. Joint Service 
Achievement Medal with oak leaf cluster, and 
the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal. 

You have to want the life of a military 
officer to succeed, Polevitzky said. But if 
there are SBC women who feel called to do it, 
she wants them to know they can. 

"It's an awesome experience to lead 
Marines." she said. 

Katherine Polevitzky receives a care 
package from the United States. 

Serving in Baghdad's International 
Zone. U.S. Marine Corps Maj. Katherine 
Polevitzky '93 has seen an outpouring 
of support from Americans for troops 
serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
It comes in the form of letters and 
care packages from ordinary people 
addressed to any soldier, sailor, airman, 
or Marine. 

"Whether they agree with why we're 
here or they disagree, they support the 
troops," Polevitzky said. "It is greatly 

If you want to add your voice, go to, an official 
Web site of the Department of Defense. 



Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


Frances G. Laserson '70: First President of 
The Moody's Foundation 

Frances Griffith I aserson. \ ice president, 
Corporate Communications at Moody's 
Corporation, and president of The Moody's 
Foundation, lives amidst (he large-scale 
excitement of New York City's corporate 
community Surrounded by skyscrapers 
and taxis in the heart of the city's financial 
district. Moody's is a 100-year-old company 
employing 3.400 people throughout the world. 

Iran's career success began with her 
positive experience at Sweet Briar and 
liberal arts education. Though a sociology 
major. Fran comments: "1 recall classes with 
Dr. Ernest Edwards who taught ecology, 
field biology, and ornithology. I am still 
a birdwatcher and keep binoculars and a 
Peterson's Guide to Birds on hand to identify 
w hat \ isits our birdfeeder. My favorite 
SBC memories revolve around individual 
friendships: playing on the field hockey team, 
spending time with my fellow QV's, planning 
events with the Social Committee, step 
singing ... and walking to Guion early in the 

After graduation, Fran moved to 
Manhattan during a time when "Wall Street 
was [just] beginning to discover the business 
value in employing women," Fran says. She 
joined the Chemical Bank Management 
Training Program, which had only seven 
women in its large trainee class. 

Undaunted. Fran gained experience in the 
financial realm that took her to her next job 
with Moody's Investors Service. As a fixed 
income securities analyst. "I managed public 
finance ratings in the Midwest ...and was a 
member of the rating committee that assigned 
credit ratings to state and local governments, 
nonprofit hospitals, utilities, colleges and 
universities." Fran said. 

During her tenure as a financial analyst, 
Fran was diagnosed with cancer. "[It] 
sidetracked my career," she commented. "I 
took 1 1 years off to regain my health and 
devote time to raising my two daughters and 
volunteering within my community." At this 
time. Sweet Briar stepped back into Fran's 
life. She became a member of the Sweet 
Briar Board of Overseers, now the board of 

"I joined the board just after my second 
daughter was born and served for eight 
years, participating on the marketing and 
development committees and chairing the 
enrollment committee." 

Fran's experience on the board and 
w ith other similar volunteer work enabled 
her to transition back into the workforce 

with case, "liv September 1994, I felt that 
the window of opportunity was closing 
for reestablishing a professional career. I 
•prepared a 'functional' resume that focused 
on the skills I had gained through volunteer 
work: marketing communications, strategic 
planning, and program management to 
counterbalance my hiatus from the workforce. 
I approached Moody's as an independent 
marketing consultant." Fran's self-confidence, 
determination, and past experience earned 
her management positions first in Marketing 
and then in Corporate Communications, "a 
substantial shift from my prior analytical 
position ... but one that hearkened back to my 
initial interest in sociology at Sweet Briar." 

As leader of Corporate Communications 
for Moody's, she developed a corporate 
philanthropy program. "[This was] an 
assignment that called upon all the skills I 
had acquired in the volunteer sector." She 
became the first president of The Moody's 
Foundation in 2002, overseeing the firm's 
charitable giving programs and community 
affairs. "In 2008, I will transition to managing 
the corporate social responsibility program 
full time and exploring the possible expansion 
of the company's philanthropic efforts beyond 
the U.S. and the UK to other countries where 
our businesses are growing." 

Fran enjoys the challenge of creating 
a corporate giving program with new 
partnerships and community activities that 
mold a pipeline of talent and diversity for 
future Moody's employees. "Having the 
opportunity to develop and fine-tune a 
strategic corporate giving program from 
scratch has been immensely rewarding," Fran 
says. "Branded community programs can 
create a positive public image and position 
a company as a committed corporate citizen 
and leader in its field. Corporate philanthropy 
is about 'doing good," but it is also about 
the use of shareholders' dollars to support 
corporate strategy. Balancing both objectives 
is satisfying work." One such community 
program is the Moody's Mega Math (M 3 ) 
Challenge, an internet-based competition for 
high school students awarding scholarships 
to those who demonstrate excellence in their 
understanding of mathematics and modeling. 
"This year. CNBC featured the competition 
on Wall Street Report as an example of a 
corporation's successful effort to interest 
high school students in math and careers in 
financial services," explained Fran. 

In her community. Fran serves on the 
executive committee of the board of trustees 

of New York Downtown Hospital. With 
the chief medical officer, she co-chairs the 
Quality Council, responsible for maintaining 
and improving patient care. She is a member 
of the board of trustees of Prep for Prep, "an 
organization that develops the leadership 
potential of able young people from segments 
of society grossly under-represented in today's 
leadership pool." She serves on the board 
of her high school alma mater. Kent Place 
School, Summit, New Jersey, and was recently- 
elected president of the board of trustees of 
The Brick Presbyterian Church of New York. 
She is also a member of the Gender & Policy 
Program Advisory Board for the School of 
International & Public Affairs. Columbia 
University, and the task force for The Center 
for Work-Life Policy examining "The Hidden 
Brain Drain: Women and Minorities as 
Unrealized Assets." 

When asked what advice she would give to 
young alumnae and students at Sweet Briar. 
Fran said: "Start volunteering right away. 
There are special kinds of leadership skills 
that are developed through service to others, 
skills that become useful in business and 
for life, in general ... Regardless of context, 
[whether] volunteering in the community 
or hav ing a professional career, attitude 
determines experience. Asking for more 
responsibility and taking on assignments that 
may initially put you outside your comfort 
zone will develop the experience and the 
habits that will define your personal style of 
leadership." — C. Murray 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine 


Winter 2007/2008 • 21 


Nicole File '95: Senior Editor for CNN 


Landing the perfect job takes a lot of skill, 
but sometimes there is some luck involved, 
too. When Nicole File '95 went to Atlanta 
during spring break of her senior year to 
interview for a job at a law firm, she never 
thought the trip would eventually lead her to 

It was by accident that the North Carolina 
native walked into a random office building, 
where she encountered a headhunter agency 
owned by two Sweet Briar alumnae — and 
sisters at that. The women wanted to see her 
resume and liked it immediately. 

A few months after graduation, Nicole 
was offered a one-day assignment at Turner 
Entertainment in Atlanta, which turned 
into a permanent job. When the company 
underwent drastic structural changes in 
several departments, Nicole decided to look 
for another position. She responded to a 
posting with CNN and was hired right away. 

Looking back. Nicole was amazed at 
how beneficial her contributions to the 
Sweet Briar News (now The Voice) were in 
getting her the job as editor. "1 really thought 
people wouldn't know this small women's 
college, but they do," she said, adding that 
CNN was impressed that she had worked 
for a newspaper at all. "The experience of 
assigning stories, researching, interviewing, 

writing, and editing meant 1 was already 
familiar with those tasks when they came up 
in my work," she explained. "I'm referring as 
much to the 'people skills' and 'leadership' 
parts as to the specific technical aspects 
of writing and editing. Also, organizing a 
product with a specific audience in mind was 
helpful later when I would work on shows 
with a certain demographic." 

Nicole added that her English and creative 
writing education at Sweet Briar was not only 
superior to writing programs at other schools, 
but it also prepared her especially well for her 
current position as a senior editor. 

"When I first started at CNN, people 
would ask me, 'where did you learn to write 
so pretty?'" said Nicole, who specialized 
in poetry and fiction. She explained that 
professors at SBC taught her to "write 
something that was true, even if it was fiction." 
John Gregory Brown, Mary Oliver, and other 
English professors helped her to develop an eye 
for the important parts of a story, and she also 
learned not to overstate facts. 

"Just because somebody drops a bomb, 
you can't call it a war," Nicole said with 
regard to her job at CNN. 

As a control room editor, Nicole is 
responsible for the final edits of a show 
before it goes on air. During the show, Nicole 
updates and edits news bites as they come 
in — these are what we read on the scrolling 
ribbon at the bottom of our TV screen. 

Though Nicole's job has required her to be 
a leader at certain times, the current situation 
is somewhat different. 

"We're a team of leaders," she explained, 
saying that she is equally ranked with 
producers, executives, and supervisors. 

Working without clear hierarchies has its 
advantages, but of course there's a downside 
too: "When something goes wrong, you're not 
the only one to blame; but if you have a good 
idea, you have to convince everybody first," 
Nicole said. 

Nicole defines good leadership as a 
willingness to experience things from the 
perspective of those you are leading. She calls 
this "servant leadership," and explained: "The 
good leaders 1 know defend those they lead, 
[they] hire — or don't fire — the occasional 
unlikely candidate, and are willing to try an 
unorthodox idea, knowing their own careers 
depend on the outcome. In my experience, 
they almost always have a better record 
overall. But leaders need support from their 
own leaders, and from those they lead ... even 

when they make a bad call." Nicole believes 
that a strong leader should think creatively, 
challenging and supporting her team at the 
same time. This also means that leaders 
forgive mistakes. 

"Our culture does away with that more 
and more now," said Nicole, explaining her 
views that success has become too much 
of a focus in our society. "I think the pool 
of people who think like good leaders is 
shrinking. I'm blessed to work in one of the 
last bastions of good news leadership." 

Despite the fact that gender equality is 
still not completely achieved in many work 
places, Nicole said that she has never felt that, 
as a woman, she couldn't do something. 

"CNN is one of the best places to work 
for women," she said, estimating that about 
half of the employees are women. "But I'm 
not sure about management positions," she 
admitted. CNN's policy provides a maternity 
plan, and the flexible shifts allow mothers to 
spend time with their children during the day. 

Nicole considers her experience at Sweet 
Briar valuable to her strong self esteem: "I 
was actually quite a tomboy when I came to 
Sweet Briar, and I left as something more of a 
lady, but also more of a feminist." 

Nicole said that going to a women's 
college made her aware of the great aspects 
of women. "Strong women are different from 
strong men," she explained, saying that Sweet 
Briar gave her a different perspective on 
women and leadership. 

"Before [I came to Sweet Briar] I thought 
I had to be more like a man to be successful," 
Nicole said. "I learned you can be a woman 
and be just as accomplished." 

In her free time, Nicole tutors first-grade 
Hispanic students at her church, helping 
them with their homework because many of 
the parents don't speak English. "I'm both 
a mentor and a tutor," Nicole said. She also 
volunteers on Sweet Briar's newly formed 
English and creative writing advisory 
council. The council is available to help guide 
students in their specific career goals. 

Nicole said she is very content, but is also 
exploring new things at the moment, such as 
reporting and freelance writing. "There are 
many possibilities in my current job to do 
something different," Nicole said. 

When asked what advice she had for 
current Sweet Briar students interested in 
journalism. Nicole had a simple answer: 
"Learn to write!" 

22 • '.'. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


Nicole Streeter '94: A Director at Heart 

"It takes courage to push yourself to places 
you ha\c never been before ... to (cm your 
limits ... to break through barriers. And the 

day \\ ill come when the risk it takes to remain 
tight inside the bud is more painful than the 
risk it takes to blossom." A quote bv French 
author Altai's Niu is found at the bottom of 
each email Nicole sends. When speaking with 
her, il becomes apparent that a philosophy of 
determination and responsibility, a passion 
for challenges, and a respect for the beaut) of 
change are a part of her everydaj existence. 

"I verybody's route is different." says 
Nicole Streeter ' l >4. the new executive director 
of the Houston Texans foundation, an NFL 
franchise w ith a mission to be champions 
for youth. A career path forked by change, 
opportunity, and a range of interests led her 
in adopt this mantra. She was motivated from 
a young age to plan for a professional life. 
At 14. Nicole volunteered at The University 
of Texas. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, the 
leading cancer treatment center in the nation 
and "the pride of Houston." When it came 
time for college, all roads pointed to Sweet 
Briar. Close friend LaQuinta Donatto '92 
already attended SBC and encouraged Nicole 
to apply. A College representative gave a 
winning presentation at her high school, and 
soon after, an interview at the home of Natalie 
Hoyt "72 showed Nicole that she was destined 
to become a Sweet Briar woman. 

Aware of her African American heritage, 
Nicole arrived at SBC in fall of 1990 with a 
mission to express her views about tolerance 
and acceptance. She seized every opportunity 
to address the issue of diversity on campus. 
As president of the Unity Club, she helped 
to host diversity forums and became part of 
an organization titled New Leadership under 
faculty advisor Helen Beckstrom. "It was a 
challenging time on Sweet Briar campus," 
Nicole stated, "We had students sitting on the 
lawn of the library protesting issues related 
to diversity." Many of these protests and 
leadership initiatives resulted in Women and 
Gender Studies at Sweet Briar, which has a 
focus on women's leadership. 

Nicole received her bachelor's degree 
in psychology from SBC and moved back 
to Houston. "My first job was as a clinical 
case manager at the Community Partners 
Adolescent Clinic. We saw 300 or more 
adolescent obstetric patients per week." Nicole 
felt very much out of the Pink Bubble as she 
dealt with crisis intervention, preliminary 
psychiatric assessments, and referrals. "It 
was my first encounter with a pregnant 
nine -year-old," she revealed. "It opened my 
eyes to teenage pregnancy in Houston and in 
general." As Nicole gained experience, she felt 

called down the path to become a doctor in 

oidci in help untangle some of the problems 

she was seeing for the first time. 

"It's important to demonstrate that the 
route to sour goal is not always a Straight line, 
li is definitely a journey," Nicole said. Always 
open to opportunities in her path, she realized 
that dreams often change as they are followed. 
Several pursuits in the direction of health 
care revealed her strong talent and passion for 
fund raising. 

Nicole married in 2001 and enrolled in 
the University of Texas School of Public 
Health with the long-term goal of becoming 
a doctor. While at UT, the leadership skills 
and self-confidence that she gained at 
Sweet Briar came into play. Nicole became 
strongly invested in community research, 
yet found that funding was necessary and 
limited. UT did not offer any classes in 
writing grants and proposals, yet posted on 
the student affairs bulletin board was a flyer 
advertising the Jane Adams Fellowship for 
Philanthropy for undergraduates. It didn't 
take her long to place an inquiry about 
graduate student fellowships. "A secretary 
told me I had just two weeks to apply," she 
remembers. Nicole was accepted under the 
William Randolph Hearst Fellowship for 
the two-year program in philanthropy. "It 
completely turned my life around." She 
worked at the Center of Philanthropy and 
attended classes that changed the course of 
her career. During internships and loaned 
executive opportunities, Nicole "worked at the 
YMCA Urban mission, helped with strategic 
planning, assisted with board development, 
and led the donor solicitation program." She 
also received the Bentz-Whaley Flessner 
Fellowship while at the Center, which allowed 
her to be appointed as a loaned executive with 
the National Medical Association (NMA). 

After her work at the Center, Nicole 
switched gears from health care and medical 
school all together. She became the director 
of alumni affairs and alumni giving at Martin 
University in Indianapolis. This was "a great 
opportunity for me to become a director," 
says Nicole. 

After several years, Nicole took a job 
as project director of the World Health 
Organization (WHO). Collaborating Center 
for Supportive Cancer Care at M.D. Anderson 
Cancer Center in Houston. Her experience 
as alumni director at Martin allowed her 
to delve confidently into her position as 
an administrative leader in strategic fund 
development. "I provided administrative 
direction, solicited major gifts, prepared 
proposals for foundation solicitations, and 
established national and international research 

collaborations on health policy for supportive 
cancer care. I organized conferences across 
the country for pain and supportive care 
physicians, pharmaceutical representatives, 
and FDA officials to discuss the implications 
and efficacy of pipeline pain medications." 

The word about Nicole's capabilities as a 
project director of the WHO sparked interest 
in the Houston community. When the director 
of the Houston Texans Foundation stepped 
down, Nicole was offered the job and took 
it, seeing a new opportunity to fundraise for 
another good cause. 

In her community, Nicole sits on the board 
of Girls, Inc. "This organization is interested 
in making a positive, measurable impact in 
young girls' lives," Nicole says. "Girls, Inc. 
program coordinators go into underserved 
communities and prov ide girls with hands-on 
experiences that enable them to build 
confidence and develop their own authentic 
identity." As a board member, she also serves 
as a mentor for the girls. 

According to Nicole. Sweet Briar offered 
her a foundation that enabled her to pursue 
the path of her choice. Sweet Briar taught her 
to pivot on a dime, to change course as life 
persuaded. Nicole reminisced about a trip to 
Sweet Briar: "Recently. LaQuinta Donatto 
and I were driving by the Sweet Briar barn 
and saw the horses in the field. As a student. 
I never rode, but now 1 love horses! I w isfa I 
had ... taken a riding course for fun. Students 
should take advantage of every opportunity 
in which they have an interest. They have no 
idea where life might take them. It's important 
to make opportunities of your own! Find your 
authentic voice, your passion, and enjov the 
journey." — C. Murray 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Winter 2007/2008 • 23 


Cathy Packard '73: Serving Her Community 

1' ,» 

* vm : 'f" 

■•4k K *i_ 



'> >'V:*J 

mSKr ^ Ml 


1 ' 




Above: Cathy enjoys her work and is laugh- 
ing at a board breakfast with Milton Levy, one 
of the founders of Special Care and Career 

Top: Expanding Worlds Luncheon, October 
2007. L-R: Cathy smiles with Ramya and Tulasi 
Ponnuswamy, mother with an ECI client, and 
Sharon Herrin. 

/ realized how 

fulfilling and 

important it 

is to promote 


in society. 

In 1969 the Beatles released Abbey Road, the 
United States was at war in Vietnam, and 
men took their first steps on the moon. In a 
time of protests and riots, of political unrest 
and social change, Cathy Rasmussen traveled 
eastward from Pearl Harbor onto Sweet Briar 
campus, a place where her family knew 
she would be safe from the campus turmoil 
reported in the news. Cathy says Sweet Briar's 
Junior Year in France program sealed the deal 
for her to attend a college on the other side 
of the country. Cathy also had several Sweet 
Briar graduates already in the family: her 
mother, Dolly Clark '50, and aunts Jane Black 
Clark '56, and Lynn Clark '61. 

Cathy Rasmussen Packard '73, now 
executive director of a successful nonprofit 
corporation, views herself then as a different 
kind of student leader. "I wasn't a leader 
like my mother," she says, "who was 'Miss 
Everything' and May Queen [when she 
attended Sweet Briar]." For Cathy, leading was 
not about being dubbed president. It was, and 
still is. about rallying behind issues that she 
believes are important. "When I see a cause, I 
like to support it," says Cathy. 

As a student, establishing the Career 
Center at Sweet Briar was a cause that Cathy 
embraced enthusiastically. When she began 
volunteering there, "it was just a bookshelf." 
She took the lead in helping to start the 
first fundraising campaign for a new center. 
Local boutiques loaned outfits to parade in a 
fashion show fundraiser that she organized. 
Letters Cathy drafted garnered support, and 
one earned a significant reply gift of $1,000, 
an impressive achievement for a sophomore. 

After graduating from Sweet Briar with a 
degree in International Affairs, Cathy moved to 
Washington D.C. and staffed for Congressman 
Burt L. Talcott from Monterey, California. 
During her one and a half years on his staff. 

she was in charge of organizing a high school 
student leadership program. Talented students 
visited federal establishments in Pennsylvania, 
Virginia, and Washington D.C. "This was 
before leadership programs were 'the thing.'" 
remembers Cathy. She introduced them to 
senators, members of the Supreme Court, and 
the president's executive staff. While working 
for Talcott, Cathy would slip away to the 
Watergate hearings during lunch breaks. "Even 
though I didn't agree with them, [the men 
on trial] spoke with extraordinary dignity in 
front of senators and aides on TV. [They were] 
very capable men who made choices that got 
them into trouble. It was an important lesson 
to not forget your core values." For Cathy, the 
first year out of college was "eye-opening and 
exciting, filled with good news and bad news 
as Vietnam was winding down and difficult 
choices had to be made [regarding] the first 
war we weren't going to win." 

Married and no longer staffing for 
Congressman Talcott, Cathy moved to 
Dallas, Texas; became a mother to daughters 
Kelly, Lynn, and Christie; and focused her 
leadership efforts on YMCA sports coaching 
and school activities. Membership in the 
Junior League exposed her for the first time 
to nonprofit organizations. With the League's 
support, she re-entered the workforce. 

Always at the forefront of change, Cathy 
was fascinated with rapidly advancing 
computer technology. Apple had just released 
its first desktop in 1978. In 1983, Cathy 
volunteered for the Center for Nonprofit 
Management, one of the top five management 
assistance centers of its type, to help 
nonprofits create personalized fundraising 
letters using this new technology. "Junior 
League training showed me how to build and 
manage a database, create a letter in WordStar, 
and use the computer for more than just 
letters. The positive impact on nonprofit staff 
students and the power that new technology 
gave them was breathtaking," said Cathy. 

She went on to market her skills to 
executives, most of whom were men, 
unwilling to take classes with secretaries 
who already knew how to type. "I realized 
how fulfilling and important it is to promote 
beneficial advancements in society." 

After twenty years in a successful career 
of marketing and selling technology-based 
products, the feeling of "Wow, I want to find 
a way to do this again," resonated with her. 
She left the for-profit arena and went back 
to The Center for Nonprofit Management as 
director of Technology Services. Working 


Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine 



there, Cathj was determined to make a difference, and slic did 
nisi that w iili the launch of low-cost training and ser\ ices for 
nonprofits and a technology fair that is now pail of an annual 
all-topic fair for nonprofits in Dallas, rexas. 

In November of 2005, Catln was recruited to be the 
executive director of Special (.'arc & Career Sen jces (SCCS). 
After researching the agency, she found that ii perfectly 
matched another lifelong goal of hers to care for those w nil 
disabilities, lis two programs, Early Childhood Intervention, 
which provides therapies to babies with delays and disabilities, 
and Supported Employment Services, which employs adults 
with disabilities, allow Cathy to help individuals reach their 
maximum potential in school and life. She is able to help 
"place people in good jobs- real jobs." 

Cathy has been executive director for nearly two years. 
In that time the organization's adult program has grown 1 10 
percent, beating all-time job placement records and gaining 
recognition from state and local leaders. SCCS has added 14 new 
employers for people with disabilities. According to professional 
studies, this program not only benefits the employee, but also the 
company, immediate community, and the nation at large. Cathy 
credits her team for this outstanding progress. 

"I'm not interested in leading just to lead or be in charge. 
I have to be passionate about the results I can help to achieve. 
I use the book Good to Great by James Collins as a guide. 
Effective leadership is about picking the best people and 
building a great team, cultivating your own replacements 
and allowing your people the freedom and support to be 
successful in their jobs. I ask God every day to help me 
make wise decisions and to remember the ability to lead is 
just another trait necessary to the team ... but never more 
important than the team. 1 also feel privileged to have a Sweet 
Briar education. It is a critical component to believing 1 can 
go toe-to-toe with anyone, male or female, and to building a 
can-do and will-win attitude." 

Among Cathy's professional activities and memberships, 
she has served as president of The Center for Computer 
Assistance to the Disabled, what she considered "a boutique 
agency in a Wal-Mart world." She made their acquisition by 
United Cerebral Palsy of Dallas (UCP) possible, which helped 
the program stay alive. A past UCP board vice president of 
development, she received the UCP Volunteer of the Year 
Award in 2005. Cathy is a founding member and president- 
elect of a brand new Alliance of Agency Executives Serving 
People with Disabilities that has grown to more than 20 dues- 
paying agency members in one year. Cathy is also chair of 
the more targeted Supported Employment Coalition that has 
launched a local job bank and contract job coach list. 

Cathy advises young professionals seeking leadership 
positions "to represent a cause, product, or initiative that you 
believe in" regardless of power and fame. "Secondly," she 
continues, "be a contributing member of a great team. Be clear 
in what you want to achieve, be mindful of other people's 
time, perform your assignments to the best of your ability, and 
don't be afraid to take challenges when they are presented to 
you — then you'll naturally rise to a leadership position in a 
form that suits you and best serves your community." 

— C. Murray 

Heidi Hansen McCrory, vice 
president (or development 
wins the renowned ATHENA 
Award for excellence in her 

SBC Development 



Heidi Hansen Met !rory, \ ice president for 
development at Sweet Briar College, was 
presented a 2007 ATH1 W Award Oct. 
23 b\ the Lynchburg Regional Chamber of 
Commerce and the CENTRA Foundation. 

The award was presented at the annual 
Women of Worth luncheon, held at the 
Kirk Icy Hotel and Conference Center 
in Lynchburg during National Business 
Women's Week, Oct. 21 27. 

According to the ATHENA International Web site, the award recognizes 
professional women who "demonstrate excellence, creath ity and initiative 
in their business profession." "provide valuable service by contributing time 
and energy to improve the quality of life for others in the community," and 
"actively assist women in realizing their full leadership potential." 

The ATHENA Award is presented each year by women's organizations, 
chambers of commerce and universities all over the world. Since 1982, 
more than 5,000 women in 500 communities have been honored. 

McCrory was one of 15 professional women nominated from the 
Lynchburg area. As a winner of a local award, she is eligible for the 
International ATHENA Award, to be presented in the spring. 

McCrory was nominated by her employees in the development office, 
both for her work at Sweet Briar as well as her volunteer efforts in the 
community. "The development office is very proud that Heidi won this 
award," Sheila Alexander, development communications coordinator, said. 
"It is a small reflection of how much we appreciate her." 

In nominating their boss, development employees praised McCrory 
for "being an excellent role model, not just because her position dictates 
respect," adding that she "earns our respect by working just as hard — if not 
harder — than anyone on her team. She is supportive of us in our jobs and 
in all our endeavors and encourages each of us to explore what makes us 
happy and to strive to reach our personal goals." 

Among other things, in addition to heading up the College's fundraising 
efforts, McCrory is active in the Girl Scouts of Virginia Skyline Council, 
where she is chair of the board of directors; a parent volunteer for the E.C. 
Glass High School Theatre, and a member of the Emerson College Parents 
Leadership Council. 

She also has been a speaker and w orkshop leader at various professional 
conferences, including the Virginia Community Colleges Chancellor's 
Annual Planning Retreat, Virginia Senior Leadership Seminar for Women 
in Higher Education. Council for Advancement and Support of Education 
and the Association of Fundraising Professionals. 

President Elisabeth Muhlenfeld also commended McCrory in a letter to 
the chamber of commerce. 

"Throughout the time I have known her." she wrote. "I ha\e been 
amazed at Heidi McCrory 's energy and her dedication to strengthening the 
community. ... Still, as busy as she is. it is Heidi who remembers people's 
birthdays, and who takes the initiative to find ways to show those around 
her how much she values them. 

"She is a good friend to many, many people across our community, and a 
wonderful role model for the girls and young women w ith whom she comes 
in contact through her work with the Girl Scouts and at Sweet Briar. She is 
without question one of Lynchburg's most noteworthy women of worth." 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazir 


Winter 2007/2008 • 25 

' e*x&teA^J^< 


Recommended by the Shape of the Future study, the Sweet 
Briar Board of Directors agreed that a leadership program was 
vital to a healthy college campus. The Sweet Briar Leadership 
Certificate Program (LCP) was created and developed in 2005 and is 
a three phase program open to all students. It combines academic and 
experiential learning that develops an understanding of the theory and 
foundations of leadership; fosters personal skills such as communication 
and ethical decision making; and teaches the organizational skills 
necessary to work well with others and to motivate groups working 
toward a common goal. By the end of the 2005-2006 academic 
year, 24 students were participating in the program. As of fall 20)0)7, 
23 students are enrolled in Phase III, 18 students in Phase II, and 32 
students in Phase I! 


Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

The Sweet Briar College 
Leadership Certificate Program 
prepares women to become 

engaged and influential members 
of a workl community. Through 
a network of on- and off-campus 
mentors, students are empowered 
to learn to lead with integrity 
through participation in a program 
that combines academic and 
experiential learning focused on 
the foundations of leadership, 
individual personal development, 
and organizational theories. 

Program Overview 

Participation in the program is a commitment 
that spans a student *s entire on-campus 
career. Each phase is completed in one 
academic year, yet exceptions are made that 
allow students to study abroad or participate 
in other special programs. Students who 
complete all phases receive a certificate at 
graduation; however, they may complete 
just one or two phases and still receive 
recognition for that particular phase(s). 
Transfer students who demonstrate that they 
have begun a similar program at another 
institution may participate. 

Students begin Phase I by being a part of 
the Leaders: Emerging and Achieving Program 
(LEAP). LEAP meets weekly and provides 
exploration leadership concepts, self-awareness, 
and may include a community project. Students 
may participate in LEAP without intending to 
complete the Certificate Program. 

Each program phase includes: 

• Successful completion of the previous 

• Regular meetings with the LCP Director. 
These sessions include the study of 
theoretical foundations, readings, 
discussions, and presentations. Recent 
presentations include: Youth. Innovation 
and Development: A Global Perspective; 
report on attendance at the National 
Collegiate Leadership Conference at the 

University ol Arizona; and reflection on 
leadership defined by Machtavelli 

• Attending events « ith an educational 
or cultural component outside of class 

• requirements. Recent opportunities have 
included Ambassador Bushnell's Founders' 
Day speech and sessions w iih students, the 
PowerShift conference addressing climate 
change held in Washington D.C., and the 
on-campus Fall Gospel Festival sponsored In 
Sweet Briar's new minority group ONYX. 

• Participating actively in at least two Icam- 
oriented acti\ ities. Students are encouraged 
to take leadership roles in these acti\ ities 
in Phase II. and Phase 111 requires that the 
Student assume a leadership role for at least 
one activity. 

• Completion of 12 credit hours from 
approved classes that have a focus 
on leadership. Courses which meet 
the Leadership Certificate Program 
requirement must do one or more of the 
following: introduce concepts relevant to 
leadership; enhance leadership skills; give 
students opportunities to take a leadership 
role in a collaborative project. 

• Attend the on-campus Student Leadership 
Conference each spring. Participants in 
Phases II and III have the opportunity to 
help plan and implement all aspects of the 

• Maintain a record of leadership activities 
and classes and evaluate the ways in which 
she has molded her concept of leadership 
and its challenges. 

• Write a reflective essay exploring her 
definition of leadership and how it has 
changed over the course of the year. She 
will explore the connections between her 
course work and individual experiences. 

All students enrolled have reported that 
they find the program is valuable to their 
college experience and to their future, and 
all plan to complete the certificate. Our first 
group of students to complete the program 
will graduate and receive their certificates 
this May — Congratulations! 

L ' tfiu 06 ute*vt6 K^LLti . . . 


"I'm lucky that Sweet Briar has this 
program... the things we do and study in the 
Leadership Program help tie it all together... 
this program is truly my number one interest 
at Sweet Briar." 

— Anne Lojek '08. LCPIII 

"The Leadership! ertificate program has 
been a blessing and a challenge because 
of the nature of my majoi and minoi l 
was fortunate in my choice to pursue the 
education program because the classes 
I needed to lake lii quite nicely with the 
I eadershipt ertificate requirements, I he 
I eadership Certificate Program has allowed 
me to invest time and energ) into personal 

development along with mj other educal al 

goals, something which I Fear I mighl nol 
have made time for otherwise. In previous 
years, especially in Phase I. I really enjoyed 
the chance to bond with other members of 
the Sweel Briar community that were not 
entrenched in the departments I mainly 
work within. We were able to compare our 
respective workloads and be comforted that 
we were not crazy to pursue so much. The 
type of student who becomes involved in the 
LCP is often an overachiever already, and 
to make friends with other overachievers is 
a nice lifeline at times. This year in Phase 
III the focus shifted a bit to a more personal 
development. I especially enjoyed the mini- 
workshops that have been incorporated 
into Phase III on useful skills such as 
public speaking and time management. The 
community we have built within the program 
has been a very tangible reminder of why 
I came to Sweet Briar in the first place. I 
feel at home with the other members, most 
of whom I rarely see and may not have ever 
become acquainted otherwise." 

—Emily Clifton 08 LCP III 

"One of the best decisions I have made while at 
Sweet Briar was being part of the Leadership 
Certificate Program. This program has enabled 
me to combine my leadership roles both inside 
and outside of the classroom and apply them 
to real life situations. The requirements help 
hone important leadership skills such as verbal 
communication, organization, marketing, 
writing communication, and general problem 
solving. This program has also helped me to 
better understand different types of people and 
how to adjust myself in order to better utilize 
the skills that each individual person has to 

"Nobody said that being a leader was 
easy, but in order to be a good leader it is 
important to note that practice makes perfect. 
If you do not succeed at first it is imperative 
that you try, try again. This program helps 
guide you on how to be an effective leader 
not only inside the classroom or on campus, 
but also in the world at large." 

—Caroline Chappell 09 LCP II 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Winter 2007/2008 • 27 

Leadership at Sweet Briar Today 


The Council for the Advancement 
of Standards in Higher 
Education (CAS) believes: 
"Leadership is an inherently relational 
process of working with others to 
accomplish a goal or to promote 
change. " CAS believes that all colleges 
should seek to develop a comprehensive 
program/opportunity that is purposeful, 
holistic, and consists of both curricular 
and co-curricular experiences. In 
addition, the program should be 
intentional, coherent, based on theories 
unci knowledge, reflective of the 
demographics of the student population 
and responsive to the needs of those 

Coupling this national benchmark 
with George Dehne's ] remarks that 
"leadership development has become a 
universal theme at most small colleges, 
but few have programs that would 
convince a prospective student that the 
institution is serious about leadership." 
However, Sweet Briar College has 
created a leadership program that 
is focused and comprehensive. 
"Leadership is a relationship between 
those who aspire to lead and those who 
choose to follow. In addition, leadership 
is found everywhere — offering hope, 
because there is a generation of leaders 
searching for opportunities to make 
a difference. " Sweet Briar College's 
leadership program allows students to 
become involved and explore leadership 
in a way they choose to define it. There 
is not a one-size-fits-all formula. As 
a result, there are nine core elements 
to the current, yet ever evolving, 
leadership program. 

New Student Orientation 

Orientation exposes students to the wide 
array of possibilities they can become 
involved in to build and test their leadership 
interests and skills. Although this intensive 
program includes the basics of room 
assignments and course registration, it also: 

• informs students of the numerous clubs, 
organizations, and groups on campus; 

• familiarizes new students with local civic 
engagement and volunteer opportunities; 

• exposes students to the structured Leaders, 
Emerging and Achieving Program (LEAP), 
which is also an integral part of the 
Leadership Certificate Program; 

• expects students to take advantage of 
all the opportunities of interest to them, 
honing their skills and experiences; 

• provides venues for the exchange of ideas, 
thoughts, opinions, and efforts. 

First-Year Experience Program 

The First-Year Experience Program is an 
intentionally designed comprehensive, 
curricular and co-curricular initiative that 
provides new students with opportunities and 
resources for making meaningful connections 
to the campus community. Students are 
introduced to a community that fosters a 
greater sense of self-knowledge, a heightened 
appreciation and respect for others, a 
commitment to life-long learning, and a 
supportive climate. This is done through 
professional staff support and guidance, 
student leaders living and learning with 
students in the first-year halls, and a variety 
of sponsored lectures, events, and programs 
focused on the transitional issues that new 
students face. The efforts of the First- Year 
Experience Program are ongoing as we help 
students develop their identity as women and 
as leaders for the future. 

In 2001, the Houghton Mifflin Company 
and The National Resource Center for 
First-Year Experience and Students in 
Transition recognized Sweet Briar's First- 
Year Experience Program as one often 
outstanding first-year programs nationally. 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


t / (ti. 



To unite the Sweet Briar campus anil promote positive community involvement 
and personal growth through </ network of peer support and encouragement that 

exemplifies the standards of all Sweet Briar women 

LEAP: Leaders, Emerging and 

Achieving Program 

LEAP is a semester-long workshop that has 
taken on a variety of formats. Students have 
taken advantage of meeting weekly with a 
different leadership topie each week. The 
presenters have included faculty and stall' 
who have discussed leadership theory, sell- 
identity, and development, ethics and values, 
balance, mediation and resolution, and more. 
Asking community members to participate 
aNo exposes students to campus resources. 
LEAP has utilized books as the common 
reading and foundation for the course from 
which the weekly units are based. Texts have 
focused on leadership lessons with humor, 
to an award-winning, historic non-fiction 
work (with the author speaking to the class), 
to a more scholarly work on the sole topic 
of leadership. An experiential component 
is built into the framework — whether a 
one-time volunteer day to a week-long spring 
break trip composed of civic engagement, 
history, and physical challenge. 

The benefits to participating in LEAP 

• the opportunity to earn a Leadership 
Certificate — a complement to their 
academic transcript; 

• an understanding for the various theories/ 
languages of leadership; 

• the chance to enhance their communication 
and interpersonal skills; 

• compiling a reference notebook of 
leadership materials; 

• development of critical thinking skills 
and engaging in the SBC community and 
forming a network of support. 

Executive Student Leaders 

There are currently 65 Executive Student 
Leaders who applied and were either selected 
or elected to represent Co-Curricular Life 
through a variety of leadership roles as para- 
professionals. To more fully represent a "real 
world" situation, these students were required 
to submit cover letters and resumes in lieu of 
traditional applications. As representatives 

of the student body, these leaders play a 
crucial role in New Student Orientation, but 
more importantly, represent Co-Curricular 
Life throughout the academic year. They arc 
held to a high standard of expectation and 

Who's Who Among Students in 
American Universities and Colleges 

Each February, selected students are called 
forward to accept one of the most prestigious 
awards in the academic community — 
selection into Who's Who Among Students 
in American Universities and Colleges. More 
than 1,900 schools in all 50 states and the 
District of Columbia confer this exclusive 
honor. Nominations are encouraged and 
received from all community members: staff 
and faculty as well as students. 

This award is given to outstanding Sweet 
Briar leaders for scholastic ability, participation 
and leadership in academic and extra curricular 
activities, and community service. In the 2006- 
2007 academic year. Sweet Briar inducted 20 
of her best student leaders. 

Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) 

In April 2004, SBC was granted a charter 
for the Circle of ODK. The initiation of this 
endeavor was co-sponsored by Co-Curricular 
Life, with campus support, and the vice 
president of the Student Government 
Association. The VP is in charge of 
promoting the importance of leadership 
amongst the students. Being affiliated with 
this nationally recognized honor society for 
leadership and being given the honor to wear 
the ODK key serves to: 

• recognize individuals who have attained 

a high standard of leadership in collegiate 
activities and encourage them to aspire to 
higher achievements; 

• bring together individuals that represent all 
facets of collegiate life and thus to create 
an organization that molds the sentiment 
of SBC on questions of local and inter- 
collegiate interests: 

New student orientation: Learning on the Land. 

• mesh Students, staff and facult) on a basis 
of mutual interests, understanding, and 

Since its inception at Sweet Briar, more 
than 50 students and ten staff and faculty 
have been honored. ODK pros ides another 
means to recognize and encourage excellence 
in leadership where it is combined with 
excellence in academics — the basic premise 
of Co-Curricular Life. 

Volunteerism and Civic Engagement 

Many Sweet Briar students find that personal 
volunteerism and civic engagement is both 
enjoyable and rewarding. It also provides the 
opportunity to move beyond the bounds of 
the College into the larger community. 

There are a number of ways to become 
involved. In addition to academic courses, the 
Career Services Center assists students with 
options related to internships/externships and 
other ways to combine their interests with the 
opportunity to help and serve others. 

All clubs and organizations are required 
to complete community service projects. 
The director of Student Involvement and 
Programs and other College staff maintain 
contact with a variety of local organizations, 
which have civic engagement and volunteer 
focused projects. 

Sweet Briar College's Leadership Program 
recognizes differences amongst students and 
allows them to become involved to whatever 
degree, in whatever fashion they choose. 
The co-curricular life model fuses endless 
possibilities for out-of-c!assroom experiences 
with the far-reaching liberal arts education 
provided by our faculty. It is an ever- 
evolving process. The expectations placed 
upon the students regarding personal and 
social responsibility combined with Sweet 
Briar College's mission help to develop the 
intellectual skills of our students and create a 
realm of leadership opportunities for students 
to take advantage of and make a difference. 

/. Mr. George Dehne of GDA Integrated Sen 

the firm selected to conduct market research tor the 

SOF Committee 

Sweet Brior College Alumnae Magazine 


Winter 2007/2008 • 29 

Excerpts below are from an essay by President Elisabeth 
Muhlenfeld in a forthcoming volume of essays entitled 
Educating Leaders for the Modern World, Ronald Riggio, 
Michael Genovese. and Thomas Wren, eds., to be published 
this year. 

Today, many colleges and universities are attempting to be 
intentional about developing leadership skills and abilities; 
a number of excellent programs in leadership studies have 
grown up just in the last two decades.... Almost every such 
program provides a strong foundational statement as to the 
value of broad study in the liberal arts. In fact, however, the 
curricula of today's finest leadership studies programs are not 
as broad as they could be. Steeped in the social sciences, 
psychology and anthropology, students are taught theories 
of group dynamics, the history of social movements, the 
development of public policy, and the skills of conflict resolution 
and change management. Little curricular attention is paid 
within these leadership programs themselves to the study of 
the arts (especially the doing of creative work], the humanities 
or the sciences. Most such programs trust that students will 
study within these disciplines by virtue of the general education 
courses required of all students. And yet it is in the arts that 
creativity (an essential characteristic of the best leaders] is 
nourished; in the humanities that communication skills (the sine 
qua non for all leaders) are honed; in the sciences that the 
most rigorous approaches to problem-solving (again, essential 
to leadership) are taught. 

... Serious study of the arts, humanities, and sciences 
as well as the social sciences, when these subjects are well 
taught, insures the development of a deep understanding of the 
connectivity between disciplines, the integration of knowledge. 
One cannot understand the structure and development of music 
without understanding math, physics, chemistry, electronics, or 
without a knowledge of history, art, poetry or the conventions 
of theater. Musicians must be multi-lingual. Interdisciplinary is, 
in other words, essential to the liberal arts — not a modern fad. 
One connot study biology today without solid knowledge of 
physics, chemistry, mathematics, and computer science, not 
to say environmental science and geography. To understand 
literature, one must be at least conversant with philosophy, 
history, theater, economics, art, and religion, and in many 
instances, psychology, sociology, economics and the sciences. 
A good liberal arts education provides constant opportunities to 
make these connections, to integrate what students are learning 
ilassroom with what they learn in another, and with 
■;perience of the world outside the classroom altogether. 

. should be regarded as a core skill in leadership 
pment. Leaders must be able to move nimbly from one 
jn everything and everyone that 
-;lp reach their goals. 

From Learning Leadership Discipline by Discipline: 
Cultivating Metaphors for Leadership Through the Study 
■ Liberal Arts. — Elisabeth Muhlenfeld 

Teoching Leadership through 

The Sweet Briar Outdoor Program 


Indiana Fletcher Williams 
stated in her intentions for 
the College that all students 
should have "physical and moral ... 
training ... to be useful members 
of society." This concept speaks to 
what the outdoor program offers 
the students today. Following in 
the footsteps of programs such as 
Outward Bound and the National 
Outdoor Leadership School, the 
Sweet Briar Outdoor Program 
(SWEBOP) has been providing 
"outdoor recreational opportunities 
that foster personal growth, 
responsibility, leadership, and 
environmental sensitivity" since 
1980. "The SWEBOP trips have 
been a great test of my character." 
says Sarah Doyle '09. 

Personal habits and reactions 
that go unnoticed in our 
everyday routines are revealed 
in the unfamiliar outdoor setting 
provided on SWEBOP trips. 
Through experiential learning 
and reflection, students begin to 
weave what they learn into their 
everyday lives. "SWEBOP has 
given me many leadership skills. 
I have learned how outlook can 
determine perception." says Sara 
Rothamel "09. SWEBOP uses as 
a reference. Outdoor Leadership. 
Theory and Practice, a book 
w ritten by acclaimed adventurers 
Bruce Martin, Christine Cashel. 
Mark Wagstaff. and Mary Breunig. 
In their book, they say that an 
"outdoor setting provides a unique 
site for personal growth as well as 
process. Mastery alone can provide 
the motivation for change, but 
completing such a task in a unique 
physical and social environment 

has been shown to have particularly 
strong effect. The goal is for this 
effect to last, which can only 
be accomplished if individuals 
are provided with knowledge of 
how to transfer their newfound 
learning into other contexts. ... The 
potential for lasting transformation 
in people's lives is what makes 
outdoor leadership such an exciting 
practice." This is the philosophy we 
embrace at Sweet Briar as we teach 
our students transferable leadership 
skills through outdoor programs. 

To SWEBOP, the wilderness is 
an outdoor laboratory for leadership 
training. On an adventure trip, 
participants are in an unfamiliar 
environment, and they have to work 
together to achieve goals such as 
setting up a camp, cooking a meal 
together, climbing a cliff face, or 
paddling down a river. Time is 
set aside for students to reflect 
on changing group dynamics 
and individual accomplishments 
and challenges. Skills are taught 
through experience, and as the 
group builds competencies in 
technical and relational skills, they 
show less need for the direction of 
professional staff. As they progress, 
students will lead others on outings 
of their own. The following 
excerpts are from current SWEBOP 
student instructors reflecting 
on their own outdoor leadership 

"My attraction to and 
motivation within SWEBOP is 
the chance to lead students on 
successful trips that contribute to 
the personal growth of all parties 
involved. The fact that I have fun 
while doing it is just an added 

Sara Rothamel '09 created this sticker sold as a fundraiser 

for a Whitewater kayaking trip to South America. The sticker 

demonstrates the self-efficacy the students have gained as outdoor 

adventure leaders in what is still a male dominated field. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

bonus. I he outlel to use mj skills to develop someone 
else's is welcomed and exciting for me. I am so fortunate 
to be able to pass on all that I have learned to participants 
and fellow instructors. ■ •• 

Being ;i SWEBOP instructor has also been an 
opportunity for me to demonstrate to myself that 1 am 
a capable leader. ... That confidence then translates 
itself into mv actions as a leader and enables me to 
lead successful trips. One such excursion was the 
backpacking trip I co-led this fall without a non-student 
leader along to assist. Sarah Doyle and I led that 
group out of our o\\ n know ledge and skills, and it 
was a fantastic trip. What I am now seeing is that 
the participants didn't trust me to lead them up that 
mountain because I handed them a resume and showed 
them my pay stubs. It wasn't because I was the one with 
the compass and first aid kit. They followed me because 
it was ob\ ious that I believed that we could do it. 1 
trusted myself, and they trusted me in return." — Rebecca 
Penny '09 

"As a rambunctious first-year [student], 1 could not be 
counted on for much. 1 have grown so much as a leader 
in the outdoor program; I am now the person people 
depend on and ask for guidance." — Amanda Baker '09 

"For me, SWEBOP was not about leadership, it 
was about caving, backpacking, camping, rafting, rock 
climbing, and (most importantly) kayaking. But on the 
first day of the Spring Break Rock Climbing trip last 
year. Laura, our director, made an analogy that being a 
leader was a lot like rock climbing. A comment which 
totally passed me by because, well, 1 wasn't a leader; I was 
simply the grunt work girl whose job it was to make sure 
that everyone had health forms and that all the pieces of 
the tents ended up in the right spot. But as the week went 
on the comment started to make more sense. As a leader 
you can only know so much. Just as you never really 
know what the hand and foot holds are going to be like 
on the rock, you never really know what mother nature 
or crazy participants are going to throw at you. You can 
set up good anchors and prepare yourself with knowledge 
for the trip, but as in rock climbing, you just have to go 
for it and trust that you really can reach that next ledge. 
Great leaders are the ones who can trust their set-up and 
co-leaders enough to take that risk. For me SWEBOP is 
about being that leader." — Carlie Adams '10 

Leading Through Philanthropy 


An important aspect 
of leadership is an 
understanding of the 
power of personal philanthropy. 
The Senior Class Campaign 
encourages seniors to discover 
the joy ol'giv ing through a year- 
long program of philanthropy 
education. This year's campaign 
theme is "Hope Everlasting" 
in memory of classmate Laura 
Jahnke, who passed away 
in February 2007 after a 
courageous battle with cancer. 
Laura was a remarkable leader 
and a role model of selfless 
and joyful giving to everyone 
who knew her. As Campaign 
Chair Natalie Batman '08 states. 
"Laura left a legacy on our 
campus by giving of herself to 
others every day. and it is my 
hope that we can follow her 
example by making philanthropy 
and volunteering part of our 
lives, starting now." 

The Senior Class kicked 
off their campaign with a 
celebration announcing their 
goals to raise $4,000 as a class 
gift in 2008 and pledge $6,000 
for 2009 as young alumnae. 
President Muhlenfeld addressed 
the class with a message about 
Sweet Briar's legacy of giving. 
Annual Fund Chair Mollie 
Johnson Nelson '64 challenged 
the class to support their 
campaign and vowed to make a 
personal commitment of S7.500 
to the class gift if the seniors 
reach 75 percent participation. 

Laura Jahnke's parents, 
Doug and Merilee Jahnke. were 
special guests of the Senior 
Class. Mr. Jahnke's remarks 
on Laura's incredible spirit of 
giving follow. Laura's spirit lives 
on in her classmates, and the 
Class of 2008 is poised to make 
a transformational difference for 
Sweet Briar through a lifetime of 
philanthropic leadership. 

Seniors Allison Carr, Diana Simpson, and 
Jenn Doherety enjoy the campaign kickoff. 

Annual Fund Chair Mollie Johnson Nelson 
'64 sits with seniors Natalie Batman and Liz 
Killiam during SBC lunch hour to promote the 
Hope Everlasting campaign. 

veet Briar College Alumnae Magazine 


Senior Class Campaign Committee Members 
celebrate the campaign kickoff. L-R: Cat Cox, 
Ellie Donahue, and Whitney Towler 

Winter 2007/2008 • 3 1 

Laura Jahnke 

Remarks by Doug Jahnke 

Merilee and I would like to thank the 
senior class for including the memory 
of our wonderful daughter, Laura, as 
a significant component of this year's 
fundraiser. While 1 am delivering the 
message this evening, please know that 
Merilee and 1 collaborated in developing this 
message so the thoughts shared this evening 
are from both of us. 

Also know that Laura was a very 
generous and giving person in all ways and 
would have been honored that the Senior 
Class is thinking of her as they give to a 
worthwhile cause. Sweet Briar was a special 
place to Laura, and by extension it has 
become so to us as well, and the memories 
of her time here and the times we have 
\ isited will be with us always. 

From childhood Laura always put 
other individuals' needs in front of her 
own. She would not only listen when others 
were dealing with tough issues, but she had 
great insight into helping them, usually 
in commonsense ways that left 
everyone feeling good. She would not only 
see problems in the world that needed 
attention, but she would do something about 
them to the extent she was able. 

Giving was an inherent part 
of Laura's structure of beliefs that she 
expressed at an early age. When we decided 
as a family to get a dog, there wasn't much 
discussion about where we should search 
for the right one. We all felt that finding a 
dog at the humane society would help out an 
unfortunate puppy, so we all went down to 
the Toledo Humane Society and we found 

Laura was eight at the time, and we 
didn't realize until afterward how moved 
she was by the trip to the humane society. 
While the animals were well cared for. 
the li\ing conditions were pretty spartan. 
Concrete floors and block walls, metal bars 
like prison cells detained the dogs — verj 
basic sur\i\al conditions. Laura was moved 
i trj lo help them, and I think she came to 
the realization during that \ isit that some ki\' 

these dogs, if not adopted, would not make 
u. I think if we had said okay, she would 
have brought all of them home with us. We 
selected a cute, small German shepherd 
mixed breed, named her Princess, and 
shared a life with her for many years. 

Shortly after we brought Princess 
home, Laura decided to save her allowance 
for Lent to give to the humane society. 
When it came time to send the money to the 
humane society after Easter, she informed 
us that she also wanted to add all of the 
money in her savings account to her gift. 

This wasn't a whole lot of money to us, 
as I recall the total was around S80, but 
to her it was all she had. And even at that 
age Laura had begun to develop her highly 
sensitized affinity to shopping, which I'm 
sure some of her friends here at Sweet 
Briar were aware of and probably even 
helped to fine-tune. At the age of eight, this 
gift seemed like a pretty big deal to us, but 
for Laura it was simply the right thing to do. 
I asked her if she didn't want to give just a 
part, say half, of her savings, but she had 
made up her mind to give all of her money. 

Merilee took Laura back to the humane 
society to deliver her savings. The director 
came out and was surprised to see such 
a young girl making such a generous 
donation. She received a very nice thank-you 
note from the humane society, but the bigger 
thanks was in knowing that she had done 
her part to support an organization that was 
helping the homeless animals of the world to 

We won't ever know whether this 
experience inspired her passion for 
animals — including her love of horses, 
which was an attraction of Sweet Briar — or 
whether it was just an in-born trait, but we 
do know that her generous spirit was one of 
her endearing qualities. 

When she was at the hospital for week- 
long stints during 18 chemotherapy cycles 
after her first diagnosis, she didn't sit in 
her room and watch TV or videos, or read 
books, or sulk about what an unfortunate 
hand fate had dealt her. When she had any 
energy at all. she would entertain visitors, 
chat with docs and nurses, or walk the 
halls and visit others who usually had 
similar illnesses or treatments. If they were 
children, Laura would play with them or 
color pictures. Laura could get just about 
anyone to talk about themselves and their 
likes and dislikes and their families and 
their hobbies and their friends lo take their 
minds off of what they were going through. 
It was never about Laura. It was always 
about others. She was so generous with her 
time. She enjoyed hearing others' stories and 
she brought out the best side of everyone. To 
Laura, no one had a bad side. 

In August of 2006. when Laura had 
finished some palliative treatment at M.D. 
Anderson Hospital in Houston, she knew 
she was dying. She asked Dr. Pete what she 
should do. "Do what would make you the 
happiest," he replied. She chose to come 
back to Sweet Briar. Through her humane 
society experience, we had learned that we 
shouldn't and wouldn't be able to change her 
mind once it was made up. So, in spite of 
our wanting to be with her every moment, 
we agreed to let her come back to Sweet 
Briar. She chose her classes carefully, trying 
to pick those that would be meaningful 
and that she could handle. She had loved 
her previous photography class with Paige 
Critcher and enrolled in that. She loved the 
challenge of Lynn Laufenburg's classes and 
enrolled despite worrying that she wouldn't 
be able to fulfill the requirements. She loved 
history and Professor Berg's inspiration, 
which helped her to choose that as her major. 
She loved music, so she chose a piano class 
with Rebecca McCord to supplement her 
banjo lessons with Joe Malloy. 

Unfortunately, it took only weeks before 
she realized that her body was just too tired. 
She couldn't keep up. and while everyone, 
and I mean everyone at Sweet Briar was 
wonderful about helping, she made the 
decision that the time had come to spend 
her time with her family and friends in the 
comfort of her own home. It was a blessing 
to have her loving spirit with us until she 
passed away on February 19, 2007. 

We still receive warm messages from 
many of you and other friends and family. 
The essence of many of these messages is 
that those who knew Laura often think, 
"What would Laura do in this situation?" 
as they go about their lives. I often ask 
myself the same thing because she was such 
a role model even to me, her father (isn't 
it supposed to be the other way around?) I 
know that today she would be happy, and 
probably is happy, to have all of you think 
about her as you face the opportunity to give 
to this worthwhile Sweet Briar Senior Class 
Campaign, and how you can generously 
support it in her name. 

Thanks again for remembering Laura in 
this special final year for all of you. 

SPECIAL NOTE: Anyone wishing to 
honor Laura's memory with a gift to 
Sweet Briar may do so, and donations 
will be counted in the 2008 Senior 
Class Campaign. Gifts should be 
made out to Sweet Briar College with 
the notation "Senior Class Gift in 
memory of Laura Jahnke" and mailed 
to The Annual Fund, Box G, Sweet 
Briar, VA 24595. 


Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


Barbara Parker, director 
of human resources 


Barbara Parker is the 
leu director of human 
ssources. She brings more 
han 25 years of human 
Ssources experience 
Sweet Briar and has 
worked in industry, eit> 
government and education. 

She comes to Sweet 
Briar from Central Virginia 
Community College, where 
ihe was a faculty and staff 
ecruiler. She also teaches 
in HR course at CVCC. 

'rior to that, she was HR director for the city of 
Bedford for five years. 

Parker has completed her Senior Professional 
rertification for the National Society for Human 
Resources and has a master's degree in career 
:ounseling and college placement from North 
?arolina Central College in Durham. N.C. 

When she's not working. Parker enjoys traveling 
o warm places and shopping. She also is active at 
jreater Brookville Church, where she chairs the 
nissionary group. 

Parker lives in Lynchburg with her husband, Craig, 
ind has two adult sons. One is in the Special Forces 
ind just left for Afghanistan; the other is a chef at 
Dhio State University. 

Sheena Belcher 
Hubbard '05 


sheena Hubbard has 
esigned her position 
n the Admissions 
Dffice, effective Friday, 
lanuary 18, 2008. 
sheena has worked in 
he Admissions Office 
iince graduating from 
sweet Briar. She's been 
in invaluable member of 
ny staff, and I will miss 
ler constantly inquisitive 
nind and her dedication 
o her students. 

Nancy Douthat Goss '55 

Nancy Goss, a supporter of women's education and historic 
preservation, has been recently honored with several communications to 
the Alumnae Office. She died on July 10. 2007, and her important work 
in historic preservation and women's education is a noteworthy gift to 
future generations. 

After she left Sweet Briar with her degree in psychology, Nancy 
became the first woman to serve on the Zoning Board of Appeals in 
Worcester, MA, and took on the role of vice president of the Friends of 
the Goddard Library at Clark University. Among her many activities, 
she volunteered at the Worcester Art Museum and received her master's 
degree in English linguistics from Clark. 

In time, Nancy became the vice president of the North Andover 
Historical Society; became a guide for the Museum of Fine Arts in 
Boston; and was museum house chairwoman of the Moffatt-Ladd House 
in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This prompted her to become part 
of the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America (NSCDA). 
which takes an active approach to promoting American heritage. 
Nancy served 12 years with the Dames on the National Museum 
Properties Committee as Region IV Vice-Chairman. National Museum 
Properties Chairman, and chairman of two National Museum Properties 

One of Nancy's widely noted accomplishments is an article she 
coauthored for The Magazine ANTIQUES, which was distributed to 
over 63,000 readers. Because of its great success. 13.000 reprints of 
this issue were distributed. Beyond helping to write the article, Nancy 
volunteered for four years to create this issue, which focused on the 
Dames collections and their significance. "She inspired people to 
understand history because of the emotion she felt in history." remarked 
her son. 

Elizabeth Hays Terry and Hilary Field Gripekoven of The 
Magazine ANTIQUES said: "Nancy helped lead the NSCDA toward 
an increasingly professional level of museum management by: raising 
the standards of preservation, record keeping and financial disclosure: 
insisting on collection policies: encouraging broadening the sources 
of funds to maintain the properties; and. taking time daily to solve 
problems and answer questions from museum properties' staff and 
boards." Truly, Nancy was a woman who has made a difference in 
historic preservation for years to come. — C. Murray 

All quotes taken from The Dames Dispatch. Vol. 17. No. 1. Fall 2007 

Winter 2007/2008 • 33 



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making your best gift 

to the Annual Fund 

and boost your team's 

participation in the 

Young Alumnae: Rock 

vs. Hitching Post 

Challenge. It's so easy! 

jst go to or call toll free 


Do it now! 

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2000, 2002, 2004, 2006 

Wedding photos will he published 
in the Spring'Summer 2008 issue 
of the magazine. If you were 
married in 2007 or 2008, 
please send your wedding 
photo to The Boxwood 
Alumnae House, attn: 
Colleen Murray, P.O.Box 
E. Sweet Briar. VA 2-l5 l >>. 
Alternatively, you 
ma\ email a high 

photo to 






'Si txyuAA/ 


^ President's Trip 

Voyage Through America's . 
rench Heritage: From Normandy 

Paris Aboard the Cezanne t 

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary 
of Sweet Briar's Junior Year in 
France Program 

Sharing with Harvard and Yale 


i kmm-AzrMn iwS minti li 

Jkraine and Romania aboard the 
■ M.S. Dnieper Princess 
1 Fine Arts 


July 28- Waterways of the Tsars: 
August 11 -St. Petersburg to Moscow aboard 
; the M.S. Volga Dream 

.' Sharing with Washington & Lee and the 
- National Trust for Historic Preservation 


July 29- Village Life in Ireland: 
August 6 ' Dublin and Killarney 

October 22-30 Alumni Campus Abroad in 
Sharing with Northeastern 

May 29-June 11 South Africa: Three Kingdoms 
(with an optional extension to 
Cape Town) 

34 • Winte.- 2007/2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine " 

ivi/ ^rt£&rv€X4^^r%/ 

Bertha Lamar Goode Moore 
1 949-2007 

Bertha Moore, 58, died on Wednesday, October 17, 2007, at her 
home after of a prolonged illness. She is survived by three children, 
Delmar Goode, Lawan Moore-Marshall, and Edmund Hardman; 
one brother, Robert Goode Jr., of Baltimore, Maryland; two sisters, 
Florence Simms of Petersburg, and Virginia (Johnny) Mason, of 
Lynchburg; and eight grandchildren. 

Bertha was a member of the Sweet Briar Housekeeping 
Department from May 1999-March 2007. She tended to the 
Alumnae Office and the Cochran Library. Bertha was faithful in her 
duties and always extended a warm smile and great enthusiasm for 
the College. Because of the housekeeping schedule. Bertha was most 
often the first person in the Alumnae Office each day. "It was such a 
pleasure to be greeted by Bertha, and I looked forward to seeing her 
each morning. Her optimistic view often set the tone for my day," 
commented Missy Witherow '80, associate director of the alumnae 

A funeral service was held Monday. October 22, 2007, at 
Peaceful Baptist Church, Lynchburg. 

Frank H. Fedorovich 

Frank H. Fedorovich died on August 22, 2007 at the age of 78. 
Frank was Director of the Physical Plant at Sweet Briar from 
1987-1997 under a contract with Service Master, Inc. 

Born in Akron. Ohio, Frank lived in Amherst as well as 
Ohio. He retired from Goodyear Tire & Rubber in 1987 after 42 
years of service. He loved boating and water skiing and was also 
a former member of the Knights of Columbus. 

He is survived by his wife of 23 years, Betty; sons. Frank 
(Peggy) and Gary; daughter Barbara (Donald) Oakes; stepson, 
David (Kelly) Willison; 12 grandchildren; one great-grandchild; 
brother, Paul (Ruth); sisters Rose Uhrich Carole Fedorovich and 
Anne (Lee) McDaniel. 

A Mass of Christian Burial was held August 25th at the Holy 
Spirit Catholic Church in Uniontown, Ohio. 


Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

recent deaths 

' you wish to write to a member of the family of someone recently deceased, please contact the Alumnae Office for name and address. 


Emily Jones 

Mrs. Hanson H. Hodge 

October 1 1 , 2007 


Adelaide Wampler 
Mrs. George G. Kundahl 
October 25, 2007 

Sarah De Saussure 
Mrs. C. Elliott Heath 
November 27, 2007 


Elizabeth Stephenson 
Mrs.J.W. Sills 
August 27, 2007 


Katherine Scott 

Mrs. Katherine S. Soles 

July 1 1 , 2006 

Barbara Munter 
Mrs. Robert A. Purdue 
November 27, 2007 

Susanne Gay 

Mrs. C. Edwin Linville 

November 26, 2007 


Nell Colgin 
Mrs. C. F. Miller 
December 26, 2007 


Anne Brooke 

Miss Anne H. Brooke 

June 20, 2007 

Betty Artaway 

Mrs. Robert F. Wiemer 

July 7, 2007 

Dorothy Eaton 

Mrs. E. Leigh Johnson, Jr. 

December 2, 2007 


Baylis Rector 
Mrs. George Love 
September 1 7, 2007 

Dorothy Turno 
Mrs. Nathaniel P. 

Gardner, Jr. 
August 20, 2007 


Blandina Jones 

Mrs. William E. Skilton 

September 9, 2007 

Isabel Scriba 
Miss Isabel Scriba 
November 18, 2007 


Capel Grimes 

Mrs. Charles H. Gerlach 

Date unknown 


Dorothy Prout 

Mrs. Robert W. Gorsuch 

March 30, 1999 

Alice Danzer 

Mrs. David W. Fletcher 

October 9, 2007 


Florence Caven 
Mrs. Ralph Crosnoe 
September 27, 2007 

Marjorie Miller 

Mrs. Marjorie H. Raber 

January 18, 1996 

Elizabeth Hopper 
Mrs. John Turner II 
November 1 0, 2004 


Grace Robinson 
Mrs. William B. 

September 1 , 2007 

Natalie Harris 

Mrs. John I. Wheatley 

February 1 2, 2007 

Nancy McKee 
Mrs. McKee Hullett 
December 1 , 2007 

Sarah Tarns 

Mrs. George F. Kreker 

October 1 4, 2007 

Fayth Mueller 
Mrs. Philip Shirkey 
December 16, 2006 


Mariana Bush 

Mrs. Robert R. King, Jr. 

November 3, 2007 


Emily Sebrell 

Mrs. Thomas G. Lynch 

October 1 0, 2007 

Emily Sebrell 

Mrs. Thomas G. Lynch 

October 15, 2007 

Ann Pickard 

Mrs. T F. McCarry 

November 28, 2007 


Suzanne Douglas 
Mrs. Jay G. Terry 
Date unknown 

Harriet Pullen 

Mrs. J. Ormsby Phillips 

December 1 7, 2007 


Margaret Mueller 
Mrs. George W. 

June 10, 2007 

Margaret Steinhart 
Mrs. Margaret Overly 
October 3, 2007 


Margaret Coffman 
Mrs. Margaret C. Smith 
Date unknown 

Carolyn Conley 

Mrs. Carolyn J. Danley 

July 18, 2006 


Inez Rosamond 

Mrs. William G. Boone Jr. 

September 8, 2007 

Elaine Davis 
Mrs. Charles E. 
Blackford III 
October 13, 2007 


Yvonne Lamon 
Mrs. Julian Olevsky 
Date unknown 

Bernyce Richstone 
Mrs. Irving Manson 
July 1 1 , 2004 


Anne Louise Fletcher 
Mrs. Anne L. Bedford 
June 22, 2007 

Marjorie Newell 

Mrs. William D. Curlee 

November 1 1 , 2005 


Faith June Wildes 
Mrs. Douglas MacArthur 
September 26, 2007 

Donna Anderson 

Mrs. Donna A. Mullens 

January 6, 2008 


Kathleen Burton 
Mrs. L. H. Ginn III 
November 7, 2007 


Elinor Scherr 

Mrs. Frederic Mosher 

June 27, 2007 

Linda Baker 

Mrs. Byron Spencer, Jr. 

September 15, 2007 


Barbara Quimby 
Mrs. Thomas A. 

June 1 8, 2007 


Martha Spangenberg 
Mrs. John E. Moore 
September 23, 2007 


Marcia Stanley 

Mrs. Roger Allen Verse 

Date unknown 

Kathleen Williams 
Ms. Kathleen Williams 

August 24, 2007 


Margaret Camblos 
Ms. Margaret B. 

November 23, 2007 


Suzanne Flagg 

Miss Suzanne D. Flagg 

June 28, 2000 


Melissa Grandle 
Miss Melissa Ann 

March 22, 2006 

36 • Winter 2007/2008 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 



Mrs. W. F. Stohlman 
Martha Lou Lemmon 
Pennswood Village D-212 
1382 Newtown-Langhorne Rd. 
Newtown PA 18940 


Mrs. W. Burke Davis, Jr. 
Juliet Halliburton 
4100 Well Spring Drive 
No. 2305 
Greensboro, NC 27410 


?au ft ,-■ 3006 

Mrs. George M. Brooke, Jr. 
Frances Fleming Bailey 
405 Jackson Avenue 
Lexington, VA 24450 


Ruth M. Schwartz 
2242 Langley Circle 
Orlando, FL 32835 

Our class is still looking for a secretary. 
Won't someone please volunteer? As your 
former-elected Class Secretary, I don't want 
to let you down, so I'm sending class news 
I received this year. It's being written while 
tending to my husband's (96) aging needs. 
We call home a 2-suite-set-of-rooms on 1 
floor with a back patio overlooking lovely 
green grass, magnolia trees, and flowers we 
plant. Our rooms are attractive and we're 
comfortable — making friends from all over 
the USA. It's in an assisted living community 
in Winter Garden, FL. As we no longer 
drive, we participate in the activities of this 
community, and weekly go with a group in 
their private van to horticultural classes at 
the Leu Gardens in Orlando. I go everywhere 
with my trusty walker, while my husband 
needs only a cane! We're well cared for and 
we see our daughter and family 2 or 3 times 
a week. Our son and his family come down 
to visit from Cleveland Hts., OH, 2 or 3 times 
a year during school holidays. Since being 
here, I have appreciated hearing from some 

Last spring Margaret "Maggie" 
Dowell Kearney sent a note written with 
the help of her macular degenerative 
equipment. She doesn't drive, but lives in 
Vera Beach, FL, near her pharmacist son. 
She lives in the assisted living community 
Lobby Indian River Estates West Community. 

I had a wonderful letter from Georgia 
Herbert Hart, from her assisted-living 
home in West Columbia, SC. In Aug., she 


was asked to "hit out" the 1st ceremonial 
shot at the Jane Covington Golf Clinic in 
Orangeburg, to benefit junior golf. Georgia 
admits to being terrified, but "nailed it"! The 
ball sailed down the middle of the fair way, 
over a bog, and up a hill! There were high- 
fives from everyone afterward. She enclosed 
a copy of a letter sent to her from the 
Washington National Cathedral Committee. 
The Dean wished to thank her for traveling 
from SC to celebrate their national ministry 
honoring the people of the Palmetto State of 
SC Major State Day. Georgia was an oblation 
bearer as she helped raise funds for the 
Cathedral — an honor! At home, she was 
pleased to hear SBC Pres. Betsy Muhlenfeld 
speak at Georgia's Carolina annual meeting. 
Our President is a real scholar and a 
delightful person. Currently, Georgia has a 
relative attending SBC, Carli Adams from 
Columbia, SC. 

Another card was received from long- 
time (since 1936) friend and classmate, 
Marjorie Lee Stock Clemens of St. 
Joseph, Ml. She still volunteers at the local 
library and historical society. She travels 
with her children to their summer place in 
northern Ml, which they enjoy very much. 

Adelaide "Polly" Boze Glascock is an 
active person in the Richmond, VA, area. At 
their retirement home, she gives lots of TLC 
to her husband and attends SBC functions 
as often as possible. 

Please send more news to either Polly 
or me. If anyone would volunteer to be the 
1940s Class Secretary, let us know! 


Ann M. Reams 
771 Bon Air Circle 
Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Elizabeth Blackmer Childs and 
Ann Reams, former director of 
the Alumnae Association, sit on 
a new bench donated to Sweet 
Briar in memory of Grace Bugg 
Muller-Thym by her family during 
Reunion 2007. 

g^unlcn 2008: W(ay 16 -IS. ZOOS 

Dr. Catherine Silverman 

5118 Monroe Vlg 

Monroe Township, NJ 08831 


Send your news to the Class Secretary listed with 

your class. If your class has no Class Secretary listed, please send 

news to the Alumnae Office, Sweet Briar, VA 24595. 

(E-mail: . Classmates want to hear from you! 

Secretaries may submit notes for every issue of the magazine. Please see \ 
that your Class Secretary receives your news before the deadlines below: 


Spring/Summer '08 
Fall '08 


April 1 , 2008 
July 1,2008 

Class Secretaries are volunteers elected by their class and are responsible 
for the accuracy of the class notes. 

Make sure the Alumnae Office has your correct e-mail address! 
Please send e-mail addresses to: 


Mrs. Pierpont B. Buck 
Covenant Hill Farm 
9357 Covenant Hill Lane 
Marshall, VA 20115 


Julia Mills Jacobsen 
Mary Haskins King 
501 Kimberly Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27408 

Mrs. Mary H. King 
501 Kimberly Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27408 

-n From Wyline Chapman Sayler: "Dear 
a Julie, Thanks for doing this. Your typing 
@ is superb; mine has NO EXCUSES for its 
<o mistakes. Not much going on here. Just hot 
§•_ FL. Not much tennis this summer, but getting 
> back in it with Sept./Oct. We've added our 
5 3rd adorable great-granddaughter to our 5 
^ granddaughters and 5 grandsons! Amazing 
that all this started with 4 BOYS! Henry is 
still amazing with his sorry eyesight, biking 
with the St. Pete bicycle club every Sat. 
for 20 mi., 5 days a wk at the gym unless 
he has to put something back together. 
Quite a fella! I'm still delivering Meals on 
Wheels, helping First Methodist's Mail Box 
and Locker Ministry at the Salvation Army 
for the homeless in town of which there are 
too many! Am sure Dale Sayler Morgan 
will say she had successful hip replacement 
about 4 wks ago. Doing wonderfully and 
minding the doctor. Hope you're feeling 
well. You're a peach for taking on this task. 
Love, Wyline" [Not so peachy when I get the 
deadlines mixed up JMJ) 

Ann "Dickie" Dickson Jordan "Have 
been over to SBC a couple of times. We're 
only an hour away. We'll have to start 
thinking about our 65th in 2010." Later, 
Dickie wrote: "Luke and I took a cruise in 
May. Flew to Barcelona and got on a ship, 
the Brilliance of the Sea. a Royal Caribbean 
line which was like a floating Ritz Carlton. 
2 wks in the Med. We went to France, Italy, 
Turkey, Greece and Greek Isles. Then back 
to Barcelona. We stayed a few days there 
before going home. It was best! It was 
Luke's 1st cruise — he loved it." 

Antoinette Le Bris Maynard Dear 
Julie, Great to hear from you and see that 
you're so active. I still live in northeast PA., 
near daughter Carol and husband Joe: 
their children are in colleges far away, but 
they still look after me. Granddaughter 
Claire graduated Magna cum Laude from 
American U. last year. My little house at 
the end of their property has several guest 
rooms and I wish you could come to visit. 
I have a beautiful garden which Dr. Joe 
tends in his spare time; bad legs keep me 
from too much exercise. At the moment, 
I can still use the computer, when AOL is 
working and I'm in touch with a few friends. 
Williams Coll. is exhibiting the work of the 2 
Prendergast brothers, and since I'm the only 
person who ever lived with them, and they 
did so much for me, Williams would like to 
have it archived. My contribution makes me 
relive memories which they are interested 
in. So I try and it keeps the days from being 
too sad and makes me grateful for my life, 
and all the kindnesses along the way. I'm 
continuing the story of the rest of my life, 
which was pretty exciting. Great to be in 
touch with you. Love. Antoinette" 

Julia Mills Jacobsen: Had my annual 
visit with Lovah and David Gearheart. They 
have a place at Bethany Beach, DE. also. 
They're always full of news. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


Winter 2007/2008 • 37 


Mrs. Robert M. Saunders 
955 Harpersville Rd. 
Newport News, VA 23601 


Mrs. John G. Stewart 
18 0sprey Land 
Rumson, NJ 07760 


Catherine Barnett Brown 
4 Pippins Way 
Convent Station, NJ 07961 

Please check your Alumnae Magazine when 
it arrives for the card provided for your 
notes for our next column. I never got out 
the promised mailing to all of you, so I hope 
you'll write on your own. 

The computer keeps me in touch with 
many of you, as you will see below, but I'd 
like to have news from the rest of you as 

Mary Fran Brown Ballard and Don 
attended Homecoming on campus in Sept., 
along with Judy Easley Mak and Carolyn 
Cannady Evans. Judy and Carolyn walked 
up Monument Hill, and Mary Fran got to 
judge the cardboard boat contest, which is 
always hilarious. Mary Fran says her new 
knee is doing fine, but not up to climbing 
that hill! Homecoming is a pleasant time to 
visit campus; we should consider attending 
next fall. 

Judy Baldwin Waxter and Bill visited 
SBC in Oct. along with neighbor Carol 
Blanton McCord, '47, and enjoyed a talk 
by Michael Pollan, author of The Botany 
of Desire and The Omnivore's Dilemma, 
recommended reading. Judy says there are 
about 6 alumnae living in Broadmead where 
the Waxters are now located — enough to 
form a club! 

Preston Hodges Hill and Gene spent 
the summer at home, with children and 
grands visiting frequently. Preston swims 
and plays "old lady" doubles tennis at their 
club while Gene enjoys lunching with friends 
on the terrace. He is mostly in a wheel chair, 
though his recently broken and pinned hip 
has healed well. 

Peggy Cromwell Talliaferro was 
off on her 5th Elderhostel trip in '07 and 
is enthusiastic about these well-planned 
events. A recent favorite was going down 
the MS on a converted barge from Memphis 
to New Orleans, stopping at Vicksburg, 
Natchez, and Baton Rouge. 

Larry Lawrence Simmons and Charles 
attended the wedding of a daughter (the 
last one!) in NYC in perfect Jun. weather, 
a wonderful family reunion to celebrate 
the bride and groom, both in their 40s and 
never married before! Larry and Charles 
will spend Thanksgiving in Grand Cayman 
with much of the family and return to OH for 

Christmas. At home, they keep busy doing 
Meals on Wheels and reading to groups 
of children. I can imagine how lively those 
sessions must be: Alice in Wonderland with 
dramatic flair! 

Ellen Ramsay Clark sends news 
from the sunny south where she and Ken 
spent some time in Oestin this summer. No 
dangerous hurricanes so far this season, 
though Noel is blowing around as I write this 
on Halloween. In Memphis, Ellen and Ken 
had dinner with Mimi Semmes Dann who 
was in our class for just a year and is now 
Memphis's leading potter. Ellen sees Carter 
Van Deventer Slatery when she comes to 
Memphis to visit her son Charles. Carter lost 
her husband, Herbert, just before Christmas 
'06. Ellen hears from Ruthie Garrett 
Preucel, and Ruthie stays in touch with 
Polly Plummer Mackie who has moved to 
a retirement center in Bryn Mawr where she 
is happy and coping better with arthritis. 3 
of the Clark's grandchildren are in college, 
at Annapolis, Chapel Hill and SMU, while 
others range from 2nd-10th grade, incl. 
son Marshall's triplets (12). Ellen also has to 
keep up with husband Ken who walks the 
golf course every day and practices law (his 
father didn't retire until well into his 90s). 

We send our sympathy to Marilyn 
Hopkins Bamborough who lost her 
husband Jim in Sept. 

Walter and I look forward to returning to 
FL for the winter after family Thanksgiving 
at our new townhouse in NJ, and to the 
Jan. wedding in Melbourne Beach of our 
granddaughter Jessica Holmes. We're both 
fit enough to enjoy all the activities, unless 
they run past our bedtime. 


Patricia Halloran Salvadori 
9 North Stratford Road 
Arlington Heights, IL 60004 

Sad news: Kay LeRoy Wing died on 6/20 
from an infection contracted in the hospital. 
Ironically her knee replacement was 
successful. I will miss our annual Christmas 
holiday luncheons in Chicago. She called 
herself "the merry widow," and that she 

Sally Bianchi Foster spent a 
week in Paris with daughter Meg and 2 
granddaughters, Sarah and Rebecca. Meg 
had an apartment for 1 month; they lived 
like Parisians, shopping daily at the market 
and having breakfasts of cafe creme and 
croissants while people watching. Bastille 
Night they went to the local firehouse at 1 1 
p.m. and danced away. At Bianchi's request, 
Meg took her to visit the Sorbonne "where 
my beloved Nancy Franklin attended her 
jr. year... I wanted to walk where she had 
walked, and as I'm increasingly wont to 
do, talk in my head to absent friends." She 
remembers Nancy relating stories about 
the scarce food and the cold. Anne Peyton 
Cooper has described how the weekly 
decision at St. Andrew's was whether to 
allocate the coal ration over 7 days or burn 

it immediately to have 1 2 hrs of warmth: 
Gals it was 1 948! Unfortunately Bianchi had 
a terrible bomb scare at Charles de Gaulle 
Airport on her return and will never fly again 
unless "I can take a magical pill at home 
and wake up at my destination." 

Lola Steele Shepherd and Deedee are 
contemplating selling their lovely home in 
the hills above Lexington, VA, for something 
closer to shops, etc. One major problem is 
they plan to take their 2 mares along! 

After a scorching summer and drought, 
Henrietta Hill Hubbard looked forward 
to a big family gathering Thanksgiving, 
including her great-granddaughter: "It blows 
my mind that my child is a grandfather!" 

Pat Owens Purvis was also in England 
and Wales visiting her daughter and family 
for about 7 wks. In the fall she visited 
her grandson, a freshman at U.AL It was 
Parents' Day so she had great fun attending 
the football game, etc. The beautiful campus 
with its Southern architecture reminded her 
of SBC. 

Betty Elmore Gilleland who planned to 
have knee surgery in Nov., was kind enough 
to call several classmates: Nancy Storey 
White, Nell Greening Keen, Diana Dent 
and Merry Moore Lynn. Nancy and Nell 
both enjoy their retirement homes in FL. 
Nancy sent a message:'Tm still kicking;" 
Diana who lives in a retirement home in 
Greenwich, CT, sounded great; Dottie 
Montague Cholnoky stops by to see her 
occasionally. Dottie divides time between 
Greenwich and AZ. Merry sounded chipper 
although she said she's slowed down. She 
finally retired from her job in her brother's 
office. She and Jim are still in their house in 
Needham, MA. "Don't call after 7:30 p.m. as 
we take the phone off the hook and turn in 
for the night!" 

I had many e-mails returned, marked 
"in error." It would help if you would update 
your addresses or return the postcards. I 
would like to hear from many more of you. 


Patricia L. Winks 
312 Arguello Blvd. No 3 
San Francisco, CA 94118 


Bruce Watts Krucke 
7352 Toogoodoo Rd. 
Yonges Island, SC 29449 

Thanks to those who sent in your news! If I 
don't have your e-mail address, please send 
it to the above address. I'll get you in next 
time. Can you believe we are 75?! 

Sally Gammon Plummer, like many 
of us, leads a busy, active life of retirement. 
She went on birding trips to Costa Rica, 
Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, and Sequoia National 
Parks. Her family had a big reunion in 
Taos, NM, where her parents retired. Sally 
volunteers weekly at the natural history 

museum, is active in her church, and 
takes courses through an adult learning 

Nancy Maury Miller will celebrate her 
50th wedding anniversary in Dec. All the 
children and grandchildren (22 years-4 
months), will be there for the occasion — 16 
in all I think. Daughter Anne, who didn't go 
to college right out of h.s., will graduate 
in Dec. She and her daughter are both at 
Western Carolina. 

It was good to hear from Ellie Vorys 
Machneer after a long time. She jokes that 
she's living at the Old Ladies Home and 
has great health, good friends, and all her 
children living nearby. She has traveled to 
FL, HI, and Canada, sees Jeanne Stoddart 
Barends often. 

Like me, Logan Bentley Lessaro 
has had cataracts removed from both 
eyes. (I hope hers were as successful as 
mine. I no longer wear glasses after 50 
years, but glasses hide a lot of wrinkles, 
I've discovered.) Logan is trying to decide 
whether to move back to the States after 
all these years in Rome. She wants a 
small university town with a Costco and 
heated pool, no freezing winters, no humid 
summers, and something all on one floor. A 
hard bill to fit! She's reading a lot of Clare 
Booth Luce's books which Letitia Baldridge, 
the ambassador's secretary left to her. 
Logan didn't work with the Spoleto Festival 
this year. Our mayor in Charleston is hoping 
to renew the twinship with our Spoleto and 
the Italian one. Logan met him when he 
was in Italy. 

It's been 6 years since Marilynn Clark 
Leathers retired from her loved position as 
Director of Sales for the City of Phoenix's 
Symphony Hall and Orpheum Theatre. Her 
time is dedicated to her grandchildren and 
continuing college courses in art, music, 
history, and literature. She feels strongly that 
SBC alumnae should continue education 
when they retire. 

Ann Collins Teachout and husband 
have returned from 3 weeks in China, a trip 
they recommend. Their girls and families 
will be with them at Christmas and their 
annual viewing of the Rose Bowl Parade. 

Ladies from the class of 1 954 
gathered for a mini-reunion this 
past year. 

First row, L-R: Betty Dykes Steib, 
Shirley Hunter Slingluff. Second 
row, L-R: Merrill Underwood 
Barringer, Dilly Johnson Jones, 
Shirley Poulson Broyles. Third row, 
L-R: Nella Gray Barkley, Kirk 
Tucker Clarkson, and Vaughan 
Inge Morrissette 

38 • Winter 2007/2008 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 

Their oldest granddaughter is married and 
teaches music at an international school in 
Seoul. Korea. The next oldest, a ballerina 
with the Nashville Ballet Company, will be 
married next summer. Ann is very active 
in her church, where Bill is a lull-time 
volunteer. Their main outreach is to the 
under-served in the community, homeless 
children, and missions. 

Ruthie Sanders Smith and Norm went 
to the Netherlands to see the tulips, but she 
injured her knee, and they had to come back 
without seeing them. Alter months ot therapy, 
she was very happy to play golf again, She 
helps her granddaughter a lot with homework 
and thanks SBC lor the knowledge. During 
her recuperation, she began trading stocks 
by computer, which she enjoys. They are 
going to Cuba in Feb. with their synagogue 
and a Baptist church from Savannah, and to 
France in summer to complete the aborted 
trip last spring. 

Sadly. Maggie Mohlman Degler 
writes that husband Bud has been living 
in a Memory Care Center for over a year 
with dementia, probably Alzheimer's. She 
went to Williamsburg for Mary Jane Roos 
Fenn's 75th birthday party. Maggie goes to 
water aerobics 4 days a week and loves her 
Maltese, Tiffany. 

Billie Isdale Beach is not retired 
at all! Her company is doing mercury 
measuring now, which is a very 'in' thing. 
Daughter Alison is a professor at W&M and 
published another book on Monasticism and 
Manuscripts. They live in Bonn, Germany, 
where Billie's son-in-law teaches at the U. 
of Bonn; their children are going to German 
schools and playing the violin. Andrew is 
first violinist with the Bonn Beethoven Youth 

Jo Nelson Booze moved to Broadmead, 
a Quaker Continuing Care Retirement 
Community last spring. There are other 
alumnae there too. She has had some 
breathing problems following pneumonia 
and attends a breathing clinic. She's in a 
book club with old friends, volunteers at 
church, does Meals on Wheels, and fishes 
in the Chesapeake Bay. Her new hobby is 
turning wooden bowls on a lathe after taking 
a course in it and is having some success! 
She planned to play her last game of golf 
with her kids at Thanksgiving. Jody has 
been helping her son restore an 1890 farm 
house on the Eastern Shore of MD. 

Mary Jane Roos Fenn and Faith 
Rahmer Croker had a memorable trip to 
China last spring. Mary Jane will be going 
to Greece in Jun. with an h.s. friend. Her 
daughters threw a big 75th birthday party 
for her in Williamsburg and she will be going 
to CT to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas 
with them. 

Mary Anne Bowns Bell writes from 
John's Island in Vera Beach, FL, where 
they have lived for 1 2 yrs, after selling 
their houses in Tortola BVI, New Brunswick 
Canada, Lewis and Greenville, DE, and 
retiring from the lumber company and 
Columbia Gas. They have 3 married 
daughters and 6 grandsons. They keep very 
busy with lectures, speakers, art shows, 

wine tastings, galas, etc., and Mary Anne 
has even started a singing group, now 1 
yrs old, called the John's Island Singers. 
They are still involved in developing the 
West End of Tortola called Belmont It's 
been going since the 60s, but there are still 
some lots left. She enjoys SBC gatherings 
in her area. 

Anne Sheffield Hale went to Europe in 
the fall where they also visited Joan Oram 
Reid. I hen traveling has been somewhat 
curtailed by Bradley's health. They have 2 
married children and 5 grandsons. 

Ruth Frye Deaton and Hugo gave 
up their sailboat, Salty Mistress, last Jul., 
selling it to someone who is giving it all the 
loving care they did. They rented a cottage 
In ME, where they used to spend the 
summers on the boat to ease the transition 
from sea to land and it went very well. All 
their children and families came to visit 
while they were there. She and Hugo went 
to the Cloisters for their 51st anniversary, 
and it is still quite splendid. Hugo is slowly 
recovering from back surgery last summer. 

Shirley Poulson Broyles writes of a 
fall trip to Boston, Nova Scotia, and Prince 
Edward Island. They traveled with Peggy 
Martin '49 and visited with Kirk and Jack 
Clarkson '52, also in Charlottesville. Shirley 
and hubby went to the Lake District of Italy 
in late summer. 

Merrill Underwood Barringer and 
Paul had a big 50th anniversary party for 
200 guests in Hilton Head on Memorial 
Day weekend, with lots of SBC friends 
in attendance. Betty Dykes Steib (who 
had cracked her shoulder in Budapest the 
week before), Emily Hunter Slingluff '55, 
Dilly Johnson Jones. Shirley Poulson 
Broyles, Nella Gray Barkley '53, Kirk 
Tucker Clarkson '52, and Vaughan Inge 
Morrissette among them. There was a 
black tie dinner and dance on Fri., a brunch 
and dinner on Sat., and another brunch 
on Sun. 

Ann Thomas Donohue had back 
surgery in the summer to relieve some 
sciatica problems and will probably have 
some knee work done in the winter. That 
has kept them from traveling last year. 

Other than my (Bruce Watts Krucke's) 
new eyes, no health things here. But 
we didn't take any trips last year. I have 
switched from painting almost entirely 
to photography, loving it! I've had some 
success in a couple of large shows, but 
only honorable mentions. SC Wildlife, an 
award-winning magazine, asked to use one 
of my photos in their Jan/Feb issue! Our 
granddaughter, Lauren (14) is in 9th grade 
at the largest h.s. in the state, which scares 
me to death. The nice thing is she's being 
courted by the Governor's School of the 
Arts and Humanities, a residential public 
school in Greenville. Bill continues his heavy 
involvement at church and I'm looking for 
someone to take my place at the gallery so 
I can retire. We may have found her, but she 
won't be available till 2008. I'm ready now! 

Keep those cards and letters coming! 

Members of the Class of 1957 gathered at Homecoming around 
Saturday night's attraction — a '57 Cadillac! L-R: Charlotte deSerio, 
Cynthia "Cynnie" Ottaway, Nanette McBurney Crowdus, Nancy Godwin 


Kathryn Beard 

1074 Toogoodoo Road 
Yonges Island, SC 29449 

In response to my e-mail regarding the 
death of Nancy Douthat Goss, I received 
messages from a few of you which I thought 
I'd pass along now. If you don't have e-mail 
(or if I don't have your e-mail address) 
and you're just learning about Nancy, she 
died on 7/1 0/07 of Myeloma Dysplasia, a 
blood cancer which was diagnosed several 
years ago. We'll all miss her. If you have 
e-mail and would like to receive notices of 
this nature, please be sure that I have your 
correct e-mail address. 

Summer news: Catherine Cage Bruns 
was recovering from surgery for a fractured 
hip. Hope she is up and around again now. 

Jane Feltus Welch reported on a 
wonderful visit to Las Vegas and the Grand 
Canyon with her grandson (11). 

Travel news from Yolanda Avram Willis 
was sent from Canada where they attended 
the Shaw and Shakespeare festivals. 
Yolanda finished her book, A Hidden Child in 
Greece, a few months ago, is editing it and 
seeking an agent and publisher. She and 
Elliott plan to be in NYC in Feb. for the Met; 
will travel to South Africa and Botswana 
next Jul. with 3 granddaughters and their 

I hope they'll look for Virginia Chamblin 
Greene while they are in South Africa. As 
of Sept., Ginger began a 2-yr sojourn with 
"a very nice Indian family" in a little town 
called Sartruggens, N.W. Province, where 
she works with 2 schools and a school 
planning dept., teaching and possibly 
designing and building a chemistry/life 
sciences lab. If you have plans to be in the 
area, let me know, I have her phone # and 
mailing address. 

My summer travels consisted of a week 
in ME for a family wedding followed by 
a week on Cape Cod with Didi Stoddard. 
The wedding was lovely, if just a little bit 
warm. The Cape is beautiful and Didi has 
lovely views from every window. We had an 

amazing whale watching trip, a lovely and 
historical tour of Provincetown, a good visit. 

One final bit of sad news, in Sept. we 
learned of the death of John Ticer, husband 
ol Patricia Smith Ticer We send her our 
sympathy and love. 


Mrs. Robert W. Nichols 
3928 Old Brownsboro Road 
Louisville, KY 40207 


Carol McMurtry Fowler 
10 Woodstone Sq 
Austin, TX 78703 

ms , 

Mrs. Edward J. Kuntz, Jr. 
222 Irving Ave 
Dayton, OH 45409 

Ladies of the Class of '58: We'll be blowing 
into our beloved SBC like Hurricane Hazel 
blew into our lives in the autumn of that 
momentous year, 1954! I visited campus in 
Sept. for Homecoming and a mini-reunion 
to plan for May '08. Other classmates who 
attended were Lynn Crosby Gammill 
Alex Carpenter Cole Winnie Leigh 
Hamlin Mollie Archer Payne Elaine 
Schuster Marian Martin Harrison Beth 
Kemper Wharton, and Dorothy "Poogie" 
Wyatt Shields. Gently prodded intrepid 
Reunion Fund leaders Dotsie Woods 
McLeod and Ethel Ogden Burwell we 
planned how best to encourage every one 
of you to return to campus and also make 
a reunion gift— as generous as you are 
able: we're aiming for 100% participation! 
This is very important and I ask all of you to 
respond. We'd like to present a challenge 
to the classes that come after us to surpass 
our HUGE, well-subscribed gift! 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Winter 2007/2008 • 39 

On to our news: Joan Nelson 
Bargamin from Richmond said "same 
or, same ol'," then reeled off the places 
she and Paul have visited and the people 
they've met. Since Joan is "first generation 
American," she has many relatives in the 
UK that they visit often; she leads Sherlock 
Holmes and Jack the Ripper tours in 
London. The Bargamins have traveled to 
Egypt, Greece, Turkey and Eastern Europe 
and will go to Dubai soon. No one can 
say Joan leads a dull life; she counts 
Elliott Yamin. last year's American Idol, 
as a neighbor. Musician Chris Daughtry's 
parents live nearby; she's met Richard Gere 
several times. Joan, still in the antiques and 
collectibles business, has rented to Sharon 
Stone as well as soap opera stars and 
knows Sir Anthony Hopkins. She mentioned 
that her father, a beloved professor at W&L, 
was a great friend of Walt Disney; Dr. Nelson 
collaborated on some screenplays, and 
that association won Joan and Paul and 
sons, as children, a free trip to Disneyland. 
Grandson Matt (1 1) is a dedicated lacrosse 
player and travels around the country in 
summer; he plays the trumpet in the Tampa 
Youth Orchestra. Granddaughter Alexis (14) 
is a violinist in a youth orchestra and is an 
equestrian winning many blue ribbons. Both 
are 'A' students. Joan and Louise Dunham 
Williams go to the theater together, and 
Joan sees Ann Watkins Custard, keeps 
up with Polly Barnes Hester and Carol 
McClave Duncan 

Cornelia Long Matson and Dick lead 
peripatetic lives. They sold their Sarasota 
home, Beauvoir Hall in Osprey, FL; it'll 
become a public park and museum with a 
pavilion pool; their bungalow will be used for 
artists-in-residence. They're now ensconced 
in Sarasota, at the Ritz Carlton Tower. Their 
French vineyard continues to grow merlot 
grapes; they talk of adding more white 
grapes. Recognitions garnered were a 
complimentary listing for their '02 and '03 
Cotes de Bergerac red and 2 stars for their 
sweet white in the Guide Hacbette — quite 
a coup. Cornelia only has to trim vines, 
climb ladders, and deal with plumbing/ 
electric/septic challenges half the year. 
At the time of her note, Cornelia and Dick 
had just returned from NYC and Greenwich 
where they attended the 2nd marriage 
of her daughter Julia to a Dane. It was a 
3-day event with 270 guests and their 7 
children — who will live with them — as 
attendants. They went on to Copenhagen 
for a 2nd ceremony/wedding in the Royal 
Chapel. Amos, Julia's father, and his family 
attended from Israel. Daughter Anna, Assoc. 
Director of P.P. of Seattle, with her partner 
and daughters, visited the Matsons for a 
week prior to the festivities. Son David is 
an E.R. doctor; he and wife Lynn have Luca 
(2). Dick is busy with golf and stock market 
watching. Cornelia plans to make it to SBC 
in May. 

Ina Hamilton Houck, Chicago, is 
celebrating husband John's apparent 
recovery from stage 3 colon cancer, after 
surgery in 1 1/06, by traveling. They loved 
their cruise through Alaska's Inside Passage 

and joined Ina's mother's family, incl. 
siblings, children and families, for a reunion 
at Sapphire Valley, NC, in Jul. They'll attend 
John's brother's 70th birthday in St. Michaels, 
MD, at Thanksgiving. Ina finds it incredible 
that our class is having its 50th reunion. 

Betty Rae Sivalls Davis can't make 
reunion, but will be thinking of all who do. 
She calls life in Midland, TX, "just perfect." 
She and Paul enjoy their 6 grandchildren. 
Traveling is their passion; they were in 
Botswana, Namibia, and Zambia in Aug. to 
bird-watch. They went to Prague, Budapest, 
and Vienna in Sept. with the "Flying 
Longhorns," then back to Kenya in Nov. 
for more birding and animal watching. She 
concludes, "Life is good." 

It was good to see Dorothy "Poogie" 
Wyatt Shields in Sept. She has come 
back to Northern VA to live — this time in a 
lovely condo in a senior independent living 
community, The Jefferson, in Arlington. 
There are lots of amenities; she enjoys 
exercise classes, walking, and aquatic 
activities, eating each day with interesting 
people. Also, there are great trips and 
entertainment. 2 of her children are close. 
She loves being near the Metro and within 
walking distance of wonderful restaurants 
and shopping. "I'm probably among the 10 
youngest among 320 residents, but there 
are amazing people here who you would 
never suspect are in their 80s and 90s." 
Poogie had an e-mail from the daughter 
of our late classmate Shirley McCallum 
Davis announcing the birth of a daughter 
named Shirley Anne for the "most wonderful 
woman I've ever known." Shirley's daughter 
may come to our reunion to meet her 
mother's classmates. 

Judy Graham Lewis. Charleston, 
WV, is amazed that we're having our 50th 
reunion — "never thought we'd make it!" 
Jim is retired from parish ministry, but does 
"supply" work and is active in organizations 
against the war. Judy is busy at her church; 
she's on the search committee for a new 
rector. She and Jim returned in Sept. from 
a W&L/UVA trip to Prague and down the 
Danube; she loved the wonderful history. 
She'll see all of us in May. 

A brief e-mail from Eleanor Humphreys 
Schnabel announced that she has retired 
from the Dept. of Archives and History in 
Greenville, MS; Eleanor lives in Cleveland, 
MS. Daughter Liza is coming to MS to 
live and run the King Railroad Heritage 
Museum; daughter Ellie (SBC '87) and 
husband Patrick Doyle still live and sail 
in Marblehead, MA. Eleanor visited Julie 
Green in ME; they had a "wonderful visit but 
decided we were out of touch with SBCers." 
Eleanor will see all of us next spring. Any 
chance you can get Julie to the reunion, 

No one had a better time at Homecoming 
than Winnie Leigh Hamlin. Dallas, TX. She 
and Davis have 3 sons who live in TX. When 
they visited colleges as young boys they 
liked SBC best "because it had cows." The 
Hamlins have 1 1 grandchildren — 3 girls, 
8 boys. Oldest Winborne Leigh (12) hates 
pink and wants to attend Stanford to be an 

engineer. Eliza Wilkes (9) loves pink and 
wants to go to SBC with her best friend Lili, 
granddaughter of Lee Cullum '60 and great- 
granddaughter of Elizabeth Perkins Prothro 
'39. 3 youngest are 2 boys and another 
"pink" girl (all 3). At Winnie's 70th birthday 
the 2 older girls instructed everyone to turn 
off their cell phones while they gave toasts 
to their grandmother! 

Winnie forwarded a note from Marsha 
Taliaferro-Gillis of Ware Neck, VA. Marsha 
earned a doctorate in Clinical Psychology 
from UVA, went to Boston to specialize in 
neuropsychology. Since this discipline is 
unknown in Ware Neck, Marsha works for 
a modeling and a simulation company in 
cutting edge research and simulation. She 
can hardly wait for our reunion. 

I have reams of announcements from our 
busy Mimi Garrard who has a professional 
dance company of the same name. Her 
dancers perform internationally in an 
eclectic mix of programs. Her Videodances 
were telecast on MMN Channel 56 in Jun. 
and featured Rooms, A Dream with Three 
Brides, Roumainbitze and Night Traffic. In 
Manchester, UK the company presented 
both Argosy and Intimate Spaces/Outer 
Places and her Time Installation has been 
placed in the permanent collection of the 
Mississippi Museum of Art. For more about 
Mimi's company go to her website, www. 
mimigarrarddancecompany. com. 

Since Dotsie Wood McLeod s husband 
Alex retired from his medical practice, they 
have been doing extensive traveling. Most 
recently they toured Vietnam, Cambodia, 
and Thailand with a group and then 
ventured into Myanmar by themselves. They 
loved that country and its people, "definitely 
the highlight of our trip." At Christmas the 
McLeods went to Lombock Island, near 
Bali, to visit Dotsie and Peter. The younger 
McLeods live in Singapore where Peter is 
chief financial officer for Grand Bank Yachts. 
Sandy and his wife Sarah are in Minneapolis 
with 3 furry grand-dogs. Dotsie stays busy 
with Colonial Dames, gardening, tennis and 
volunteering in a low-income public school. 

Peggy Fossett Lodeesen, Bethesda, 
MD, retired from teaching Latin at Sidwell 
Friends School in D.C. She enjoys her 
leisure and auditing some grad courses at 
AU. She writes, "I'm looking forward to the 
50th Reunion. Let's hope it'll be a large 

Ann McCullough Floyd and husband 
Jack are spending a fair amount of time "on 
the road" between their home in Murrell's 
Inlet, SC, and Franklin, TN, where they're re- 
doing her mother's house; they're pleased 
with the results and wish it wasn't such a 
long trip. In Atlanta, they'll stop to see their 
daughter, son-in-law and grandson (2 Vz). 
Another son and his family, a son (5) and a 
daughter (9) live in Savannah. The Floyds 
had a lovely family get-together over Labor 
Day weekend. Son Clark appeared on 
Jeopardy, won 2 games! Ann said he "had a 
ball." Ann and Jack try to see Sandra Elder 
Harper and Tom, Burlington, NC, whenever 
possible as well as Jane Oxner Waring 
and Charles in Charleston, SC. Ann doesn't 

think she'll make reunion because of a trip 
to CO but adds, "Hope the class gift is big 
and that it's a great weekend for all who can 
be there." 

Adele Scott Caruthers is content 
with her life in Santa Fe, NM. She retired 
from her profession as a hand therapist 
in Aug. "I now have the time to do the 
things I enjoy," Adele says. Her daughter 
Susana and husband Michael Fredericks 
have left Santa Fe for Upstate NY where 
he is a dentist. They have 2 darling 
children — daughter Caighlin (9) and 
precious Brighton (2). Adele's son Bruce, a 
computer tech, lives in Albuquerque with 
his partner Jim. Adele had been watercolor 
painting until she took up still-life painting 
in oils. For her 70th birthday, Adele gave 
herself a trip to Honolulu to visit her sister 
Carolyn '57. Adele sees Betsy Taylor 
occasionally; Betsy uses her acting talents 
as a professional storyteller. Adele hopes to 
make reunion. 

Alex Carpenter Cole, Springfield, NJ, 
flew to SBC for 24 hrs at Homecoming 
to help with the reunion plans. Her 
husband Dick is a professor of mechanical 
engineering at Stevens Institute of 
Technology in Hoboken. Son David works 
for Med-Rad in computer design and 
wife Beth Ann is a school counselor in 
Pittsburgh. They have 3 children, Ryan (7), 
Caitlin (5) and Jason (2 %). Son Brian and 
wife Jessica live in Westwood, MA, where 
Brian is in management for Boston Beer, 
makers of Samuel Adams. Their children are 
Caroline (5) and Brian (3). Alex is involved 
in a consortium, Interfaith Hospitality 
Network (IHN), started in NJ. The initials also 
represent "In His Name." The organization 
serves 4 families in the area. She caught 
me up on twin sister Ruth Carpenter Pitts 
in Birmingham, AL. Ruth works as an escort 
for authors and their publicists who come 
to the city for signing. She and Bill have 2 
married children with teenage children. 

I'm embarrassed to admit that I had a 
nice note from Ruth Mackie Nicholson 
Morristown, NJ. I know she is happily 
remarried to John and is planning to return 
to reunion. She and John were supposed to 
attend Homecoming, but were unable to at 
the last minute. My apologies, Ruth. 

As for me, Jane Shipman Kuntz, the 
Kuntz clan is spread around the globe, 
especially with my daughter Martha and 
husband Don Schenck beginning their 3rd 
year in Pretoria, South Africa, where Don is 
Regional Security Officer for the embassy. 
Martha also works at the embassy. 
Katherine (1 8) is a freshman at UMW; 
Lauren, 16, is a junior at the Johannesburg 
American International School and Cole is a 
6th grader. Katherine is a very good guitarist 
and was editor of the senior yearbook. 
She seems to be happy at UMW, getting 
adjusted to being so far from her family. 
Lauren is artistic and musical — plays the 
recorder; she was administrator of the 
Model United Nations program this fall. Cole 
is playing the saxophone (1 st year), loves 
basketball. Lee and Steve Caira remain in 
Clarksville, TN; Lee is completing her 20th 

40 • Winter 2007/2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

year as the victim-witness advocate lor 2 
TN counties. Her son Scott is getting ready 
for college next year; he works tech lor 
the school plays and has an after-school 
job. Anne and Matt Newman are the only 
family close by. Anne's position as a funeral 
director and grief counselor keeps her busy; 
she does a lot of community workshops 
m her field and volunteers at local animal 
shelters. The most important event of our 
year was our family reunion at our cottage 
at Columbus Beach Club on Burt Lake in 
Ml. I'm not sure when the last time was that 
our entire family — daughters, spouses and 
children — 12 in all, were together at one 
time and I don't know when it will happen 
again, so we treasured our time together. 
For 1 week we had gorgeous weather, no 
one got mad at anyone else and everyone 
stayed well! 

I continue to volunteer at the low-income 
retirement community, Canterbury Court, in 
suburban Dayton; I love it and just chaired 
an ice cream social in Aug. I also chair the 
Miami Valley Development Committee, the 
fund-raising group for CC; the Corporate 
Board of Episcopal Retirement Homes, part 
of the Episcopal Diocese of Southern OH. 
We're moving into the low income housing 
on a larger scale; it's been very rewarding. 
I continue to do needlework, sing in the 
choir, and garden. My visit to SBC in Sept. 
was great; campus looked lovely and that 
weekend was the 1 st when the seniors 
could wear their gowns. We made the 
trip to the Monument and cheered on 1 2 
engineering students, yes, engineering, in 
teams of 2 who raced their cardboard and 
duct-taped boats on the Sweet Briar Lake. It 
was all very festive with a radio sportscaster 
announcing the event and everyone enjoying 
a delicious picnic. We were welcomed 
graciously by students, staff and faculty. It 
was great tun to see the students and their 
dates at the lavish dinner dance on Sat. 

I can't encourage all of you too much 
to come for our reunion; rumor has it that 
Carol Hall is going to reprise some of 
that (in)famous freshman show Hurricane 
Hazel for us! And please respond to the 
request for the Class Reunion gift; we have 
some matching money that will only be 
available if we step up to the plate and give. 
Participation is also important, so give what 
you are able, but do give! 

I need photos, memorabilia, etc. for the 
class scrapbook. Please send to me with 
proper identification. We're a special class 
with lots of very special, talented members. 
Come in May to celebrate our uniqueness. 


Mary Ballou Ballentine 
6317 Three Chopt Road 
Richmond, Virginia 23226 

If I didn't love all of you, I'd be mad with you 
for not sending me ANY information: good, 
bad or indifferent. However, I will forge on 
and NEVER SURRENDER. (I've been reading 

Meacham's Franklin and Winston in my 1 959 
SBC book club — can you tell?) I know you're 
tired of hearing what I've been doing, but 
that's all I have to tell until I get on the phone. 

In Sept., some of us from our class 
joined a group of same age girls organized 
by a Smith alumna to cruise the Cyclades 
islands in the Aegean and then travel on 
land in and around Athens. We went to Asia 
Minor to the ruins of Ephesus (fascinating) 
to start our cruise. 

These are our classmates who were 
on the trip Lizora Miller Yonce Tricia 
Coxe Ware Pickie Payne Hester 
Tabb Thornton Farinholt Mary Blair 
Valentine and moi You must hear what 
happened to the 2 M.B.'s at the Athens 
airport on return. The Greeks mixed up our 
boarding passes and luggage tickets and 
because the B and V are similar in Greek 
(could that be right?) and we were in such 
a rush because our bus didn't arrive to 
get us there in plenty of time, we got sent 
off with mismatched forms. It's a miracle 
we got on that plane home! Mary Blair 
breezed through undetected, BUT when I 
later came along, the agent detected the 
discrepancy and refused to let me in. I had 
to use all my wits to explain the confusion. 
Can you imagine? He finally said, "Lady, go 
on quickly and tell no one, otherwise they'll 
delay the plane and take your luggage off 
and you will not fly." I then zoomed through 
the rest of the gates. It was scary, but an 
adventure and we whooped it up more than 
ever on our way home. (Remember the 
"Mary Club" in our class? so many Marys! 
Can you reel off a few?) 

I called up my old buddy Snowdon 
Durham Byron. She said she had no 
news and then proceeded to tell me lots. 
To celebrate her 70th birthday and Jamie- 
darling's 80th, they went to Emerald Isle 
(where Courtney lives) with children and 10 
grandchildren ("completely wild but great 
fun"). They had a great time with Courtney 
Gibson Pelley and Herb. Snowdon's 
descriptions of their surgeries (Jamie's ear, 
her back and knee), which she says they 
are recovered from "sort of," were vintage 
Snowdon — funny when they shouldn't be. 
She was delighted to tell me about her visit 
from Jane Jamison Messer— says she's 
utterly unchanged, still the most fun. They 
went to Berkeley Springs and had massages 
and mineral baths. (I'm so envious; aren't 
you?) Snowdon remarked on Jane's 
amazing mother who was with us at our 
last reunion, class of '29, the senior alumna 
there and now about to have her 1 00th 
birthday on Christmas Eve! WOW! 

I called Jane Winje Ruedi in Blue 
Springs, MO and had the nicest chat 
with her, hearing about her career as a 
psychologist and her 4 children and 5 
grandchildren. I urged her to think about 
planning to come to our 50th reunion, 
since she has a child living in VA Beach 
and former roommates Maggie Cooke 
in Yorktown and Sarah Jane Murdock 
Moore in Lynchburg, she needs to visit 
them while she joins us. 

The vaunted Book Group is planning to 
visit Williamsburg to see the decorations 

>n Sue Hight Rountree .-.ho has written 
and published several books on all things 
decorative there. I'll report on that next time! 
We're reading her newest book, Ca 
Gardens. When I talked to Sue about the 
Queen's visit, she said she and her husband 
were visiting her father (98) in MA, but 
heard from Bly Straub, the head of the 
conservation archaeologists, that the Queen 
was most impressed by the progress at the 
original settlement (on the island); also the 
authorities there found her knowledge of the 
project impressive. 
Until next time... 


Mrs. Fredrick D. Wampler 
Little Place Farm 
1406 Thomas Rd 
Wayne, PA 19087 


Mrs. Jean A. Sharland 
1724 Aberdeen Circle 
Crofton.MD 21114 

Last year was our year for 50th prep/h. 
s. reunions. In spring, the St. Catherine's 
crew met up at their 50th and enjoyed a 
merry time. Besides our Class President, 
Louise Cobb Boggs Suzanne Ruff in, 
Mary Denny Scott Wray. Babs Childrey 
Fowler. Molly Haskell Sarris Jeanne 
Bounds Hamilton and Susan Cone Scott 
showed up for the fun. 

Linda MacArthur Hollis took Bob back 
to OH for her 50th. They spent a summer 
Jan. in New Zealand, then decided shorter 
trips were a good idea. They visited B and 
Bs in NH and ME, and did an Elderhostel 
in Philadelphia to go to the symphony 
and see the Barnes Collection and the 
Philadelphia Museum of Art. They spent 
Christmas in their NC home, with their 
youngest grandchildren. Their hilltop home 
in Lyme, CT, was for sale, and they'll move 
to NC when it sells. Last Apr., Linda had a 
total knee replacement which was healing 
well until she "torqued" it gardening in May. 
She's still discomforted, has some sciatica 
and tendonitis, but boogies right along. 

Sara Finnegan Lycett s Ike had a hip 
replacement last spring and recovered very 
well — up and walking without a cane within 
6 wks. Nonetheless, they relaxed in the 
country for the summer. Now they're back 
in town, and Sara continues to lead tours 
as a docent at The Walters Art Museum in 

Simone Aubry enjoyed the extended 
gardening season. She stayed close to 
home, since she uncovered faulty 1938 
construction in the original part of her 
house. She's designed a green home 
and included an elevator and other 
conveniences, hoping that, despite arthritis, 
she'll be able to live at home whatever the 
future brings. 

Celia Williams Dunn and Larry's real 
estate firm, now "Celia Dunn Solhebys 
International Realty," has expanded, adding 

HiBlulfton.SC, to their Sav.i 
base. In early Nov., she joined the Sweet 
Briar Friends ol Art at their meeting In 
NYC. Also at the meeting wa r Catherine 
Caldwell Cabaniss, who had dinner with 
Ross and Jeanne Bounds Hamilton 
In Oct., her husband Bill played in a 
tournament in St. James Golfing Resort and 
met the Alumnae Office's Jackie Woods' son 
Chip and his family. 

Nancy Coppedge Lynn spent the 
summer again on Mere Point, just outside 
Brunswick, ME, where she golfs. She 
learned to play mahjong, "really lots of fun." 
Other than a few weekend trips, she and 
Jerry stayed close to home where children 
and grandchildren are doing well. Their 
eldest grandson started boarding school last 
fall at Christ School outside of Asheville. NC. 

Winifred Storey Davis and Tread 
cruised the Baltic last summer, and the 
highlight was seeing Lennart and Willia 
Fates Eckerberg at their summer home in 
Falsterbo, Sweden, The village is across the 
water from Copenhagen, and is now linked 
to it by "Spandinavia;" their neighbors come 
from around the world. In spring, Willia had 
had rotator cuff surgery and wasn't yet 
cleared for bicycling. Mostly they rely on 
bicycles to get around, and Lennart guided 
them on a bike tour of Falsterbo, their 2 
"links" golf courses, and the countryside, 
the Swedish bread basket. 

Susie Prichard Pace s life revolves 
around caring for George, wheelchair- 
bound, and helping her 'kids' with their kids. 
In the fall, Kendall was invited to a dance 
and had to have her dress fitted "just right." 
Susie looks forward to the start of her tennis 

Bette Hutchins Sharland continues as 
secretary of the local umbrella civic group. 

Margaret Gwathmey savors her 
memories of Christmas in Munich with her 

Alicia Laing Salisbury writes that she 
and John returned from 3 "fascinating" 
weeks in China. 

From CA, Patti Anderson Warren. 
having retired from the county government, 
remains an elected Trustee on the Marin 
County Board of Education. She commutes 
between Marin and Lake Tahoe, and hopes 
the Sierras have a wet winter. Snow came 
in Oct. to the Winter Park area of CO, where 
she visited older son Mark and his family, 
high up at 9,500 ft. Last Apr. she and 
Bob took a Panama Canal cruise and are 
spending Jan. in Costa Rica with a Rotary 
"Project Fair" and then some tourism. 

Happy New Year to All! 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Winter 2007/2008 »41 

r c , 


Parry Ellice Adam 
33 Pleasant Run Road 
Flemington, NJ 08822 
momadl © 

My gratitude to Anne Johnston 
Henderson for responding to my note. 
Unfortunately, she became widowed last 
Feb., but has 6 grandchildren (14-6 mo.), 
which involve a lot of babysitting. She 
works part time as a CPA. She also enjoys 
gardening, reading, and listening to classical 

Since reunion, Sandy and I have 
done our usual summer trek of hiking in 
B.C. in Jul.; Sept. caught us on safari in 
Tanzania — a wonderful experience. Home 
for the holidays and looking forward to 
hearing of your family events. Please keep 
in touch. 


.V •■•<■-" 2008: 

Mrs. Heinz K. Simon 
Allie Stemmons 
3701 Guadalajara Court 
Irving, TX 75062 

Greetings to the Class of '63! One of the 
best things about responses to my plea for 
news is that lots of us are planning to be at 
SBC next May for our 45th reunion! 

As Lynn Carol Blau says, "It hardly 
seems possible it will be 45 years!" Yet here 
we are, certainly not looking or feeling as 
old as we are supposed to be! We're a very 
active group — for instance, Lynn tells of 
new granddaughter Rose and a surprise trip 
to Venice for her niece's wedding. 

Katherine Haskell Subramanian gets 
the prize for adventure — in Jul. she took a 
3-wk trip to India and Ladakh, going over 
the Himalayas by jeep! It was a group of 16 
people, led by a former Buddhist monk who 
escaped Tibet at the age of 5. Because of 
his contacts they were able to go places and 
meet people unknown to most tourists— they 
had a private audience with the Karmapa, a 
high spiritual leader who also escaped Tibet, 
and dinner at the Dalai Lama's summer 
palace. Katherine loved learning about the 
Tibetan culture and says the trip over the 
mountains was beyond incredible. 

Mary Ann Utterback Burritt says 
although nobody believes it (incl. me), 
she retired and loves the free and easy 
life. She and Jim went to South Africa in 
Feb. where they visited daughter Kiendel, 
then to Moscow and St. Petersburg in Jul. 
She's also done a little grandmother duty, 
taking care of daughter Cheri's Jonathan 
in Charleston while Cheri went to Santa Fe, 
then Jimmy's boys in Jun. while his family 
was moving to Montclair, NJ. She saw Jane 
Goodridge while in Charleston. 

When Jane wrote to me she had just 
been calling friends in CA, including McNair 
Currie Maxwell, to be sure they were 

safe from the fires. Maxwell could see 
them, but she and Bob were OK. Jane is 
working on fund raising for our reunion. 
Her usual cohort, Jean Meyer Aloe, had 
to opt out this year so our great Class 
President, Stevie Fontaine Keown has 
become Jane's fundraising co-chair. Stevie 
is expecting grandchild #2 right after 
reunion time — let's hope this one doesn't 
come early! Jean is busy working full time, 
finishing classes toward her M.A. in Creative 
Writing, acting as poetry competition co- 
editor for Inkwell Magazine and running 
for office as district representative in 
Greenwich! Wow! And the rest of us are 
retiring or at least trying to! 

Ann Knickerbocker McCulloch 
says she's reliving her childhood with 5 
grandchildren, riding horses, playing with 
"Rini" fashion dolls and enjoying Blue Bell 
ice cream! 

Harriett Reese Jensen reports from 
Denmark the arrival of 2 more grandsons 
bringing her total of "grands" to 8! She is 
hoping to get to SBC for reunion. 

Mary Lou Morton Seilheimer s 
daughter, husband and baby moved to 
Geneva in May. Son-in-law Josh is with J. P. 
Morgan Private Bank and they enjoy their 
new surroundings. I'm sure Mary Lou and 
Charlie will be visiting Switzerland shortly! 
Their son has a new travel website for 
booking hotel rooms, 

And on the subject of Switzerland, Lee 
Kucewicz Parham spent 2 wks in and 
about Geneva with a teacher friend — her 
favorite spots were Annecy, Chamonix and 
Lyon. Before that adventure Lee and John 
joined Heinz and me in Snowmass, CO, for 
a mini-reunion incl. Keitt Matheson Wood 
and Frank and Lisa Wood Hancock and 
Pete. Snowmass may never be the same! 
We had a glorious time enhanced by the 
presence of Heinz's and my great friend, 
Ewald Scholz, a fabulous German chef who 
cooked for us every night! Another highlight 
was a concert by violinist Gil Shaham and 
his wife, Adele Anthony. 

A sad note, SBC has been notified that 
our classmate Barbara Quimby Gildehaus 
died 6/1 9/07. 

Betsy Parker McColl reports sadly that 
her mother ('32) died in Apr. and that she 
has spent a lot of time in Franklin, VA, going 
through her many diaries, journals, travel 
scrapbooks, photo albums and memoirs — a 
sad but illuminating task. 

Margaret (Maggie) Millender Holmes 
reports spending time in NC, "helping the 
remaining members of the generation that 
arrived before we did." Maggie and Tom are 
enjoying retirement, doing a little traveling 
and looking forward to seeing everyone at 

Lucy Otis Anderson also hopes to 
be at our reunion, although she'll have to 
dodge her mother-in-law's 93rd birthday — 
hopefully the dates will work out! David has 
moved his office home (taking up far too 
much space) and is "getting serious about 
moving toward retirement." Lucy, daughter 
#1 , is working for Bank of America in 
Chester, England — Lucy and David met her 
last summer for a fabulous trip to Istanbul 

and the Greek Islands. Shirley, daughter #2, 
continues to teach 1 st grade at Charlotte 
Latin School in Charlotte, NC. 

Nikki Griess Deupree sent a quick note 
as she and Tom were dashing off to visit 
their daughter in Sedona, AZ. They enjoyed 
a fabulous Lindblad cruise to Norway and 
up to Svalbard last summer. They also had a 
recent visit with Betty Stanly Cates in Vero 
Beach, FL. I usually get all sorts of news, 
mostly about visits with classmates, from 
Betty, but this time only a quick note from 
Nancy Dixon Brown: "just took Betty to 
the airport for a trip to China so she won't 
respond by deadline!" Isn't it great how we 
take care of each other! We can hear all 
about Betty's trip to China at reunion. Nancy 
encourages everyone to come! 

Tempe Parker is still in real estate in 
Mt. Pleasant, SC, close to Charleston and 
would love to see any classmates in the 
area. Her "roommate" is an 1 1 -year old 
rescued poodle named Chaz who Tempe 
says "after 3 years has finally agreed to 
come when I call him!" 

Betsey Beale is another still working in 
real estate and has completed her biggest 
year ever! She does animal rescue work and 
has taken in 2 Great Pyrenees "to bring my 
herd of dogs to 6, plus kitties and birds!" 
Betsey told me about Renee Regan Sage s 
fantastic art work — she's winning shows in 
Australia — and e-mailed me copies of some 
of her paintings! Wow! I will send them on to 
SBC and hope we can have an article in the 
Alumnae Magazine — Renee is an amazing 

Another painting talent among us is 
Anne Carter Brothers who continues to 
produce her fabulous watercolors. Anne 
caught up with Susan Alexander by 
e-mail and learned that her son's law firm 
in Roanoke was bought by a Charleston 
firm started by Susan's family. Anne is 
"adjusting to John's retirement — twice 
as much husband and half as much 
money!" 3 generations of the Brothers 
family will gather at the Grove Park Inn for 

Ann Funkhouser Strite-Kurz returned 
from a teaching trip to Charlottesville, VA, 
and found that 1 of her students has a 
freshman daughter at SBC. She spent a night 
in Baltimore with Missy Lohr Berge and Ed 
who had just returned from a trip to AK. 

Sue Jones Cansler and Chuck continue 
to enjoy life on the GA coast. In Aug. they 
spent a week participating in an American 
Study Program at one of the Oxford 
University colleges, then on to Scotland for 
10 days of cool weather. In Sept., Sue joined 
Ginger Cates Mitchell (hostess), Cinnie 
Hooten Magowen Lyn Clark Pegg. Mary 
Groetzinger Heard and Laura Lee Brown 
Wilson at a mini-reunion on Spring Island 
near Beaufort, SC. 

Julia Arnold Morey and Russ enjoyed 
a trip to ME, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward 
Island in Sept. They stayed with Kitty 
Griffith and her husband in ME. Julie is 
already "redecorating" their 3-year old 
house and yard in DE! 

Cynthia Hubard Spangler says 
her life revolves around friends, family, 

grandchildren, tennis teams and travel — 
hey, what else is there? 1 visit to NYC to 
see the Richard Serra exhibit was incredibly 
exciting. Cynthia will spend Thanksgiving at 
Disneyland with her son and his family and 
looks forward to taking her mother (91) to 
London and France next Jun. 

Rinda King DeBeck "keeps on teaching 
college kids who look younger and younger 
every year!" She has 4 grandchildren, 
hoping for more, and is planning to be at 
reunion — how great it'll be to see her! 

Pat Calkins Wilder is one who so 
enjoys her career that she can't imagine 
retiring — she loves her photography 
business, "Light Images," and one of the 
best aspects of it is travel to wonderfully 
aesthetic locations — Mexico and Italy are 
her next 2 destinations (unfortunately she 
will be in Italy at reunion). She reports that 
Mike is "mostly retired as of a few weeks 
ago and I'm sure he will be reminded of just 
how long our winters are here once the golf 
season is over. I am thinking of starting a 
workshop for towel folding and vacuuming 
techniques." Now there's a clever woman! 

Finally, Carol Crowley Karm is not only 
not retiring but starting new! She writes, 
"I always wanted to write — not PR, not 
marketing, but real writing. I'm finally doing 
it. I guess you could say I'm a slow learner. 
I'm writing for a glossy magazine that covers 
all aspects of life in this geographical area: 
lifestyle, food, personalities and celebrities, 
etc. Currently I'm stalking Tom Selleck in the 
hopes he'll agree to be the cover story in 
Feb. I'm also the copy editor so life is really 
fun!" Carol and Bill have 10 grandchildren. 
enjoy traveling and "have never been so 
busy or enjoyed life so much." 

I guess I'm another "slow learner" — or 
maybe just stupid — I can't quite seem to let 
go of the travel business. But Heinz will be 
fully retired, finally, sometime next year and 
we're enjoying spending more and more 
time in CO (where, thanks to computers, I 
can still work). We returned from a leisurely 
cruise through the Caribbean and look 
forward to a trip to Tahiti at Christmas. Our 
2 daughters, Karen in London and Kimmie 
near Dallas, are healthy and happy, our cat 
and dog are fabulous and life is good. May 
16-18, 2008 is engraved on my calendar. I 
hope to see you ALL at SBC for our reunion! 


Virginia "Ginny" deBuys 
H16 Shirley Lane 
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 

I received this note from Nancy Lynah 
Hood when her town flooded: "We 
downsized this year, moving to a penthouse 
apartment overlooking Oxford's Castle Mill 
Stream right in the middle of town. We 
love it, different from living in a big, drafty 
Victorian house on a busy road where we 
lose a cat every year. I retired too, although 
I still do some work on contract for the 
museum service and am a Trustee of our 
Farm Museum at Cogges, near Witney. My 

42 • Winter 2007/2008 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


main goal for the '3rd age' is to turn rny 
MA. Dissertation on the Italian renaissance 
artist Giovanni Antonio Bazzi, known as II 
Sodoma, into a book which will resurrect 
his reputation. Roger has retired too. but 
still consults on criminology matters and 
has a project going in China. We travel 
there sometimes. I last saw some of the 
Charleston bunch 2 yrs ago when I closed 
up my mother's house as she moved to FL." 
(And when your book is published, you'll 
send an autographed copy to Anne Poulet. 
Director of the Frick Collection in NYC!) 
Nancy's new address is: Nancy Hood. MA, 
FMA. 36 The Stream Edge. Fisher Row 
Oxford 0X1 1HT. Tel +44 (0)1865 243140 
Mobile: 07891 469772. 

Ginny deBuys is working toward 
retirement by the time you get the spring 
notes. Please (especially those of you who 
do not have email) send me your news after 
Chnstmas. I'm sure the first quarter of '08 
will be busy as I wind down and out from my 
job. but after then I'll be free to wander. 



Sally Hubbard 
52 Sherwood Trail 
SewaneeTN 37375-2166 

Mel Freese Cota finds visits with daughter 
Vicky and the grandchildren sometimes 
stressful, but always a joyful distraction. 
When she turned 64. husband Alberto 
played the Beatles' song: "Will you still need 
me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64?" 
Thanks, Alberto, for that gift to all us 64- 

Sherry Bradford Christhilf is in 
Baltimore with the same husband, 4 
children and 8 grandchildren. She works as 
an art consultant and volunteers as grants 
co-chair for the Baltimore Women's Giving 
Circle and as programming chair for the Art 
Seminar Group. 

Foy Roberson Cooley s family 
celebrated son Graham's wedding on 10/13. 
Husband Ken retired, but Foy still runs their 
self-storage business in NJ and NY. 

Scribbie Scribner Euston and Greg 
have 6 grandchildren to visit. Her eldest 
son and wife Kimberley McGraw Euston '92 
moved from NY to Atlanta; the others are in 
Houston and Chicago. Cyclist Greg rode the 
MS-1 50 in Sept. Scribbie says she'll let us 
know when she does something noteworthy, 
but personally, I think washing spandex 
bike shorts in Dark Load Woolite and line- 
drying them in the garage is extraordinary 
dedication to the cause. 

Sally McCrady Hubbard wants to 
say that of 1 60 or so class members, she 
has only about 60 good e-mail addresses, 
and heard from only 1 1 ! Please send her 
and the college your correct e-address. 
She'd love to have news from those who 
haven't ever or rarely written before. She's 
about to sing as Celia. one of the woodland 
fairies flitting hither and thither in Gilbert 
& Sullivan's lolanthe. She started a fair- 
weather, geriatric bicycling group, "Granny 

Gears," for 10-mile weekly rides, and hikes 
regularly on the Cumberland Plateau with 
many of the same friends. 

After retiring from Charles Schwab 3 
yrs ago Kay Knopf Kaplan took the job 
of Development Associate with the Marin 
Symphony, a 55-year old orchestra across 
the bridge from San Francisco. She sees 
Genie Dickey at least at the SBC Christmas 
luncheon. Her biggest connection is Penn 
Willits Fullerton.;66 through 20-year 
membership in a book club. 

After 42 years working for the Navy as 
an engineer, Nancy MacMeekin retired at 
the end of Sept. and promptly joined her sail 
club's crew on a restored Naval Academy 
yawl for a 2-day trip to the Annapolis Boat 
Show and cruising the Chesapeake Bay to 
figure out what to do when she grows up. 
This may include getting her bike tuned and 
exploring the lovely woods and water-view 
bike lanes and trails of the Navy base. 

Dabney Williams McCoys daughter 
Catherine's wedding took place at the 
family's summer home in ME in Jun. 
Roommate Sallie Mullins Thompson and 
husband Ralph Cann attended. Catherine 
and husband have moved to Lausanne, 
Switzerland, where he works for Philip 
Morris, International. Dabney, her husband 
and her parents (Emory Williams '40) joined 
them for a visit in Venice in Sept. Having 
3 generations dining at an outdoor rooftop 
restaurant overlooking the Grand Canal is 
unforgettable. Otherwise Dabney is busy 
with 5 grandsons (7, 6, 4, 3, and 2). 2 live in 
Richmond and 3 in Charlotte. 

Marianne Micros' daughter Eleni had 
a son, Matteo, 7/1 9. Daughter Joy had a 
girl, Rowan, on 7/22. Marianne's book of 
poetry, Seventeen Trees, was published and 
launched in Toronto. Marianne modestly 
calls it a "very eventful summer." 

Laura Haskell Phinizy reports that her 
grand-twins are doing very well (1 1 mos., 
9/23). They're just not close enough to 
Augusta, GA. 

Carol Reifsnyder Rhodes is 
celebrating good health 6 yrs after a 
lumpectomy and radiation. In Sept. she had 
4 days with friends in NYC. In Oct. she and 
husband Bob vacationed in CO to see the 
Aspens. She has 5 grandsons: 3 in Winston- 
Salem and 2 in Tucson. She expects to visit 
the NC family for Christmas. She and Bob 
are going to England in Jun. with their choir 
and to AK in Aug. In Jul. all 5 grandsons, 
sans parents, join them to vacation at the 
CO house. 

Magda Salvesen is back from Seattle 
and 3 days on the Olympic Peninsula. 


Diane "Toots" Dalton 

1014 North Astor Street, #43 
Milwaukee, Wl 53202 


Mrs. J. Herbert Long, Jr. 
19 Hidden Valley Rd 
Lafayette, CA 94549 

Rev. Makanah Morriss 
1317 Rocky Mountain Rd 
Forest, VA 24551 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

A message from our class president Judi 
Bensen Stigle: "Once AGAIN Toots and I 
are your class officers. We even tried bribery 
to be replaced, but no one took the hook. 
What a great time we had at our 40th! We 
laughed, hugged, ate well and shared a few 
bottles of wine. We also raised more $$ for 
SBC than ever before. Some classmates 
relaxed while others rode and others played 
golf at the new course across Rt. 29 from 
SBC. Those in attendance were: D. Dalton, 
J. Bensen V. Baker C. Randolph-Barr. 
A. Carr G. McRae M. Dortch R. Brown 
E. Kelley S. Ewalt G. Carpenter L. 
Fite C. Quereau S. Lucas P. Ford K. 
Waters L. Lyle B. Glaser M. Hickey 
K. Amundson G. Robins B. Blew M. 
Randolph B. Gawthrop H. Darby G. 
Stoddard and C. Moore. We missed those 
who couldn't come! But 2012 is right 
around the corner. HUGS to all." Judi also 
reports that she must learn to cook as soon 
as she finishes cleaning up the mess of 
putting in a beautiful new kitchen. She took 
a cruise up the Blue Danube, loved Vienna 
and Salzburg, and sharing stories with a 
fellow passenger who went to VMI. 

Betsy Kurtz Argo retires in 6/09 and 
will be off to their cottage in Ml for good. 
She and Jim will celebrate their 25th 
anniversary on the Queen Mary II tot 2 wks 
in England. When her father-in-law (96) 
died, they brought together all 3 daughters, 
their husbands, and both grandchildren, 
Jake (1 K) and Ellie (2 K), who met each 
other for the 1st time. 

Barbara Annan bought a new home 
in her beloved Fairbanks— a smaller one 
with a dynamite view of the Tanana River 
and the AK Range. She retired from private 
practice a few years after finally getting 
her doctorate in clinical psychology and is 
happily oil painting in the winter, camping 
in the summer, and still making trips to her 
pied-a-terre in NYC. 

Carroll Randolph Barr still works as 
dir. of development at Blessed Sacrament 
Huguenot. They're proud of Angus who 
loves his 2nd year of Culinary School at 
Johnson&Wales U. in Charlotte. Michael is in 
NYC working as a research analyst and will 
marry Ali McLeod in May at Jekyll Island, 
GA. Mike is still in real estate and farming. 
They love playing golf and tennis, though the 
emphasis is definitely on the golf. "Reunion 
was great fun and we encourage others 
to come back to that beautiful campus for 
our next reunion in 5 yrs. We still 'haven't 
changed a bit' have we?" 

Janie Willingham McNabb missed 
reunion because she was busy hosting 
her 50th elem. reunion. Joining Janie for 
the reunion was Diane Mann Lankford 
who is developing neighborhoods in and 
around Atlanta. Janie loves gardening, 
photography and video editing, especially 

all home movies. Husband Lanny Is busy 
developing a new subdivision Janie has 17 
grandchildren, 13 are hers, 4 are Lanny 's, 
and 8 ■adopted" grandchildren who are 
her deceased sister's who died 13 years 
ago from cancer. She and Lanny enjoy 
their cabin In the valley at Dunlap, 1 7 mi. 
from home. She gardens, lots of flowers, 
blueberries, and blackberries, and Lanny 
works on old cars, Packards. including 3 
Caribbeans. At home she has assorted 
flowers and a big vegetable garden, an 
orchard with apples, peaches, cherries, 
plums, pears and a raspberry patch. Janie 
tried to breed her golden retriever for pure 
bred puppies but ended up with a batch 
of black and golden puppies that looked a 
bit like labs. Raising them from birth kept 
her busy. 

Glory McRae Bowen has been to AK 
where she went dog-sledding on a glacier 
and to Niagara Falls. Glory was divorced 
this summer. She's busy getting ready for 
concerts with various singing groups and 
will do some solos and duets as well. 

Jane Eastin Hager reports that the 
Hagers are busy working and playing and 
don't seem to have much in the way of 
complaints, thus all is well! 

Jill Berguido Gill writes that Bruce and 
the Harriton Assoc. Board have expanded 
the 20-acre Harriton Plantation to include 
another contiguous property with a house 
older than the 1 704 Harriton House. It'll 
be used as an education center. Also new 
this year was the community garden, in 
which heirloom vegetables were cultivated. 
Tim returned to Drexel U. last Jan. as a 
junior, after taking several years off, and 
is on the Dean's List pursuing a sociology/ 
anthropology major with an interest in 
archaeology. Jill is still happy tutoring and 
editing a book written by the father of one of 
her students. She still enjoys spending time 
with family and friends, taking care of her 
animals, walking, gardening, reading, and 
writing in her various journals. Recent travels 
include New Windsor, NY, Cape Cod for 
vacation, Easton, MD, and Ellis Island, NY. 

Linda Fite is "bopping along. Life 
is good." She spent a couple days as a 
reporter/reviewer for her newspaper, Times 
Herald-Record, at the Woodstock Film 
Festival, and reports it was "a cool gig," 
but now is at her regular job on the copy 
desk. On her way home from visiting kids 
Alex and Sarah in Brooklyn, Linda visited 
Neil Orloff in Yonkers. Then she saw Mary 
Cary Ambler at the rehab/nursing home 
where she is recovering from a serious auto 
accident. Mary Cary's sense of humor is 
still strong, and Linda encourages anyone 
who remembers her fondly to write her 
just to let her know you're thinking of her: 
Room 204A, Cedar Manor Rehabilitation 
and Nursing Home, Cedar Lane, Ossinino 
NY 10562. 

Pam Ford Kelley is planning to visit 
Mary Cary. She and Brendan had a splendid 
summer sailing to ME and joined the NY 
Yacht Club's cruise/race week in Boothbay 
and Penobscot Bay. They won all but one 
of the races when they came in 2nd! "Less 

Winter 2007/2008 • 43 

brilliant was the rock we so solidly hit the 
next week while continuing to cruise in the 
area. I got tossed on my head down the 
companionway which resulted in 8 staples 
in the back of my head. You'll be pleased 
to know they no longer shave and stitch 
up such things, just the old staple gun. 
Both myself and the boat are back to our 
old selves. But I had to get the staples out 
before we went back to Paris the next week, 
which called for a staple remover. At least I 
wasn't apprehended going through airport 

Maria Wiglesworth Hemmings loves 
her work as a nurse, now on an ICU step 
down unit. Jeff continues to work at his 
own pace. They have invested in a house 
in Hobe Sound, FL, (after she said, "FL over 
my dead body") and enjoy long weekends 
there. They still ski, so will rent the house 
for the winter. Both daughters, Emery and 
Anne, are in Jackson, WY, great location to 
visit in summer or winter. Anyone getting to 
Jackson Hole and Teton Village Sports at the 
mountain should ask for Anne Hemmings, 
the women's buyer, and tell her you know 

Hallie Darby Smith says it was great 
seeing everybody at reunion. Big news: a 
4th grandchild is on the way. Her daughter 
has a boy (4) and a girl (2) and her son has 
a boy (3). Randy Brown has traveled a lot 
including 2 wks in United Arab Emirates 
visiting friend's family. "What a cosmopolitan 
place!" She swam in the Persian Gulf and 
the Gulf of Omen. Then Randy was on to 
Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks and 
the historic lodges where it was hot— 1 00° 
F. The Boiling River in North Yellowstone was 
great. Next she visited Sue Morck Perrin 
who had a mini-reunion at Pawleys, SC 
with Smith Newsom and Sally Haskell 
Richardson. Then Randy and her mother 
headed to Nyack, NY. for her younger 
sister's 60th birthday. Now it's back to work 
to relax. 

Clay Blackwell works part time 
(solo practice) as a Licensed Professional 
Counselor, specializing in children, 
adolescents, and families. Her passion is 
fiber arts; quilting and lace-making take 
up most of her free time. Last year, a 
lace teacher asked her to work a model 
of a piece he had reconstructed from a 
250+ year-old fragment, and not only 
was this included in his latest book, but is 
featured on the cover along with another 
piece — worked by another of her favorite 
teachers! Last spring and summer were 
taken up organizing "Lace at Sweet Briar," 
a week-long retreat for lace-makers and 
collectors. There were 3 teachers (incl. her 
teacher from Germany), and 35 students, 
as well as a vendor with equipment, books, 
and supplies for lace-makers. Students 
came from all across the U.S. The week 
was a huge success, with The Elston Inn 
and Conference Center and the college staff 
contributing to the satisfaction of the guests. 
They raved about the beauty of the campus, 
and enjoyed early morning hikes where 
they saw birds and wildlife that they're not 
accustomed to seeing in the cities. Clay is 

planning next year's event. She enjoys her 
role as grandmother ("Mimi") to 3 boys who 
are growing up too fast. Clay and husband 
Terry Wooldridge celebrated their 25th 
anniversary this fall. 

Carole Munn still lives on the beach 
in Cape Canaveral, FL, flying for Delta 
and going on many trips of her own. This 
year she spent 2 wks in Vietnam with 5 
girlfriends, incl. 2 nights on their own Junk 
in Haloing Bay, 2 wks in Poland; 4 wks 
in SW India where she spent 2 wks at an 
ayurvedic spa and then to Delhi, Rishikesh 
and Kolkata; 2 wks in SE India with an ex 
Deepak Chopra yoga teacher. In Nov. Carole 
will join over 50 Delta folks returning to India 
to build homes for Habitat for Humanity 
followed by some sightseeing to Darjeeling, 
Ellora and Ajanta Caves. Next year she's 
got trips to Antarctica, Greece, Bolivia and 
a Med Cruise lined up. Carole, you get the 
travel award! 

Rev. Mary Azima Jackson is ordained 
as an Interiaith Minister with the Interfaith 
Temple of NYC, as well as a Sufi Cheraga 
(interfaith minister). She loves creating 
unique ceremonies for couples marrying, 
or making any occasion sacred. She has 
new office space in Old Saybrook, CT and 
plans to do guided visualizations there, with 
biurnal beat and "light glasses," to work 
with healing, in addition, through sound, as 
well as being a Reiki master and teacher. 
She'll teach meditation along the lines of 
Deepak Chopra (where she's training). "It's 
interesting. ..when a lot of people I know 
are retiring I'm just beginning. I would like 
to connect with people. I welcome any 
communication. My website has all my info: 
www. ahouseof light, com. " 

Vicky Baker is back from her sabbatical 
leave and is teaching again at Eckerd 
Coll. She'll present the research she did 
in Jordan at the annual conference of 
the American Anthropological Assoc, in 
Washington, DC: "Teaching/Learning in 
Kindergarten: Values for Jordan's New 

Peggy Minis Trethewey says, "The 
past year has whizzed by so fast it's hard 
to remember all that has happened. "They 
harvested their 3rd crop of chardonnay 
grapes that they sell to Kendall Jackson for 
La Crema Sonoma chardonnay. "If you're 
white wine drinkers, drink La Crema!" 
They had a wonderful vegetable garden 
in Sonoma growing heirloom tomatoes, 
artichokes, sweet white corn, eggplants, 2 
kinds of beans, cucumbers, watermelons & 
figs. Peggy loves being a farmer. The most 
important news is that their 9th grandchild, 
a boy, due in early Jan., will bring their total 
to 5 boys, 4 girls. Last Mar. they celebrated 
Peter's mother's 90th birthday in Sydney, 
Australia. They continue going to Mexico 
for the winter living on their boat For Pete's 
Sake cruising and fishing along the West 
Coast of Mexico. This winter will include 
a trip to Thailand. India & then to Sydney 
to see the new baby. Among other things 
she hopes to see the tigers in the wild in 

Barb Tillman Kelley has retired 
as education director of Vulcan Park 
and Museum and admits it's quite an 
adjustment. She's a docent at Vulcan Park 
and at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, 
tutors a child at a school, is a member of 
Assistance League where they clothe about 
1300 children with brand new clothes 
each year, and is still the curator for the 
changing exhibits at Vulcan Park Museum. 
Son Dave is in B'ham nearby and working 
for Frank Stitt — probably some of the 
classmates know of Frank through his book 
and restaurant: Highlands Bar and Grill. 
Darcy, a veterinarian, and husband moved 
back to B'ham where she works at a nearby 
clinic. Trey and Lindsay were married in Jun. 
(she's a vet too) and moved to NC for her 
internship, and Trey works for Thomas Bus 
Co. Carlton is well; hasn't retired and still 
enjoys backpacking with friends and family, 
but not Barb: "No tent for me!" 

Gracey Stoddard is now an LMSW with 
a concentration in clinical health/mental 
health after graduating from the Columbia 
U. School of Social Work with a MSW. 
Since then, she has made scant effort to 
land a job in the field, since she found that 
her body needed a good workout, having 
been ignored during 3 yrs of uninterrupted 
study. She has recovered form a hairline 
fracture of her right ankle, a torn ACL of 
her left knee, and former complaints about 
her back. She's happily volunteering for 
her church, learning and playing Bridge, 
and plans to look for part time social work, 
counseling children and/or families. 

Lynn Gullett Strazzini has been 
retired 2 Hi years from the Federal Aviation 
Administration. She does contract teaching, 
a 1 -day class on career development 
planning and co-teaches a 2-day class on 
presentation skills and professional image. 
These classes have been for the FAA, but 
next Apr. the presentation skills class will 
be for the Comm. Coll. here in C'ville. Son 
Tim stepped down from his nightly gig on 
CNBC's show, Fast Money, now that he 
and his wife have welcomed a 2nd son. 
They moved to Soho where Tim was his 
own contractor for the renovations to their 
loft. Daughter Suzy moved to Roanoke to 
be nearer her job in retail sales. Although 
Lynn and Ed are divorced, they still spend 
time together to visit the children, work 
on the house here in C'ville, and spend 
time on his sail boat in Deltaville, VA. Lynn 
returns monthly to her home in OH to help 
her parents who live in the house she grew 
up in. Those trips, time spent on the Outer 
Banks of NC, and other fun excursions keep 
her on the road 2-3 weeks each month. 
At home she's a faithful attendee at a 
local health club, so she can maintain her 
stamina for an on-the-go lifestyle so many 
of our generation enjoy. 

Both of Toni Naren Gates' children 
have temporarily relocated to San Francisco. 
Daughter Lindsey (32) and family moved 
there for her husband's job, Bureau Chief for 
the NY Times in San Fran. Lindsay continues 
to act and San Fran has been good to her. 
She has a 3-year-old to take care of, and 

we all know that theater barely pays the 
babysitter. Son Ryan (28) moved to San Fran 
where his fiancee, a painter, goes to grad 
school. Ryan commutes to NY to freelance 
producing internet commercials for big 
companies that need an internet presence. 
Ryan and Kate will marry 9/6/08. "I love 
this expanding family thing." Bud has sold 
his businesses and is in an entrepreneurial 
stage. He founded a restaurant (sports bar/ 
family dining) with the intent of franchising 
it. Now a new business has come his way, 
and he is gearing up to get involved with it: 
semi-retirement is on hold for the next few 
years. Toni is active with 2 museums in town 
that take up a large share of her time. She 
tries to slip in continuing education, and, 
of course, a little fun. They spend 3 mos. 
each summer in their Upstate NY home. Toni 
looks forward to it as the most glorious time; 
no responsibilities, just family, friends and 
good wine! 

Melissa Sanders Thomas and Boyce 
went on a 2-wk cruise from Venice to Rome 
with another couple from Newnan and had 
a ball. Melissa asks, "Is it just me, or does 
everyone hear Miss Barton's voice when we 
see art or architecture all over the world?!?" 
Kay Trogdon Hightower and Melissa try 
to go to Don Scott's (antiques and junk) 
once a month and enjoy visiting and egging 
each other on in their purchases. Her 4 
grandchildren are all in school now, pre-k to 
2nd grade. Brian's family is in Newnan, and 
Jenna's is in Rome, GA. 

Julie Bodin Converse and George have 
been busy rebuilding their house in FL that 
was totally trashed by Ivan a few years ago. 
It's up now, and Julie doesn't plan to rebuild 
again. "The children are finally reproducing, 
Mark and Jill have an adorable daughter, 
Chloe (6 mos.), and Chris and Jackie are 
pregnant. Life is changing for the better I 
trust, although I'm not complaining, it's been 
fine so far! After all, right now, we are all 

I, Diane Dalton, had a great time 
returning to SBC for Homecoming and 
recommend this as the perfect time to see 
the campus and visit with current students. 
After the Founders' Day Convocation, I 
visited with Mary Sabra Gillespie Monroe 
on the walk to Monument Hill. I'd love to 
hear from some of you who haven't written 
in a while. If you send me your email, I'll 
send you reminders for class notes. If you 
prefer pen and ink, please take a moment to 
put your news on the card included in this 
issue and send it to me. Thanks, Toots. 


V,,.,,.,, 2008: 77lay.W-18, ZOOS 
Lynne G. Detmer 
125 Wareham's Point 
Williamsburg, VA 23185 

44 • Winter 2007/2008 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 



Nancy Crawford Bent 
14 Dopping Brook Road 
Sherborn, MA 01770 

Martha Brewer (New Orleans) moved back 
after 18 mos. in Little Rock and started a 
new job at LSU, 10/1/07. She said she was 
"probably getting in over her head," but I 
doubt it. 

A newsy email In Mar. from Cathy 
Hall Stopher (Louisville, KY) reported that 
daughter Marshall was working at National 
Geographic but her husband, Douglas, 
had just quit his job at 60 Minutes (assoc. 
producer for Leslie Stahl) and joined Kext 
in NYC (consulting firm). They were trying 
to figure out how to have him in NYC and 
her in DC. Son Charles clerked for the 
chief federal judge in Louisville last year 
after graduating from UVA Law School and 
joined the Public Defender's office. He got 
engaged at Christmas and plans to get 
married at Cathy's 60th birthday celebration 
in Positano, Italy in Sept. Cathy and Ed 
rented a place in Delray Beach, FL for Feb.; 
Cathy "stayed with Lucile McKee on the 
way home and got a good visit with her. She 
hasn't changed a bit. Also saw Carolyn 
Mapp Hewes (Atlanta, GA) when she and 
husband Lem stayed with us in Delray 
because they were on a boat with relatives 
and invited themselves, which was fun. 
Her son David was the guest star on Ghost 
Whisperer and she showed us the DVD. He 
was great!" 

I saw Ridgely Fuller (Waltham, MA) a 
few weeks ago when she gave a party to 
celebrate her father's 90th birthday. Son 
Nicholas lives in NYC and works as assistant 
teacher in a k-classroom. Ben is working 
in South America for a year, keeping in 
touch via computer and webcam. As I type, 
Ridgely is in GA visiting Helen Willingham 
Meadors (Rabun Gap, GA) so I hope to 
have news of Helen for the next issue. 

Dina Moser McGuinn (Westport, CT) 
and her S.O., Tom Cody, have rented a house 
in Westport while they decide where to settle 
since leaving Seattle and living in Mexico for 
a year ('06). Daughter Kate's son, James (1) 
is the 2nd grandchild and due early in '08. 
Ian was married in May and works in China. 
Stephen lives in NYC and is a social worker 
at Riker's Island (our country's "largest penal 
colony" — internet quote). Peter and I had a 
wonderful vacation on St. Bart's with Dina, 
Tom, and Dina's 3 kids (plus friends and 
lovers) the week after Christmas '06, an 
extended 60th birthday party. 

In addition to her sales job with Wiley's 
college textbook division, Ronde Kneip 
Bradley (Braintree, MA) is involved with 
volunteer work with Hospice and is a serious 
student of Buddhism. Daughter Kate has 
moved from TX to a new job in Boston, 
working for a software developer. Nicky 
graduated from U. of DE School of Nursing 
in May and works in the NICU at Children's 
Hospital, Philadelphia. Ronde visited Lisa 
Baker Bulkley and John (San Francisco). 

Lisa & Ronde walked and lunched ("we 
talked politics and social issues; very 
impii-sstHl hy thru knowledge and passion, 
a lot of fun and very stimulating") with 
Lisa's neighbor, Elizabeth Lewis, who still 
practices psychiatry and is "as attractive 
as ever." Ronde occasionally sees Peggy 
Davis Molander (Boxborough, MA) who 
is Director of Development at Harvard U. 
Weidner Library. 

Another newsy email came in from 
Susan Scanlan (Alexandria, VA): "Win 
Waterman Gildehaus (Bettendorf, IA) and 
Nancy Wendling Peacock (Nashville, TN) 
were up in Apr. to inspect my new bosoms. 
We had a lovely weekend of reminiscing 
and catching up. Lynn Pearson Russell 
(Alexandria, VA) joined us for lunch in 
Georgetown on Sun., just like old times. 
Except that I'm nearly twice my SBC fighting 
weight and Win, Nanner, and Lynn are all 
less than theirs. Win was back with her 
daughter-in-law and 5 grandkids in Jun.; we 
took them out for Mongolian barbecue and 
a tour of Iwo Jima and the FDR Memorial. 
It was one of those perfect summer nights 
that usually occur only in youthful memories. 
Win had already been through a Bataan 
Death/Touring March for 5 days and was 
ready to cry 'Uncle.' My niece Heather Wood 
(daughter of sister Sallie in Dallas) has the 
female lead in a George Bernard Shaw 
play, Misalliance, at The Publick, an outdoor 
theater in Brighton, MA. Sallie and I were 
up to see a performance. It was lively, with 
quite a few laughs. I'm still dancing as fast 
as I can with WREI and the National Council, 
but the load is lighter without major surgery 
lurking round the corner. For my 60th, Jared 
and I are flying business class to Venice in 
Oct., then cruising the Adriatic for 1 days. 
The Dalmatian Coast is a part of the world 
I've never seen, so I'm looking forward to 2 
wks away from the Bush Leagues, if not to 
entering my 7th decade." 

I, Nancy Crawford Bent, am working 
2 days/week as a school secretary (far 
more fun and less stress than when I was 
their school nurse!), keeping Vi an eye 
on my father (93), we're going Christmas 
shopping in VT tomorrow, serving on the 
boards of Dad's retirement community 
and the Sherborn Historical Society, and 
acclimatizing my newest rescued dog 
into the family. Adele is a social worker 
at McLean's Hospital (Harvard-affiliated 
psychiatric) and Charles works for 
Cambridge Assoc, in DC. Peter and I spent 
2 wks in St. Wolfgangsee, Austria and in 
Munich in Jul., a free trip from his company 
for super performance, bless his heart! 
Another extended 60th birthday party for 
us both. 

My plea to my classmates is that you 
note the deadline for the next issue of the 
Alumnae Magazine and send me your 
news! Especially people like Peggy Davis 
who, Ronde says, is "in touch with a lot of 
people." I'd love to have any changes in 
address, email, or snail mail. 


Mrs. Nia Eldridge Eaton 
461 Rittenhouse Boulevard 
Jeffersonville, PA 19403-3382 

From Kristin "Kris" Herzog: "Not too 
much news to report this year. I still live 
in Fairfax, VA, and take art classes at the 
Torpedo Factory. I've been painting the 
SBC rose on glasses and ornaments for the 
SBC Bookshop— a lot of fun. It's great to 
know that people enjoy them. I see Susan 
Greenwald 71 and Robbie Randolph 71 
several times each year." 


Lynne Manov Sprinsky 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

Gale Hull Whetzel 
2696 Coventry Road 
Columbus, OH 43221 

Despite good intentions, we've neglected 
those of you without current e-mail 
addresses, so if you didn't get a reminder, 
please get in touch with accurate contact 
information! Much as we lament the fact, 
we just don't have time to write many letters 
these days, but via e-mail, we did hear from: 

Mary Frances Oakey Aiken: All is 
well with her as she continues to split her 
year between Roanoke, VA, and Naples, 
FL. She is able to avoid hurricane season 
and cold winters. Mary Frances became a 
grandmother 3/25/07 when baby boy Ford 
Marshall arrived in Richmond, VA. "Now I, 
too, am one of those people that I swore 
I wouldn't become when I carry the latest 
photo on me 24-7 and show it at every 
opportunity." Her 2 daughters also live in 
Richmond as well as her stepson, so she 
and John put lots of miles on the car. 

Also in Roanoke are Laura Mink 
Gardner and Marvin, and they run into 
Mary Frances on occasion. Laura still 
sings with the Roanoke Symphony chorus 
and church choir and volunteers at her 
children's school. Son Tready, senior, is into 
the college search thing which is "quite 
daunting!" Daughter Faith is into cross 
country, basketball, and soccer. Husband 
Marvin still pastors their church and does 
psychology work on the side. The Gardners' 
greatest love is sailing on Smith Mountain 
Lake, although Laura still runs every day 
and swims whenever possible. 

Andrea "Dre" Bateman has been a 
lawyer in Orland, FL, since '01 . Her mother 
lived there for over 20 years, but died in '06. 
She lives in Altamonte Springs, FL. 

Comer Schmoeller Diehl started a 
new job in Jun. — marketing for the Atlantic 
companies in CA. The big perk is working 
from home! Twins Genna and Justin have 
settled in the SF Bay Area, and as twins 

sometimes do, closed on the purchase of 
their respective houses on the same day. 
Genna and husband Matteo live in San 
Francisco, and Justin purchased his home 
in Petaluma. Genna works lor Autodesk 
as an internal consultant and Justin is 
the Assistant Principal at Terra Linda h.s. 
Comer still lives outside Sacramento in Del 
Webb's Sun City Lincoln Hills, but wonders 
if she should move back to the Bay Area. 
By the time we read this, she'll have met 
up with Gayle Langford Turner for a trip 
to the jazz festival on Santa Catalina Island. 
(Maybe we'll hear about that next time.) 

Rhoda Allen Brooks wrote when 
leaving for Budapest and Prague and she 
really looking forward to it. Her and husband 
John's son was married in Steamboat, CO, 
in Jun., and then they went to Keystone, CO, 
in Aug. for the wedding of a good friend of 
their children. "It was fun being the guest," 
Rhoda says, "although I guess I haven't 
done the hard one yet, having been only the 
mother of the groom. It seemed like plenty 
of work to me!" 

Susan "Sioux" Greenwald went to 
India with a W&L group early this year (a 
wonderful trip) and managed to visit with 
Roberta Robbie" Randolph Wendy 
Weiss Smith F. Lodi "Dee" Kysor, 
Valeria "Val" Murphey and Kris Herzog 

Sherrill Marks Byrd had a good year 
except for 4 bouts with flu; it was May 
before she got strength back. Making up for 
a late start, she had an amazing Jun. Sons 
Nelson (27) and Hudson (21) joined Hugh 
Hunter and her for a trip to WA & Canada. 
Nelson was in a wedding in Seattle; 1st, 
the family took seaplane to Victoria to visit 
a friend (94) "that we know from Grand 
Cayman." They fried to keep up with her! 
They attended events benefiting Cheekwood 
Fine Art Center before leaving for Monteagle 
Sunday School Assembly's 125th Season of 
Celebration. Nelson took Sherrill to AR for 
family business, then departed for a month 
in China and Tibet. Upon his return, Hudson 
went back for his junior year at the U. South. 
They all met in Sewanee for Hudson's 
birthday before Nelson moved back to 
Chicago and the Board of Trade. Hugh 
Hunter and Sherrill have plans for Parents' 
Weekend and Homecoming after a western 
anniversary in Waco, TX. 

Judy Brown Fletcher's Swissy bitch, 
Deme, finished '06 as number 10 in her 
breed; thinking to retire her after showing 
at Westminster and Eukanuba 2 years in 
a row, they took her to Aiken to breed to a 
male. From that Mar. litter they kept "Bubba" 
and now they're back on the circuit showing 
both of them! When Judy's not on the road 
with the dogs, listening to books on CD, 
she's trying to "keep up with parents' aging 
issues and those of Steve's dad." Her work 
continues as Board member and Secretary 
for the Eagle Creek Park Foundation 
Citizen's Advisory Committee (large urban 
park); she focuses on watershed and water 
quality issues. Her creative writing is limited 
to quarterly articles for her breed magazine 
and biennial papers for the Indianapolis 
Woman's Club (1875). "I still hand-dye 
silk and put those skills to use for my 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


Winter 2007/2008 • 45 

daughter's wedding 7/1/07." The drought 
has devastated her gardens so "I'm in the 
midst of redesigning." Other than that, she 
still fishes and, with son Will in Tampa, she 
has a good excuse to visit and surf cast on 
Honeymoon Island. 

Barbara "Barbie" Gracey Backer and 
Ron are empty nesters, after a late start in 
the child-rearing department. John (22) is a 
senior at Auburn; David (20) is a 2nd year at 
UVA, and Katie (1 8) is a freshman at SMU. 
They had a wonderful visit with Jeannette 
Bush Miller Becky Randolph Boyers 
and Nan Glaser LaGow at UVA Parents' 
Weekend last year and plan another one. 
This summer, the Backers took their children 
on a cruise to the Baltic Countries, including 
a side-trip to Moscow. Barbie and Ron 
still manage their insurance business, and 
Barbie does fundraising for a local women's 
shelter, which is "very gratifying." She has 
also been bitten by the golf bug which is 
handy with the empty nest, and is doing 
some horseback riding, her passion. She 
loved seeing everyone at our last reunion 
and hopes all our precious classmates are 
in good health. 

Carol Remington Foglesong was 
on an adventure starting 1 0/5/07. In the 
course of 2 weeks, she was going to do 
her 40th (gasp) h.s. reunion, dinner with 
her best friend "from the time I was 4 until 
1 0," the Washington Semester Fall '69 
38th reunion, and a get together with Mary 
Lyman Ray and Kathy Fisher Morland It 
seems a bit of a life review crammed into 2 
weeks — and she gets to stay at her mom's 
in Baltimore for 8 of those nights. So, no 
exotic travel this year, she says, adding that 
"the gods have definitely aligned to have all 
these events happening in a concentrated 
period of time and locale." Life is good for 
her and she enjoys grandson Jameson (1 
on 10/7/07). Carol knows he'll forgive her 
for not being here for his big day, but it will 
take his parents a while to forgive her for 
missing the occasion! Carols says that she 
still has beds available for anyone coming to 
the Orlando area. 

Maggie Mather Feldmeir's biggest 
news is that oldest daughter Kate got 
married in Cazenovia (NY), one of the 
millions of 7/7/07 brides! It was a magical 
weekend with wonderful weather in their 
idyllic lake town, a relief since most of the 
attendees were out-of-towners. Newlyweds 
Kate and Nate (Maggie says they adore him) 
live in DC and continue to work in inner-city 
education, both at a charter public school. 
The Feldmeir's younger daughter Julie left 
The Washington Post and is beginning her 
2-year stint at Northwestern getting an 
M.BA from Kellogg. They look forward to 
that excuse to visit Chicago. Maggie still 
works for The Carlisle Collection, doing 
merchandising and training so she still 
travels quite a bit (mostly to NYC). She and 
Jake are trying to plan more travel and 
relaxing time — there's a big world out there! 
Maggie says life is grand and she feels 
extremely blessed, and wishes the same for 
all our classmates. 

Frances Barnes Kennamerand 
Martha Roton Terry had a fantastic visit 
with Gale Hull Whetzel this summer in 
Columbus, OH, Gale's hometown. They tried 
to get Tricia "Honey" Hammer to join, 
but she had an out-of-town business trip. 
Frances and Seabie (husband of 34 years) 
celebrated another of life's milestones 
last spring when their only child, Helen, 
graduated from Auburn U. in May. She is 
pursuing a Master of Speech-Language 
Pathology degree at Montevallo U. near 
Birmingham. They all celebrated with a 2 
week trip (1st -ever) to HI. Frances is still 
with the AL Department of Public Health, 
where she is director of a bureau which 
has responsibility for public health nursing, 
public health social work, public health 
pharmacy, women's health, nutrition/ 
physical activity, and training. This past year 
she "inherited" rural health and minority 
health from a colleague who retired. "Eek!" 
says Frances, "Maybe I should retire, 
too, before I 'inherit' anything else." But 
wait— it's too late for that! She's also now 
the person from her agency who goes to 
the state emergency operations center in an 
underground bunker and basically operates 
the agency from there during an emergency. 
She rode the beach in AL hours after 
Hurricane Ivan in '05 and has been to the Ml 
Gulf Coast and New Orleans 3 times since 
Katrina. "The devastation is unbelievable," 
she writes. "Sadly, now attention has largely 
moved elsewhere but many people still 
haven't resolved the wreckage of their 
homes and lives." On a lighter note, Frances 
has begun playing tennis again after a 
20-year break, and is doing well, all things 
considered. She continues to attempt to 
master golf, but that goal as so far eluded 
her; she has yet to break 1 00! 

Tricia "Honey" Hammer still works as 
a National Account Representative for AT&T 
which requires a lot of traveling. She also 
still teaches hunter/dressage, judges almost 
every weekend, and coaches 2 Pony Clubs 
in the Cincinnati area. When the pace gets 
too much and she sees a little free time 
ahead, she heads up to Columbus to Gale 
Hull Whetzels house for some "endurance 
snoozing!" She wants everyone to know 
what a great time our last reunion was and 
encourages us to get the next reunion date 
on our calendars NOW! 

Alison Jones e-mailed from Addis 
Ababa, Ethiopia, that her year has been 
dedicated to creating "No Water No Life, 
LLC, a nonprofit project to raise awareness 
of our planet's limited fresh water resources 
and to foster river-to-river and upstream- 
downstream partnerships that can forge 
solutions to water availability, quality and 
sustainable usage, combining the powers 
of photography, science, and history. No 
Water No Life is researching, documenting, 
and disseminating imagery and information 
on the value, conditions and consequences 
of degradation in 3 North American and 
3 Northeastern African river basins. In 
Jun./Jul. her team gathered 27 hrs of 
stakeholder interviews and 76 gigs of 
still images while logging 4,723 mi. from 
source to sea on the Columbia River." Alison 

continues, "Now, in Sept., I'm writing from 
Ethiopia where I've obtained 86 gigs and 
thus far 1 hrs of interviews concerning 
the Omo and Blue Nile River Basins. No 
Water No Life's mission and progress is 
outlined on our website: www.nowater- The next phase of this project: 
finding funds now that our model has 
been tested — sent me back to school for 
a grant-writing class last Apr,! I'd forgotten 
what homework and all-nighters were 
like! If any of you have relevant funding 
sources for No Water No Life, please 
contact me (\" 
Meanwhile, Alison is leaning on her SBC 
roomie, Jean Mackenzie Thatcher for 
editing, advice and moral support, and is 
reciprocating by holding Jean's hand as her 
only child, Alison's godchild, awaits college 

Wendy Norton Brown was just back 
from a wonderful visit with Kathy Wilson 
Lamb and Rex at their new-to-them 
retirement house in Lexington! They have 1 1 
V2 acres overlooking the town of Lexington, 
VMI, and House Mountain — a to-die-for 
view! The house is terrific and they've done 
a lot to make it theirs. Wendy adds that the 
Lambs are only an hour away from their 
mountain home and 2 from RIC. She plans 
to see more of them. 

Elizabeth "Liz" Glassman wrote at 4 
a.m. that jet lag is a permanent feature of 
her life this year. She had returned from a 
memorable vacation to Bhutan, a remote 
Himalayan kingdom and a devoutly Buddhist 
state. "Last year the king abdicated to his 
son, and announced that the kingdom would 
have its first elections in '08," Liz reports. 
"It's a time of enormous change there, 
and we were lucky to meet many of the 
leaders, newspaper editors, and other media 
people who, having lived and studied in 
the U.S., work to shepherd the process for 
the 700,000 inhabitants of Bhutan." When 
not traveling, Liz lives in Chicago and leads 
an art foundation devoted to American art: 
the Terra Foundation for American Art. See Their mission 
is to spread the study and enjoyment of 
American art globally. The organization 
runs a museum in Giverny, France, and has 
projects all over Europe and the world. This 
year it was a big show with the Guggenheim 
Foundation covering 300 years of American 
art. The show started in Beijing before 
it went to Shanghai, Moscow, and now 
Bilbao, Spain. "Note that we sent 300 years 
of American art to China," Liz adds, "in 
response to their having sent 5,000 years of 
Chinese art some years ago to NY. But they 
came to the show in numbers you can only 
get in China— 700,000 for both Chinese 
cities combined over 4 mos. I guess that's 
a blockbuster!" She still spends time in 
Santa Fe, NM, where she has kept a home. 
Liz invites anyone in Chicago or Paris on 
work or play, to give her a call: she might 
be home! 

In Houston, Betty Duson and husband 
are "so ready" to retire, but will have to 
postpone the dream for at least another 
8 yrs. Their son is a junior at the U. TX 
and has entered the world of music and 

music recording, so he isn't likely to be 
self-sufficient any time soon. It's a good 
thing that they enjoy their work, Betty says, 
and that they have pretty rich lives, but she 
would still prefer to be navigating hills and 
lakes instead of freeways and elevators. 

Kristina "Kristi" Bettendorf had 
a long vacation in Greece this fall. "Talk 
about a hard-working vacation!" she 
writes: "If we weren't climbing up onto an 
acropolis, we were climbing down into an 
excavation— I'm getting too old for this." 
Kristi is going into her 30th year at the State 
Attorney's Office and would otherwise be 
retiring, but youngest daughter Elisabeth 
just started her junior year at Hofstra U. in 
Sept., so retirement has been put off. The 
announcement that Elisabeth wants to go 
to law school to follow up on her degree in 
Political Science further affected retirement, 
which may be put off another 4 or 5 yrs 
now. Kristi's oldest, Steve, was promoted 
to First Lieutenant in the Air Force, good 
news that was overcome by his imminent 
deployment to Iraq in Jan. "It's encouraging 
that deployment in the Air Force is for a 
maximum of 3 months, but it doesn't seem 
to overcome the fact that he's going to Iraq," 
Kristi writes. "I've heard that what the Air 
Force does in Iraq is run the Army bases. 
So I've thought of sending him over with 
a note: 'Dear Commander: Stevie is not 
allowed to leave the base without a note 
from his mommy.' Think it'll work?" We 
hope so, Kristi! On the personal front, Kristi 
discovered her post-retirement interest — 
botanical illustration (watercolors). She 
participated in 3 shows over the summer. 
She's slow, she says, but dedicated! 

Linda Whitlow Knight can't believe 
that more than a year has passed since 
our glorious reunion. "I'm still so honored 
and humbled that you dear classmates 
elected me President," she says. Linda is 
busy with work, various bar activities, and 
being a director of her homeowners' assoc. 
Her service on the TN Ethics Commission 
occupies a lot of time and energy. The 
Knights have been working on their house 
and are preparing to do major renovation. 
Dick is busy with winding up a company of 
which he was CEO, whose assets were sold, 
and serves as an arbitrator, as well as his 
other interests. Older daughter Katherine 
left her position in the Legal Dept. of the 
TN Dept. of Transportation last Dec. to 
practice labor and employment law with 
TN's largest law firm, Baker Donelson, in 
its Knoxville office. "Lo and behold," Linda 
says, "Katherine became engaged during 
the summer to a wonderful man, David 
Layhew, in Nashville, and they married at 
home on 10/6/07 — a beautiful occasion!" 
Katherine is a mom to David (13) and Griffin 
(6), and Dick and Linda have 2 "grandboys!" 
Katherine joined the Nashville office of the 
Burr & Forman law firm. Linda and Dick's 
younger daughter Elizabeth is in her 3rd 
year at Emory Law School and will join the 
Dallas office of Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & 
Arnold to litigate. In Apr. they spent a few 
days in NM with Dick's mom, sister, and 
nephew, and in Jul. they gathered at Dick's 
sister's house in ME. 

46 • Winter 2007/2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

It's been a busy year lor Anne 
Wiglesworth Munoz. Now that Milton 
is retired, they've been driving cross 
country, including to NY lor daughter 
Aliria's graduation in May. "Fun trip." says 
Anne: "We know where all the Costcos are 
(cheapest gas) on 1-80 and some in IN, 
MO. and KY (none in WY or New England!). 
It you're driving through Des Moines, the 
Costco there has the cheapest gas in the 
country!" Anne's 2 daughters, Maya and 
Aliria. have settled in the Phoenix area and 
are thrilled to be living together. Maya is 
in her 3rd year ot medical school doing 
her clinical rotations. Aliria is an RN at St 
Joseph Hospital near downtown Phoenix. 
Anne and Milton helped them move in Aug. 
"Such a great time to travel to Phoenix 
(1 1 2 °F)," Anne notes wryly. They plan to 
go back for Thanksgiving when it's more 
like 75° and snowing at home in Salt Lake. 
They're also signed up to volunteer for the 
Sundance Film Festival again in Jan. Anne 
has been applying to several shows and 
getting into most of them. She's exhibiting 
at the Brigham City Art Museum for a Fiber 
Arts Show and hopes to do a few shows in 
AZ next year as well. (Anne attached to her 
e-mail a photo of one of her pieces and it is 

Susan "Susu" Schmidt is the 1 st 
executive director of the Edenton NC 
Historical Commission, raising funds to 
restore the Roanoke River Lighthouse. 
She invites us to come visit (or google) her 
waterfront office at the Barker House. This 
summer she walked 350 mi. on the Camino 
de Santiago in Spain. 

Carolyn Jones Walthall has much to 
report, since her last bit of news arrived too 
late last year. From '06, she wrote: "We still 
live and work in south AL. aka 'Katrinaland.' 
Julian and I didn't have damage to our 
house here in Daphne, but our area was 
changed drastically. Physically, of course, 
old landmarks and trees, jobs, and whole 
industries, have been swept/blown away, 
but it's also the ripple effects that we see 
and will feel for years: people displaced 
from home and jobs, social service agencies 
overburdened with thousands of help 
requests, schools and communities and 
roadways crowded with additional folks, in 
some places a general hopelessness, but 
in other places a determined renewal, and 
a shared reference to the phrase 'hurricane 
season.' On a personal note, we're fine. 
Our 2 sons are grown and gone: David (30) 
lives in Florence, Italy, giving tours around 
Tuscany. In Jan. he'll move to Siena to 
become the Resident Director for a study 
abroad program called CET. Claiborne (26) 
is newly married to wonderful Beth, living 
in Ithaca, NY, to do a master's program in 
urban and regional planning at Cornell. At 
their wedding, early Jun. outside Albany, NY. 
we were joined by SBC roomies Jeannette 
Bush Miller and Anne Milbank Melt who 
waded through the rainy deluge to dance 
the night away with us under the wedding 
tent. Great fun to be with them again! Julian 
is still a Presbyterian pastor and enjoys 
gardening with native plants and cooking 
healthy, tasty recipes. I'm still the program 

administrator for a youth leadership 
development program for h.s. students and 
enjoy sampling Julian's good cooking. I do 
some things at the church and I still serve 
on several boards in nearby Mobile." From 
'07: We travel more these days, particularly 
since our 2 sons live away from south AL. 
Claiborne and Beth are in Ithaca for grad 
school, and we love visiting them there. 
David is still in Italy, now in Siena, and we 
look forward to visiting him next summer. 
Julian and I attended my 40th h.s. reunion 
in Mobile, and we really had fun, even 
though many attendees looked too old to be 
In my class! Look in the mirror, Carolyn! [Oh, 
how we know what you mean, Carolyn!) 

Patsy Wheeler Maddox writes, "I still 
teach at Amherst Middle and work with 
learning disabled students in 8th grade. We 
have a grandson (3) and each daughter is 
expecting: one new grandchild in Nov. and 
one in Mar. George and I had a wonderful 
trip to France in Jun." 

Alix Sommer Smith also had news 
from last year that didn't make "the cut," so 
I (Gale) thought I would throw it in 1 st. Alix 
retired in '04 after 32 years in the Stafford 
County, VA, school division, final role as 
Supervisor of Gifted Services, K-12. "I have 
done some consulting, taught a gifted class 
for UMW, and I work for the VA Dept. of 
Education coordinating evaluations of gifted 
programs called Governor's Schools. These 
include regional school-year programs for 
h.s. students, part- or full-day, and both 
month-long summer residential programs 
for rising juniors and seniors, and regional 
summer programs for elem., middle, and 
h.s. students. While most of our classmates 
enjoy grandchildren, my husband and I just 
adopted 2 red tabby kitten brothers from 
the SPCA. Our "free" pets have already 
cost us $2000, thanks to Otis' ingestion 
of 2 feet of yarn, necessitating emergency 
surgery complete with 22 staples in his little 
belly. His new nickname is B.B. for bad boy 
or bald belly! Recently drove through SBC 
campus on my way home from southern 
VA. What a beautiful place in the fall. I was 
sorry to have missed reunion this year, but 
look forward to the next one!" This year, 
Alix writes that there is "not too much to 
report from this retired gal. When people 
ask me what I'm doing, I reply 'I do lunch!' 
I try to catch up on reading and needlework 
projects and play with my cats. When my 
husband retires, hopefully we'll get back to 

Roberta "Robbie" Randolph writes, 
"I got a master's degree, married, moved 
9 times, had 3 sons, got divorced, raised 
them alone, and managed to develop a 
moderately successful career that has 
involved, among other things, development 
of international technical requirements for 
aviation communication systems." She has 
put all 3 kids through college on her own, 
remodeled a 1 00-year old house, mostly via 
"sweat equity," and had the joy of watching 
her eldest son marry a glorious woman this 
summer. "Other than that, not much has 
happened to me!" 

Jean Mackenzie Thatcher writes: 
"After 30 years of a corporate career in 

the reinsurance and captive insurance 
company biz, I decided to knock oil the 
traveling and wound up all enmeshed In 
local politics. I'm starting my 3rd term as 
Deputy Mayor of our village, which is the 
2nd largest in the area in NY State. We run 
our own police, highway, sanitation, beach 
and summer camp operations — lots of 
action. Election campaigns can get nasty, 
but our administration's message has 
broad appeal, and we deliver good (and 
all volunteer!) government and pursue 
long-term initiatives restructuring police 
department, reconstructing major roads, 
renovating historic Village Hall structure) 
which will benefit our residents for years 
to come. Richard works at his firm on Wall 
Street. James (29) is a grad of H-SC & UVA 
and lives in France with his wife and our 
granddaughter, la petite Suzanne (1). Katie 
is a senior and is applying to W&M. Sadly I 
could not sell SBC, although the admissions 
people were wonderful and the campus 
more exquisite than ever. Alison Jones and 
I are god-mothers to each other's daughters 
and are in constant contact. I spoke with 
Amanda Thrasher Segrest in Huntsville, 
AL, who has grown kiddies, all of whom are 
in Birmingham. Amanda and husband Mike 
dote on their grandson (1) when he visits. 
She still teaches English, threatens to retire 
next year. Charlene Reed '73 is in the range 
of those terrible fires in the LA area and 
south, but so far is OK, although has had 
to evacuate horses from friends' barns and 
says it's hard to breathe." 

And Amanda Thrasher Segrest says, 
"I still teach W day in h.s. Mike and I have 
a grandson (1) and are crazy about him. We 
continue to Roll With The Tide!" 

Wendy Weiss Smith says that the 
"W&L trip to explore Vietnam and Cambodia 
this fall was phenomenal — fascinating 
learning of cultures, recent history, and 
current economic recovery of friendly and 
beautiful people. Earlier in the year we 
took a W&L cruise to the Baltic — including 
locales new to us: Gdansk, Poland; Tallinn, 
Estonia; and St. Petersburg. Alone in the 
Hermitage with Matisse's A Red Room 
anyone? Gil (husband of over 30 yrs 
now — how can that be?) and I look forward 
to being with Susan Greenwald in NYC 
for theater and other diversions, then again 
with her in St John, USVI in Feb. when the 
Caribbean sun will be most welcome! My 
SBC 74 sisters Cathy (Winchester, VA) and 
Chris (Rocky River, OH) and I, plus Mom, 
celebrated her sister's 90th birthday in 
Litchfield, CT. Everybody's doing well." 

Kathy Garcia Pegues writes: "John and 
I celebrated our 30th anniversary in style 
with a spa getaway. But it's our kids who 
are doing the fun stuff: Emily (SBC '00) lives 
in old town Alexandria, VA, and works as a 
curatorial assistant to Nicholas Penny at the 
National Gallery of Art. (He's a "rock star" in 
the art history world.) Emily also performs 
in a non-singing role in the Washington 
National Opera's production of Don Giovanni 
with Placido Domingo conducting! How fun 
is that? Son Adam got his Wings of Gold in 
Aug., which makes him a Naval Aviator. He'll 
fly an F/A 1 8 Hornet (the same plane as the 

Blue Angels) and will be stationed at Oceana 
(near VA Beach) for the next year or so. Then 
it will be on to 'the fleet' in a scary world. 
John and I hope to retire Irom edi ii 
soon because the 'helicopter parents' are 

i us nuts! (The students are line, 
thank goodness!) I still love teachii ■ 
id enough ol paper grading . 
like to try new things but haven't d> 
what yet. We're becoming more politically 
active, doping to help restore some 
and integrity to our government. It's been 
fun to meet Barack Obama and VA's Senator 
Jim Webb. At one rally, I met Maureen 
Dowd, columnist for the NY Times, as well 
as Joel Klein, writer for Time magazine. 
Remember our junior year— Kent State and 
the Vietnam turmoil? Well, things now are 
much worse and more dangerous, but very 
few people share the burden as they did in 
the '70s with the draft. Where is the 'shared 
sacrifice' made by our military and their 
families? Well, this is all probably more than 
you want to know. We stay busy with school, 
following our children's 'launch,' and with 
politics. In the summer, the garden is our 
sanctuary. I'll be back in Nov. for SBC Board 
meetings, always a pleasant and stimulating 

Ellen Weintraub says, "I'm still in sunny 
FL and moved back into the Harbour House. 
I was renting here and now it has gone 
condo, had to exit for almost 2 years while 
the developer rebuilt. I'm right on the ocean 
in Bal Harbour. I'm officially originating 
residential loans for a living, but have 
started an enterprise which was inspired 
by my adorable Golden Doodle puppy. 
Beau. We're decorating retractable leashes 
en masse for some large retailers, with 
crystals a la Judith Leiber style. I thought it 
would be a good idea for holiday gifts. Just 
now designing the website, but you can 
check it out soon: Blingalongyourpetcom, 
Isn't that ci/fe? We're doing a turquoise 
one with clear stones for the ribbon for 
Tiffany, a black one with a white gardenia 
and the interlocking CC's on the other side 
for Chanel, an orange one with the brown 
ribbon for Hermes— you get the idea. I'm 
psyched! The first one is in production right 
now; it'll have overall taupe colored stones. 
an image of Beau on one side, and his 
name in black script on the other. My mom 
is still going strong at 92, feisty as ever, for 
those of you who remember her. Beau is her 
grand dog...LOL! The 3 of us travel around 
all the time together and have fun. Big hugs 
to my classmates!" 

Elizabeth "Libby" Tyree-Taylor says, 
"I'm writing from Beijing — no need to be 
in CA to get the mail. Once my son left 
for college (UVA) and I was able to get off 
the boards on which I served, I became 
a regular traveler. Last week I was in 
Boston and spent a couple days with Kathy 
Cummings Catlin 70. The week before that 
I was in NYC, then went to Charlottesville 
for a Parents Committee meeting and the 
UVA football game. I get to NYC regularly 
and have caught up with Jeannette Bush 
Miller and Anne Milbank Mell Anne's 
daughter and son live in San Fran and I've 
seen them there. My daughter is in NYC. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Winter 2007/2008 • 47 

so I'm able to see her there every month. 
We get to the theater, go out to eat, shop, 
and enjoy NY. Her friends are beginning 
to think we must live close by rather than 
cross-country! In one year, I'll have been to 
6 continents, including Antarctica this past 
Jan. Quite an extraordinary trip — magical in 
many ways. After China, I leave for Australia 
where my son is studying for a semester. 
My husband Barry works for a NYC private 
equity firm and I'm lucky enough to join him 
on his travels. With meetings at UVA and 
Lee in school there, I get to VA to remember 
my days (and weekends) at SBC." 

Jan Pridmore writes from Boston, "In 
recent years I've been living in FL, managing 
the family business and helping take care 
of my father. He passed away in '06, and I 
was able to turn over the management of 
the business to the employees and move 
back to Boston this year, hoping to finish 
my Ph.D. I'm at Boston U. in the Editorial 
Institute, exposed to brilliant people, love 
being back in the city." 

Although Jill Lowry Wiemer left 
after 2 years, she still enjoys reading 
about everyone! She writes, "I'm enjoying 
myself this year, relaxing after a whirlwind 
of weddings. 2 of my 4 daughters were 
married this year in Jan. and Apr. Both 
weddings were wonderful, but lots of work. 
Thank goodness they both gave me a year 
to plan them. Christmas 2 years ago was 
exciting at our house with not one but 2 new 
engagement rings! Friends joined George 
and I as we enjoyed a cruise in Oct. around 
Italy, Greece, and Turkey — the perfect way 
to relax after a year of parties, planning, 
and weddings! I've turned into a golfer, it's 
never too late. We're spending more time 
in Highlands, NC, since we bought a house 
there, wonderful way to beat the FL heat!" 

Robbin Richardson is twice the 
grandmother now, and working on the 3rd 
child due in Dec. The 2 boys (1 8 mos., 2 
1 /2) are the Men in her Life! She sells some 
houses in order to feed her passion for living 
as much of the winter as she can in Mexico. 
She leaves at the end of Oct., so if anyone 
finds themselves coming to the Puerto 
Vallarta area, she says to look her up! She's 
at 775 Matamoros, Cinco Flores, Numero 
1 , behind Cafe des Artistes trying to live the 
life of an artist! "It's been too long since I've 
seen any of you!" 

Jacqueline Coles Penny writes: "Hello 
darlings, hope you're well and happy. I 
moved back to Vera Beach in Jul. to be 
closer to my parents. I still teach Adult 
Ed, this time at Indian River Coll., and I'm 
happy— wish everyone would come visit 
me (not all at once of course); this truly 
is paradise! Call soon, in the phone book 
under JC Penny :-). Be well and email 

Miriam "Mim" Washabaugh Meglan 
writes, "In May. I played for the '07 Reunion 
Memorial Service and then went to the 
Westminster Choir Coll. in Princeton, NJ, 
for a week of choral conducting "camp." I 
still study organ and piano and have started 
brushing up on rusty music theory skills. At 
Homecoming this fall, I made new friends 
from other classes and got to hear the Blue 

Ridge Piano Quartet that's in residence at 
SBC this year. It was simply wonderful to 
hear music performed at such a refined 
level by Music Dept. faculty. Am just back 
from a 2nd trip to campus to start planning 
music for the reunion '08 Memorial Service. 
Vaughn will be retiring in the next year or so, 
and I'm hopeful that the increased flexibility 
will make it possible for me to pursue 
graduate music studies." 

Ann Millbank Mell's big family news 
is that Meredith is engaged to a wonderful 
fellow whom she met in Boston at B school. 
"They seem wonderfully suited for each 
other and have decided to get married in NJ 
next Jul.! We couldn't be happier for them. 
In the meantime we'll be coordinating the 
wedding from coast to coast as Meredith 
and Blair have lived in San Fran since 
graduation '06! Brother John lives 3 blocks 
away from them so it's so convenient to 
visit them both, which we 3 east-coasters 
did the middle of Oct. Caitlin works in NYC 
for Global McCann, almost a year, and 
lives in Astoria, Queens. All 3 kids have 
medical insurance so they're on track for 
supporting us in our old age! John has 
been a consultant for Global Resources 
International, on assignment at Citibank, 
and I still manage the practice of a child and 
adolescent psychiatrist and help my dad 
(95) negotiate doctors' etc. appointments. I 
imagine we've all been having a hoot at our 
40th h.s. reunions this year. That number 
crept up on me! Sending my best to all and 
encouraging everyone to start planning to 
come to our next SBC reunion. They're too 
much fun to miss!" 

Camilla "Cami" Crocker Wodehouse 
has been involved in 3 separate moves: 
"my son to Richmond, my mother-in-law 
to assisted living (and all the cleaning out 
that entails), and my daughter to Saratoga 
Springs, NY, all within 6 wks. "I'm having 
my son's engagement party here on 
1 1/1 1/07. He married a lovely young lady 
from New Bern, NC on 10/6/07. She's a 
veterinarian; they met at the U. FL while 
he was getting his M.BA. He works for 
Florida Rock Industries as Director of Sales 
for Central VA. Daughter Carey accepted 
a job as Editor at Palio Communications in 
Saratoga Springs. She found an adorable 
carriage house, is 3 min. from work, and 
gets to wear all the winter clothes she 
got while working in Chicago. She will, 
however, be crying to me about the lack 
of tan. Life's tough! Chuck retired 1 Vz yrs 
ago from CSX and we haven't looked back. 
Took our boat to the Bahamas for a month 
the summer before last (just in case that 
sounds remotely glamorous, I smelled like 
diesel fuel for weeks, but got quite good at 
changing Racor filters in high seas), went to 
St. Barts with UVA/Hollins buddies last Mar. 
and going again this Mar., spent last Jun. in 
France with 2 wks on a boat we chartered 
on the Canal du Midi (as an aside, my 
French sucked! What a disappointment!), 
visited friends in upstate Michigan in Aug., 
and DG and Trish Van Clief will be here 
in a few days for the engagement party. 
We hope to do some boating and fishing, 
although if we just veg that will be fine, too! 

Enjoyed an all-too-short visit from Jacque 
Penny in Jun. right before we left for France, 
but hope to catch up with her again. Went to 
Sea Island in May with Nan Glazer LaGow 
Michela English and buddies from class 
of '72. When my son moved to Richmond 
last month and desperately needed some 
decorating advice, Nan jumped in and 
saved the day! She's the besf. Hope you're 
all happy, healthy, and living the life! Love, 

Lynne Manov Sprinsky has had more 
to do than she can say grace over since 
completing the BALIMO™ curriculum in 
Jul. She's been teaching riders to improve 
their seats using techniques of "motion 
mediation" developed by Eckart Meyners, a 
German Ph.D. kinesthesiologist. Her private 
student load doubled in 2 mos, and she's 
been doing clinics from coast to coast. 
She acquired an ancient, but venerable, 
schoolmaster named Angelo who'd fallen 
on hard times and was a bag of bones. 
After getting him sound, she plans to use 
him to teach students who've never sat on 
a well-trained dressage horse. Meanwhile 
she's trying to off-load a bunch of volunteer 
jobs she took on when she had only a few 
students and no horse and more time than 
sense. She managed to take time out for 
a 2-wk holiday in Austria and Switzerland 
despite the dollar's weakness. She attended 
the Spanish Riding School's Sun. matinee 
performance in Vienna and a Mozart 
concert in the hall where "Wolfie" used 
to play in Salzburg, and during the Swiss 
leg of the trip, she feasted on cheese and 
chocolate. "There's only one bargain left in 
Switzerland," she reports. "It's the Cailler- 
Nestle chocolate factory in Broc, where the 
tour is free and afterwards, in the sampling 
hall where a long line of tables topped with 
mirrors display neat lines of chocolates, it's 

Martha Roton Terry writes that her 
son "Caldwell, passed his AL State Real 
Estate exam, so he's going to try his hand 
at real estate in Huntsville with a good 
buddy. At least he's still in AL! Unfortunately, 
real estate is a commission job, so he'll 
probably be on my payroll for a while until 
he gets established, hopefully sooner than 
later! Ann graduates in Dec. She's studying 
for her GREs on 1 1/1 6/07 and hopes for 
a magazine internship after graduation; 
she has applied for several that start in 
Jan. Hopefully, she will find one close by, 
not in D.C., NYC, or LA, where most of the 
magazines are headquartered! She wants to 
try her hand at writing, but if she can't get 
a job, she'll probably go to grad school in 
American Studies. Frances and I are trying 
to line up another cruise, maybe a European 
river. We found one that starts in Amsterdam 
and goes down the Rhine into the Black 
Forest — doesn't that sound wonderful! 
Frances is talking to her cruise agent friend 
to get more info. 

Gale Hull Whetzel (that's me!) is still 
in Columbus and busy with many things 
that she usually can't remember! We've 
been to a lot of weddings in the past year. 
Many of the children we've watched grow 
up decided to get married at the same time! 

I'm active with a large non-denominational 
church and a small home church, and I've 
taken some intensive classes in theology. 
Who knows? I might enter a seminary at 
some point! I've been seeing several doctors 
in Columbus, Cleveland, and Detroit, and 
we remain hopeful that the kidney cancer 
I've had for 1 1 years is still being lazy and 
will remain operable. Our youngest son, 
Jamie, and his wife of 2 years, Beth, and 
their 2 cats moved from NC to OH last Aug. 
Specifically to our house in OH! (I think 
there's a betting pool among our friends 
as to how long this will last!) It's been only 
mildly stressful, and Gene and I are lucky to 
have the chance to get to know Beth better! 
She's like the daughter I never had! They'll 
soon move into their new house about 1 
min. away, so we'll be on our own again. 
It's great to have them so much closer! Our 
oldest son Robin continues to work and lead 
a quiet life. Gene is still with the OH State 
Bar Assn. and has talked about retiring, but 
not yet. I hope you're all doing wonderfully 
well and that you'll be as generous with 
your replies for the next "go round" of 
Class Notes as you were this time! If you 
didn't receive an e-mail about these notes 
and would like to, let Lynne or me know. 
Hopefully, we'll leave enough time for snail 
mail next time! 


Jill Johnson 

2012 Wolftrap Oaks Ct 

Vienna, VA 22182 


The Oct. 19 Washington Post article on SBC 
prompted me to connect with classmates. I 
emailed the website and received a number 
of responses; comments along with news. 
Thanks to all who responded. If you didn't 
receive my email, I don't have your address. 
Please send to 

Grace Janelle Sherry Straszheim 
wrote that the picture of Reid was beautiful, 
with the lovely horses in the foreground. It 
made her nostalgic for the beauty of the 
campus. Janelle and husband think life is 
pretty good. They've gotten through the 
majority of child rearing and are dodging any 
"boomerang" children. With the combination 
of their 2 "homegrown" kids, Rebecca (23), 
an engineer and David (21), a student at 
Washington U., and her husband's earlier 
children, they've got 5 children with a span 
of 22 years between them. Last year they 
had children with ages in the 40s, 30s, 20s 
and teens! Janelle's youngest stepchild, 
Sarah (34) has been diagnosed with MS, 
a big blow. Any advice from classmates on 
how to best deal with this disease would be 
welcome. Grace's work continues to involve 
"death and taxes." She works as trust 
counsel for a trust company, and also has a 
part-time legal practice in estate planning 
and estate administration. Her pleasure time 
still involves horses; she has an Arabian for 
endurance races and trail riding. Her longest 
distance race so far has been 60 mi. (in 12 
hrs). She can be found riding on weekends 

48 • Winter 2007/2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


and days off. Her husband continues to 
teach economics, but has retired from his 
Chairmanship appointment at the U. MD. 

Trish Neale Van Clief and Dg are 
celebrating their 1st grandchild, born 
3/1 7/07 in Australia to son Danny (30) 
and wife Anna, a native Aussie. Danny 
and Anna met 9 yrs ago through mutual 
friends. Trish and Dg flew a whole plane- 
full of groomsmen over for a beautitul 
ceremony and fun wedding. Trish writes the 
Aussies rea//y know how to do fun things. 
After a 5-year stmt in the U.S., Danny 
and Anna returned to Sydney so Danny 
could pursue his MBA at the Australian 
Graduate School of Management. Baby 
Daniel Graham Van Clief, a precious little 
man. has dual citizenship. Daughter Helen 
(29) is a corporate litigator at Akin Gump 
in Austin. TX, where she lives with talented 
husband Chase, an architect, painter, and 
musician. They were married 4 yrs ago at 
the Van Clief family farm, Nydrie Stud, in 
Scottsville, VA, only 40 min. from SBC. Dg 
and Trish are retired from the Breeders 
Cup Ltd, but continue to be involved in the 
thoroughbred world in KY and probably 
always will. They treasure life-long friends 
and family, and have 3 barking Marley-type 
dogs plus an insane 1 4-year-old cat whose 
weekly shedding could fill a suitcase. They 
totally rule. Trish and Dg can only travel 
after extensive preparations for their pets' 
every need. Trish was sorry to miss reunion, 
but is proud of the great job the class did 
in raising money and making such a good 
showing. She's excited about what she sees 
and reads about our beloved alma mater. 
Best wishes to all '72ers and Viva La SBC! 

The Washington Post article brought 
back so many great memories that Elise 
Webb Neeland decided to take time to 
write a note. What a beautiful campus we all 
enjoyed! Nice to see it recognized. Husband 
David still works (too hard) in his Radiology 
practice, but is trying to find a way to retire. 
Older daughter Leslie and husband still live 
in San Fran (his hometown), beginning their 
3rd year of practicing law. Younger daughter 
Elizabeth works in Atlanta for a PR and 
marketing firm. No grandkids yet, but Liz 
has a great dog she adopted from a shelter. 

Since Reunion. Marion Walker went to 
Anchorage, AK, to try a lawsuit and happily 
won — a bit boring, she says, having to do 
with finance leases. She was there 1 7 days 
but managed to see magnificent Denali 
and relax for a few days. Marion then tried 
another big case in Aug. in Huntsville, at the 
top of the heat wave. Another good result 
put Marion in a great mood, despite the 
hot air. In the mean time, she worked at 
getting her mother the Lady peas and fresh 
tomatoes she loved. Unfortunately, Marion's 
mother took a turn in late Sept. and died 
on the 24th. It was a blow, but the support 
of friends has been terrific, including SBC 
friends Margaret Hayes Brunstad and 
Susan Waller Nading. Marion's precious 
nephew, Michael Walker, was married 
to Susan Burns from Gainesville. GA, on 
10/6/07, and they live in Birmingham where 
he practices law with Bradley Arant. Marion 
is Senior Counsel with Ford & Harrison LLP, 

a national Labor and Employment boutique 
law firm, and handles all types of litigation in 
this area and in commercial matters. In her 
spare time, she's putting some little stories 
on paper. She keeps in touch with Nan 
Glaser LaGow. who she saw after reunion 
and who has been cleared for a 2nd time 
of breast cancer. In Birmingham, Marion 
serves as the President of the Breast Cancer 
Research Foundation, which commits 
98% of every dollar to research at UAB's 
Comprehensive Cancer Center. Everyone 
concentrate on a cure! 

Dedicated Ginger Upchurch emailed 
from Santiago, Chile, where she and 
husband Tom were on at the tail end of 
an SBC Argentina-Chile trip. It has been 
fabulous, she said, and they celebrated the 
Washington Post article with fellow travelers. 

Linda Odum enjoyed the nice article 
about SBC. Unfortunately, she's not 
recovering from her back surgery as 
expected, still under "house arrest." She 
drives, but only for short distances, and 
that's about all. Linda still deals with 
pain and sitting in any position for long is 
agonizing. Consequently, she doesn't sleep 
well either which is the worst, because 
she's always been a good little sleeper and 
needs her 8 hrs. Prayerfully, she'll be better 
soon. Linda, this has been a long haul for 
you. Let's hope you have happy news for 
next time. 

Still living in AK, Vivan Finlay has 
reduced her private psychotherapy practice 
to part time because she travels a lot with 
her husband for Rotary International, a 
volunteer service organization. Vivan and 
husband have 7 children (from previous 
marriages) and 20 grandchildren; only one 
child and 2 grandchildren live in AK. They 
enjoy traveling to visit all the family, visiting 
her siblings and mother in Ireland, and 

SBC Homecoming was fun for Betty 
Moricle, who attended the special 
Tusculum lectures. She learned a lot of 
architectural facts about the historic "new" 
home, which will be located between SB 
House and the hockey field. 

Edna Ann Osmanski Loftus found 
the article delightful. She thinks SBC is a 
beautiful place, special for many tangible 
and intangible reasons. Edna Ann continues 
her professional life at St. Andrews 
Presbyterian Coll., serving as Associate 
Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of 
English. The excellent liberal arts education 
she received at SBC continues to be 
foundation of all she does. She cherished 
the opportunity to catch up with classmates 
at our 35th reunion last May. 

Bev Home Domerich wrote that after 
younger son Stephen left for FSU in Aug., 
their home has seemed cavernous and dull 
without "party boy." Stephen has hundreds 
of friends, all of whom have been at their 
home at one time or another, sleeping, 
swimming, skiing off the docks, and eating 
everything in the kitchen. Now Bev cooks 
once or twice a week: laundry is down to 
3 loads; and Bev and John go to movies, 
h.s. volleyball games, and play tennis to 
fill their nights. John took Bev to the US 

Open in NYC for their tirst fabulous "empty 
nest 3-day weekend." Now it's easy to pop 
over to Miami for a party, Boca Raton tor 
a reunion, and up to Tampa to see young 
John, who attends John Sr.'s law school 
alma mater. Life Is good! 

The best part of reunion toi Carter 
Frackelton was having her 1st roomie, 
Sue Shields White come from TX for her 
1 st reunion ever! Carter and Sue extended 
their visit in Fredericksburg for another 
night. In the fall Carter had a wonderful 
Mediterranean cruise visiting several Greek 
Isles and Turkey and enjoying a couple of 
days in Rome at the beginning and end. 
She loved every bit, except for the heat 
and crowds. Unfortunately she returned 
with a whopper of a cold and is just now 
getting straight after a bit of surgery, too. 
Carter probably holds the record for nephew 
weddings this year; 3! She traveled to 
Jacksonville Beach, FL; Charleston, SC; and 
Avondale, PA. With all her activities, she and 
Ginnie B Payne Sasser haven't had their 
movie time. Carter reports Janet Nelson 
Gibson has a new position as a Title 1 
Reading Resource Specialist in Spotsylvania 

Marty Neill Boney and Bill have come 
through Fredericksburg on their way to 
Canada or DC, and they always have a 
wonderful visit with Carter. Marty goes back 
and forth to Southern Pines almost every 
other weekend to check on her parents who 
have had lots of health problems. Marty 
and Bill went to San Fran in Sept. for her 
niece's wedding, and spent time in Aug. at 
their family's cottage in Canada where she 
and Bill fell in love with kayaking. Every year 
Marty helps Carter with Christmas shopping, 
usually a long weekend in Raleigh in the 
fall, but this year they're planning on a new 
venue, Wilmington. I'm expecting a report of 
major success. 

Dale Shelly Graham and James are 
empty nesters. They left their big house in 
the 'burbs and moved into DC where they 
can walk to Starbucks, Neiman-Marcus, and 
the subway. Son Fielding is a junior at SMU 
in Dallas, and daughter Lily is a freshman 
at Davidson in NC where she plays Division 
I women's lacrosse. When people ask Dale 
what she's going to do now that the kids are 
gone, she tells them "anything I want." 

Now that husband Tim Barberich has 
retired, Eileen Gebrian finds time to 
travel. They visit daughters Sophie and Lily 
wherever they might be: NYC, Paris, Ontario. 
Eileen and Tim have been able to enjoy their 
lovely island home in Nantucket more and in 
the fall took a golf trip to Scotland. 

The perpetual traveler Karen Medford 
is joining up with Eileen Gebrian for a 
yoga trip to Bali. Karen plans to spend 
Christmas in Egypt, traveling the Nile and 
hitting all the highlights during the holidays. 
Lucky girl. Karen, Dale. Mary Heller, and 
I get together for lunch in Bethesda, then 
shopping of course. Mary Heller still hosts 
any and all SBCers who come to DC when 
she isn't visiting her mother weekends in 
Atlanta or working at the National Institute of 
Health (NIH). 

In Birmingham Susan Waller Nading 
enjoys bridge, golf, hiking and traveling 
when she isn't playing with her grandson 
Ward. She and Alex joined 5 other W&L 
couples, including Liz Clegg Woodard and 
her husband, on a barge trip in France this 
fall. In the coming year, she plans to visit 
Nicaragua where Alex III studies pollution 
issues. Alex is a cultural anthropologist who 
was awarded a Fulbright and a grant from 
the Mellon Foundation for his doctoral thesis 
work. Will works at a local bank and plans 
to apply to grad school, while Murray works 
hard in commercial real estate and enjoys 
life with baby Ward and her husband. 

Kathy Keys Graham and Bill keep 
busy in Birmingham. Son David is a senior 
at Auburn where he was elected president 
of the civil engineering honor society. Keys 
says he's much smarter and nicer than she 
was in college. He even spent time down in 
MS helping people rebuild after Katrina 

I, Jill Johnson just returned from 
another wonderful trip to the Republic of 
Georgia, where I traveled as a consultant 
to Project HOPE aboard a CI 7 to deliver 
$1 1 mill, pharmaceuticals to hospitals in 
Tbilisi. This was my 3rd trip to this most 
ancient and beautiful of countries in the 
former Soviet Union. I'm on the Board 
of a small foundation improving living 
conditions for an orphanage in Saguramo 
outside Tbilisi. Fortunately, I had an extra 
day on my trip so I could take 2 suitcases 
filled with toys and school supplies to the 
children. We're working to repair/renovate 
the orphanage facilities and bring in special 
vocational tutors to prepare the children 
for life after the orphanage. As you can tell, 
this trip to Georgia was rewarding in many 
different ways. 

Again, thanks to all who responded to 
my email. If you prefer, you can always snail 
me. We'd all like to hear more news from 
our class. 


9(u<*Uok 2008-. . 18, 3006 

Susan Dern Plank 
11 Muterfield Ct. 
Slingerlands, NY 12159 

Weezie Blakeslee Gilpin 
8111 Camino del Oro, Unit L 
La Jolla, CA 92037 

Greetings to all our classmates from Diane 
Dale Reiling Joan May Harden and 
myself. Susan Dern Plank, after a lovely 
long weekend at SBC for Homecoming '07! 
We're sorry that more of you couldn't join 
us as it was picture-perfect every day, lots 
of sunshine. Being on campus is always the 
inspiration we need to make plans for our 
reunion, just a few months away, on May 
16th-18th, '08. 

In anticipation of that gathering, I'll 
mention some information we gleaned while 
on campus. As many of you may already 
have heard, SBC was listed as "most 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Winter 2007/2008 • 49 

beautiful campus" among the 366 colleges 
ranked (albeit unscientifically) by the 2008 
Princeton Review. In another survey on 
national student engagement, both seniors 
and first year students were polled and for 
the 3rd year in a row, SBC ranked in the top 
1 0% in every category, from career services 
and career opportunities (5th in the nation) 
to classroom discussion strongly encourage 
to accessibility of professors to recognition 
of the high quality of the faculty instructing 
them. This semester 221 new students 
were enrolled, a class size 50% larger 
than the average 4 yrs ago. The plan is for 
an average sized class of 240 students in 
coming years. For a change, a majority of 
those enrolling are from VA, but 23 states 
and 2 countries are represented among the 
first year students. 2 of the young women 
are from Afghanistan, originally headed for 
Harvard until their sponsoring organization 
visited SBC and saw all it had to offer. 

And, in what may be a 1st for our class, 
we have a legacy daughter among the first 
year students! Emily Barton, daughter of Pat 
Hite Barton, is a member of the Class of 
'11! There are also 1 5 MAT. students on 
campus, a good beginning for the program. 
With this number of students on campus, 
there's a need for dorm space, especially for 
those wanting an apartment-type setting, so 
that's on the "wish list" for the Dean of Co- 
Curricular Life. Among the newer features 
of current dorm life are floors devoted to 
ecology and international studies, as well as 
academically oriented housing. Additionally, 
a campaign is underway for expansion and 
improvements of the athletic facilities for all 
students, whether or not they are part of a 
team. Towards that end, before proposed 
construction begins on the gym (which will 
start when fundraising is completed), the 
fitness and wellness equipment has been 
upgraded. Proposals for the new athletic 
facility include a movie theater and a snack 
bar to make it more of a gathering spot for 
students. Students are participating in a 
new program which awards a "Leadership 
Certificate Program" at the end of a 3-year 
curriculum, which provides a structured 
way for students to gain experience and 
receive credit for academic and experiential 
learning. It stresses both personal growth 
(including communication skills, time 
management and ethical decision making) 
and group projects which involve teamwork. 
Read more about this innovative program 
on the college's website and the magazine. 
It was good to hear that the college has 
halved the amount of revenues it relies on 
from the endowment, despite the fact that 
income from tuition and other fees account 
for only 60 cents of every dollar spent on 
a student. The plan is to wean the college 
from its dependence on the endowment to 
balance the budget. Other enhancements 
planned for existing facilities include 
renovations at the library and the Pannell Art 
Gallery so that climate controls are in place 
to protect historic books and works of art 
on paper. The last campaign raised $1 1 1 
million, with 87% of alumnae participating. 
This past year, reunion classes raised 

$1 .1 million for the college's Annual Fund. 
Indiana Fletcher Williams' farsightedness, 
courage and passion for women's education 
continue its 1 10 year legacy in the 
generosity of current alumnae. Things are 
happening thanks to your philanthropy! 

An exciting part of the weekend was the 
Sat. afternoon session on "Moving Tusculum 
Home." The childhood home of Maria 
Antoinette Crawford, Indiana Fletcher's 
mother, Tusculum was built in the mid-18th 
century and remained intact, with virtually all 
of its original features, despite generations 
of use. It is considered one of the oldest and 
most architecturally significant dwellings 
in the Virginia Piedmont, according to 
Kathleen Kilpatrick 76, director of the 
Virginia Department of Historic Resources. 
Recently it was slated for demolition, but 
the current property owners allowed various 
groups time to do archaeological field work, 
document the structure "in situ" and plan 
for its preservation. A bold decision was 
made to reconnect the structure with its 
family and move it to the SBC campus. It 
was disassembled over several months 
by Timothy Robinson and his crew at 
Heartland Millwork and Restoration. Now 
safely stored in the SBC Dairy barn, the 
house will be reconstructed on a new 
site below Sweet Briar House, near the 
athletic fields on the road to Sweet Briar 
Lake, only a few miles from its original 
location. It will be used for future programs 
combining historic preservation, education, 
state and local history. A historic treasure 
whose architectural elements are said to 
rival Monticello and Montpelier (President 
James Madison's retirement home), it is 
indeed visionary of all those at SBC and 
within other state agencies and preservation 
groups to create a new use for this unique 
building when it was difficult initially to 
see beyond the vegetation that covered 
the exterior walls. This is one example of 
the things we see each time we return to 
campus and realize how vibrant and current 
the college is on all fronts. Come and see 
for yourselves in May! 

On a sad note. I must report the deaths 
of several classmates. Marcia (Marcy) 
Stanley Verses death was reported to the 
Alumnae Office, but a sympathy note sent to 
her last known address in Walpole, NH was 
returned by the post office. 

Karen Nielsen Grammaticus died 
in early 8/07, on Cape Cod after battling 
ovarian cancer. She was the office manager 
for her husband's medical practice. Her 
hobbies included reading (which resulted 
in "an encyclopedic knowledge of English 
literature"), gourmet cooking and gardening. 
She is survived by her mother, husband 
Andrew, a son and a daughter, as well as 
her sister. 

Kathy Williams Stant of Richmond, 
VA died 8/24/07. She is survived by her 
husband, Vernon, and many cousins. 

Lillian Battle Dugger London s 
husband, Steven London, recently generously 
endowed a scholarship at SBC in her 
memory. The criteria for awarding it reflect 
her passion for art and their shared memories 

of returning to college for degrees at later 
points in their lives. The scholarship is to be 
awarded to a mature student residing in VA 
and majoring in art or engineering, Steven's 
original vocation. He was able to join us for 
Homecoming and we could easily understand 
how a chance meeting when Lili was looking 
for an apartment— aided by double rainbows 
over the NYC skyline — became the love of a 
lifetime. Although Homecoming was his first 
visit to the campus, he succumbed quickly to 
its charms. 

Other life-changing events are occurring 
in our classmates' lives Weezie Blakeslee 
Gilpin moved cross-country from Milton, 
MA to La Jolla, CA to take a new job. She's 
now the Dean of Students at The Bishop's 
School there, a day school of 725, grades 
7-12. Congratulations to her! Unfortunately 
this means she won't be able to attend 
reunion as the school's graduation is just 
a week later. Weezie writes, "Having lived 
on the east coast my entire life, this move 
was prompted by a desire for an adventure 
and the opportunity to live in another part of 
the U.S. Bob and I drove 3,800 mi. cross- 
country in late Jul. and are living H block 
from the beach in an apartment provided 
by the school for my 1 st year here. Bob's 
business as an educational consultant is 
booming and requires him to be bi-coastal 
(that either sounds sophisticated or crazy) 
and he is out here about 1 days at a time. 
Alexa (30) is finishing up a few missing 
credits at Hood Coll. Blake (28) is in the 
final stages of his Ph.D. dissertation and is 
applying for teaching jobs for the fall of '08. 
I'm hoping he ends up on the west coast. 
Christopher (25) is at Rye Country Day as 
head of the squash program and as a 2nd 
grade assistant teacher. He's working on 
his master's in early childhood education at 
Bank Street School in NYC." When I asked 
Weezie about the wildfires in her area, she 
said some of the families who have children 
in her school have lost their homes, but 
LaJolla is far enough away that she is only 
affected by the ash and smoke smell. Both 
Weezie and Jill Hepinstall are happy to be 
on the Reunion Committee. 

Diane Dale Reiling has had a busy 
few months preparing one home for sale; 
then after a quick sale the family moved 
to a rental briefly during the closing and 
then moved into a new home they had 
found. With her son Steve graduating from 
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY, 
and daughter Erica at Seattle Pacific U., 
she and Chuck decided to downsize with 
both children more or less out of the nest. 
Their timing was perfect based on what 
has happened subsequently in the housing 
market. A tour of New England was planned 
for late Sept. to celebrate their anniversary 
and Chuck's milestone birthday. 

Joan May Harden and her husband 
had a lovely trip to Napa Valley in Oct. — lots 
of vintages to sample! Her mother-in-law 
moved in with them in mid-summer from 
FL so everyone is adjusting to rearranged 
spaces. They visited their grandson for his 
1st birthday at their daughter's home in 
Northern VA. Whenever possible, they spend 
a weekend at their cabin near Lexington, 

where husband Richard and 2 of their 3 
children graduated from W & L. 

Lucinda Young Larson had a lovely 
reception at her home for President 
Muhlenfeld when she visited the Boston 
area this spring ('07), attended by about 
50 alums. She's busy as the treasurer for 
the volunteer associates at the Museum of 
Fine Arts and the Milton Garden Club. Older 
son Robert graduated from Furman with a 
B. S. in math and economics. He spent the 
summer working for the family business and 
is now branching out to design websites. 
Younger son Andrew is a senior at Milton 
Academy and is in the throes of applying to 
colleges with architectural programs. She 
and her family enjoy their 2nd home in the 
Charleston, SC area as often as possible. 
Lucinda often sees Trisha Greenberg 74 
when they're there. 

Glenys Dyer Church recently 
celebrated 25 years with Northrop 
Grumman (successor to TRW). In honor 
of the occasion, she and husband Doug 
were flown to a company dinner in NYC, 
which they enjoyed very much. Her latest 
assignment involves a project for the IRS, 
whose offices are at the end of the orange 
line on the Metro, but feels fortunate she 
doesn't have to commute by car. She's very 
glad she went to SBC as she was a math 
major, and as there were often just 6-8 
students in her classes. She hopes to see 
Barb Cain Hegarty Lyn Fisher Cortright 
and Kathy Waters Marshall (whose 
husband, Lawson, had died not long before 
we gathered in May '03) at reunion in just 
a few short weeks, and especially any other 
classmates who haven't returned to campus 
since graduation. 

Betsy Thayer made a courageous 
career change. She completed her degree at 
the U. NE and now has a masters in social 
work. Her elder daughter graduated from 
CT Coll. in 5/06 and started a new job with 
the Small Business Administration in DC in 
fall '07. Her younger daughter is deferring 
college for a year. She hopes to see Candy 
Sheffield Neilson, Chris Sherwood 
Warner and Sharon Sanders Williams al 
reunion '08. 

In Oct Betsy Meric Gambrel wrote 
that she, Magee Leigh and Lisa Fowler 
Winslow are planning to attend reunion. 
Jane Lowrry Tierney may also. She 
strongly encourages Lisa Slatten and 
Dessa Rutter to do the same, although 
Dessa will be a newlywed! 

Living in Senoia, GA, Alison Baker 
works as the studio manager for Gary 
Gruby Studio. Gary, Alison's husband, is 
a photographer. Dylan is a junior at GA 
Southern U. and Jesse is a freshman at GA 

I talked with Mac Cuthbert Langley in 
Mt. Pleasant, SC. She sounded terrific and, 
with her characteristic humor and creativity, 
has launched an adult bib enterprise, 
TyOneOn, with a friend. Johnny is the Chief 
Medical Officer at the East Cooper Regional 
Medical Center, owned by Tenet, a job he 
loves although it entails frequent travel. 
Will lives in Mt. Pleasant and is the parts 
manager at a local tire company. Hibernia 

50 • Winter 2007/2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

lives in Fredericksburg, VA, for Geico and 
has earned several promotions. Cuthbert 
is a senior in h.S, and going through the 
college process. Mac talked with Lisa 
Marshall Chalmers who still lives in 
Atlanta and does portrait painting Her son 
Marshall is at Harvard Law School and 
Elizabeth is a senior at U.GA. 

I had lunch with Jane Knutson James 
it was tun to catch up. "Little Nuts" is 
substituting in the local h.s., a job that 
challenges even the leistiest. Michael is 
the Deputy Sports Editor ot the LA Times 
and an avid goiter. Patrick (26) lives in LA 
and is working on a joint M.A. in English 
and M.FA In Creative Writing at Chapman 
U. while working as Assistant Editor at Good 
Magazine. Elizabeth (24) lives in Huntington 
Beach, CA and is In nursing school at CSULB. 

Nan Robertson Clarke resigned her 
job as development director for a small 
non-profit last Nov., "a part-time job that 
turned out not to be." Then, thinking she 
had loads of free time, has over-committed 
to community boards and other things. 
The groups often put her in charge of their 
newsletters, "just a continuation of the SBC 
News." She's on the W&L Alumni Board so 
is in Lexington several times a year. Jarratt 
is teaching, coaching, and dorm parenting 
(in boarding school terms, the triple threat) 
at the Millbrook School in Millbrook, NY; 
Toby is getting a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology/ 
Genetics at UNC-Chapel Hill; Charlie is at 
Wachovia; and Robbie is doing the triple 
threat at the Blue Ridge School outside of 
Charlottesville. Hal is still at Wachovia, in 
the same building as Charlie. 

Renee Sterling, Second Vice President 
of Wealth Management, Portfolio Manager, 
and Financial Advisor at Smith Barney, was 
named a SRI Advisor, one of 79 in the U.S. 
and is licensed in 1 8 states. She lives in 
Dallas and LA and serves on the Dallas 
Opera's Board of Trustees. You can see 
one of her projects on Sundance Channel- 
Socially Responsible Green Advisors. 

Mary Beverly Taylor Haque continues 
as a Landscape Architect and the Alumni 
Distinguished Professor (she didn't volunteer 
that information, I found it on Clemson's 
website) in Clemson's Dept. of Horticulture. 
Husband Imtiaz Haque is a Professor and 
Chair of Clemson's Dept. of Mechanical 
Engineering. Their 3 children are Noman 
(35), Omar (22), and Mariana (20). 

Jean Piatt Rospondek lives in 
Cinnaminson, NJ, with husband Stanley J 
Rospondek, a retired address management 
specialist with USPS. Jean remains active as 
a golf professional with the LPGA. Jessica 
Spencer Pace (26), in Scottsville, VA, outside 
of Charlottesville, teaches 2nd grade. She 
has 2 children: Colin (3) and Grayson (1). 
Kathryn (Katie, 24) works for the American 
Cancer Society in Boston. 

Susan Craig celebrated the 25th 
anniversary of her design firm. Congrats! 
Her older son is a junior at Davidson; 
younger son is a sophomore at the Coll. 
of Charleston. She plans to come back 
for reunion, but would especially make an 
effort if Jane McCutcheon McFadden 
and Robin Harmon O'Neil do — ladies, we 

look forward to seeing all 3 of you in a lew 

I, Susan Dern Plank, continue with 
several volunteer activities related to 
education and the environment. Our 
daughter Elena finished at Dickinson Coll. 
and is job searching from home. David 
continues as an engineering consultant 
with Ihe Gordian Group, having spent much 
of the spring and summer with clients in 
Baltimore and Ha/risburg, PA. We enjoyed 
2 trips to Belize this year. Our stay in Jan. 
was so relaxing that we decided to return in 
Jun. to celebrate David's 55th birthday and 
our 30th anniversary. We were relieved that 
Hurricane Dean spared the island and its 
people from the worst! One fun thing: Pinkie 
Wornham '51 is a former faculty member 
at my new school, The Bishop's School. In 
addition, she has grandchildren who attend 
Milton Academy, my former school, as well 
as Bishop's, my current school. 

Block out that weekend of May 16th- 
1 8th, '08 now as it will be wonderful to 
reconnect with each other and get to know 
other classmates better. See you soon back 
at "The Patch"! 


Ms. Hannah Pillsbury 
7132 W Tamarack Ct 
Mequon, Wl 53092 


Karin Lindgren 

124 Lakeview Avenue 

Lantana, FL 33462 


I'm late with class notes this year. Please 
excuse tardiness. On 5/1 3/07, Mothers' 
Day, my father suddenly passed away. 
Although I had dreaded this event for years, 
I'm thankful for the wonderful relationship 
I had with him and for the memories that 
keep me going even when I'm not sure I 
can go on. Dad was buried with full military 
honors in Arlington National Cemetery 
on 8/6/07. 1 gave the eulogy in the Fort 
Myer Chapel. A caisson drawn by 6 horses 
conveyed Dad to his final resting place. The 
ceremony was beautiful and dignified — the 
way Dad told me he wanted it to be. Life 
without him is empty and cold, but I keep 
him alive in my heart and mind. I stay busy 
at my church, where I sing in the choir. Last 
year, I took the Stephen Ministry training 
course and was commissioned as a Stephen 
Minister in Aug. On 10/11/06, 1 became a 
great aunt when my niece Ashley (21) gave 
birth to Michael John Carpenter III. 

From Franklin, VA, Betsy Brooks Jones 
writes that daughter Brownrigg married 
Rob Snow in May. They live in Arlington. 
Brownrigg is a speech pathologist at the 
National Rehabilitation Hospital in D.C. Son 
Thomas is pursuing his Ph.D. at Cambridge 
in England. "Yes, I know," says Betsy. "He 
is smart and funny and great to be with." 

Recently, Betsy visited Patty O'Mallcy 
Brungcr In i lallas, She accompanied Ellen 
Harrison Saunders and in i daugl 
Grace to ME, where they visited Ellen's 

Maiy Carson. Betsy states 
that Ellen is a young mom and makes those 
with her feel young as well. "We tried to 
fit Into our jeans and stay hip with Ellen's 
daughters. ..ouch! That was hard!" 

"I'm busier not working than I was while 
working!" states Catherine Cranston 
Whitham. Still in Richmond, she does 
fundraising and development work on 
2 boards of non-profits, planning a 
centennial celebration at another benevolent 
organization, and reading to 3rd graders 
at an inner-city school. Catherine finds it 
pleasant and rewarding to work with Ellen 
Harrison Saunders on a fundraising 
project for a statewide non-profit. Husband 
Whit still practices banking law and plays 
scratch golf whenever he can. Son Craig 
works on The Hill for a VA congressman. 
Daughter Ann, who received her MA in 
urban and environmental planning at UVA, 
works for a transportation planning firm in 
Charlottesville. When not busy with volunteer 
work, Catherine relaxes in Cashiers, NC, 
where Carroll Waters Summerour and 
husband Toby live. Recently ordained as an 
Episcopal priest, Toby has been called as 
Associate Rector at the Church of the Good 
Shepherd. The summer ours enjoy living in 
Cashiers, whose year-round residents are 
delighted to have Toby in the pulpit. Carroll 
transferred away from SBC after sophomore 
year and married Toby soon after. 

Maria Jones Tisdale and husband 
George live in Richmond and have 2 
daughters: Sara, a UVA graduate, and Anna, 
a first-year at VCU in Richmond. Sara works 
in DC for U.S. News and World Report. Maria 
and George are beginning to experience the 
empty-nest lifestyle. They got 2 cats to help 
fill the emptiness. 

Carol Leslie St. John says life is good 
in Essex Falls, NJ. Oldest son Bryan (26) 
lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where 
he works for a private equity firm. Son 
Kevin (24) works for Credit Suisse in San 
Francisco, while the youngest, Harry, is 
spending a semester in Australia. Harry is a 
junior and a lacrosse player at W&L. Carol 
and husband Tommy spent the summer at 
Jersey Shore. Martha French Roberts 
and daughter Malone, a sophomore at SBC, 
visited them for a week, as did Lizanne 
Fisher. Carol was going to see Kathie 
Shirk Gonnick at the beach. Carol had 
lunch in NYC with Mary Henningsen 
Collins Dorsey Tillett Northrup 
Roseanne Toppin Cranz and her charming 
daughter, Foster. Carol's interior design 
business keeps her busy. She planned to 
spend Thanksgiving in CA with Kev. The 
entire family will be with Bryan in Argentina 
at Christmas. 

Patty O'Malley Brunger lives in 
Richardson, TX. She says, "Our sons are out 
in the world and doing well, for which we 
are grateful." She had a wonderful visit 
with Betsy Brooks Jones in spring. "It's 
amazing," observes Patty, "that we went 
from being friends in school to being women 

Ginny Shipe Cameron i ulebrated the 

ii nf inn family business in Severna 
Park, MD, this year. They've moved to a 
new facility wl 

huge anniversary party on 9/21 . Glnny was 
fortunate to have her uncle (88) and father 
(82) In attendance, along with suppliers, 
friends, employees and former employees. 
Ginny's grandfather started the cori'i 
1 907. Both sons work for the company. 

Polly Shriver Kochan Is about to begin 
a new job at St. Christopher's Hospital in 
Philadelphia. There, she will join a group 
of 5 "other fantastic pediatric radiologists." 
Temple U. Children's Medical Center, Polly's 
former workplace, is closing. Husband 
Jeff is still Director of Interventional 
Neuroradiology at Temple and still "working 
too hard!" They dream of early retirement 
in Jackson Hole, WY, where they have land 
on which they'll start building their cabin in 
spring. Older son Michael is employed as a 
financial analyst at IMS Health Consortium 
in the Philly area. He is applying to business 
schools. His 1st choice is Garden at UVA. 
Younger son is in his 2nd year at H-SC. 
loves it! 

From Newport Beach, CA, Patti Tucker 
O'Desky writes that she visited Charleston, 
SC, this year. While there, she had cocktails 
on the boat on which she stayed with Anne 
Coggswell Burris and Wendy Wise 
Routh. The visit from Wendy was a surprise, 
for she happened to be in Charleston 
helping her son move into his dorm at Coll. 
of Charleston, where he is a first-year. "It 
was great to see both of them and we all 
decided that we are exactly the same as 
we were in 1 971 when we met on 2nd 
floor of Meta Glass!" Patti's niece, Mallory 
Sherwood, is a junior at SBC. Daughter Ally, 
a student at Wellesley in MA, is spending 
her junior year at U. Coll. London. Son 
Charley, h.s. senior, is applying to colleges. 
He hopes to go to the east coast. Patti 
enjoys golfing and, with husband Billy, will 
soon celebrate her 30th anniversary. 

Thanks to all who wrote and who 
expressed sympathy over the death of my 
father. Since I've heard from only a few 
of you, I urge the rest of you to send me 
your news! I'll have them ready for the 
next issue. I realize that not everybody has 
e-mail. If you don't, call me or contact me 
by snail mail. I'll take submissions any 
time. Hope everyone is well. You make me 
happy with your positive, upbeat outlook on 
life. I'm proud to claim you as friends. God 
bless you! 


Mrs. Clarke H. Crenshaw, Sr. 
1216 Cedar Point Dr 
Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Winter 2007/2008 • 51 



Sally Bonham Mohle 
13550 Heathcote Blvd, Apt 455 
Gainesville, VA 201 55 

Patti Wornom Henry-Arnold is working 
for the Air Force Library System in the 
Azores. She'll return to San Antonio TX in 
5/08. Chaz (24) lives and works in San 
Antonio; Ashley (21) is in nursing school 
at TX Tech in Lubbock. Sean (18) is in his 
senior year of h.s. Patti says she "feels old." 

Stephanie Maxson Kenyon is in her 
4th year of teaching; her husband retired 
from teaching but substitutes often. Oldest 
Jay entered h.s. this year and is the star 
catcher on a travel baseball team. Youngest 
Mike plays lacrosse and loves 6th grade. 
Stephanie says, "We were able to spend 3 
wks at the family home in ME this summer. 
What a treat! Other than that, we're going 
through home improvement hell, into our 
4th week without a working kitchen." 

Becky Mayer Gutierrez says son 
George is getting married to Alison in 
7/08. Anthony and Tara expect a baby in 
3/08; Michael is a junior in h.s., doing 
well academically and in sports. Becky still 
teaches 4th grade and says, "I enjoy my job 
and love my family. I'm extremely busy but 
loving it. My sons and Alison, Tara, and I went 
to Disney World in FL this Aug., a stupendous 
time."(Becky doesn't recommend the FL 
summer heat for young children!) 

Laurie Fitzgerald Nowlan is in her 
1 1 th year as director of Admissions at 
Country Day School of the Sacred Heart 
in Bryn Mawr, PA. Her 2 oldest graduated 
college, work, and live on their own in 
NYC and Philadelphia. She has a son at 
Georgetown U., and their youngest is a 
junior in h.s., so she's realizing an empty 
nest is drawing nearer. She and Pat still 
play lots of tennis and paddle tennis despite 
"advancing years." She sends her best to 
all, "especially those BUMS!" 

Carta Kinney Reiniger writes that 
Heather (19) is a sophomore at U.FL in 
Gainesville where she's happy. Heather 
performed with an Independent World class 
finalist Winter Guard and has marched color 
guard for 2 seasons with a Canton OH- 
based Drum & Bugle Corps, the Bluecoats. 
Carla joined the Bluecoats in Boise, ID, and 
traveled with them for 2 weeks, helping 
serve 4 meals a day to 1 80 kids, taking 
uniforms to commercial Laundromats and 
anything else needed. She slept on air 
mattresses on h. s. classroom floors, took 
tepid showers, and traveled/slept on buses, 
to accompany Heather and the squad to 
the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. Younger 
daughter Mallory (1 2) is in 7th grade, loves 
school, has lots of friends. Carla's husband 
works from home for AT&T on their VoIP 
offering. Carla loves being a stay-at-home 
mom in Safety Harbor FL. She doesn't hear 
from classmates much, but always reads 
class notes to catch up. 

Vera Blake Thiers attended a mini- 
reunion at Rehobeth Beach in 9/07 with 

Angela Scully KC Carnwath Linda 
Guardabassi and Cindy Webb Kan 

Anderson '76 joined in. Vera began a 
full-time job as manager of marketing and 
outreach for the Frankfurt Int'l School. Paul 
studies economics in Cologne and Kate, 
biotechnology in Munich. Vera would love to 
see any SBCers who come through. 

Robin Holman Grubbs is in her 20th 
year of teaching 1 st grade in Paducah, KY, 
and hopes to retire in 2 years. She spends 
time traveling in the summer and hopes to 
travel more after retirement. 

Phooi-Ching Lai has an empty nest 
now that her younger daughter started at 
UVA in 8/07; her older daughter is a junior ' 
at Princeton. She and her hubby hope to see 
both daughters in Dec, and Phooi hopes to 
connect with Linda Uhlein 

Debbie Koss McCarthy writes that 
Courtney married 12/31/06 with Carrington 
Brown Wise 76 as the soloist — she sang 
Mozart's Laudate Dominum, which she also 
sang in Debbie and David's wedding. Alex 
graduated from UVA and works in NYC; 
Courtney and husband live in Atlanta. David 
took early retirement and is consulting at 
UNC Chapel Hill. Debbie loves running the 
Augustine Literacy Project which trains 
tutors to teach low income children to read, 
write, and spell. Debbie and David returned 
home from a trip to AK to celebrate their 
30th anniversary. 

And, I, Sally Bonham Mohle. enjoy 
being your secretary again! You all probably 
saw the news story recently about Barack 
Obama being a cousin of Dick Cheney? 
When I saw the name of their common 
ancestor, Mareen Duvall, I recognized it — he 
was my great x8 grandfather. In playing with 
my genealogy software I discovered that 
Sen. Obama is my 8th cousin once removed 
and VP Cheney is my 9th cousin — which 
gives me quite a chuckle on both counts. 
I'm sure if we go back far enough, we're all 
related somehow. Pete and I attended the 
SBC 30th reunion in 5/07 — a great time 
despite the small turnout — I hope to see 
more of you in 5 years! 


<f^u*Uo^ 2008: Tfloy 16-18, 3.008 
Mrs. John Daniel Kelley 
(Paula Jennifer Brown) 
10617 Donovans Hill Drive 
Fairfax Station, Virginia 22039 

Ms. Janet Marie Rakoczy 
10135 Glenmere Road 
Fairfax, Virginia 22032 

It was wonderful to hear from so many 
classmates! E-mail has allowed us to read 
amazing updates from 78ers during the 
past 5 years. Frequent comments included: 
"life is great," "life is a gift," "life is crazy." 
We enjoyed reading about your travels, 
found out that more of you are empty- 
nesters and read an incredible survival 

story. We also were excited to read about 
2 of our classmates who are engaged, one 
of whom will be married by the time these 
notes are published! By now, you have 
received information about our upcoming 
30th reunion. Please plan on attending May 
1 6-1 8, '08, so that we can continue to 
solidify the bond our class has to this day! 

Edie Baird works as a retail customer 
service representative for Wachovia 
Bank. She'll resume gardening and yard 
work when cooler weather returns. Edie 
is involved with her church and with the 
Powhatan County Historical Society. She 
plans short trips with cousins to delve into 
family history. She'll help her grandfather 
move near her brother. Her nephews keep 
her busy with engagements and h.s. Edie 
looks forward to her sister and family visiting 
after 9 mos. in Australia. She added, "Things 
have been quiet and that's fine with me." 
We'll see you at reunion, Edie. 

Anne Baldwin Mann and family are 
thriving in Jacksonville, FL. Anne reports 
the last 5 yrs have been a whirlwind. Anne 
has been a "stay-at-home" mom; her 
hands are full with kids' activities: varsity 
sports, traveling volleyball and lacrosse 
teams, college trips to the Northeast and 
Southeast from ME to SC, and 2 debutante 
seasons. Daughters Caroline (senior) and 
Elizabeth (sophomore) attend W&L and 
love it! Husband Randall and Anne had 
lots of fun making trips to his old stomping 
ground (and hers) and have bumped into 
Ellen Sellers McDowell and Kathy 
Jackson Howe among others. Anne sees 
her sister, Janet Baldwin McColloch 79, 
there as her niece attends W&L too. Anne 
ran into Lochrane Coleman Smith 76 on 
several college campus tours with their 
daughters, had fun catching up. To celebrate 
her daughters' h.s. graduations, Anne's 
family took 2 trips to Europe touring Italy, 
Switzerland, France, England, and Holland. 
One highlight for Anne was her reunion 
with her "Dutch father" from her semester 
abroad. Her family thought he was such a 
character. This spring, Randall and Anne 
visited Caroline in Vienna where she spent 
a semester abroad; then all 3 traveled to 
Budapest and Prague. Randall is doing well 
and has been with a private investment 
firm for 25 years as an investment advisor. 
Aside from family responsibilities, Anne 
is busy with volunteering and golf. Fall 
of '08 will be a huge change for Anne as 
Randall, Jr. will begin college (maybe W&L 
too?) and Caroline will pursue her career or 
grad school. Anne has heard that being an 
"empty nester" is great and expects to have 
more time to reconnect with SBC friends. 

Carol Baugh Webster celebrated her 
4th anniversary of leaving the corporate 
rat race to start Cassel International, 
her consulting business. Her company 
continues to do well concentrating on 
international marketing consulting, but 
does some marketing work for domestic 
companies as well. Carol teaches classes 
such as International Marketing and Global 
Business Strategies at U. Phoenix. Stepson 
Blake graduated from college in May with 

a degree in criminal justice. To celebrate, 
they went to the Bahamas and had a blast! 
Husband, Tim and Carol haven't traveled 
much in the last year, still have lots of 
places they want to visit. They hope to be 
back at it in the future. It is difficult for Carol 
to get to all reunions as she is a graduate 
or attendee of 4 colleges and universities, 
but she would especially love to see again: 
Jane Hemenway Sullivan Monte Costa 
Dana Dotten Endicott. Sally Polson- 
Slocum and Mickie Gupton McKelway 
Those folks came to mind immediately, but 
she's sure there are others! How about it 
ladies, will we see you at reunion? 

Barbara Behrens Peck and family 
returned to their home in NC this summer 
after living in Hong Kong for the past 2 
yrs — a great experience for the family. 
Daughters Sarah (17, senior) and Haley (13, 
8th grade), attended the Hong Kong Int'l 
School, loved it. Jeff worked in Hong Kong 
and traveled throughout Southeast Asia, 
and Barbara had a fabulous time living as 
an expat, taking classes, tours, painting, 
and making wonderful new friends. The 
family traveled to mainland China, Thailand, 
Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia. They're 
all thankful to have had the opportunity 
to travel to parts of the world they never 
would have seen. Back in Greensboro and 
happy to be home, they're making their way 
through the college application process. 
This summer Barbara reconnected with 
several friends from the class of 78. She 
and Maria Rixey Gamper laughed from 
the airport to Kathy Jackson Howe's 
beach house on Figure Eight in NC. Robin 
Jones Eddy Liz Day Dalrymple, and 
Dru Springer Oswalt were there. It was 
hilarious and fun and seemed like no time 
had passed. "How can it be that it has been 
almost 30 (!) years?" 

Mimi Borst Quillman moved to 
Birchrunville (Chester County, PA) last 
summer. Thank goodness things calmed 
down after the bridge almost washed 
away twice and they had numerous power 
outages. Mimi is still getting used to the 
drive to the store, but likes the peacefulness 
of the country. Travis graduated from SC 
in Aug. and will most likely head back 
down south to job hunt and watch more 
Gamecock football. Ian, a junior at JMU, is 
spending the semester in Antwerp. Mimi 
had a fun get-together with Mary Goodwin 
Gamper and Meg Richards Weiderseim 
at the Jersey Shore. Mary's daughter Liz is 
3rd year at UVA and Carrie is a freshman 
at Denver. Jackie is practically home alone. 
Meg's daughter, Elizabeth, graduated from 
NYU and has a job in NYC with a Broadway 
talent agency and Billy is a freshman at 
George Washington. Meg is chairman of 
the Devon Horse Show ticket office so 
Mimi sees her when she volunteers. Mimi, 
Ginny Craig and Leith Colton Derish met 
in Sante Fe last summer for some hiking, 
margaritas, and catching up. She sees Katie 
Keough Weidner '88 for dog play dates 
and Eagles games as she lives just M mi. 
away. Mimi works part time at an Education 
Foundation and women's fitness center 

52 • Winter 2007/2008 

Sweel Brior College Alumnae Magazine ' 


called InShape (that way she forces herself 
to work out). 

Melanie Bowen Steglich worked the 
August Market at the World Trade Center 
and survived Dallas' 100° plus heat. 2 labs. 
Molar (9) and Doc (3) keep Melanie and 
Lee laughing. Melanie and Lee traveled 
to Monterey, Mexico in Jan. for a TIME 
Ministries Board Meeting where they visited 
the new children's home and were so 
excited to see the finished project 1 They look 
forward to Lee's dental meeting at the Del 
Coronado in San Diego where Lee will be 
busy with lectures and Melanie gets to play! 
They joined a gourmet supper club and have 
fun trying out new and different recipes. 
Melanie is so proud ot Ann Thrash Jones 
daughter, Mary Pat '08, who was named 
'07-08 Alumna Daughter Scholar. Congrats 
to Ann and Mary Pat! Melanie looks forward 
to seeing her classmates at reunion. "Ain't 
we great! The Class of 78!" See you in May! 

Lee Carollo Boyes teaches science 
at the h.s. in Petaluma, CA. Son Robert 
got his teaching credential this year and 
teaches h.s. humanities, like mother, like 
son! While visiting Robert's new school in 
San Diego, Lee went to lunch with Tricia 
Mason Terraneo (her SBC roommate), 
engaged to be married next summer to her 
long time honey who has 2 teenage boys. 
Lee's consulting work (improving air quality 
through teaching curriculum to teachers) 
took her to China the last 2 summers, and 
she heads to India this summer. Lee will 
be in Delhi and plans to see the Taj Mahal. 
Lee comments, "The interesting thing about 
this work is being able to compare notes 
with teachers around the world." Lee and 
husband Greg hope to buy a place in AK 
where they have been vacationing. They 
enjoy fishing, going back in time about 100 
yrs and being away from the frantic pace 
of CA. "It is very rustic." Greg and Lee will 
travel to New Zealand this year to visit a 
friend Lee met in St. Andrews on her junior 
year abroad. 

Paula Brown Kelley and family joined 
Liz Williams, husband Chuck Woodworth 
and their friend Tom for Thanksgiving 
weekend '06 in Avon, NC. The Kelleys, 
along with Paula's mother, drove through a 
nor'easter storm to get to Hatteras Island. 
Paula and Jack's car (fortunately, an SUV) 
was one of the last allowed on the island! 
Their holiday weekend turned out to be 
adventurous but fun as everyone alternated 
between candles and power. Jack brewed 
coffee on the grill! In Dec. Paula was invited 
to join Michelle Youree Hostler and her 
mother for lunch with their women's club 
in Fairfax. In Apr. the Kelleys took a Disney 
cruise to the Caribbean. Yes, they did see a 
Johnny Depp look-a-like in the form of Jack 
Sparrow; she has pictures! The weather was 
perfect, the food plentiful, and the snorkeling 
in Nassau was enjoyed by all. Paula saw 
Carey Johnson Fleming this summer 
when she came through town on her way to 
NY with her family. Paula often sees Janet 
Rakoczy at church and enjoyed attending a 
play with Janet at GMU. One of their favorite 
activities is organizing all of the class notes! 

Paula's children, JP (15) and Genny (12), 
stay active with school, sports, scouts, and 
music. Paula's business, Kelley Commercial 
Real Estate, Inc. celebrates its 10 year 
anniversary in '08! Paula looks forward to 
catching up with classmates at reunion. 

Carol Cordell Mullins is fine and life is 
quiet as their only child left lor college this 
summer. Charlie is a freshman at U. KS. 
Carol hopes to help celebrate our 30th! 

For those who may have missed il In 
last winter's magazine, we thought this 
news about Cannie Crysler Shafer 
warrants attention. At Homecoming '06, 
Cannie was inducted as one of 9 graduates 
into the first class of SBC Athletic Hall 
of Fame. She is the 1st recipient of the 
Crysler award bearing her name. It honors 
a senior 4-year athlete who demonstrates 
athletic achievement, service to sport and 
sportsmanship. Way to go Cannie! 

In the last year Liz Day Oalrymple 
visited with Betsy Ryan Glenn, Eve 
Jackson London Catherine Taylor 
Moore. Kathy Howe Maria Rixey 
Camper Robin Eddy Barbara Behrens 
Peck and Dru Oswalt. Liz commented 
it is "always such a thrill to get together 
with old friends from SBC." Life is great in 
Pinehurst. Daughter Sumner is a junior at 
Chatham Hall where she's into field hockey 
and soccer. Since it's just down Rte. 29 from 
SBC, Liz enjoys having reason to be in that 
area again. Son Jack is an 8th grader at 
the local m.s. and into golf and boy scouts. 
Husband Chris runs their men's shop and 
plays golf. Liz works part time in a yarn 
shop, loves it and loves to knit, too. With half 
an empty nest, Liz stays busy with volunteer 
work in their schools and church. Liz "can't 
wait until reunion." She hopes everyone will 
make a big effort to come! 

Cecelia Garcia Tunon Lear wrote a 
newsy account of her family's life in Bangor, 
ME. Son Fred plays football for John Baptist 
Memorial High School, participates in choir 
and acts in plays. He is working on his Eagle 
Scout award, hoping to achieve Eagle status 
soon. He stays active in YMCA and town 
sports, church, and has a girlfriend. Fred 
attended wrestling camp last summer at 
Ohio State. Cecie was delighted to catch up 
with Muffy Hamilton Parsons by phone 
when in OH. In addition, Fred will soon be 
driving! He delivers newspapers, works as 
a skate guard at a skating rink, and has his 
own all-season lawn care business. Cecie 
and Steve volunteer at Fred's school and 
love being involved in all of his activities. 
Cecie also writes about the '07 Senior 
League World Series held in Bangor where 
Fred translated for the Venezuelan team. 
The championship played in a baseball park 
built for kids by the Lears' neighbor, Stephen 
King! Sometimes Cecie feels like she's in a 
movie when she sits in, what sounds and 
looks like, an amazing ball park just down 
the street. She works from home, writes 
technical proposals for Carlson Wagonlit 
Travel/SatoTravel for civilian, government 
and military travel contracts. The family 
loves their home which, Cecie says fondly, 
"we'll be fixing up for the rest of our natural 

lives." Steve had a "midlile crisis" in the 
form of a complete career change. He's 
selling real estate, and Cecie has never 
seen him happier work-wise. In addition 
to selling irMdential and commercial real 
estate throughout ME, he's a member of the 
Historic Real Estate Program ol the National 
Trust for Historic Preservation. He loves his 
workshop in his garage and continues to 
produce extraordinary pieces. Cecie and 
family are active in the ME Chapter of the 
MS Society and participate in the annual 
MS walk. 

The lure of a boyfriend at the Citadel 
(now her husband of almost 30 years), 
caused Vicki Hewitt Causey to transfer 
back to U. SC from which she graduated in 
77. Although she spent only one semester 
at SBC, some of you made a lasting 
impression on her. Vicki remembers Lucy 
Moore Julie Pfautz Bodenstab. and 
"someone from Nashville who was really 
nice and tried to keep a kitten which kept 
getting out." OK who needs to fess up? 
Vicki recalls that the 4th floor seemed to be 
referred to as "The Convent" because no 
boys were allowed. She remembers a few 
too many road trips to W&L, H-SC, and UVA, 
and wonders where time has gone! Vicki 
muses: "It seems funny I can remember 
something that far back and I have trouble 
recalling what I did last week!" Vicki and 
David have 4 daughters. She ran into her 
old roommate. Debbie Paden, about 14 yrs 
ago at a summer camp in NC where Debbie 
was helping with the riding program. 

Jamie Murray Soper is fine in central 
MA on her farm. She and husband Jack 
have "tons of kids of all ages" on the farm 
all the time so they aren't lonely at all! With 
3 dogs, 5 cats, 10 beef cows, 5 horses, 
goats, and chickens, they have very few 
dull moments. Jamie works part time for 
Pier 1 , loves it. Their house renovation is 
coming along. Jamie and Jack hope to be 
done with the 2nd floor by winter. She looks 
forward to restoring the ancient stencils. 
Jamie planned to spend Labor Day weekend 
with her sister Meri and her family on Cape 
Cod. She closes by sharing that, "every day 
is a gift!" 

Jamie's sentiments hit home when we 
read Betsy Hurley Deimels news. She 
had a "wild" year. After 1 8 yrs of marriage, 
she experienced the upheaval of a divorce 
and had a brain aneurysm in 9/06. She was 
hospitalized for 6 mos. and was air lifted 
to Pittsburgh to intensive care from Erie! 
During her recovery, she had to learn how 
to swallow, stand, walk, talk and more. She 
takes nothing for granted anymore. She's 
thrilled to be alive for her daughter (1 6) who 
needs a "noisy" mother in her life. Betsy 
looks forward to seeing everyone at reunion. 
Everyone is special in her world. 

Wendy Igleheart Walker will volunteer 
to serve on the Reunion Giving Committee. 
She intrigued us with her comment about 
a fundraising idea her husband originated, 
but she's concerned it might not fly with the 
administration. We're putting her in touch 
with Cannie Crysler Shafer and we'll see 
what shakes out. 

Ann Key Lucas definitely plans to 
had a busy summer starting with Bii 
h.s. graduation. Son John heads off to U 
Dayton. They're thrilled with his choice. He'll 
continue to play ice hockey; he just returned 
from a great experience with an exhibition 
team in Slovakia. William (16) and it 
attended camp in MN where William was 
an LT. Ann took a vacation this summer and 
visited the Dalmatian Coast and Croatia, 
"truly fabulous." Now that her youngest is 
at the age where Ann doesn't need to be so 
available (or let's say, at an age where he 
doesn't want her around), Ann returned to 
her prior position in the mail order industry. 
She's with Home Decorators Collection as 
Director of Inventory Control, loved it then, 
loves it now. While Ann was in Europe, 
a group of St. Louis gals got together in 
Harbor Springs, Ml. incl. Peggy Stryker 
Home Ann missed the trip, but Peggy was 
there, and looks great. She has one out of 
college, with her youngest still in college. 

Barbara Minnig Croghan lives in 
Annandale, VA. Oldest son Christopher, 
now a Lance Corp. in the Marines, returned 
from a deployment in Iraq. Oldest daughter 
Kathleen attends a 4-year program at U. 
St. Louis at their Madrid Campus in Spain. 
Barbara assures us that Kathleen "is 
leading a hard life." 3rd child David (13) 
will be in 8th grade, loves basketball and 
is playing his 1st year of football. Youngest 
daughter Caroline is in her last year of elem. 
Husband Greg is principal of Edison h. s. 
in Alexandria. Barbara describes herself as 
a "Superior Domestic Goddess." Hopefully 
the family will move to NC or SC when Greg 
retires next summer. Barbara looks forward 
to leaving Northern VA. 

Susan Negaard Harley and family will 
move to Geneva, Switzerland for her 2-year 
assignment with Cardinal Health. Susan 
is Director of International Marketing for 
one of the businesses and with a recent 
restructuring will be relocating to do the 
job there. The Harley family will live in a 
nice big house overlooking Lake Leman 
with lots of guest rooms for company. 
They're looking forward to the experience. If 
you're ever in the area, plan to visit. Susan 
hopes to be back for reunion and just may 
qualify for "longest distance traveled." She 
communicates with Margaret Laurent 
Gordy Leigh Ramsay Simmons, and 
Betsy Wood often. They had a mini reunion 
in C'ville last summer, a nice time. 

For Mary Page Stewart. 07 has 
been as crazy as anticipated. Daughter 
Ellie graduated from Bucknell in May and 
landed a cool job in NYC in Ann Taylor's 
corporate office; she's thrilled. Geordie 
graduated from Gilman in Jun. and will be 
a freshman at Davidson in the fall. Days 
after his graduation, Mary left for a painting 
workshop in Provence, France; "it was 
fabulous." Bob, Ellie, and Geordie joined her 
at the end of the session and spent 2 wks 
traveling through Provence and Northern 
Italy. Then they flew to Scotland, so the kids 
could get in touch with their Stewart roots. 
Upon return, Mary and Ellie packed up and 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Winter 2007/2008 • 53 

moved her to NY! Then the rest were off to 
Mary's family reunion in ME. Following that, 
Mary had a couple of weeks to take Geordie 
to Davidson; then set up her art room as she 
will teach m. s. this fall! While life is good, 
Mary looks forward to settling down a little! 
Mary can't wait for our 30th and wonders 
if SBC will put us in a different dorm. We'll 
see, Mary. 

Julie Pfautz Bodenstab can't believe 
it's time for a 30th reunion, "We can't be 
that old!" Julie and Mark, empty nesters, live 
in West Chester, PA, with dog Tucker. They 
moved last Nov. from a big neighborhood 
to more rural property, complete with a 
barn. They're having fun restoring the 
property, which was vacant and overgrown. 
Julie hadn't had poison ivy since Girl 
Scouts! She works full time at Longwood 
Gardens in the Education Department in 
the Continuing Education program. When 
not home pruning, clearing, or weeding, 
she plays golf. Son Phillip lives and workes 
in CT since graduating from Gettysburg 
Coll. 2 yrs ago. He has taken up sailing on 
Long Island Sound. Peter is in his senior 
year at Susquehanna (only one more 
tuition check to go!). He spent the spring 
semester studying abroad in London and 
hopes to work in the UK after graduation. 
They enjoyed a great trip to London to visit 
followed by a few days with Peter in Austria. 
Julie missed our 25th reunion, but plans to 
be at our 30th. 

(Catherine Powell Heller reports all 
is well and summer flew by. Her oldest 
daughter begins her 2nd year at UVA. 
Youngest is a sophomore in h. s. They have 
a Havanese puppy to add to the fur family. 
They'll begin a major home renovation 
in Sept. when they move everything out, 
crossing their fingers that the project will 
be done in a year. Katherine plans to come 
to reunion. 

Missy Powell Adams describes 
working full time as a "total drag," but with 
2 boys in college, she plods on! Philip will 
be a sophomore at USC this fall; Whitman 
will be a sophomore at U. CO in Boulder. 
Both love life. Missy and husband Bubba are 
fine. Much to their surprise and delight they 
love life as empty nesters. They see Maria 
Rixey Gamper Mary Page Stewart, and 
Mary Goodwin Gamper often. They're all 
in Baltimore. Missy catches up with Helen 
Bauer Bruckman Audrey Townsend 
Bertram Michelle Tarride Frazier Emily 
Dick McAlister and Lizbeth Bowman 
from time to time. They meet every few 
years somewhere wonderful to laugh 
together; a special treat! 

Janet Rakoczy has been having a blast 
with swing and ballroom dance lessons 
and social dancing on the weekends. In 
responding to the solicitation for class notes, 
Barbara Minnig Croghan discovered 
that they lived only a few miles apart, so 
Janet and Barb had a nice reunion at a 
local restaurant. Janet enjoyed several fun 
dinners with Paula Brown Kelley's family, 
and Janet and Paula saw Catch 22 at 
GMU's Center for the Arts. One of her most 
meaningful undertakings in the last year has 

been sending care packages to soldiers in 
Iraq and Afghanistan through the AnySoldier. 
com program. She's moved by their skill, 
dedication and courage and was thrilled 
to receive a letter from one of the soldiers. 
When not dancing or assembling packages, 
Janet works as a securities analyst, 
volunteers at church and attends Rally 
obedience classes with her dog Brandy. 

Leigh Ramsay Simmons stays busy 
with work, dogs, and family. She and Betsy 
Wood get together in C-ville or Richmond 
and dream of living in the same town 
again. They visited SBC in the spring and 
were distressed to see the new gates and 
entrance to campus which Leigh describes 
as "stark and modern." Leigh wonders if 
the driveway was relocated to make way 
for the bypass. (We'll be sure to check 
out the gates and driveway in May.) After 
years of thinking it would never happen, 
Leigh took her husband on a quick campus 
tour. He wanted to know if there was 
good fishing in the boathouse lake. Funny, 
Leigh "never ever would have thought 
of that!" Leigh's husband introduced her 
to kayaking this summer, enjoys it! Their 
longest paddle so far was 1 1 mi. on the 
James River, and they're "itching" to get 
out on the Shenandoah when water levels 
rise. Kayaking provides a great opportunity/ 
excuse for taking photos. They had a 
wonderful week in St. Croix after Christmas 
for a niece's wedding— a perfect time, as 
"winter winds" kept things cool and the 
bugs away. Daughter Jenny and husband, in 
southern France, had their 1st child Emmie 
in mid Jul., so they're grandparents! Skype 
phoning and webcams allow them to see 
Emmie "live," and they were able to see 
Jenny throughout her pregnancy, too! They 
head to France for a long visit in Oct., can't 
wait. Son Joe is dating a wonderful French 
woman who's in C'ville doing doctoral 
fellowship work. They are pretty serious, so 
Leigh wonders if relocating to France is in 
their retirement future. In the small world 
department, Leigh discovered that a young 
woman at her office has ties to SBC. Her 
mom is Director of the Mount St. Angelo's 
VA Center for the Creative Arts and her 
father is art teacher, Professor Monk. Leigh 
looks forward to the big 30th reunion! 

Life is crazy for Katie Renaud Baldwin 
They live on 80 acres along the Santiam 
River in OR. Katie's husband moved the 
pets and household goods from AK last Mar. 
Katie stayed in AK to finish teaching school. 
Following the summer in OR where they are 
all pretty busy making the house a home, 
daughter Emily and Katie will head back to 
AK for Emily's senior year. Husband Cary 
and daughter Amanda will stay in OR to take 
care of the house. There will be many trips 
back and forth this year. Amanda has moved 
home to get her feet back on the ground, 
work and go to school. The family is off to Ml 
for 2 wks to visit Katie's parents, brothers, 
and friends. She will see Martha Miller too! 
Katie wonders if anyone has heard from 
Joan Lightfoot 77 as Katie can't seem to 
find her! The SBC address is incorrect. Katie 
sends her best to everyone, she enjoys 

class notes. She just wishes she lived a little 
closer to keep the connections up. 

When Anne Riordan Flaherty wrote, 
she was in the midst of a 7-week stint of 
traveling every weekend to get her children 
to language camps, college send-off parties 
etc. Daughter Mary started at Denver in the 
fall, so Anne headed west for 4 days in Sept. 
just as her boys started 8th, 9th, and 1 0th 
grades. "It's crazy." 

Nancy Robinson Lindberg practices 
medicine in CT. She won't be at reunion; 
it coincides with her oldest son's college 
graduation. He'll be graduating from 
Wheaton that Sat. (providing no screw-ups!). 
Nancy comments, "nice symmetry though, 
30 yrs after my graduation." Son number 2 
is entering his sophomore year at Guilford 
Coll. in Greensboro, NC, and youngest will 
be a junior in h. s. Just in time to start 
the college search again. Nancy and her 
husband celebrated their 25th anniversary 
and her 50th birthday with a vacation to 
Switzerland. This hiking trip covered 3 
different areas where they experienced 
everything from sun to a near blizzard. 
Hiking has become their main hobby and 
they're slowly making their way through the 
list of 4,000 ft mountains in NH. They're at 
25, so less than half to go. Nancy was sorry 
to see that Miss Sprague passed away. All 
these years later she still remembers how 
much she "scared the living daylights out of 
me." Nancy posits that all the biology majors 
probably share similar memories of Plant 

Since early May, Carrie Ruda Clark 
has been renovating a 1931 co-op unit she 
bought in the Cleveland Park area of DC. 
She had expected to move in Jul., but the 
apartment was an estate and nothing had 
been done since 1 940. Carrie describes 
playing general contractor on both the unit 
and her current house, which she sold 
in Sept., while holding a job and being a 
mom, as way too ambitious! An emergency 
appendectomy 3 wks before the scheduled 
move made the whole process all the more 
challenging. Hopefully by the time this 
reaches you, Carrie will again be healthy, 
sane, settled into apartment life in the city, 
and enjoying her views of Rock Creek Park. 
Her family had several 6/07 graduations. 
Son John, a physics major, graduated 
from Elon in NC, where he played club 
lacrosse (spring and fall!) all 4 years. He's 
working as a technical consultant under 
a government contract at the U.S. Patent 
and Trademark Office. He lives across 
the Potomac River in VA, just out of arm's 
reach. After 5 yrs of boarding school, 4 yrs 
of college, and summers working at the 
beach, it's wonderful to have him home! Son 
Andrew completed his h. s. career with an 
exciting spring lacrosse season. His school 
only had a team for 4 years and they were 
undefeated this season until the last game. 
Andrew's brother, John, was assistant 
coach. Andrew is taking a gap year with a 
Dynamy internship in Worcester, MA. Fall of 
'08 he plans on entering High Point (NC). 
Carrie is an empty-nester! She just wishes 
AARP would leave her alone! 

Betsy Ryan Glenn is well in Atlanta. Her 
family goes to Sea Island, GA, in summer, 
and she ran into Liz Day Dalrymple there; 
it was great! In fall Betsy plans a reunion 
with Liz, Eve Jackson London Lisa Wray 
Longino, and hopefully Catherine Taylor 

How exciting it was to read Julia 
Sutherland's news of engagement! Julia's 
"wonderful" fiance is Phil Smith, who has 
been a friend of Julia's for several years. 
He once worked for Senator John Warner 
when Julia worked for Senator Chuck Robb. 
Phil has been a communications consultant 
for the past 1 yrs. Prior to that, he was 
head of communications at the Corporation 
for Public Broadcasting. A Yale graduate, 
Phil received his M.A. in Journalism from 
Columbia and spent 20 yrs as an editor 
and reporter for the Washington Post. 
Phil proposed in Paris over Memorial Day 
weekend; they plan to marry in 2/08. 

Ann Thrash Jones reports everything 
is great in Atlanta! Oct. marks Ann's 21st 
year as a paralegal at Alston & Bird. In May, 
Bob accepted a position with Arby's to be 
their VP, Corporate and Securities Counsel. 
His new office is about 1 mi, from home. 
Needless to say, the family is "thinking 
Arby's"! Chris (26) works in Atlanta, which 
makes Mama and Grandmamma happy! 
Mary Pat (21) was named the SBC '07-08 
Alumna Daughter Scholar! She was unable 
to receive the award in person, as she was 
studying "abroad" fall '07 in Decatur, GA! 
Mary Pat lived at home and took courses 
at Agnes Scott Coll. While away from the 
horses at SBC, Mary Pat has been competing 
and placing in sprint triathlons. She plans to 
graduate a year early, in May '08. Although 
Bob and Ann don't understand her decision, 
Ann is happy their reunions will coincide! 

Lauren Place Young visited Suzanne 
Stryker Ullrich this spring while on a 
college search with her daughters. They 
stayed with Suzanne and had a quick, 
fun visit. In addition to the college search, 
Lauren was juggling a move! Suzanne's 
youngest, Ned, attends Penn St. Now that 
Suzanne no longer works every day, she has 
more free time! 

For Liz Williams and husband Chuck, 
things are "chugging along" in Middleburg. 
They had 4 foxhound pups this summer 
who kept them laughing and running to 
save anything that was not nailed down. Liz 
had a wonderful visit from Carey Johnson 
Fleming, her husband David and son 
Ian on their way to their new home in NY, 
Liz comments, "Carey hasn't changed at 
all, darn her!" Liz and Chuck spent last 
Thanksgiving with Paula Brown Kelley and 
her family, in the midst of a terrible nor- 
easter at the beach. They have some great 
stories and photos, and almost didn't get 
the turkey cooked when they lost electricity 
for a few days. 

We'll close by quoting Julie Pfautz 
Bodenstab: "Guess that's about all the 
news that's fit to print." Our thanks to all of 
you for sending in your notes. Thanks also 
for 5 great years as your class secretaries, 
See you in May! 

54 • Winier 2007/2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 



Ms. Graham Maxwell Russell 

525 S Flagler Dr 

Apt. 15A 

West Palm Beach, FL 33401 


Mrs. John P. Sweeney 
74 Longuevue Dr 
Pittsburgh, PA 15228 


Mrs. Claire McDonnell Purnell 
Four Thompson St 
Annapolis, MD 21401 


Consuelo Michelle Martinez 
7007 North Tripp Avenue 
Lincolnwood, Illinois 60712 

Patsy Griffith Van Etten wins the prize 
for the 1 st classmate to write with news. 
Thank you Patsy! In Aug., the Van Ettens 
welcomed an adorable Jack Russell puppy 
to the family. Patsy confirmed that Mr. Max 
is a great dog, sleeps through the night 
and gets along with his feline roommates. 
The family enjoyed Rehoboth Beach, DE 
this past summer. Patsy and a friend will 
visit The Biltmore Estate in NC between 
Christmas and New Year's. The whole manor 
is adorned with Christmas decorations, quite 

Always the stage mother/manager/taxi 
car driver, Monika Kaiser Neheim is busy 
with daughter Alexa's drama, improvisational 
and German club activities, Alexa, a senior, 
is applying to universities with musical 
theater programs. Monika never thought 
that looking at and applying for colleges 
would be so time consuming. Fortunately 
the family was able to combine university 
visits with a trip to the Northeast from PA 
to MA. While in MA, Monika visited Sophie 
Despres Whitehouse; Sophie was a French 
exchange student at SBC in 1981 during 
our junior year. Monika is active with son 
Julius' school and extracurriculars. Like his 
sister, Julius is a talented actor/singer; last 
summer he played the part of "Teen Angel" 
in the musical production of Grease. A 7th 
grader. Julius is interested in medicine. 
Monika heard from Liz Kaufmann who 
relocated from KY to TX for a new position in 
the legal field. 

Deborah Price Bowman writes that 
after 5 yrs "off," she returned to work 
in money management. After a year of 
commuting to NYC while being a "full time 
mom,'' Debbie returned to being a full 
time stay-at-home mom. Debbie, husband 
Jeffrey with daughter Katie (1 1) and son 
Kessler (6) enjoyed a vacation at a CO 

dude ranch. Debbie's niece Lauren is a 
sophomore at SBC. so the family will attend 
Parents and Friends Weekend in Oct. The 
family will spend Christmas with Debbie's 
sister and family and their parents on a 
Caribbean cruise celebrating their parents' 
50th anniversary. 

Charlotte Prassel Fitzgerald has 
fond memories of our 25th reunion and 
the "amazing" group of ladies in our class. 
Charlotte is considering having $19.82 
withdrawn automatically from her bank 
account every month and wonders if anyone 
contemplated this option to donate funds 
to SBC, Daughter Cece attends Eton Coll. 
in NC. While at Eton, Charlotte saw fellow 
SBC alum, Alice Cutting Lambeer, whose 
son Parker is a freshman at Eton. Always a 
good friend, Lollie Noble visited Charlotte 
after Cece's departure for college. During 
Lollie's visit Charlotte brought home a 2 
K-month-old black lab mix. Charlotte keeps 
her mind off of Cece by training the puppy 
and her older sister, a 9 M>-month-old from 
a previous litter. While not taking care of 
the puppies, Charlotte is a member of CSA, 
Community Supported Agriculture Co-Op. 
A worthy and healthy cause, she volunteers 
to pack and pick up produce from farmers, 
delivers the goods to the Co-Op, Charlotte 
feels strongly about supporting the CSA — 
the produce is high quality, nutrient rich 
and tastes better than store bought. She's 
expanding her repertoire with new dishes, 
shopping for in season fruits and vegetables 
and matching the appropriate recipe. A 
pro-active way to support local farmers and 
get the freshest fruits & vegetables, you can 
google CSA for a location in your area. 

After 22 yrs with H&R Block, Heather 
Pirnie Albert made a career move 
and joined Direct General in Nashville. 
Specializing in auto insurance with 
opportunities to leverage real estate and tax 
services, DG offered Heather an excellent 
opportunity to manage a team in a new 
business venture. Husband Mike and 
daughter Samantha remained in Atlanta 
and will join her at the end of the school 
year when Samantha graduates h. s. Ever 
the road warrior, Heather spent the summer 
traveling between FL and MO for work, 3 
college search trips, personal travel to PA 
and NYC and a company trip she won to 
Cabo San Lucas, MX for her and Mike. 

Mary Ames Booker Sheret writes from 
the lovely NC coastal town of Wilmington 
where she is a curator on the battleship 
North Carolina. Mary Ames went to London 
last year with friends, enjoys working on 
her home and learning about web design 
software programs. 

All is well in Columbia, SC where 
Priscilla Ream McPheeter is busy with 
school and preparing for her eldest son 
James' wedding in Jun. She and Chip 
visited daughter Heather's class of '10 at 
SBC Parents Weekend and enjoyed seeing 
Debbie Price Bowman at reunion. 

Frances Ruth Fowler Bauerle enjoyed 
a surfing trip with friends in Costa Rica 
the past summer. When not working as 
an ophthalmologist technician, she totes 
her children to sporting events as well as 

Several members of the Arizona Alumnae Club met for dinner when Michelle 
Badger '06, assistant director of annual giving, was in Phoenix for a confer- 
ence in November. 

Front Row, L-R: Elizabeth Barnes Bird '39, Janet Peril Ettele '57. Back 
Row, L-R: Michelle Badger '06, Amy Kroeger '90, Mary Beth Miller Orson 
'86, Kelly Schmitt Molique '94, Paige Wright Phillips '91, and Elizabeth 
Puckett Haworth '01 

gearing up for the summer Olympics in 
Beijing where husband Jack will coach the 
women's swim team. 

Marie Engel Ernheart writes from 
Fairfax County, VA where she is a m.s. 
teacher and studying for her M.A. in Special 
Education at GMU; she will graduate in 

Polk Green is busy working in TX and 
enjoying every minute of it; she was thrilled 
to attend our reunion and seeing everyone. 
Polk looks forward to attending the next 
reunion and the possibility of the Chicago 
Cubs winning a play-off series. 

Irish dancing competitions and volleyball 
tournaments keep Lee Watson Lombardy 
and husband Warren busy with daughter 
Georgia, in Orlando, FL. Lee keeps in touch 
with Lucile Redmond Flournoy; she 
reports that Lucy and husband Tom are 
selling the barn/apartment and moving into 
a new home. 

Not one to sing her own praises, however 
Molly K. Johnson is a successful real 
estate advisor and specialist with Coldwell 
Bankers residential brokerage on Chicago's 
north side. Molly enjoys playing golf weekly 
with her league. 

Molly Finney Grenn writes from 
Alexandria, VA. Molly and daughter Gracie 
visited Brianna Boswell Brown and family 
in Dallas. She attended a luncheon hosted 
by Nancy Daugherty Davison who is 
currently studying for her M.A. in Theology. 
Attendees included Valerie Youree 
Charlotte Fitzgerald Marie Earnhart 
and Ann Morton Habliston.The ladies 
committed to visiting a museum or art 
gallery downtown together in the future. 

Gracie started preschool recently and 
enjoys her friends and teachers. Molly and 
husband Mike accompanied Gracie on her 
1st day expecting resistance and tears, so 
they marveled that Gracie never looked back 
when they dropped her off. Tanya Voss Ryan 

'81 is the Director of Grade's preschool, 
Molly enjoys seeing her, 

Joan Verier Ehrenberg sent us notes 
for the 1st time; thank you for sharing 
Joan! For the last 1 6 yrs she has lived 
in northwest MT and for many years had 
a career in the hospitality industry. She 
married husband Ted 1 2 yrs ago and "finally, 
got smart" and came to realize that family 
was more important than career, so Joan 
left work when only daughter Katelyn was 
in kindergarten. Joan volunteers with arts 
education, their church and the local CVB. 
She's Chair of the local chapter for the 
Democratic Party, As a family they enjoy 
skiing, fly fishing, and hiking. Katelyn (9) 
enjoys playing piano, voice, and soccer. 
Joan's biggest regret in life was leaving SBC 
after only 2 years; she'll always cherish her 
days there amongst friends and horses in a 
beautiful learning environment. 

Jane R. Dure started law school in San 
Antonio, TX after a languid summer relaxing 
on the beaches of Mazatlan, MX, where she 
and her pets moved after 1 7 yrs in Austin. 
There are still 60 boxes left to unpack which 
she'll eventually get around to opening. In 
the meantime, Jane accomplished more 
work in the first 5 weeks of law school 
than in her entire freshman year. Ever the 
conscientious student, Jane does all the 
reading for each class — "some of it is so 
impenetrable it takes an hour to do a couple 
of pages"! She succeeds in attending every 
class, even 8 a.m. sessions and is amazed 
at her own dedication and performance. She 
feels this is in part because there are none 
of her friends around to be a bad influence! 

Catherine Miller had an "awesome" 
time at reunion and has heard from several 
classmates since May. In Jul., while in CA 
for a family wedding, she spent a couple 
of days visiting Anne Goebel Bains and 
husband. According to Catherine, Anne 
looks terrific and seems very happy with 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Winter 2007/2008 • 55 

her CA lifestyle. Catherine keeps busy with 
daughters Ali (13) in m. s. and Madeline 
(1 5) in h. s. She and husband David are also 
hosting a student (15) from France through 
the Rotary Club International. 

Jean Von Schrader Byran and 
husband Peter are busy with their 3 
children's school and sports activities. 

Jennifer Rae is a "busy beaver" 
managing her own business for the last 7 
yrs, Invitation to Better Things, LLC (Project 
Management for Events, Web Services, 
Publishing and Photography). You can 
learn more about Jenny's entrepreneurial 
efforts at: www.invitationtobetterthings. 
com. She and boyfriend Luigi don't have 
children, but are busy with the Rotary Club 
International of Friendship Heights. Jenny 
is the Program and Web Chair and active at 
the district level with the web committee. 
Their district includes points between DC, 
Annapolis, Frederick, and Baltimore. She 
feels like a "pioneer" as a female member 
but believes she is making a positive impact 
so that more women will join Rotary. The 
organization became "co-ed" in the '80s. 

Beth Reed and daughter Kate had a 
wonderful time at our reunion catching 
up with everyone, especially Ann Morton 
Habliston, Kelly and Windsor Jenkins 
and Valerie Youree who reconnected Beth 
with Harleigh Chalmers Kehoe Beth 
and Kate were able to visit at W&L with 
Caroline Habliston before returning to AL. 


.V< (l <c. 2008: 7floy16-1S, 0,008 
Kelly Meredith lacobelli 
4764 Outlook Way NE 
Marietta, GA 30066 

Wow, it's fun watching people reconnect 
prior to our 20th reunion! I've heard from 
people I haven't heard from in years. If you 
haven't done so, please join us on Linked-in 
and Facebook to join our "conversations" 
and reach out to your classmates. We've 
heard from classmates all over the world 
including Sonia Jabbar in India and 
Scarlett Roitman in Boulonge, France. 
Thanks to Stephanie Wilt Smirnov for our 
Facebook page and Caroline Corum for 
getting us into Linked-in. (Email me and I'll 
get you started if you haven't joined.) Class 
President Christina Savage Lytle is busy 
with her duties as PTA president. She's 
looking for some fun ideas for reunion. Let 
her know if you have ideas. (You can post a 
message to her on Facebook or Linked-in.) 
Here are some fun tidbits from Linked-in: 
Liza Dalehite Brinkmann is a pediatric 
nurse practitioner in Austin TX. Andrea 
Fraley is a Senior Project Manager for 
FP&C Health Systems in Charlottesville.VA. 
Stacey Sickels Heckel is the Executive 
Director for the Anne Arundel Community 
College Foundation. MaryCathryn Holland 
is a Captain in the Hopkinsville (TN) Police 
Dept. Minta Jones Ford is an Independent 

Hospital & Health Care Professional in 
Memphis, TN. Katie Keogh-Weidner 
is Co-Owner/Office Manager at DMW 
Marine in Philadelphia. Michele DeGuerin 
Luke is an Independent Public Relations 
and Communications Professional in 
Houston. Jennifer Rosen is the Director 
of Admissions at Isidore Newman School 
in New Orleans. Brenda Payne is a social 
worker in Nelson County Social Services. 
Polly Sattler is the President of Sustainable 
Business Partners in Atlanta. Jean Sumner 
is a Senior IT Systems Analyst for Genworth 
Financial in Lynchburg. Chrissy Tellalian 
Mulvihill is the Director of Government and 
Public Affairs for Sony in Washington, DC. 
Lisa Tennant is an Accountant for Teekay 
in Houston. Sara Whitt is a VP at Ammar's 
Inc in Johnson City, TN. Melinda Williams 
is VP of Higher Vision Inc in Santa Barbara. 
Melissa Ripple is the owner of Getaways 
Unlimited in Orlando. Bernie Dawes Smith 
is the First Vice President at Hazlett, Burt 
& Watson, Inc. in Wheeling, WVA. Erica 
Hennig Subramaniam is a librarian at the 
Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community 
College in Asheville, NC. 

I recently learned that Cheryl-Lynn 
Horowitz Matheny lives in Atlanta. She's a 
human resource manager for Reed Business 
Information. I hope to see her at the Atlanta 
Club's SBC Day in Jan. 

Kathryn Ingham Reese is an English 
teacher, coach and class advisor at Tower 
Hill School in Philadelphia. She plans to 
come to reunion with her husband and 2 

Stephanie Wilt Smirnov says "Holla, 
holla everyone. I'm still in northern NJ with 
husband Max and son Terry. I'm also still 
at DeVries Public Relations, where I'm an 
Executive Vice President. I expanded my role 
as head of our beauty practice to oversee a 
new division called Strategy and Innovation, 
which involves among other things digital 
communications strategies and programs 
for our clients, which apparently qualifies 
me to be an administrator at our Reunion 
Facebook page, which I encourage all of 
you to join! All it takes is an email address 
and about 5 min. to sign up. Reconnecting 
with old classmates this way has been truly 
wonderful. Other big news in the Smirnov 
household is that we bought a wonderful 
little house in the Catskills for weekend 
getaways, just in time for ski season. Hope 
everyone is well and look forward to seeing 
people at reunion!" 

My wonderful roommate Kim Bretnall 
Shinn has her 5 kids. She does Sales and 
Customer Service at Raritan Engineering. 

Grace Quirk Thompson is in Leawood, 
KS, with husband Jeff and 2 daughters, 
Caroline Grace (13) and Georgia Shaw (12). 
Grace spends many hours volunteering; 
she also enjoys floral design and gardening 
when there's time. 

Lee Ann Conard is a physician at 
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. 

Caroline Corum is a Sr. Product Advisor 
at Silicon Valley Bank in San Francisco. 

Tracy Tigerman Shannon says that 
things are moving along smoothly. She's still 

teaching, her kids are in kindergarten and 
7th grade and husband John is an auditor at 
a motel in Lynchburg. 

Michele Smith reports: "During the past 
year, I've migrated north to Seattle, love it. 

1 keep busy working as a legal assistant 
for a patent firm. I have thoughts of writing 
ventures and hope to be able to work this 
into my schedule. I took up running in recent 
years and completed my 1st half-marathon 
(Nike Women's Marathon) last year." 

Virginia Bennett Leeds went back to 
school and lost touch with everyone in the 
process. She graduated from UNCG with her 
M.Ed in Elem. Education in 5/07. She's now 
a 4th grade teacher at McLeansville Elem. 
in NC. The school is departmentalizing, so 
she's teaching math, social studies, and 
writing to the entire 4th grade. She's finally 
using her SBC history major. Daughter 
Andrea (3) gets bigger every day and 
amazes Virginia with what she can do. 
Virginia says, "She is enjoying playschool, 
but is already having trouble learning to 
listen to her teacher or to me. You know 
what they say about teacher's kids." 
Her husband Roy is still with Burlington 
Insurance and will begin teaching insurance 
courses at Eton U. in the spring. 

Carolyn Grant Milden says that she's 
so excited! This is going to be a great 
reunion! She has been busy since the last 
reunion. She was divorced and remarried 2 
years ago to Jamie Milden. They bought a 
house together and she works with him on 
his Landscape Design Company. She has 4 
kids. Daughters Dylan (1 7) and Amanda (1 6) 
are applying to colleges! Oh MY! Time flies. 
She has twin boys (11), Charlie and Sam. 
She says "It's always fun and busy." Her 
mom has been in the hospital and they're 
moving her in with them. 

Kristin "Kritty" Peterson Randolph s 
update: I love living in VA Beach and am still 
happily married to Ran Randolph (yes, the 
guy from UVA law school that I road tripped 
with Laura and co. to see all those years, 
so long ago). They have 3 boys: Ranny (1 2), 
Christian (8), and Peyton (5). They keep 
them very busy with all their activities. She 
got her real estate license last Sept. She 
sees Jeanne Mexic and Lisa Arnold on 
her various shopping trips to DC or NYC. 
She talks to Nici and Laura as often as 
possible. She saw Paige Apple Montinero 
on her way through VA Beach and would 
love to catch up with others. 

Paige Shiller Okun is in her 5th year of 
living in Singapore with husband Steve and 

2 boys, Bennett (7) and Mason (5). She's 
the Chief Operating officer of Caring for 
Cambodia, an organization that fully funds 
and manages four schools in Siem Reap 
Cambodia, She 
invites anyone visiting Asia to get in touch with 
her at 

Denise Landau Blind in Glen Rock, NJ, 
says her kids are great! Tyler (13) is still an 
avid baseball player (and throws in some 
basketball, and has a 200 bowling average), 
and Chelsea (1 0) is a level 7 gymnast. She 
says "I love watching them both, but I wish 
I could just split myself in half and be at 

everything!" She has started riding in the 
Alumnae division at the IHSA shows. She's 
"looking forward to our 20th.. .can't believe 
it's been that long!" 

Cecilia Moore is a professor of religion 
at the U. of Dayton. When I spoke to her at 
Homecoming, she was preparing for a major 
symposium and a conference in IN. 

It looks like Lylle Martin still lives in 
Panama and has married (according to her 
h.s. reunion website). 

Susan Detweiler and partner Larry 
spent the summer on a river and coastal 
trip in the Canadian arctic last summer. 
They saw wolves, musk oxen, grizzly bears 
and many birds nesting, but not a single 
person in the entire 46 days. They enjoyed 
canoeing among sea ice and seals and had 
a grand adventure overall. Now they are 
back in Antarctica where Susan is working 
her 5th season as a Field Trainer. They went 
down early this year for the pre-season, 
during which she enjoyed the novelty of 
darkness and the beautiful pink low light 
of spring in the Antarctic. She missed her 
climbing guiding season last summer and is 
looking forward to a full season in the Tetons 
(WY) next summer. Her photos are posted at where you'll also 
find her Antarctic email address. She enjoys 
staying in touch with several classmates. 

Leslie Corrado Stillwagon says that 
she "will absolutely be at the reunion if my 
husband & I are still in the States in May. We 
bought a place in Australia this past spring, 
and are trying to tie things up here to move 
overseas. As these things go, it does take 
some time to close down our lives here and 
head down under." 

Ashley DeVan was married. (Check 
out the photos on Facebook — such a 
beautiful bride!) She's Director of Integration 
Marketing for Citrix Systems in Santa 
Barbara, CA. 

Gussie Harrison Dunstan continues 
with here music talents. She's a vocalist and 
commercial model in Pittsburgh. 

Jennifer Roach Childs is a 
Independent Health, Wellness and Fitness 
Professional in Portland, OR. 

John, Kathleen (5) and I, Kelly Meredith 
lacobelli, are still in Atlanta and loving it. 
Some days I can't run fast enough to keep 
up with work and Kathleen's activities, but 
I wouldn't trade it. I'm looking forward to 
reconnecting with everyone at reunion. 


Miss Emmy S. Leung 
7102 Wynnewood Court 
Richmond, VA 23235 


Mrs. Jean L Spillane Benning 
1506 N Bethlehem Pike 
Lower Gwynedd, PA 19002 

56 • Winter 2007/2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


Vickie Campo Byrd 
2800 NE 22nd Street 
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305 

Thanks to all who responded to our 
late email request. . .sorry for the quick 
turnaround and next time we promise to 
give you more time! We hope to hear from 
you anytime, and will be sure to include you 
in the next round of notes. You can email 
either Vickie or Mamie. 

Joan Dabney Clickner is having a 
great time being mother of 2. As of Oct., 
Ian is 6 and Georgia 7 months. Ian adjusted 
easily to having a sister, and she thinks he's 
the best. They're still in Charlottesville, but 
contemplating a move to Staunton. Bobby 
is starting a 2nd acupuncture practice in 
Harrisonburg, VA and Staunton would be 
right in between the 2 towns. The family 
vacationed in FL and spent a few awesome 
days catching up with Erin Katz, who lives 
across the street from the beach! Also 
keeping in touch with Suzanne Ziesmann 
who started a new job in Lynchburg which 
she enjoys. Joan would love to hear 
from more classmates! Her email is still 
joanbob9@juno. com. 

Christine Flint Canterbury made 
a big move to Amsterdam last summer 
and it's going well. Her 3 children love the 
International School and husband Joe is 
busy opening up Starbucks across Europe 
and the Middle East. Christine is loving the 
expat life again! Amsterdam is fabulous, 
everyone speaks English. They'll be there for 
a couple years, would love visitors! 

Stephanie Berger reports, "Work is 
great. I have a bunch of new governor's 
races this cycle. Mostly women, which is 
important to me as I believe women make 
the best governors and leaders. This is 
something I saw firsthand at SBC. I spent 
Aug. in Aspen fly fishing, hiking, biking 
and hanging out with friends. I became the 
godmother of Jennifer "Kemper" Wallis s 
son Quinn. It was an honor to be asked. 
I'm grateful to my days at SBC for bringing 
Jen into my life. I spend time with Amber 
Vellenga who did all the beautiful landscape 
work on my yard. She's very gifted. " 

Jenni Vance reports, "Our son, Vance 
is now 7 months old. Must be sleep 
deprivation, but I don't know where the time 
has gone. He's sweet and wants to know 
when he gets his first pony ride on Asian. 
In Sept., we saw Parker Shultis Pearson 
'90 when she visited for Vance's Blessing. 
He's lucky to have her for a godmother." 
Jennie is trying to get in touch with Heather 
Service Clayton and asks if Heather is 
reading this to please write to her! 

Gwen Fisher Glew reports: "I work 
full time as a pediatrician, specializing in 
developmental and behavioral pediatrics. I 
have 2 amazing boys: Finn (4) and Duncan 
(7) are the loves of my life. My husband Rich 
is still with Microsoft. We live in Seattle and 
are contemplating a move to Australia for 
another international stint." 

Dawn Monahan Nelson writes that life 
is good. She had birthday coffee with Anne 
Crow Galanides and Mamie Farmer 
Farley. She's almost done with house 
renovation, and her puppies and children 
are getting big! 

Penny Tadler continues to be a NYC 
public school teacher, teaching 5th graders 
from around the world. She moved to 
Mineola in Feb. and is finally unpacked. 
Her new apartment is great; she's thrilled 
with her commute. Penny spent all 1 wks 
of the summer in the mountains; walking, 
swimming, playing tennis and reading. 
Everyone should get the opportunity to chill 
out for 2 months! This fall, Penny returned 
to school as a student. She's taking her 
1st class at the Mercer School of Theology 
and loves it. She continues to be a youth 
minister at Christ Episcopal Church and 
sends her best wishes to everyone. 

Stacey Lawrence Lee had a baby girl 
(Anastasia Allerton Lee) on 8/1 1/07. Annie 
was 2 weeks late which was awful, but 
she has more than made up for it by being 
completely perfect. Daughter Lexi (3) loves 
being big sister. Stacey saw Egg (Jennifer 
Greggl when she literally rode into town 
after biking 300 mi. from Gettysburg, PA to 
NYC to raise money for AIDS. Stacey and 
husband Will still live and work in NYC. 

Cathi Goslau Rainold and husband 
Anton had their 1 st child on 1 0/1 6/07. 
Son Emile Anton goes by AJ! Cathi is still 
working in property management and her 
family still lives in the beautiful Summit 
County of CO! She can't wait to ride horses 
again in the spring! Everyone please come 
ski and visit! 

Carey Bates had a busy summer — she 
went to ME again, moved again, and is 
getting ready to buy her 1st house! She lost 
40 lbs this year, 30 more to go and quit 
smoking after 20 yrs! She visited Amber 
Vellenga in Richmond and stays in touch 
with Laura Arceneaux '92. Carey is having 
fun dating different people and simply 
enjoying life, job, her family, and friends. 

Elliott Pitts is happy and healthy in 
Portland, ME. Work, never ending grad 
school, house projects, and training for her 
1st road race are keeping her busy this fall. 
She looks forward to relaxing for 2 wks in 
The Abacos, Bahamas at the end of the year. 

Allene Doucette reports: "We had a 
quiet summer up until we were evacuated 
due to the Witch Creek Fire. We and our 
home are fine, thank goodness. It's an odd 
feeling, leaving your home and all your 
possessions behind (& choosing which 
ones to take) and wondering if they will 
be there when you're let back into the 
neighborhood. Believe it or not, I took my 
wool pink and green SBC scarf. Silly, I know, 
but you can't get them anymore, I love that 
scarf." Al also wrote that they have explored 
San Diego a lot; the zoo, parks, etc. Son 
Alastair is getting bigger physically and in 
his personality. She's getting used to being 
a stay-at-home mom — the hardest job 
she's ever had! But she loves it. They have a 
guest bedroom and love visitors. 

Megan Read Lindberg We've moved 
into our new house (Lafayette. CA) with our 

3 dogs, cat, rat, and 3 horses. Sutter is 10, 
Tessa 9 and Logan 4. We have plenty of room 
for visitors and welcome any SBC alumnae." 
As for me, Vickie Campo Byrd, life is 
good in South FL. No hurricanes this year 
(so far!), and we're thankful! Traveled a bit 
this summer; spent 3 wks with my parents 
in AL, then visited with friends and fai 
NC, too. Children Garnert (7), Ellie (4 V4 ) and 
Caroline (2) keep us busy and entertained! 
Thanks to everyone for letting us know 
what's going on in your lives! 



Ms. Tricia Pheil Johnson 
10359 Church Hill Rd 
Myersville, MD 21773 


\ 2 . Tl - .. , 

Mrs. Jeffrey T. Constable 
335 Radnor Chester Rd 

Villanova, PA 19085 


Mary-Linda "Molly" Morris 
6452 Cranston Way 
Dublin, OH 43017 

Liz Gilgan still lives in Boston and works 
for the Archaeological Institute of America. 
She's involved in another organization called 
SAFE (Saving Antiquities for Everyone). Liz 
goes down to DC a few times a year and 
testifies on behalf of countries having their 
archaeological heritage looted, destroyed 
and sold to other countries. She speaks to 
Lia DiSimone Colbert and went to visit 
her and her 2 little girls late last spring. 
She keeps in touch with Amelia McDaniel 
Johnson. (She's entertained by Amelia's 
stories about son Jed.) 

Amelia is living it up in Baton Rouge. 
She says life in "The Other LA" is grand. 
Wyly turned 6 in 1 1/07 and Jed turned 2 in 
7/07. She spends a lot of time home with 
the kids and volunteering. They moved into 
an old house in spring'07 and are learning 
about renovating the hard way. She visited 
with Kirsten Osmundson Boyd. Lia 
OeSimone Colbert and Corinne Gaillard 

Angie Carpenter Good has been 
settling into her new job as Marketing 
Communications Manager for ThinkFun 
Inc., a company that manufactures mind- 
challenging games ( 
She loves her job and has learned a lot in 
the short time she's been there. She visited 
Stacey Eisenberg Payne and Renee 
Brooks Frederiksen during summer 
in VT, a great time. Son Scotty started 
kindergarten in 9/07. 

Kelly Schmitt Molique went back 
to work full time in the spring. She's the 
Deputy Finance Director for Romney 
for President in AZ and NM and District 

Manager with Arbonne International. When 
not working, she has fun with Elizabeth (4) 
and Enk (2) who get along beautifully. She 
spent 2 wks at the beach and plans for 
1 month in '08. Kelly went to Denver for 
Lesley Byers Bush i 35th birthday but 
was ill, missed seeing Sarah Young '95! She 
and Mark celebrated 5 years in May — can't 
believe how time flies! If anyone visits the 
Scottsdale, AZ area, let her know! 

Hopie Carter Avery and her laml 
settled into life in Chapel Hill, NC. While 
Allen is getting his M.BA at UNC, Hopie 
and Porter (14 mos.) are reconnecting with 
the East coast. They're expecting baby #2 
in 2/08, and after that time, she plans to 
see what design opportunities there are in 
the area. (She left her job with Old Navy in 
06/06). For now, though she enjoys full time 
motherhood. On a family trip to NYC she 
caught up with Bonnie Insalaco Abrams '93 
and Kim Clayton 

Wendy Wall Nace and Randy are still in 
Birmingham, AL, enjoying it. They celebrated 
their 10th anniversary in 7/07! She changed 
jobs and is now in a private practice 
group as an LPC (Licensed Professional 
Counselor). She loves it and can't wait 
until her clientele builds! She sees Laura 
Greene Silsbee now and then, since both 
live in Birmingham. 

Heather Bayfield Weidle is doing 
well down in FL. She, husband Russ, 
and Michael (3) were joined by Matthew 
on 7/27/07. He's wonderful, very fat 
and happy! She owns a daily money 
management company called Life 
Management Advisors and they work 
primarily with the elderly on bill payment, 
taxes, estate planning, nursing care, etc. It's 
a rewarding job with an emotional paycheck 
that makes it almost worth being away from 
the boys during the day. They are looking 
at expanding in TX and GA. Heather sees 
Katherine Lindsey Auchter and her family 
often. They're busy and happy! She writes, 
"I haven't seen anyone else since Elizabeth 
Gilgan married Dave Bianca, FINALLY! We 
need another big occasion to get together!" 

Ashley Henderson Swigart and 
husband Jim welcomed Preston 3/16/07. 
She was thrilled to have so many SBC 
friends attend her baby shower: Liz Gilgan 
Bianca Lia deSimone Colbert Allison 
Vollmer Douglas Robyn Barto Knauss 
and Stacey Eisenberg Payne She's 
the Director of Business Development for 
Christofle Silver and they're all well in CI 

Katherine Schupp Zeringue is still in 
New Orleans working for FEMA and helping 
in the rebuilding efforts. It's been 2 years 
and there are still many years to go. For a 
much needed break, she and husband went 
to Holland for 1 days in 8/07. They spent a 
few days in Amsterdam, then biked around 
the northern coastal region. It was peaceful 
and relaxing. She did, however, learn why 
there are so many windmills in Holland: no 
matter what direction they went, they were 
always biking into a headwind! 

Tysha Calhoun Stroka still works 
for the Social Security Administration, 
specifically for disability determination 
services. She enjoys being able to help 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Winter 2007/2008 • 57 

people in need. She has rekindled her 
interest and love for the theater and 
has performed in several productions in 
Lockhart. 1 1/07 marks the merge of the 
2 community theaters in the town, and 
she has been asked to be on the Board 
of Directors for the new Gaslight-Baker 
Community Theater. She says it feels good 
to be back in her element, and she's excited 
about the potential this theater has, looking 
forward to contributing her talent and time 
to something that means so much to her. 
She and Pat still camp, bike, and kayak and 
take their 2 furry kids to the river as much 
as possible. They continue to be very happy 
with life and each other. 

Stacey Eisenberg Payne saw Ashley 
Henderson Swigart last spring for her 
baby shower, said it was great to catch up 
with everyone. Angie Carpenter Good 
Renee Brooks Frederiksen, and her 
gathered in VT back in Jul. for a girls' 
weekend; always a fun time. The boys 
(Mathes, 5 and Carter, 3) are well and 
looking forward to welcoming a new sibling 
in spring '08. 

Amy Ross Hendrix lives in San 
Francisco with husband Brian and son 
Oliver (1). Brian left the restaurant business 
and works as a wine broker. She teaches 
2nd grade in Belmont and is working on 
her administrative credential. She had 
the opportunity to work as a principal this 
summer for her district with pre-K- 8th 
grade. She and Brian are looking to buy 
a house in the city and were expecting 
another baby in 1 0/07. 

Vinca Swanson is suffering from 
serious SBC/Blue Ridge Mountain air 
withdrawal. She encourages anyone feeling 
the same to contact her. People in Seattle 
think she's reacting to the weather. She's 
doing a lot of e-commerce work for various 
companies in the Seattle area, and opened 
a physical store called Swerve. It's in the 
beginning stages, but she enjoys watching it 
grow. They got a white Akita puppy in 4/07 
called Captain Uno, and he's growing fast. 
They're planning a trip to Oaxaca, MX in 
1 1 /07 for 1 days to celebrate Day of the 
Dead and go surfing. Skiing is around the 
corner; she spends her nights dreaming of 
cold, snow, and new steeps. (And of course, 
reunion '09.) 

Katherine Cook adopted Trustful, a 
horse from the Thoroughbred Retirement 
Foundation last year. She loves riding 
again, and didn't realize how much she 
had missed it. She has left academia to 
become a firefighter and medic in Stafford, 
VA. She loves it, and writes, "Who knew I 
would spend all those years in grad school 
and then decide to be a fireman when I 
grew up?" 

Amy Biathrow Ross writes that Katie 
and Reid will be 4 and 2 in 11/07. She 
celebrated her 5th anniversary with Red 
Hat. She manages their global corporate 
governance, loves it. She was one of 1 
people worldwide chosen to participate 
in the company's leadership development 
program for the next year. In 9/07 she 
ran her first half-marathon, and got back 

in the pool to train for the 1 st time in 1 3 
years. She and Craig celebrated their 1 0th 
anniversary. He's teaching h.s. Spanish and 
coaching football. 

Kelleigh Smith Sommer lives in 
Bulverde, TX. Son Sam is in 2nd grade 
this year, and she loves volunteering at 
the school. She works part time as a 
bookkeeper, and that schedule allows her 
the flexibility to come and go according 
to Sam's schedule. She and Richard are 
going to build another house in the spring. 
The good news is that the lot is just down 
the street from where they are, so that will 
make it easier to build. She's kept in touch 
with Mary Ellen Horner Haggard Caitlin 
Sundby Russell and Betsy Lanard 

Kim Mounger Storbeck is in Olympia, 
WA with husband Glenn and daughter Lily 
(6). She works for the local library system 
buying books, DVDs and talking books for 
27 libraries (She's been a librarian for 1 1 
years now). She and Glenn are working 
on an old house, which is a never ending 
project, unfortunately. 

Jamee Thompson Briggs is busy. 
She went back to work part time in the 
Montessori School where her kids attend. It 
has been hectic getting back in the swing 
of things, but she enjoys the time with the 
children. Jackson (7) started 1st grade, 
Caroline (5) is in kindergarten, and Walker 
(3) started preschool. John started his own 
consulting company, enjoys being self- 

Betsy Lanard Sullivan teaches elem. 
music for the school district of Philadelphia 
and is an adjunct professor for Alvernia 
Coll. Daughter Marley is now 2 Yi, and they 
moved into a new house in the city a year 
ago. They added to their zoo: joining the 
other dogs is beagle puppy Bambi. 

Lucia Marks Kern and Ronald are still 
in Atlanta. They had a vacation in Buenos 
Aries, loved it. She started a new job with 
Booz Allen as a public health consultant, and 
still has her stationery business, LKKern. Her 
website is 

Caitlin Sundby Russell is getting her 
M.A. in nutrition at GA State U. She's going 
part time so it will probably take a few more 
years till she's done. Eva turned 2 in Jul. 
and is growing like a weed. She and Scott 
just moved into a house in Buckhead and 
are enjoying the location, but they're hoping 
the drought is over soon so they can do 
some landscaping! She sees Lucia Marks 
Kern, Karen Hott '92, and Stephanie Frost 
'92 for dinner on occasion. 

Allison Chance got married on 
1 0/1 3/07 to Jim Carter at Figure Eight 
Island, NC. Patty Geets Hathaway, 
Laura Green Silsbee Michelle Lee 
Wallace and Heather Stevens Wine 
were all in attendance. She's at a new job 
at Morgan Keegan in Atlanta doing Wealth 

Cara Gunther Waterhouse and Rob 
are happy to announce the arrival of their 
3rd daughter, Emma Violet on 8/26/07. Big 
sisters, Georgina and Charlotte are smitten 
with their little sister. Proud godmother, 

Dr. Amy M. Davis will join them in early '08 
for the christening. They completed building 
a new home and are settling in. 

Kim Bramley Estep writes not too 
much has changed in the Estep household. 
Morgan is 7, Ryleigh is 6. She's taking 
over the company from her father as he 
enters retirement. She loves working for 
herself, even though the capital markets are 
challenging. She and Scott want to build an 
indoor/outdoor Karting facility in Torrington, 
CT. Details will follow in the future, but it's 
their new hobby besides skiing. They spent 
time in Napa and Sonoma, CA in early Oct. 
and brought home a lot of wine. Their cellar 
is almost full! They'll be celebrating the 
holidays at their timeshare at the Atlantis 
(Bahamas), so they're looking forward to that. 

Susan Margaret Barrett is married to 
a musician, Scott Albert Johnson, and they 
have 2 amazing boys, Charlie (soon 2) and 
Benjamin (born 6/5/07). She is trying to be 
more active with her photography in the 
limited spare time she has right now. They 
love the community in Jackson and would 
love to have any SBC friends visit! 

Lorelei Bahret Mote has been keeping 
very busy in AZ. In Apr. they had a colt 
born. He is a Hanoverian/TB cross and 
should have great potential for dressage 
and or jumping. Then on 6/1 2/07 they 
had daughter, Amber Leigh Mote. Maybe a 
future SBC student? 

Mehreen Mallal writes that she has 
moved back to Islamabad and is working for 
Catholic Relief Services. She is enjoying her 
work, and keeping busy with traveling for 
work in the region and within the country. 

Jodi Szuszczewicz McGee and 
husband Bryan just celebrated their 1 2th 
wedding anniversary in 10/06. Megan had 
her 8th birthday in 1 2/06, Garrett turned 6 
in 4/07. She has been home-schooling both 
children for the past 3 years and loves it! 
She writes, "If you're a mom and get excited 
about your child's first steps, just wait until 
he or she starts to read or better yet, do 
multiplication and word problems. It's the 
coolest!" Her free time is spent with horse 
Havanna. She and family live in Haymarket, 
VA near sister, Kim Szuszczewicz Snead 
She sees Dorothy Bailey and Heather 
Roby a few times each year. She saw them, 
as well as Alice Windham and Christy 
Young McCain and families over the 
Memorial Day weekend. 

Mary-Linda Morris, spent last year 
selling photographs and finding my new 
job. I'm selling wine at a small independent 
wine shop in Dublin. It's a lot of fun, and 
I'm learning so much every day. The shop 
is under new ownership, so it's exciting to 
help build the business and watch it grow. 
Hopefully, a trip out to CA will be in the 
cards in the next few months, as I'm making 
a lot of contacts in the wineries and the trip 
can be a special one. I'm spending a lot of 
time on the FL coast when I can get away 
from the cold OH winters. 

Please continue to send your class notes 
(at any time) to my email address posted 
above; I check it continuously! 


Holly Miller Mallos 
14 Barrow Court 
Towson, MD 21204 

Sounds like it was a busy summer and fall 
for our class. . .between babies, new homes, 
jobs, and trying to land a gig on "Wife 
Swap," it's incredible y'all find the time to 
write in. Thankfully you do! 

Meredith Williams Melmed writes, 
"The big news here is Maren Howard 
Leggett returned from Kazakhstan where 
she and Peter adopted a beautiful baby boy. 
They kept his given name, Rinat, as his 1st 
name which is a neat way to preserve some 
of his heritage. He's about 9 mos. now and 
he and Caroline love playing together. She 
races him up the stairs and runs circles 
around him for now at the playground; I'm 
sure he'll catch up soon. We live close to 
each other here in DC so it'll be exciting to 
see our 2 kiddos become friends. I still work 
as an attorney with the government and 
have been able to have a better balance of 
quality work and quality family time than I 
would otherwise have in private practice." 

Meredith also wrote in this summer that 
Eileen Yates Von Herbulis and Brian had 
a baby boy, Barrett, in 3/07 and are doing 
well in CA, where they relocated for Brian's 
marine duties. 

Carson Scheppe Hobby and 
husband Scott had their 2nd child 1 2/06 
(Henry Lawson Hobby). In Mar., Maren 
Howard Leggett and Peter went down 
to Jacksonville for his Christening as 
godparents. In Jul., Carson traveled to DC to 
see Maren and Peter before they headed off 
to Kazakhstan to bring home Rinat. Carson 
hopes to get to DC again soon to meet Rinat 
and show him how to raise hell, as we all 
know she's pretty good at doing. 

In May Katie Maxwell Schellhammer, 
Heather Aspinwall and Karn Henderson 
celebrated Drew Braun's (Mary Byrd 
Schroder Braun's son) 3rd birthday with 
a frog theme because Drew loves frogs. 
They surprised Anna Reilly with a party 
in her new Arlington condo. In Aug., Katie 
had dinner with Kelly Hall in WV. Kelly is a 
professor at WV Wesleyan Coll. In Oct., Katie, 
Heather, Anna and Kathy Whitby met for a 
little mini reunion. Old roomies again, just 
like the SBC days. Katie also met Mary Lea 
Harris Martin '98 in the preschool carpool 
line. Mary Lea's daughter attends the same 
school as Katie's son Max. Small world! 

Holly Elkins Marshall is expecting a 
baby boy in 02/08. 

Gwen Hickey Babcock writes, "We 
are expecting our 2nd, Baby "B," around 
4/1 3/08. If this isn't a boy, then it's a real 
tomboy because it's kicking my tail so hard 
I want to cry! However, getting pregnant 
is the best thing that ever happened to 
me because all the chronic pain I was 
having from my 2nd back surgery is gone! 
Let's praise God for PROGESTERONE! 
Speaking of praise, I'm enjoying my 2nd 

58 • Winter 2007/2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

yeai in Youth Ministry lt's;n:i>in|ili'ti: lili' 
fulfilling experience. Devin has had great 
advancements wilh his|ohand is iluimi 
well. Kaeden Grace turned 5 on 09/30/07 
and amazes us every day. I've seen a lot ol 
Beverley Stone Dale and Bergen Hall 
Daley and both beautiful children over the 
past few months. It was a super summer. 
And I was back on campus for Homecoming 
and Alumnae Board and it was so great to 
be back. Y'all must get down soon or for 
next reunion 1 Peace'" 

In other baby news, Kara Dickey Moore 
and husband expect a baby boy in 2/08. 

Beverley Stone Dale and Jeff 
welcomed baby girl Lindley Caldwell on 
6/2/07. Will she be a member of the SBC 
class of 2029? Beverley's summer was 
filled with travels from the mountains to the 
beach to introduce Lindley to family. They 
enjoyed spending time with Gwen Hickey 
Babcock and Bergen Hall Daley 

Liz Dunck Hayes and Paul had baby 
girl Patricia Ashley on 6/1 9/07. 

Kat Madden Pearl and husband Rich 
welcomed Aiden Marcus on 9/14/07. Kat 
says he has big blue eyes and is much 
louder than his mother ever was in her 
college years. 

On the TX front: Katherine Harrington 
Welder has a new title: "Since it rained all 
summer in TX, I ended up having to become 
"Julie the Cruise Director." Lunch on 1st 
floor, games on the 2nd floor, and me either 
passed out from exhaustion in the master 
bedroom or trailing after the children picking 
up toys that had fallen in the line of duty. 
We're doing great. Home front: Ray, Leigh, 
Jay and I got back from Ireland. My boony 
red-headed daughter Leigh is in 3rd grade. 
Ray's mini-me, Jay, is in kindergarten. Work 
front: I'm the Southwest Regional Director 
(which encompasses TX and NM) for 
Metropolitan Opera National Council out of 
NYC. I'm also the monthly lecture coordinator 
for the McNay Art Museum Docents." 

Catherine Orr Nihem writes, "The twins 
started school this year — a big adjustment 
for all. Jack and I head off to Peru at the end 
of Oct. to trek to Macchu Piccu. Apparently, 
with all the elevation gains, you can 
experience all 4 seasons in a day, should 
be a real adventure. For Christmas we're 
meeting the extended family in the Riviera 
Maya, then to Captiva Island in Mar. and off 
to the Cape for 3 wks this summer. We're so 
landlocked here in TX that we escape every 
opportunity we can!" 

Also continuing to travel the globe is 
Kelly Hall She taught a Western Civ. 
class in Europe this summer and spent 
a week each in Athens, Rome, Florence, 
and Paris. She saw Katie Maxwell 
Schellhammer this summer and planned 
to visit Cari Miller James and Jen Parker 
Raudenbush in 11/07. 

Kelly "Pepper" Coggshell and Jim 
have been in Burke, VA since 6/06. Pepper 
stopped teaching in Charlottesville for Jim 
to take a job with the government. He's a 
patent examiner in the Medicinal Chemistry 
division at the US Patent Trademark Office. 
She started her own tutoring business and 
helps local h. s. students in chemistry, 

physics, and math. She's also still doing 
some training in dog agility and now 
obedience training. AND works part time for 
some top-secret company she can't tell us 
about! She rescued an Australian Shepard 
on 9/1 1 (she already rescued one, Sun Bear, 
in '04). Pepper says she thought this was a 
great day to rescue someone or something! 
Their new 9/1 1 rescue, Blackjack, is doing 
great. Within 3 wks he could already low- 
five and high-five and knew all the agility 
equipment. Pepper keeps In touch with 
Sabryna Robertson McClung '93, and hopes 
to see her in CA this Christmas while she 
and Jim visit his family. 

Harleen Singh is still a professor at 
Brandeis and living in Boston. 

Sarah Clifford Weaver and Bob 
celebrated their 1 2th anniversary last May. 
Sarah is off to a new venture teaching art 
part time in her former h. s. while her 2 boys 
are in school all day. Her oldest RJ turned 
8 in 10/07— has that much time gone by? 
Younger son Tyler (5) started kindergarten and 
isn't keen on it yet. Sarah says time will tell. 

Krishna Pody Hibdon writes, "Boy 
have I been busy. We've moved into a new 
home and installed a pool. The kids love 
it. My twin daughters celebrated their 5th 
birthday in Oct. I opened a new office for my 
insurance agency. I worked a local college 
fair, loved it. Meeting so many potential new 
SBC students is exciting and fun. I love to 
talk about all of the wonderful reasons why 
they should consider a woman's college, 
particularly SBC." 

Kimbery Roda Morehead had a rough 
Fri.1 3th, with the passing of both hers and 
Tim's grandmother. That aside, she's had a 
fun year with 3 vacations in a row (Disney, 
Hilton Head, then Destin, FL). Now she 
and the kids are prepping for the holidays. 
Daughter Georgia (4) already has a folder 
1 /2 in. thick of desired presents she's ripped 
out of toy catalogs for Santa's consideration. 
Claire (1) just rips up the magazines and 
tries to eat the paper. They keep her busy! 

Margaret Bruha is working at Abbott 
Laboratories in Regulatory as a Migration 
Business Analyst. 

Tricia Lynn moved to CT where she is a 
math specialist in a small suburban school 
district. She spends a lot of time with her 
niece and nephew and enjoyed her last 
vacations to Rome and CA and weekend 
road trips to Atlantic City and Manhattan. 

Cathy Cummings bought a new home 
in the Myers Park in Charlotte, which I hope 
to visit soon. At that time, I plan to help 
her use her left over stock of paint pens 
from college to paint a bedroom or 2. She 
completed the Marine Corps Marathon in 
DC in late Oct. Sister Christen Cummings 
'97 ran with her. Her family came to DC to 
support her and they all enjoyed the beer- 
based celebration that took place after. 

Lucile Page Martin writes, "I'm still 
desperately trying to get on the show "Wife 
Swap" since I haven't had a vacation this 
year and I think "exercise" pole dancing 
could really catch on in the Deep South. 
Carter (3) is trying to beat his buddy, 
Walker Mallos, for the "Time Out" award 
in preschool. At 16 mos., Mary's pageant 

days are diminishing as she now growls like 
a dinosaur al everyone she meets. We're 
aiming for her to be a Pampers model so 
she can run around naked and meet other 
cute kids. Husband Bud just won "Big Fish" 
at the Bassmasfer Disaster In FL, leaving 
for 3 days despite his whole family having 
the stomach bug at home. I'm still the 
princess working 2 days a week and hoping 
to solve all of life's biggest problems such 
as how to get Britney her kids back and 
other righteous important issues like how to 
convince your kid that he can't be a roach 
for Halloween." Lucile had to cut it short 
there, she gets up at 5 a.m., squeezes the 
OJ, and makes homemade scones and 
fresh omelets to serve for the whole family. 
She did ask that I tell you to please contact 
"Wife Swap" at your earliest convenience at 
P.O. Box 1 879, NY, NY 1 01 1 6 to nominate 
your poor, deprived classmate. 


Mrs. Amy Daugherty Michel 
8185 E. Smooth Sumac Lane 
Tucson, AZ 85710 

Hello, ladies! More baby news, as many 
of the girls who reported pregnancies in 
the last edition have welcomed their new 
children. Our class seems to be doing well 
in all aspects of our lives; we've become the 
successful women the girls who left SBC in 
'96 hoped to be! 

Paige Vaught Campion, husband 
Chris, and wonderful big sister Ellie Grace 
welcomed Olivia Layne on 8/04/07! Olivia 
was born at 3:39 p.m., weighed 8 lbs.5 oz. 
and was 20 in. long. With lots of dark hair 
and big eyes, she's as beautiful as her sister, 
a joy to her family, and to me. I love the 
weekly pictures of the girls Paige sends us! 

After a 2-hr drive to the hospital and 
21 hrs of labor, Katie Campbell Brumley 
and Rob finally met their new son Robert 
Haywood IV! He'll be called Hayes, from his 
middle name, and he arrived 9/3/07 (Labor 
Day — how fitting!). Hayes was born 3 wks 
early, so he was a little guy at 5 lbs.9 oz., 
but he's growing every day. He has had lots 
of good SBC spoiling, including visits from 
Jesse, Wynn, Buff, Hunter, Kathryn and Lee. 
Katie, Rob and big sister Grayson can't wait 
for everyone to meet him! 

Mary Margaret Dixon Biss and 
husband Andy welcomed 1st child Anna 
Margaret on 9/05/07 at 5:55 a.m.! Anna 
weighed 7 lbs.1 1 oz. and was 21 in. long, 
with beautiful blonde hair. She had been 
diagnosed with a serious heart defect when 
Mary Margaret was 5 mos. pregnant, so she 
and Andy were prepared when Anna was 
born to have her transferred to Rochester 
for open heart surgery at only 1 day old! 
She recovered from surgery after being in 
the hospital one month, although she'll have 
to have another surgery at 6 mos. and a 
final one before school age. Anna has been 
a real champ and her parents think she'll 
give SBC a run for their money in the class 
of 2029! 

Lisa Aumiller-Anderson g avi 
■hild 9/27/07 al 5:43 a.m.! Lisa, 
Brad, Qum (4), and Joli Mae (2) welcomed 
Emmi Rayne to their f;i is born 

at home just like Joli Mae — a beautiful 

Jesse Durham Strauss anil Jen Beck 
Locke both moved in Aug. Jesse, Oron and 
baby Anna bought a house in Alexandria. 
They spent time getting estimates for 
kitchen and bath remodeling, have gotten 
the floors refinished, and are working on 
a do-it-yourself remodeling of the powder 
room on the main floor. Fun stuff! Jesse's 
mom has been busy in the yard, and 
painting Anna's room. Although Jesse 
expects the house to be a "construction 
zone" for the next few months (should 
make life interesting with a 7 mo. old!) her 
goal was to host Thanksgiving as usual. 
She's been told this is unrealistic, but is 
still going with it! Jen, Hunter, Matte, and 
Thomas safely arrived in Ooltewah, TN (near 
Chattanooga) for Hunter's new position with 
Georgia Pacific. Congratulations to both 
families on their new homes! 

Melissa McLearen purchased a new 
house in Thurmont, MD. Congratulations, 

Anne Osterholm Pribble lives in 
Evington, VA with husband Greg and 
children Chandler (1 1 ), Connor (4), and 
Courtney (2). Anne works for Centra Health. 
Hospice of the Hills, as a Medical Social 
Worker. She's on the Board of Directors of 
the Campbell County Humane Society, and 
fosters homeless/abused dogs until they 
can get into rescue groups. Greg has started 
working at SBC as the assist, tennis coach. 

Robin Bettger Fishbume and Joe 
bought their dream house in Greenville, SC, 
and thank goodness sold their other home 
after 4 mos. on the market! Daughter Gibbs 
(2 Yi) is a talker just like mommy. Robin 
still works for Ryland Homes as a Sales 
Counselor, loves it. She was in D.C. 9/30/07 
to throw a baby shower for Sarah Betz 
Bucciero '97 and godson-to-be. While there, 
she saw Karn Henderson '95 and Mary Byrd 
Braun '95 and husband Jack and son Drew. 
Drew is too cute! It was great catching up 
with everyone and of course, Robin couldn't 
wait for her godson to be born around 

Jennifer Trzupek Pala started her 
own business, becoming a jewelry advisor 
for lia sophia. She has been actively selling 
on her own since Aug; so far it has been a 
great experience. Harrison (5) and Carter (3) 
started preschool this year. What a change 
that has been, but such a good one for 
both boys! They enjoy it. Jennifer babysits 
4 days a week for her girlfriend's son (3), 
who lives down the block. Her husband Jim 
has been traveling a lot for work these days. 
While keeping busy with her new business, 
Jennifer has also volunteered as a team 
soccer mom and is in charge of planning 
holiday parties at the boys' schools. She 
talked with Jen Beck Locke and Paige 
Vaught Campion. Catching up with them 
always brings back great SBC memories. 
She sends best wishes to you all for a 
terrific holiday season! 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Winter 2007/2008 • 59 

Rachael Boyd Belmonte visited with 
Jessica Gindlesperger Hubbell this 
summer in Smyrna, GA, and with Janie 
Bradley as well. She lives with husband 
Joe. son Will (7), and daughter Emma (4) 
in Williamsburg, VA. Will is in 1st grade. 
Rachael teaches online AP statistics, AP 
calculus AB, and pre-calculus/mathematical 
analysis through Virtual Virginia, a part of the 
VA Department of Education. She attached 
a happy family photo. I wish I could share 
with y'all! 

In Amy Daugherty Michel family 
news, Xander (8 mos) is sitting up, rolling 
over, scooting all around, and getting ready 
to crawl — let the baby proofing begin! 
He'll be given even more incentive to get 
moving when my niece Graysen (17 mos) 
arrives for Thanksgiving, and he has to try 
to keep up with her walking, running, and 
climbing. Sam continues with both work 
and school, which keeps us on a tight 
schedule, but thankfully he gets plenty of 
time off from both during the holidays. In 
Sept., Xander and I traveled to OR, so he 
and my dad could meet for the 1 st time. It 
was a wonderful visit! While there, we spent 
a night with Melissa "Mo" Broderick 
Eaton and family. Although we e-mail often, 
I hadn't seen Mo since her '98 wedding to 
husband Stu. It was great to see them both 
and to meet their sons Miles (5) and Nat (15 
mos)! Mo and Stu were expecting their 3rd 
son, Flynn around 12/12.1 keep in touch 
with Imogen Slade and Mary Copeland 
Dellinger and was happy to reconnect 
with Beth Garlough '97 last spring, after she 
read about Xander's pending arrival in the 
Alumnae Magazine. It really is a great way 
for all of us to stay connected! Best wishes 
to each of you for a safe and happy holiday 
season, and as always, I look forward to 
hearing from you for the next edition! 


Mrs. Kerri R. Burtner 
601 N Rosina Ave 
Somerset, PA 15501 


.. 2006: 7/(cw 16-18, 3,00$ 
Cynthia Bumgardner Puckett 
7123 High Street 
Floyds Knobs, IN 47119 

Hello, Friends! Reunion preparation is 
underway and you've been assigned a 
classmate on the Reunion Hospitality 
Committee (RHC) who will be your primary 
contact for all things reunion! Our 1 0th 
reunion is May 16-18, 2008 and we don't 
want anyone left out! Be sure to update 
your info on the SBC Alumnae web site and 
e-mail me if you have not been contacted by 
the RHC. Be sure to watch for reunion mail 
from SBC! 

Tricia Mohana Summers and husband 
Brian have started their own company 
called SummerTech Inc., a technology 

management company. Their 1st project 
is SpotlessAir: 
Additionally, Tricia is a partner in a Stroller 
Strides franchise, owning the rights to VA 
Beach and Chesapeake. Her group has 10 
classes a week; it's a great way to work out 
with your child/children rather than gym 
daycare. "My kids love it and we've met so 
many great moms. We have 5 instructors 
and we're all certified in pre- and post- 
natal fitness. Stroller Strides was founded 
out in San Diego 6 years ago and is taking 
off. To locate a class near you go to www. Our website is www." Son James 
(4) loves preschool and absorbs everything. 
Jack (20 mos) is doing and saying many 
new things every day. Tricia's sisters live 
in Boston now; Katie an undergrad and 
Anne '04 is in a graduate program both at 
Emerson. Her brother works for her parents 
in LA. Tricia goes to Atlanta occasionally to 
ride and is looking forward to reunion! 

Bobbie Hedrick Atristain s book 
Haunted People. Haunted Minds transitioned 
from an eBook to 

Charlotte Higgins is working as a 
cardiac nurse at UNC. 

Joanne Hopkins bicycled her way 
through Norway with a group. She keeps in 
regular touch with Erin Wortley Valliere 
and Erikka Sund Neal. Erin says, "Life is 
good and busy. I love my new job, but have 
to travel about once a month. I have some 
sad children while I'm gone, but they're 
adjusting well and staying busy. The children 
and I watched Joanne do a 2 mi. lake swim 
in Sept. and then had lunch afterwards. I 
hope to make it to LA to see Erikka after 
Christmas. Our most exciting news is Joe 
and I expect #3 in Mar, about 4 wks after 
Erikka! Clearly, we didn't think ourselves 
busy enough." 

Melissa Pembrooke wrote: "I live in 
Philadelphia with husband Pete (VMI '98) 
and 2 children, Sarah (6) and Peter (3). 
Aside from volunteering at church and 
school, I teach piano lessons to 1 5 children. 
I can't believe my students tripled this year! 
I guess I need to raise my rate!" 

WEDDING NEWS: Hobby Holmes 
married on 10/12/07 in Florence, Italy 
(where she studied JYA). Mary Friberg 
attended. Hobby and husband were 

planning to leave Florence and head to 
South Africa for a 2-wk honeymoon in the 
wine country and on safari. "Many, many 
thanks to Prof. Whitcombe for opening my 
eyes to the history and beauty of Florence!" 

BABY NEWS: Cynthia Bumgardner 
Puckett and husband Darrin welcomed 
Abram James to their family on 8/7/07. 
Sister Virginia (2) is thrilled! 

Helen Vivienne was born to Kelly 
Bowman Greenwood and husband Wayne 
on 9/28/07 weighing in at 7 lbs 15 oz, 20.5 
in long. 

EXPECTING BABIES in '08: Erikka Sund 
Neal. Erin Wortley Valliere. Mamie 
Tokaruk Bates 


Ms. Lindsey (Neef) Kelly 
15012 Ashby Way East 
Carrollton, VA 23314 

Devon Vasconcellos Bijansky started 
doing short triathlons in '06 and had a full 
season last spring and summer, building up 
to an Olympic-distance race in Oct. She and 
Steve visited family in DE in Sept. and ran a 
half-marathon in Philadelphia before Devon 
continued to VA to visit Christine Bump 
'00, Lindsey Kelly (and little Catherine!), 
Anne-Claire '98, Sophie '02, and Celeste 
Wackenhut '08, and others at Homecoming. 

Kim Bolz-Andolsek was getting ready 
for baby #3 due near Thanksgiving. Kate (4) 
and Leo (3) are anxious to meet their new 
baby brother or sister. Kim promoted SBC 
at the National College Fair in Minneapolis, 
MN this Oct. She got to meet some SBC 
alum and possible new SBC vixens while 
at the fair. 

Rachel Bratlie is finishing her final year 
of psychiatry residency at the Medical U. of 
SC. She serves as Chief Resident and enjoys 
the added responsibilities. She returned 
from a national convention in New Orleans 
focused on the mental health of disaster 
victims. She visited some of the areas hit 
worst by Katrina and was amazed that so 
much devastation remains 2 years later. She 
and husband Chris hope to spend the year 
following residency working in New Zealand. 

A mini-reunion was held in NYC this winter. L-R: Hobby Homes '98, 
Sam Plainer '98, Mary Friberg '98, Carol Skriloff '00 

Amy Gibbs Brown gave birth to 
Malcolm Bailey on 5/1 1/07. He's a total 
meatball! 95% for length! He eats a ton of 
food and is the opposite of his older brother 
Cooper (2), who won't eat a thing! Amy's 
husband Kenton is doing a post-doc at 
NIST and has published a paper already. 
He hopes to publish more before the end 
of his position. Amy hopes to move back to 
the east as soon as they can. She misses 
interior design work. To keep busy (and 
sane) she has been involved in BouldReach 
(a women's organization that promotes 
health and education for women around 
the world). She has also been involved in 
planning a big family reunion. 

Sarah Dorminey lives in Tallahassee, 
FL (yes, it's too hot). She's working toward 
her Certificate of Urban Design at FL State 
U. and is an adjunct professor at FL ASM U. 
She graduated in '03 from VT with a M.A. 
in landscape architecture and is working on 
her registration exams. She is still dating 
C.L., who was at the reunion. 

Brenda Elze got out of the US Air 
Force after serving 6.5 yrs. She has a job 
with Johnson&Johnson in Orlando, FL 
as a marketing director/sales manager 
for medical devices and is excited about 
the move! She also spent time at SBC's 
Homecoming with Devon Vasconcellos. 
Christine Bump '00 and Sarah Lester '00! 

Valerie Kite and Derek welcomed Jacob 
Gideon 7/1 7/07! Jacob was 8 lbs. 

Sarah Kingsley Foley resigned from 
coaching cheerleading atVAWesleyan Coll. 
to spend more time with son Cole (2 in 3/08). 
She still stays involved with cheerleading 
by choreographing for teams around the 
state and has joined an open all-star sguad 
at VA Wild. They compete in VA, NC and 
MD. Prof. Horwege is pleased that Sarah 
and Cole attend a weekly playgroup for 
German speaking mothers and children. 
She went to visit Brandi Whitley Hilder 
and attended SBC Homecoming. Meghan 
Pollard Leypoldt and Sarah are throwing 
Brandi a baby shower! Sarah has had several 
playdates with Lillie Vought Tiller and her 2 
daughters Virginia Ames and Claudia. 

Lindsey Neef Kelly and husband Sean 
spend most of their time running after 
Catherine (3/1/07), baptized in Sept. Work is 
going well for Lindsey, who looks forward to 
going to Farmville for an injunction hearing 
in Nov. and who frequently travels around 
the eastern half of the state to foreclosure 
sales. She started cooking more often again, 
including making all of Catherine's baby 
food herself! 

While balancing work and grad school 
at Duke, Meghan Pollard Leypoldt 
has been promoted to Assoc. Director of 
Admissions for The Duke MBA Daytime 
program. This May, Meghan spent 3 wks in 
Italy enrolled in a graduate course where 
she studied gender imagery represented in 
art architecture. Her fantastic trip took her to 
cities such as Rome, Florence, Siena, Lucca, 
Assi, Pisa, Bologna, Todi and Orvieta. She 
and husband Steve spent the week of the 
4th of Jul. touring CA where they started 
off in L.A. and drove up the Pacific Coast 
Highway in a convertible through Big Sur, 

60 • Winter 2007/2008 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


spent a few days in Napa and Sonoma wine 
tasting and time in San Francisco. 

It's another girl tor the Majors! Jen 
Schmidt Major and husband Michael 
(USMA '99) along with daughters Anna (7) 
and Emily (5) welcomed Allison Joan to 
their family on 9/20/07. Allies first visitors 
were her aunt Kim Schmidt Miscavage '01 
and husband Brian. She looks forward to 
meeting aunt Abby Schmidt '00— the girls' 
fairy godmother — this Nov. on her lirst 
break from business school at Boston U. 

Heather McLeod and husband TJ 
Griffin welcomed their 1st baby. Eamon 
Francis, on 9/30/07. in Austin, TX. He was 
3 Yi wks early. Their cat Squeaky is not too 
happy with the new addition, but everyone 
else is head over heels in love. 

Shannon Smith still lives in Garner, 
NC and commutes to Fayetteville to work 
at Cape Fear Animal Hospital as an assoc. 
vet. She went on a missions trip to Russia 
through Children's Hopechest and with 
others from Covenant Church International. 
There, she visited orphanages and shared 
the love of Christ with them. It was a great 
experience and she hopes to go back in 
the future. 

Tina Hansel Snover has been in 
Lynchburg since 1 2/06 with husband David 
and daughter Brenae (1). She was the asst. 
soccer coach this fall at SBC and enjoyed 
being back on campus! If you haven't 
seen it yet, the renovated gym is great and 
well overdue! If you pass through town 
you always have a home at The Snovers' 
so pop in! She was hosting Kris Harris, 
Melissa Henning Hill. Meredith Tillery 
and Erin Wright East '00 for a mini-reunion 
weekend in Nov. They hoped to have 
dinner at La Carretta with Sarah Elkins 
Ince. Other than that, she still works from 
home with Partylite and keeps up with her 
daughter. Tina encourages everyone to get 
on\ She enjoys keeping in 
touch with people this way and said we 
need more Niner's on there; contact her if 
you need help! 

Lillie Voght Tillar continues to love 
being a stay-at-home mom in VA Beach to 
daughter Virginia Ames (4) and new baby 
Claudia (6 mos). 

Angela Walton Carpita is teaching h. s. 
science and art and was happily married on 
6/23/07. She and husband Christopher live 
in Annapolis, MD. Angela was overjoyed to be 
reunited with Jessica Tinfo who attended 
the wedding. Kibby Jane Bryenton Fergusson 
'00 could not travel from her husband's 
Navy post in England to attend, nor could 
Astrid Liverman '98 make the trip from her 
residence in Hawaii Mary Lea Harris is still 
a dear friend who couldn't attend. 

Lindsay Hicks Watrous works part 
time as a PR consultant from home. She 
and husband Tim are happily expecting their 
1st baby in 4/08. Her 2 German shepherds, 
Sage and Maggie, will have some tough 
adjustments once they're no longer the 
cutest kids in the house. 


Elizabeth Davis Baker 
1008 S Walnut Drive 
Smithfield, NC 27577 

Happy New Year, Class of 2000! We all must 
have been busy with the holidays when 
class notes were due— I didn't hear from as 
many of you as I usually do! Nevertheless, 
our class has been busy with weddings, 
babies and jobs. Here goes. . . 

Kibbyjane Bryenton Fergusson and 
husband Donnie welcomed their 2nd child 
Anna Margaret, born in England on 8/31/07 
in just 45 min! Kibby says all is well for her 
growing family, as big brother lain (2) loves 
his little sister. They plan to leave England 
1 1/07 to head for Japan for 2 years! 

Alison Stockdale and husband Adam 
are expecting their 1 st little one in 2/08. 
While they don't know yet whether it's a boy 
or girl, they're busy preparing for the baby's 

Anne-Ryan Sinnot Craig still works at 
JMU. Daughter Abbey (17 mos) is talking 
up a storm. Anne-Ryan is planning to take 
Abbey for her 2nd visit to SBC soon. She 
sees Kimberly Earehart Coleman and her 
family often. Abbey loves to visit and play 
with Kimberly's daughter Claire, so the girls 
try to get together as much as they can. 
Melissa Fauber Carter and husband 
Jack (H-SC '00) have purchased a new 
home. She says, "We're doing some work 
on it right now but hope to be moved in by 
Christmas! It's still in Amherst County, only 
about 10 min. away from where we live 
now. Our daughter Clara just turned 2, so 
we stay very busy trying to keep up with 
her! I'm in my 2nd year of teaching 3rd, 
4th and 5th grade math at Temperance 
Elem. in the county after 6 years of teaching 
2nd grade. Carla Fitzgerald Wimer '01 and 
Lindsey Wydner '05 are 2 of my colleagues 
at the school, so SBC is well-represented." 
Kim Harden Fella writes from Macon, 
GA where she continues to work as an 
elem. counselor. She was able to get back 
to SBC in 9/07 for Homecoming, and got 
to see some of our classmates, including 
Kristen Lawlor Steege. Kim reports that 
Kristen is expecting a baby girl in 1 2/07! 
Kim's husband Chad will be returning from 
his 6-month deployment with the Navy to 
Western Africa in 1 1/07. He will remain 
stationed in Jacksonville, FL through 3/08, 
when he has to report to one of the nuclear- 
powered carriers in Norfolk, VA. 

Christine Bump is excited to announce 
her engagement to Elias Papasawas, who 
proposed to her on Monument Hill during a trip 
to SBC! They are planning a traditional Greek 
Orthodox wedding for 3/8/08 at a cathedral 
in DC. Christine says, "Elias is the only 
person I have ever met who truly embodies 
the American dream— his family came here 
with literally nothing as refugees from Cyprus 
when he was 12, and he is now the founder, 
Chairman, and CEO of Elderlife Financial, 
LLC." Christine is a 4th-year associate at 
her law firm, where she concentrates on 

tlii'M!i|iil,il ! iii vitro dlaonoi;tn ditviu;:; 

Despite the long hours, she still loves the work 
and can't wait to be married! 

Betsy Bagg writes: "2007 has been 
crazy, hectic, and fantastic for me so far! I 
started off the year as the casting associate 
on tin: pilot tor Jimmy Smits' new CBS show 
called "Cane." Then I finally got my first paid 
writing gig— writing for the Emmy-winning 
mini-series "The Starter Wife" for the USA 
Network. My introduction to professional 
writing had its ups and downs, but it was 
so great to finally put that creative writing 
degree to good use. The big news is that I 
sold my lirst TV show to Lionsgate Studio! 
We are currently in development, but hoping 
to go into production soon, and if all goes as 
planned, the show will air in Fall '08. 1 will of 
course keep you all updated so that you can 
tune in! The show sold the same week of 
my 30th birthday, so I got to celebrate in Las 
Vegas with 20 friends, including Amy Scott, 
Allison Davis and Dina Orbison 1 would 
like to give a special "Holla" to my former 
SBC roommate Amy who has been a spring 
board for my ideas for the past decade and 
was a big inspiration for my show." 

As for me, Elizabeth Davis Baker, I'm 
(still) working on my M.A. and teaching at 
the community college in Smithfield, NC. 
Brian and I continue to spoil our 2 "children" 
(cats Lucy and Charlie), and will celebrate 
our 4th anniversary this spring. Hope to hear 
from more of you next time! 


Ms. Amanda Campbell Wright 
19304 Anna Kate Ct. 
Pflugerville, TX 78660 
swim_vixen01 © 

Whitney Smith Jordan s brother, Bret 
Smith, died in 4/07 due to severe head 
trauma from a motorcycle accident. Please 
keep Whitney and her family in your 
thoughts and prayers. On a happy note, 
Whitney and husband Chas planned to 
move to Lexington, KY, in the fall/winter. 
Chas's company was transferring them and 
they were excited about the move. They'll be 
close to Whitney's family in Louisville. 

Sarah Houston Kenning is still in 
Albany, NY, and has been busy with work 
and being a board member for Junior 
League of Albany. She and husband Tyler 
(W&L '01) are excited about a vacation to 
FL. She visited with Christine Rangel and 
Anna Lundberg at Christine's beautiful 
apartment is NYC. Both Anna and Christine 
are well. Sarah was visited by Sarah 
Belanger who lives in DC and enjoys work 
with Georgetown U. She talks to Katie 
Wood Rea, who expects another child, 
and Lys Burdette Paulhus, who moved 
to Atlanta. 

Sarah will visit with Natasha Nickodem 
in winter, and Meghan Frier Stawasz in 
her new home outside Boston. Natasha 
lives in Chicago and works for the Art 
Institute of Chicago as an Assistant Director 
of Development. She visited Stephanie 
Sherrard in Indianapolis. 

Ameka Reeves Cruz and husband 
Scott welcomed son Jeremiah Shore 

)/07, |ust 2 days shy of their 5th 
anniversary! Jeremiah weighed 9 lb 
and was 21 .25 in. long. He joins sister 
Timbre, who started kindergarten. Ameka 
still teaches Special Education math, 
science, and study skills at Jefferson Fori 
High in Forest, VA. Scott still works as a 
design engineer at a local company and 
planned to finish his Mechanical Engineering 
degree in 12/07. Ameka and Scott had 
dinner with Angela Aiken Cameron and 
husband Carl in Lynchburg, VA. Ameka and 
her family also had dinner with Liz Hyland 
Swann '00 and family in Farmville, VA, 

Sophia Rowlands received her J.D. 
from U. of the Pacific, McGeorge School 
of Law and took the CA Bar this past 
summer. She took a position with a firm in 
Sacramento, CA, and practices in the land 
use and natural resources division. 

Sonya DeConinck married Michael 
Tolson on 7/2/06. Maureena Robertson- 
Crawford '00 attended. Sonya works full 
time for Tyco Corp. in Finance and has 
started her own business part time as a 
free lance photographer shooting weddings, 
portraits and fine art in her home town, 
Gardner, MA. 

Lauren Kaplan married Cary Slobin 
on 9/2/07 in Dallas. Her bridesmaids 
included Elizabeth McGovern Brann and 
Alison Brown Breene. Other attending 
SBC alumnae were Hillary Herlehy, 
Laurna Kaatz Lauren Kovatch Long 
and Christy Holterman Ziegler Everyone 
enjoyed catching up. Lauren's daughter Ava 
(3) was a flower girl. 

Amy Sherman and husband Christopher 
welcomed 1st child John Christopher this 
year. They still reside in NYC. 

Nia Fonow married Matthew Ravenstahl 
on 8/4/07. She's now stepmother to 
teenager Maris and pre-teen Seth, and 
has become a soccer and football mom 
overnight! Their wedding was hoedown style, 
which was exciting for the British side of the 
family. Ariana Wolynec-Werner was maid 
of honor; Kim Schmidt Miscavage and 
Katy Kruschwitz Carricato were present. 

After graduating Order of the Coif 
from Tulane Law School in May, Ariana 
Wolynec-Werner skipped the bar exam 
and went to China with Nia instead, in the 
international version of a bachelorette. 
After the longest move ever out of New 
Orleans, some solid couch time in Nia's 
basement, and getting hosed by a condo 
developer, Ariana and her cat Kit-Mo moved 
to a new place off U St. in DC. She ran into 
Nicholle Baugher while furnishing her 
apartment at IKEA, She also started as a 
Presidential Management Fellow within the 
US Department of Homeland Security, in the 
Office of Intelligence and Analysis' policy 
shop. She says one of her new colleagues 
is reminiscent of SBC Greek Professor Eric 
Casey! She gets together not often enough 
with Amanda Campbell Wright and family, 
and hopes to see other alumnae in the DC 
area. Ariana returned twice to SBC this 
summer, once with Nia to have dinner with 
Dean Green and his wife, and the other to 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


Winter 2007/2008 -61 

participate in the Classics, Philosophy, and 
Religion Advisory Council meeting during 
Homecoming. Ariana enjoys reconnecting 
with alumnae on the professional networking 

In Nov., Ariana and Nia planned to visit 
Kim Schmidt Miscavage and husband 
Brian, who moved to Palmyra, PA, in 
Sept. Brian got out of the Navy and is 
the Electrical Maintenance Supervisor at 
the Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant near 
Harrisburg, PA. Kim is looking for a job and 
getting their new home decorated. Kim 
became an aunt again on 9/20/07. Sister 
Jen Schmidt Major '99 gave birth to her 
3rd daughter, Allison Joan; both mother and 
daughter are great. 

Jana Putnam married Erik Sayler in 
Spanaway, WA, on 8/4/07. They live in 
Tallahassee, FL. Jana was licensed as a CPA 
in spring and works in the tax department of 
Thomas Howell Ferguson, one of the largest 
CPA firms in Tallahassee. 

Megan Thomas Rowe and husband 
have been enjoying their 1st child Madelyn 
Laine, born 2/1/07. Megan enjoyed seeing 
Sarah Kingsley Foley '99 and Rami 
Achterberg Heers at Elizabeth Finch's 
house over summer when she hosted an 
event for prospective students and incoming 

Amy Whitney married Brian Rippey 
on 9/8/07 on her family's southern MD 
farm. They reside in Westminster, MD. SBC 
guests at the wedding included Katherine 
Woodson Bates Melanie Naquin 
Mayberry Catherine Holswade Asher 
Elizabeth Hamshaw Mitchell '00, Lindsey 
Custer '00, and Kristy Chatham '00, whose 
own wedding was 1 0/26/07. Amy's sister, 
Catherine Cox '08, was maid of honor. 

Caroline LaBarre was in her last 
semester at the Thunderbird School 
of Global Management and planned to 
graduate in 12/07 with an M.BA in Global 
Management. She has accepted a full-time 
Assistant Brand Manager position with 
Henkel, a European CPG company, at their 
North American headquarters in Scottsdale, 
AZ. In 8/07, Caroline's boyfriend Tim 
Porthouse proposed to her at the top of the 
Eiffel Tower in Paris. Of course, she said 
yes. A summer '09 wedding in San Diego 
is planned. 

Erin Alberda is still training for the '08 
Paralympics in Beijing China; she hopes to 
have lots of friendly faces in the crowd if 
she makes the US Team! She has 2 major 
qualifiers left before the team is chosen. 
She has made another big life change: she 
has gone back to grad school for traditional 
Chinese medicine. Erin is excited at how her 
traditional and modern physics education 
applies to this ancient form of healing! 

Katherine Morse in southeast GA is 
working on her condo on St. Simons Island. 
She has enjoyed working at the Jeykll 
Island Club Hotel at the front desk and in 
the gift shop. Kat is working on a certificate 
in hospitality management, while starting 
up her art business and website, www. 
mkwellingtonart, com. 

Erin Bronson was engaged in Jun. to 
Josh Phillips (H-SC). They're getting married 

in Key West on 5/1 0/08. Sister Meg married 
Kyle Braddy on 9/22/07. Erin was maid of 
honor; Mary Donelson Robbins was a 
bridesmaid. Jamie Solimando came to the 

Thanks to Amanda for letting me be 
her relief editor and thanks to everyone for 
sending notes! Keep the news coming! Best, 
Ariana Wolynec-Werner. 


Lori Nilan 

7025 Holly Bark Drive 

Midlothian, VA 23112 

Margaret Brook Tucker 
409 Eagle Bend Drive 
Waxhaw.NC 28173 

Meg Fronk is putting her M.A.Ed to good 
use as a special education instructor. 

Amanda Barbour-Johnston has taken 
a new job with Farmville Baptist Church as 
Associate Pastor. She and husband John 
moved to Farmville this past fall. 

Ashley Trantham recently moved to 
the Raleigh, NC area and now works as 
director of Hallmarks Administration and 
Development for the NC Nurses Association. 

Mary Beth Colvin is still teaching at 
Liberty High School (this is her 6th year) and 
is coaching field hockey as well. She resides 
in Midland, VA. 

Arney Walker is doing event planning 
for a catering company in DC and 
enjoying the variety it brings. She recently 
purchased a condo and is looking forward to 

Misa Sarmento is living and working 
in Baltimore, MD as a Physician Assistant 
doing internal medicine, and works part time 
in trauma. Misa also bought a house. 

Laura Reither Marcotte just finished 
her Ph.D in biochemistry from Harvard and 
has started working at Clark&Elbing LLP, 
an intellectual property law firm in Boston. 
She is a registered patent agent and will 
start law school this fall. Laura randomly ran 
into Anya Moon and her new husband in 
Boston this fall! 

Emily Harris Geary and her husband 
are loving life in Lexington, KY and the new 
addition to their family, Brooke, born in 4/07. 
Emily recently caught up with Karen Story '04, 
Juliana De Santis and Megan Murphy 

Christina Kingsley married Christopher 
Link 10/29/07 in Great Falls, VA. Lindsay 
Keller, Megan Ogilvie and Jill Tremblay 
all attended the wedding. 

Regan Blackwood ran the Nike Women's 
Marathon in San Francisco this Oct. 

Melissa Rudder is working at the Union 
Square Cafe in NYC and is a board member 
of their Community Investment Group. She 
recently traveled to DC where she worked 
with Habitat for Humanity. For Dec. she 
planned a 3-week trip to India. In '08 she 
hopes to make a big move to San Francisco 
to get involved in the art world. 

Elizabeth Waring McCracken and 

husband Chris (H-SC '03) have been 
married for almost a year and are busily 
preparing for his medical residency 
starting in 6/08. They are not sure where 
they will be moving yet but are hoping for 
somewhere out west. Currently they reside 
in Portsmouth, VA. Liz is teaching dance at a 
h.s. in Newport News. 

Emily Yerby and her partner have 
moved to Boston and could not be happier! 
She writes the cat and dog would be 
happier if they had their own places. Emily 
has a new job and is continuing her work as 
a personal chef, with plans to travel back to 
MX soon for another mission trip. 

Stacey Armentrout Fallah and 
husband Eric are looking forward to their 1st 
child, a boy due in 2/08! They plan to name 
him Jackson after Stacey's grandfather, who 
passed away in Jul. Rachel Roth Allred 
will be the godmother. 

Kim Martin is happily engaged to 
Timothy Baskind of Richmond. Living in 
Richmond allows her to keep in touch with 
Christi Rose Hart (who is an attorney with 
a firm in Richmond that specializes in real 
estate transactions) and her baby Kendall, 
and Tamara Young Metzfield and her 
little girl Emma, as well as Lara Hansen '03. 
Christi and Kim were able to catch up with 
Sarah Ryder and Alissa Cline Berry '03 
at Christi 's baby shower. Kim also keeps 
up with Christine Rangel '01 while in NYC 
and Megan Beley Withrow '01 in FL. Kim's 
dad is on the board of directors at SBC and 
successfully made it through emergency 
heart surgery. She thanks everyone for 
their thoughts and prayers. Kim has 3 dogs: 
Macy, Tucker, and Grayson, and 2 horses: 
Beau and Brody. 

Sophie Wackenhut Szymanski and 
her husband celebrated the birth of their 
1 st son, Hudson, on 5/23/2007. They are 
enjoying Atlanta and welcome the change 
of pace from NYC. Sophie and Christi were 
able to catch up at Homecoming this year. 

Heather Minor Gelormine and her 
husband welcomed their 2nd child Anthony 
Michael on 7/30/07 at Ft. Carson in 
Colorado Springs, CO. Big sister Brenna (3) 
was happy to meet her new little brother. 

Meg Anderson has left teaching and is 
now living and working in DC as the catering 
manager for Sofitel Lafayette Square. 

Katherine Moncure Stuart and 
husband Harrison recently moved to 
Knoxville, TN, where he works at The 
Episcopal School of Knoxville. Katherine is 
working for The Education Group. 

Eliza Chenault married William Hamnett 
III in Charleston, SC 9/1/07. SBC girls in 
attendance included: Carolyn Eney '03, Meg 
Foley '03, Sara Kemper '03, Sara Miller, 
Natasha Ungerer Ashleigh Kresslein '04, 
and Alicia Hart Palmore '00. Eliza, Will, 
Walker (their yellow lab) and Chloe (their 
horse) live in the fan district of Richmond. In 
her free time, Eliza still rides and shoes on 
the local "A" circuit. 

Brook Tucker and I, Lori Nilan, are 
enjoying our role as class secretaries! Brook 
is busy preparing for her 6/08 wedding to 
Trey and will begin nursing school at the 

beginning of the year. She recently moved 
to Charlotte, NC, where she and Trey have 
bought a townhouse. I am still working for 
my parent's lighting showroom in Farmville, 
VA, and enjoy the interesting dynamic 
of working for your parents. Andrew and 
I recently celebrated our 2nd wedding 
anniversary and are enjoying living in 
Midlothian with Bridget, our Cavalier King 
Charles Spaniel. 

Brook and I recently saw Denise 
McDonald Kelly Monical and Maria 
Thacker at Ashley Johnson's ('03) wedding 
this past Aug. in Charlotte. Denise and Maria 
are both busy planning their respective 
weddings in 5/08. Denise and her fiance 
Temple Gentry (H-SC '03) have purchased a 
house in Midlothian, VA, where they live with 
Bentley, Denise's Standard Poodle. Maria 
and her fiance Matthew Weiss are enjoying 
the city life in Atlanta with their Springer 
Spaniel, Cutter. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted 
class notes. Brook and I look forward to the 
next edition! 


^«««w QOOS: 77lay 16-18, 3,008 

Kimberly Martin 

2411 SW 35th PI, Apt. 233 

Gainesville, FL 32608 

Danielle Ross Oberg welcomed niece 
Fallon Mary into the world on her own 
birthday last Apr. Danielle and husband 
took a road trip from VA to ME, stopping 
in Philadelphia and Boston. They visited 
Sarah Canovaca Poirier and her family 
at their home in Biddeford, ME. In Oct., 
Megan Doughtie came to visit Danielle in 
VA Beach. Danielle started back with her old 
company, World Travel Holdings, 6 months 
ago and has been promoted to Human 
Resource Representative for their VA Beach 
office. She began working this fall on her 
M.A.Ed in Tourism and Recreation at Old 
Dominion U. 

Shirley Pinson lives in Blacksburg, VA, 
and teaches m.s. civics. She loves being 
a teacher— a rewarding experience! She 
keeps in contact with SBC friends: Kylene 
Smith helped her move this summer and 
prior to the move, they met for dinner in 
Charlotte, NC. Shirley, along with Amanda 
Crighton, will serve a bridesmaid at Lana 
Davis' spring '08 wedding. 

Congratulations to Melissa Gist who 
announced her engagement to Josh Mundy 
(JMU) in 6/07. They plan a 6/08 wedding. 

Kelly Kaufman Hughes received her 
CLU designation (Chartered Life Underwriter) 
in Aug. She wanted to report that Nicole 
Crowder is getting married in 6/08. 

Ingrid Zensen is living in Portland, 
OR, teaching Spanish to K-8 grade. She 
is working on her Teaching at the 
U. of Portland. She just got back from San 
Francisco where she went to Oktoberfest with 
Michaela Krohn and Emma-Kate Payne 

Christy Pitts is in veterinary school at 
OK St. She plans to graduate in May before 

62 • Winter 2007/2008 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 

reunion. She met with Sara Kemper In 
KY and Allison Funkhouser In WV, and 
spent time with Stephanie Jefferson this 
summBi mFL. 

Katherine Carlson has moved to NYC 
where she'll take on a new job as a Gallery 
Assistant at Peter Freeman, Inc. She will 
receive her M.A. In Contemporary Art from 
Sotheby's Institute In '08. 

Hailey Hickman Hermosa has 
accepted a job with the American Cancer 
Society in Honolulu, HI. She is excited to 
start her job as a Community Manager of 

Quinn Smith Hall works for Central 
VA Community Services as a therapist and 
Case Manager after receiving her M.A.Ed 
in Community Counseling from Lynchburg 
Coll. in 12/05. 

Congratulations to Olevia Neary 
Carothers, who is President of the 
Richmond Alumnae Club! 

Grace Anna Farnsworth 

PO Box 73 

Sweet Briar, VA 24595 


Ms. Amanda Jane Watts 
4223 S 12th Rd, Apt. 1 
Arlington, VA 22204 

I hope you're all well and enjoying the 
gorgeous weather! 

I'd like to say congrats to all who got 
married! Sheena Belcher married Matthew 
Hubbard 6/1 6/07 in Abingdon, VA. Grace 
Farnsworth '04, Amanda Palmore 
Michelle Badger '06, Beth Farnsworth. 
Denva Jackson, and Amanda Watts 
were bridesmaids. Susanna Knouse, Blair 
Cooper, Nicole Crowder '02, and many 
other SBC alumnae attended. Sheena and 
Matthew live in Charlottesville, VA. 

Jan Jennings married Kerry Need 
7/7/07 in Layfayette, IN. Her bridesmaids 
included Ashley Rogers Christina 
Marchetti Joyce Scott, and Amanda 
Watts. The lovely couple resides in CA. 

Hilary Cooper married Matthew Cook 
8/25/07; they live in Richmond, VA. 

Brentz Basten East is expecting 
a bundle of joy near Valentine's Day! 
Congrats! She and husband Matt bought 
a house and are busy painting walls and 
getting settled in. 

Sara Zobel went to work for and train 
with International 3-Day Event Rider Heidi 
White Carty. She is located in beautiful 
Unionville, PA, for summer and fall. Then, 
she'll go to her home town of Aiken, SC for 
fall and winter. Heidi was selected for the 
2008 Olympic team! She looks forward to 
traveling with her to the Olympics in China 
next summer. She and her event horse 
Trivial Pursuit had a competitive season in 

Aiken, SC, this past winter/spring. She's 
doing very well. 

Cathy Sobke is entering her 2nd year of 
law school down In FL. 

Katie Barker works for Busch Gardens 
lull time as one ot the stage directors/ 
managers. She loves every minute. She also 
bought a new car! 

Joyce Scott works for Tufts Realty 
Associates, a real estate team with Keller 
Williams Realty. She has moved to Duluth, 
GA: loves it! She attended Jan Jennings 
wedding in IN and saw Amanda Watts, 
Christina Marchetti anil Ashley Rogers 

From Ashley Forehand: "I'd like to let 
everyone know that I'm selling real estate 
in VA! However, I can help people in any 
state! If you're looking to buy or sell, call me 
and let me set you up with an agent in your 
area! It would help my business grow! I can 
be reached at 804-731 -2755." 

Mindy Wolfrom finished her M.A. in 
philosophy at Boston Coll. last spring, and 
is starting another M.A. in Greek & Latin 
at BC. Over summer, she met with Denva 
Jackson and Nell Champoux for a 
boating adventure in Western MA. She has a 
new man in the house: Buddy the kitty cat. 

Heather Wright is finishing her last 
year of grad school, working as a program 
specialist at the U.S. Dept. of State, and 
awaiting entrance into the Foreign Service. 

I Amanda Jane Watts, am finishing 
my final year at GWU for my M.A. in forensic 
science. I work for the Secret Service 
in their Forensics Division and have an 
internship at Arlington PD in their robbery/ 
homicide unit. Never a dull moment! If you 
have news to share, send me an email at, or you can facebook- 
message me, and I'll include them in the 
next magazine. Take care! 


Victoria Chappell 

350 S. Country Road 

No. 102 

Palm Beach, FL 33480 

Sara Hoverson went back to school for a 
culinary arts degree at the Midwest Culinary 
Institute. She now lives in OH. 

Meg Shortlidge Freda and husband Lou 
work in the Patent Department at Qualcomm 
Incorporated. They bought their 1 st house 
in Aug., and live in north San Diego County. 
Meg will be traveling back to the east coast 
in Nov. for a conference and plans to rendez- 
vous with Jo Meade, Abby Adams, Jenn 
Wiley and other classmates in the greater 
Baltimore/D.C. area. Meg wanted to let all of 
her classmates know that if anyone plans to 
visit southern CA, look her up! 

Jennifer Jones Collins and husband 
Thomas Collins (VMI), live on the Armypost 
of Fort Campbell on the border of KY and 
TN. It's beautiful there, but it's not VA! They 
both consider VA to be home and they miss 
it! Jennifer continues to teach 8th grade 
science in Montgomery County, TN. Tommy 
was deployed with the 1 01 st Airborne 

Division on 9/1 7/07. He'll spend 1 5 mos 
in nkrlt, Iraq, serving our country. He's due 
home in 12/08. Needless to say, it's tough 
for Jennifer to get used to living alone with 
her husband so tar away, but with close 
friends she's making it through. Please keep 
them both In your thoughts and prayers! 

In 8/0/ Henslee Evans started teaching 
kindergarten as an Associate Teacher (basically 
an assistant) at Ashley Hall which is an all- 
girls school and where she went to school in 
Charleston, SC. She enjoys it very much! 

Nicole Brandt still works at the AK 
SeaLile Center. They had a great summer 
with 2 historical firsts: The first red-legged 
kittiwake chick and the first steller's eider 
duckling ever breed in captivity, both were 
adorable! Her next work projects involve 
eider (sea duck) conservation education 
and outreach in Barrow, AK (North Slope) 
and learning to drive a boat! She moved to 
a new apartment with incredible mountain 
views; feel free to visit! The snow hasn't hit 
yet, but she's sure it will start soon, some 
good skiing with it, hopefully. She's applying 
to graduate school for marine ecology and 
looking for marine field research jobs/ 
internships. Oh! She also cut all her hair off, 
it's really super short. If anyone's interested 
in donation, they should look at Pantene's 
Beautiful Lengths Campaign! Nicki will 
visit the east coast for Christmas, can't 
wait! (Although it's doubtful it'll be a white 
Christmas there, she thinks she'll have her 
fill of snow in AK). 

Kerri Faust and Melissa Massy 
celebrated their one year anniversary of 
living in Denver, CO with a dinner out in the 
Highlands with Judy Grant '66 and Newell 
and Nancy Kirbo '05. The bunch attended 
a fundraiser for the Four Mile Historic Park. 
Fun was had by all! Kerri and Melissa 
have a new home in north Denver and a 
new addition to their lives in the form of 
a goldendoodle puppy named Toby. They 
traveled to Nashville, Tennessee for the 
wedding of Briana Beckham Pitt '04. There, 
they visited Anne Benham Willson '04 and 
Anna Nicholaisen Graham '04 — a good time 
to reconnect with SBC alumnae. As always, 
visitors are welcome in Denver! 

Jessica Herschman moved in Aug. 
from Ashburn, VA to Columbia, SC to join 
City Year Columbia. City Year is a nonprofit 
that brings together 1 7-24 year olds for 1 
year (1 ,700 hrs) of community service. It's 
a division of AmeriCorps, think domestic 
Peace Corp. Her primary assignment is 
working in a Title 1 elem. school doing 
one-on-one literacy tutoring and so far it 
has been very inspiring. She's applying to 
grad schools, mainly on the west coast and 
plans to pursue a M.A. in social work. She 
hopes everyone is well and if you're ever in 
Columbia get in contact with her! 

Jessica Taylor is pursuing her M.S. in 
Clinical Psychology at Millersville U. in PA. 

Suzy Harvey Hodge is settling into 
married life with husband Phil in their home 
in Fuquay Varina, NC. She's in the middle 
of her 2nd year of the Biomathematics 
program at NCSU, while her husband is in 
the middle of an on-the-job training period 

■nee dept. She was 
to get to see Pat Rlcheson '05 at 
the Garlic Festival at Rebec Vineyards in 
Oct. and several other SBC girls. Othi 
school, she spends her time . 

i/y cat Blnx, and plays her |) 
She can't wait to catch up with friends and 
over the holidays. 

Karina Fernandez has a new job. 
She works for the United States-Mexico 
Border Health Assoc. (USMBHA) as a 
Technical Assistance Expert. "The project 
I'm working on is called Promovision, which 
is a capacity building assistance (CBA) 
program developed and implemented by 
the USMBHA and funded by the Centers 
for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 
to strengthen community access to and 
utilization of HIV prevention services. I 
started last week so I'm just getting the 
hang of it. We provide training, workshops, 
and develop manuals for HIV prevention 
programs. I got a puppy, a little 6-mo.-old 
basset and he's a terror and a half, but I 
love him even if he chews on my shoes. 
Well hope all is well with everyone, ciao and 
God Bless!" 

Molly Mitchell is working on her M.BA 
at Hamline U. in St. Paul, MN. She's getting 
a certificate in Dispute Resolution from 
the Law school at Hamline too. Besides 
school, she manages an Independent Senior 
Living Apartment complex and is a fashion 
consultant at STLEDLIFE in Minneapolis. 
In free time she's attempting to continue 
developing Arabic in hopes to go abroad 
after graduation in '09. 

Allison Martell is settling in to her new 
position with Westinghouse Nuclear. She's 
working in their Corrective Actions Program 
in Product Engineering. Allison finds 
her position very fulfilling, enjoys telling 
engineers who have been in the business 
longer than she's been alive what to do. She 
still enjoys Columbia, SC, but will miss the 
snows of SBC. 

Victoria Chappell loves life in Palm 
Beach, FL. She works for Newsmax Media 
Inc., an online news site that also has a 
monthly magazine. She moved into her first 
apartment and loves it! Her friends should 
definitely visit as the beach is a 2 min. walk 
and you can swim there all year! Besides 
work, Victoria has enjoyed visiting friends 
and family and hopes to travel a lot more in 
the coming year! 

Michelle Badger still works at SBC and 
is doing an amazing job! Her work on the 
phonathon was a big success this year. 

Colleen Karaffa Murray still works at 
SBC in the Alumnae Office as mag. editor. 
Life has moseyed on from the high stress 
of the wedding, etc., things have settled 
down a little — that is until Christmas hit and 
she and Bran got a puppy! Black and tan 
cocker spaniel Charlie (it's a "she") is a wild 
thing, but so much fun! Bran started another 
degree through Liberty U. in computers, too. 
Coll says hello to all her gals out there! 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Winter 2007/2008 • 63 


(Boxwood Alumnae House, 

Box E, Sweet Briar, VA 24595) 

or send E-mails! 


or Telephone! (434-381-6131) 

We like to hear from you! 

Dear Betsy, 

If we are lucky, there will be an 
occasional moment in life that 
takes away our breath. When 
it happens during the holiday 
season, it is a special gift. I 
received such a nice gift when I 
opened Sweet Briar's Christmas 
card and read the tribute to 
the Buildings and Grounds 
employees. The truth is, I wept. 
Special. Well deserved. Perfect 
photo. All those thoughts came to 
me; but, the words I heard were 
those of Peter Daniel, long years 
ago: "We're having a recognition 
event..." or... "a retirement 
event..." for such and such 
Buildings and Grounds employee. 
"You students should attend. You 
don't appreciate all that these 
employees do for you." I never 
went and I have always regretted 
it. He was right... 

Thank you for honoring those 
hard workers who labor, often 
behind the scenes. ... And, 
during the busy holiday season, 
thank you for reminding us 
who and what we should be 


Ellen Harrison Saunders 75 

To view the photo Ellen 
references, visit: 


Eleanor O'Connor 
1420 W Abingdon Drive. 
Apt. 320 

Alexandria, VA 22314 

Hi ladies! Graduation seems like a million 
years ago! Class Secretary Emily Olson is 
on a mission in Salt Lake City, UT, for the 
Church of the Latter Day Saints until the 
spring '09, so I'm covering for her. Em left 
in Sept., but not before she visited me in 
Alexandria, VA. We met with Caitlin Cashin. 
Laura Schaefer. Angelica Shea '06, and 
Didi Robinson '06 for a farewell brunch. Emily 
is doing well considering the challenging 
change. Keep her in your thoughts and 
prayers! She'd appreciate them! I moved to 
Alexandria in Jun., and in Aug. I started as 
Special Assistant to the SVP for Government 
Relations at Oxford Analytica in Georgetown. 
So far, so good! 

Allison Shaw Camper married Ian 
(VMI '06) on 6/09. Sister Meredith Shaw 
Hansen '04, was the matron of honor. 
Kristin Berquist '06, Kristi Bloxom. Jaclyn 
Fowler Brittany Lambert, Ferrell Lyles 
and Joanna Wood '06 attended the wedding, 
Allison and Ian live in Roanoke, VA. She's 
applying to grad. programs for her MAT. to 
teach biology. 

Ferrell Lyles works in Chantilly, VA, at 
Northrop Grumman TASC. She moved from 
Warrenton, VA, to Haymarket and adopted 
a cat! She and boyfriend Andrew (VMI) have 
traveled a lot including trips to FL and ME. 
Ferrell sees Katie Vaugrian '06 regularly 
and has seen Lynnsey Brown several 
times since graduation. Lynnsey keeps busy 
traveling between Colorado Springs, D.C., 
and Rio de Janeiro working for the U.S. 
Olympic Committee. 

Laura Schaefer started work in Jun. 
She moved to an apartment down the 
street from the Pentagon City with boyfriend 
Devon Grace and Angelica Shea '06. The 
first environmental impact statement in 
which Laura is listed as a contributor (the 
greenhouse gas emissions section no less!) 
was published on 10/1. She's learning new 
air quality and noise modeling programs for 
upcoming projects. 

Morgan Roach lives in London and 
attends the London School of Economics. 
She's working on her M.Sc in European 
Studies: Ideas and Identities. 

Heidi Trude started her M.Ed, initial 
licensure in French programs at Mary 
Washington. She's also substitute teaching 
for Fauquier County Public Schools. Heidi 
enjoys class, working with children and 
teaching, but misses SBC! Thankfully, Heidi 
made it to the pink bubble for Homecoming. 

Mary Petrie is pursuing her M.S. in 
Occupational Therapy at Shenandoah U. 
She loves the program, is stoked to become 
an OC in 1 2/09! Mary lives part time in 
Lynchburg and Winchester, VA and works at 
a local Lynchburg day care center and the 

First Christian Church, where she's director 
of the nursery! 

Christine Vasquez Kearney married 
Sean on 6/1 6 at the Naval Academy Chapel 
in Annapolis, MD. Her bridesmaids included 
Kara Evans Nani Smith, Elizabeth Goldring 
'05, and Emily Burke '06. Chris and Sean 
moved to Pensacola, FL. Sean is starting 
flight school there to become a Naval aviator. 

Another wedding: Christina Mallett 
Candia and Cory married on 7/28. They 
moved to Carmel, IN, where Cory took a job 
with Data Processing Services, Inc doing 
IT work. Christina started work in Oct. as a 
probation officer for Boone County Superior 
Court II. 

Theresa Jorgensen lives in Lynchburg, 
VA, works at the Lynchburg Neighborhood 
Development Foundation as the Real Estate 
Development Manager. She volunteers at 
Miriam's House, helping with the childcare 
facilities. Kelsey Jeffers moved to Big 
Pine Key, FL, where she works as a marine 
science instructor at Newfound Harbour 
Marine Institute. She's having a blast! 

Thanks to everyone who submitted 
updates. Drop me a line when you have a 
chance and I'll put you in the next notes. 

Take care! 

64 • Winter 2007/2008 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 



Virginia Cummings Davis '31 


When Virginia Cummings attended St. 

Catherine's School in Richmond in ihc 
late 1930s, there was just one name on her 
college application list: Sweet Briar College. 
When her ad\ isor suggested that she should 
list more schools as college acceptance was 
becoming competitive, Ginny declined. 

"If Sweet Briar doesn't want me." she 
declared. "1 don't want to go to college at all." 

Virginia Cummings Davis. Class of 1942. 
died on November 4, 2005. Her memory has 
been honored by her husband, August, with a 
bequest of $750,000 to Sweet Briar College. 
Just as Sweet Briar was the only choice for 
Ginny. when Mr. Davis decided to make a 
donation in his wife's memory, for him Sweet 
Briar was still the only choice. 

"We met on a blind date." he says. "Giving 
this gift in honor of Ginny also honors the 
memories of that special time when she 
attended Sweet Briar and I was at VPI." 

Mr. Davis chose to make his bequest 
unrestricted rather than specifying how the 
money should be used. 

"I trust the College to know best what 
they need." he says. "I don't think I need to 
designate what they do with it." 

Ginny attended Sweet Briar for 
Sociology/Economics from 1938 to 1942, 
during the height of World War 11. The war 
had little impact on the courting couple, 
although gas rationing coupons required 
some planning. Ginny would visit August at 
Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College 
and Polytechnic Institute, now known as 
Virginia Tech. He came over to Sweet Briar 
when he had time off. Ginny would take a 
bus from Sweet Briar to the Lynchburg train 
station, and then traveled by train to VPI. 

"VPI was a military school then, of 
course, but not so regimented as other 
military schools," Mr. Davis remembers. "If 
we weren't in class, we could wear civilian 

Mr. Davis honors 
his wife, Virginia 
Cummings Davis '31, 
with a bequest to 
Sweet Briar. 

clothes." He was 
stationed at Wright 
Field near Dayton. 
Ohio, when he and 
Ginny married. They 
moved three or four 
times during their 
marriage until the war 
was over, and then lived 
in Rome. Georgia, 
for 35 years where 
Mr. Davis worked 
for General 
Electric. They later 
moved back to 
Richmond, where 
Ginny had grown 
up, to be near her 
mother. August 
and Ginny had 
fond memories of 
their dating years. 

"Ginny was the belle of the ball," Mr. 
Davis remembers, "and I was shy. When I 
worked up the courage to ask her to come 
to a dance at VPI, the words were hardly 
out of my mouth before she said 'yes'! We 
surely enjoyed those dances. I couldn't dance 
well, but Ginny had been dancing since she 
learned to walk. Other men would 'cut in' 
on our dances, but I didn't mind; 1 would 
go stand by the orchestra and wait for her. 1 
enjoyed the music so much, and she enjoyed 
the dancing." 

Although Ginny was the first in her 
family to attend Sweet Briar, she must have 
made an impression on the family with 
her stories of college life — four of Ginny's 
cousins followed in her footsteps. 

Like Mr. Davis's gift, unrestricted 
bequests to Sweet Briar's endowment 
signify a profound belief in our mission, our 
history, and our future. These sifts create a 


Mrs. Davis as a senior at Sweet Briar. 

solid foundation upon which faculty salaries 
and academic programs, student services, 
and maintenance of our beautiful campus 
are based, which are clearly necessities for 
the labor-intensive, highly individualized 
education that Sweet Briar provides. The 
magnitude of a college's endowment is the 
best indicator of the strength of its academic 
program, because it is that endow ment that 
provides the resources to attract outstanding 
faculty and top-tier students. 

You, loo, can honor a loved one by 
making Suet'/ Briar a pari oj your 
estate plan. A simply executed Letter oj 
Intent, attached its a codicil to your will, 
indicates your support for the Colli g 
To learn more about the personal. 
financial, and charitable advantages 
of making an estate gift or to request 
a Letter of Intent form, please t ontact 
The Office of Development cm l-13-t) 
381-6161 or toll-tree on HSS-S46-5~22. 


Dean of Co-Curricular Life Cheryl Steele, President Elisabeth 
Muhlenfeld, Alumnae Association President Jennifer Crossland 
'86, Former Ambassador to the Republics of Kenya and 
Guatemala Prudence Bushnell, and Dean Jonathan Green. 


he Mount Vernon Ladies' Association presented the newly planted 
white ash in the Sweet Briar House garden in honor of Gay Hart 
Gaines '59 on the occasion of the College naming her the 2007 
Distinguished Alumna. Gaines is regent of the MVLA, which owns and 
maintains Mount Vernon, the historic home of George Washington. The tree 
was dedicated in a ceremony following the award presentation during SBC's 
Founders' Day convocation on Sept. 2 1 . 

The young tree's DNA from the trunk up is believed to be a genetic match 
to a gigantic white ash growing at Mount Vernon since 191 8. The estate's 
horticulturalists cloned the original tree to preserve its offspring after it was 
nearly destroyed in a storm. 

2007 Distinguished Alumna Gay Hart Gaines '59, Mount Vernon 
Executive Director James C. Rees, MVLA Vice Regent Lynn Crosby Gammill 
'58, and President Elisabeth Muhlenfeld are pictured watering the new tree 
at the dedication ceremony. 

Sweet Briar College 


Sweet Briar, VA 24595 


Liz Kent 

Non-Profit Org. 
U.S. Postage 


Permit No. 132